Neighborly Secrets Pt. 06 – Relief

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This is the sixth in the Rick the gel feels so good and she’s right, although it’s cold initially, within seconds her hands have warmed up the gel, and all you can do is put your head back and moan softly.

“Does this feel okay?” she asks after a few minutes, with a smile on her face, knowing the answer even as she asks it.

“Mmm hmmm,” you mumble, barely audible.

“So did the ball hit just your, umm, balls?” she asks.

“All over…” you moan, and with one hand you make a motion over your lap that suggests the pain is in the region, not centrally located on just your balls.

“Oh,” she says slyly, shifting one hand from your balls up to the shaft of your increasingly hard dick, “So here, too?”

“Umm, yeah, definitely there, too,” you say, practically out of breath at how good it feels.

She pauses as she begins to stroke your hardness, and then says, “Interesting…” with a smile in her voice as she begins to stroke you faster now, “…this gel is supposed to lessen swelling, not increase it…”

All you can do is enjoy, you can’t even manage to respond, because her soft hands and the warm slippery Sakarya Escort gel feel so good.

You are fully hard now, standing straight up at attention, and you hear her say, “Kinda difficult to do this with just one hand, I think I need both hands for this big boy,” and she shifts her other hand from caressing your balls and wraps it, too, around your hardness, stroking him gently but also deliberately, purposefully, as if she knows her task now has moved from just being medicinal to one of sexual release…

“This make it feel better?” she asks.

You reply in what sounds a lot like a moan, “Mmmm hmmm…please don’t stop…”

Her gel-slickened fist continued to slowly work up and down your hardness, coating it with a covering of the pain-relieving ointment. Stroking up and down, she also expertly twists her hands to maximize their coverage and also your enjoyment.

Huskily, so you know that you’re not the only one enjoying it but that she is too, she says, “He’s so big, and so hard, my god I’m so not used to that, I can barely get my hands around him, he’s so awesome…”

As Sakarya Escort Bayan she strokes, you realize you’ve never been harder, and you also know that you’re so excited by what’s happening that you won’t last long.

She notices that, too, and while she expertly continues to stroke, more quickly now, she also glides her hands down your shaft and continues to caress your balls, whispering in your ear and lightly brushing her lips against it, “I don’t want my boys to feel like I’m ignoring them…”

“My god, feels so good…” is all you can say, “Think I’m going to come…”

“That’s okay,” she whispers in your ear as she moves both hands up again to wrap around your hardness and begins to stroke you faster and faster, “I want you to, please come for me…” and then she says, “Oh my god I can’t waste it…” and with that, as you feel the electricity pulse throughout your entire body, she swiftly moves her mouth down to engulf the head of your thick, engorged shaft, and you arch your back and pelvis and butt upwards as you explode inside her warm welcoming mouth and she wraps her lips Escort Sakarya even tighter around you, pushing farther down on you to take in as much of you as she can deep into her, until it’s pressing against the back of her throat.

As your hot liquid streams down her throat you can’t help but utter a loud, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy gooooooooood…!”

After a few minutes, as your body relaxes and you ease your butt back down onto the couch, she remains locked on you, her lips fully surrounding your head, and you can hear her moan “Mmmmmm,” and the humming vibration on your shaft further excites you for one last push upwards and one last release…

When she finally unwraps her lips from you, she looks up at you and gives them one last lick, looking deep into your eyes, saying. “Mmmmm, you taste so good…” and she gives you a kiss on the cheek as you slide your boxers and shorts back up.

“So,” she says, patting the front of your shorts gentle, letting her hand linger, “All better?”

“Well, yes…” you say, smiling, “but would you mind rubbing some Arnica on my lower back?” That’s where the ball REALLY hit me.”

And as the look of realization shows on her face, she grabs a pillow from the couch and starts walloping you with it, laughing while saying “Why you sneaky son-of-a-bitch, I can’t believe you got me all the way over here to play such a mean trick on me – now you owe me big time!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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