New Friend

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When I got back from taking Gerri to school and dropping Brian at his play school, a moving van was parked in front of the Adams place, two doors down. Of course it was no longer the Adams place. Since it was a warm spring day, I thought a pitcher of lemonade would be a good introduction to the neighborhood.

The woman who was standing on the sidewalk looking up into the van was obviously pregnant. “Hi, I’m Beth Weathers, second house down,” I pointed. “I thought you might want something cool to drink, so I fixed some lemonade.”

The short, mousy blond turned towards me with an expression of surprise and horror. Then she burst into tears.

“I can’t do all this,” she wrapped her arms around me as she shook with deep sobs. “Bill got called to headquarters for an emergency and I can’t keep track of everything,” she wailed. More sobs followed.

“Let’s go inside where you can sit down and we’ll have some lemonade,” I said, gently guiding her towards the door. Brian was only two years old and Gerri was six. I could still vividly remember the violent mood swings of my pregnancy.

Fifteen minutes later Jane Fellows was calmed down and we were keeping track of where the movers were putting things. I started to unpack the kitchen boxes between trips upstairs and outside. At noon I picked up Brian and brought back subs for lunch.

At three I had to go pick up Gerri. “Jane, I think they’ve got everything in from the truck. I’ll be back over after I drop Gerri off in the morning and I’ll help you continue unpacking.” I called my mother that night. She would pick up Brian in the morning and Gerri after school.

“I’ve got to take a break.” It was two o’clock and Jane and I had been working steadily since a little after nine, except for a short lunch. “My back’s killing me.” Jane rubbed her lower back and arched to stretch it out.

“Jack used to give me backrubs every day from the fifth month on,” I commented.

“God, I wish Bill would do that. That would be heavenly.”

“You want me to try? I’ve given Jack one occasionally when he’s had a hard day at work.”

“Would you mind? I don’t want to put you out.”

“You obviously can’t lie down flat, or at least I couldn’t anyway. Here, let’s try the couch.”

Jane curled on to her side. I sat on the edge. “I can’t reach you well. Let me kneel down.”

But the wood floor was too hard on my knees and the couch was a little high. “This isn’t working well.”

“Well,” Jane said hesitantly. “If we go to the bedroom, I’ll be able to scoot over so you’ll have room to sit.”

“Lead the way.”

Jane lay down on her bed and squirmed to the middle. I sat down behind her and began at the shoulders.

“Oh, that feels so good. I might even be willing to pay for this.”

As I continued the massage, I looked out the window at her pool. “You’ve got a pool. I wish we had one.”

“Why don’t you get one put in?”

“I wanted to, but Jack said that for the increased cost of insurance and the liability headaches, we could have memberships in several clubs around town. The hazards of being married to a lawyer. Funny, when he made partner last year, the extra insurance on a new Beemer Z-4 didn’t seem to matter. Still, he did get us a membership at the Atlanta Country Club. Gerri likes to swim over there. But they only open it between Memorial Day and Labor Day. You can open yours earlier and keep it open later.”

“That’s it. That’s the spot where it really hurts,” Jane exclaimed.

I tried to massage it, but her dress kept sliding around keeping my hands from remaining in one spot. “I can’t get to it. Your dress keeps sliding around.”

“Unzip it.”


“Unzip it. I’ll slip it down to my waist and then you can rub it good.”

I unzipped the shift and Jane wiggled it down, finally just pushing it off completely. She was dressed in pregnancy-white undies. The panties were utilitarian cotton. To cover here tummy they had to be big enough to be used by Roseanne Barr. The bra, also utilitarian cotton, holstered an impressive pair of knockers. She lay back down on her side rolling slightly to expose more back.

“Grab the cream from my top drawer. It’ll make rubbing easier, too,” she instructed.

The elegant bottle that I pulled from the nightstand bespoke taste and refinement. The wonderful aroma that emerged when I opened the bottle confirmed the high quality. As I began to smooth the lotion over her skin, the pasty white color of winter skin began to glow more like fine porcelain.

As my fingers kneaded her muscles, it felt like silk over fresh bread dough, smooth, soft and springy. I knew from experience with Jack how soothing this was to Jane. After a several minutes, I thought she had dropped off to sleep and I stopped.

“No,” she whined. “Do my legs, too.”

I took some more lotion and dropped my hands to the top of her thighs and resumed the massage. I glanced over her body. She had probably gained thirty to forty pounds. She had a chipmunk face that I always associated with my escort bayan pregnancies. Her thighs were flabby although I could feel muscle underneath. “Do you exercise?”

“I did until about the fourth month. I had a little bleeding and my doctor advised me to cut down on my activity. Oh gee, you don’t think this moving has hurt the baby?”

“No. I’m sure you’re fine. I could feel some long muscles here,” I ran my fingers slowly down her hamstring.

She rolled to her back. “You’re being so good to me. You just met me and look how nice you’ve been.”

I could see tears glistening in her eyes. I was afraid the waterworks would start again. “Honey, we women have to stick together. Men just don’t have a clue especially during the first pregnancy.” I was manipulating a knot in her calf. Her other leg fell open. From the curls that were peeking out of her knickers, I was sure she wasn’t a natural blond.

“Scoot around so I can get to your other leg.” She pivoted on the bed and put her foot and swollen ankle in my lap. She still wasn’t very modest and as I massaged this leg I had a full view of her crotch. It was puffy, too, anticipating the effort required in a couple of months. I finished up.

“Beth, that was wonderful. I’m so relaxed and tired that I don’t think I can do anything else today.”

“That’s fine. I’ll be back in the morning and we’ll assault another room.” We finished her unpacking that week, but the massages continued two or three times a week when I’d visit.


I was feeling antsy. It was Thursday night and the kids were down. Jack had called to say that he was working late so that he could be home on time tomorrow. That wouldn’t help the itch between my legs tonight.

We had a good, if predictable, sex life. Tuesdays and Saturdays were scheduled and other special days (New Year’s, anniversary, birthdays, etc.) as they occurred. On those occasions Jack was good for at least two rounds, often three, and we rotated through perhaps a dozen different positions not counting oral, some bondage and spanking when I felt like it, full body rubs and other variants from time to time.

My problem was immediate. We had gone to an all-day firm barbecue on Saturday. Between swimming in the senior partner’s pool, volleyball on the lawn, eating too much and drinking even more, we were both wiped out when we got home. Sunday was spent nursing hangovers and writing vows not to let it happen again, but no time was spent in bed. Tuesday night he had called to explain a late night and again Wednesday. I was raring to go as I hit the seventh day after my period when I was the horniest of the whole month. He was dead tired from this case.

The regular cable channels didn’t hold much interest. I flipped to the On Demand listings. We didn’t go to many movies. Because Jack worked so much, when we went out by ourselves we preferred quiet dinners where we could talk and just concentrate on each other. Sometimes we went dancing and we both enjoyed that.

Frida was a title that popped out at me. I remembered that it had gotten good reviews and some Oscar nominations. I started it up.

I would never have believed that Selma Hayek could look frumpy. The plot was slow starting and I almost turned it off, but I finally began to get into it. Then came the dance scene between Selma and Ashley Judd. It was so hot. I imagined Jack looking at me that way. I backed up the movie and watched the scene again.

Selma and Ashley were just smoldering. The whole scene was smoldering and so sensual. Put aside the beautiful women. The glow of the wooden dance floor contrasts with the dark and hazy voyeurs watching the dance. The dresses flow around Selma and Ashley in liquid caresses. Ashley’s dress flashes glimpses of her breasts that tease everyone.

Who leads who in this erotic dance changes back and forth. Ashley dips Selma backwards and runs a finger slowly from chin down to breastbone clearly indicating what she wants. Then Selma guides Ashley from behind nibbling on her neck to establish an animal-like dominance. By the time the kiss concluded the scene on the second time through I had my jeans open and my hand inside my panties. I paused the movie with the two locked together.

I was building towards my release when the phone rang. “Hello?”

“Beth, it’s Jane. I know it’s late but my back is killing me and Bill is out of town. I didn’t see Jack’s car out front, so I was wondering if I could come get a back rub.”

“Sure,” I replied trying to keep the disappointment out of my voice. “Come on over.”

I flipped the television back to one of the broadcast channels and straightened up a little. I poured my self a glass of wine and got a Sprite for Jane. By that time the doorbell was ringing.

“Come in, come in.”

“Thanks, you’re so great to help me like this.” Jane gave me a hug. Even with her big belly between us, I could feel her breasts pushing into mine.

“Let’s go back to my bedroom.” Jane had gotten backrubs in my house before when she was visiting and Brian bursa vip escort was taking a nap. Like in her house, the bed was the most convenient and largest space around. “Let me spread out a towel for you to lie on.”

Shortly after I had the towel arranged and I had grabbed my favorite skin lotion to use during the massage. Jane stood beside the bed and pulled down the front zipper of her shift. She shrugged and the dress fell to her waist, catching there.

Jane wasn’t wearing a bra. Her boobs hung like two ripe melons, the pregnancy-darkened nipples poking out like the stems of low-hanging fruit. She pushed her dress down and it slid over her belly and dropped to the floor. The movement caused her breasts to sway slightly before settling back.

“I hope you don’t mind. I was almost ready for bed when I looked out and saw that Jack wasn’t home.”

“No, of course not. I’ve seen plenty of boobs at the gym. But none of them are as beautifully molded as yours are in pregnancy.” I blushed at how I sounded, but Jane wasn’t looking.

“I feel like a cow, not like Demi Moore or Brittany. But thank you for trying to compliment me.”

She knelt down on the bed and then settled in. Her nipples swayed over the towel before her position hid them from view. I knew from my experience and talking with Jane that she was uncomfortable and ready for this time to be over. She felt dumpy and graceless, but her body was radiating its readiness for the ordeal and joy just ahead.

I pulled out my jar of skin lotion and opened it. The almond smell was a delight. The texture of the lotion was heavy and thick but when it touched Jane’s skin it softened rapidly and was easily smoothed over the tired muscles.

“Oh, Beth, you do me so good. I don’t know how I could have gotten through these last two months without your help.”

“It’s nothing. I’ve been there twice before, remember?” Jane’s skin began to glow under the lotion and my massage. I put more lotion on her skin and rubbed it upward across her shoulder blades.

I could see the side of Jane’s right breast as it disappeared, the nipple hidden from view by her body position. I was fascinated by the way the light from the bedside lamp highlighted the curve of skin. I took long massage strokes up the middle of the back and out to the sides. Each time my hands curved out from the middle of Jane’s back, my right hand eased closer to her breast. Up and out, up and out. I was trying to relax Jane with smooth, regular movements. I was almost hypnotizing myself.

“Uunhh, that tickles,” Jane giggled and wiggled as my hand brushed across a few inches of breast.

“Oh,” I jerked my hand away. “I’m sorry. I must have slipped. Please don’t think I was trying anything.” I felt my face burning.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. I was almost dozing and it surprised me. Actually felt pretty good. These last few weeks Bill’s been treating me like I was fragile glass. Except for some kisses, not much contact at all. That actually felt pretty good.”

“Say, could you massage my stomach,” Jane continued. “We do it at the Lamaze classes and it’s very relaxing.”


Jane rolled to her back. I was presented with her huge belly partially swaddled below in the gigantic pregnancy panties, topped by her two swollen, but gorgeous boobs. They flattened out to the sides in this position, but the long, dark nipples were obviously erect. I got some more cream on my fingers.

“Here,” Jane pushed the front of her panties down to expose all of her belly and a few tendrils of hair that peeked over the elastic.

“I may run out of skin lotion before we finish tonight,” I smiled at her.

“Well, according to my stretch marks, I’m running out of skin. Ooohhh, that feels so good,” she groaned as I began to spread the cream out from her almost non-existent belly button.

I spread the cream around and gently massaged her tummy. I got some more cream and rubbed it in larger circles. On one revolution I flinched as I felt the curls from her panties brush my hand. On the upper side I was getting very close to her breasts so I decided to stop.

“Don’t stop,” Jane moaned as her eyes popped open. “That was feeling so good. I want you to rub me all over.”

I must have looked a little alarmed.

“No, no. I’m not a lezzie and I know you’re not either, but the skin-to-skin contact just feels so good and with Bill away and working so much, you’re about the only person I’m real close to.” Jane rushed these words out trying to reassure me, and perhaps, reassure herself.

“Gee, here I thought I was about to be invited to my first rug-munching episode. Although with this big belly, I don’t know how I could even get close.” I laughed and resumed the caressing motions from before, but I was still careful about where I let my hands wander.

“Honey?” Jane and I both jumped a little. Jack was home.

“Sorry, I’ve got my own rug-muncher now. Get dressed while I go greet hubby.”

“You want to loan him out sometime? bursa elit escort I’m serious with Bill being away so much,” Jane sighed.

“We might be able to negotiate later. Let me go,” I turned away from Jane. “Babe, I’m up here, but let me come down to you.”

I bounced down the stairs and skipped into the kitchen. “I’m glad you’re home,” I laid a heavy kiss on his lips.

“Wow,” he replied. “I guess I need to get home earlier.” He started to kiss me again, but then Jane showed up. “Oh, hi Jane. I didn’t know you were here.”

“I was just leaving.”

“Jane was over getting one of my patented pregnancy back rubs.”

“See you later,” Jane left after giving me an air kiss.

As soon as the door closed I dropped to one knee. Unbuckling Jack’s belt and sliding down the zipper let his pants fall straight to the floor. His dick was just beginning to get the idea when my mouth closed over it. I liked to surprise him this way. I could enclose all of him and feel him grow until I had to back off and bring him to diamond hardness by using my hands and mouth. He was a little musky since it had been almost twenty-four hours from his last shower. But it was not unpleasant.

He kicked off his slacks and boxers as he followed me into the den. I fell back so that the arm of the couch thrust my pussy up at him. The first time was fast and hard. He almost ripped my jeans and panties off. I was wet already from my play at the movies. I was surprised when I came before he did, but we didn’t slow down long. I led him up to our bedroom. By the time we arrived, we were both naked. I pushed him down and for the second time that night I took all of his softness in my mouth. I tasted his salty sperm and my hot honey mixed together. Before we slept, he had taken me doggy and anally.


“Hi,” Jane sounded chipper two weeks before Thanksgiving. “One of my friends, Gloria, is coming over in the morning and staying for lunch. She’s got a two-year-old also and is nursing a baby. I wondered if you’d like to bring Brian over for some playtime and have a girl gaggle?”

The next morning at 10AM, I rang Jane’s doorbell. As the tinkles from the chimes died away, she opened the door. “Come in, come in. Gloria’s already here.”

The three of us bustled around getting the two-year-olds set up to play in the spare bedroom so that we didn’t have to watch them all the time. The babies were both napping.

“I’ve known Gloria since middle-school,” Jane remarked as she poured us each a glass of wine. “She got a head start on me in the kids department, but her second is just eight days younger than Katy.”

“Really.” Gloria Cancino was a beautiful woman. Her black hair and olive complexion hinted at Latin blood. Her shape hinted that she might be related to Sophia Loren.

“Yep. She visited me in the hospital and then I crawled out of bed to visit her.”

We continued to visit. After an hour and a second bottle of wine we gathered Brian and Ed and fed them lunch. I supervised their dessert while Jane and Gloria changed the babies. Then I read a story to the boys as they went down for a nap. I tip-toed out of the room and went back to adult company.

“Jane, you have FIRST-BABY syndrome,” Gloria was announcing as I walked in.

“What’s that?”

“You think they must be kept in 80-degree ovens or they will get sick.”

“It’s only 78 in here.”

“Whatever. I’m going to have to take off some clothes while I feed Amy.” Fitting action to words, Gloria grabbed the hem of her sweater and pulled it over her head. She sat down in a corner of the couch and arranged a blanket on her lap. Then she unhooked the front closure of her bra and pulled the cups aside.

She had gorgeous breasts. They would have done Playboy proud. Engorged with milk, they stood out firmly from her chest, each dusky mound capped by a stiff, dark peak. I saw a drop of milk emerge, expressed by the anticipation of nursing. She picked up Amy from the baby carrier and pulled her mouth to the left side. The baby immediately latched on and began to suck.

Jane watched this vignette also. As soon as Amy began to feed she began to prepare for Katy. Jane was not as bold as Gloria. She unbuttoned the top of her blouse but left one button to hold it together. Then she reached in and lowered a flap of her nursing bra.

“Girlfriend,” Gloria instructed. “You might as well take it off like I did. You’re going to be sweating as soon as you start feeding.”

“I don’t sweat. I glisten.” Jane tried to smile and make a joke.

“Jane,” Gloria spoke sharply. “You listen to me. We are all women here and no one else is coming in. Take off your blouse.”

Jane’s shoulders slumped slightly. She unbuttoned the last button and shrugged the blouse off. Then she dropped the blouse onto the couch.

“Now, take your bra off, too. See, I’ll take mine off so we’ll be the same.” Gloria flicked a hand at each shoulder and the bra, which hadn’t been covering anything anyway, dropped down on the couch. Jane, too, took off her bra and put it with the blouse.

Jane’s pale mounds were capped by rose-colored nipples. As Gloria and I watched they erected and expanded. She scooped up Katy and settled in at the other end of the couch. “Beth, will you do the honors.” We were all out of wine as Jane asked me to play hostess.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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