New Neighbor Awakened

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One Saturday it rained around sundown. Karyn and Joe sat in the garage, a fire in the driveway, and watched the lightning off in the distance. As they sat enjoying the darkening skies, Sheila popped over from across the street.

“Hi guys!”

“Hi Sheila, how are you guys doing?” Karyn asked.

“Great! Thanks to you guys.” Sheila responded as she sat in a chair Joe pulled out. “Last weekend was awesome. You two opened our eyes to lots of fun possibilities.”

Karyn giggled, “glad to be of service!”

“That’s why I stopped over, to see if you could be ‘of service’ for us again.” Sheila seemed a little nervous, but continued. “Last week really got Dave and I thinking, and better yet, talking, about sex for the first time since we have been married, and also about our fantasies.”

“Dave and I were both really turned on. It took a few days of thinking about it, but we knew we had to talk about it. Until Saturday, I had only had sex with two guys. My first real boyfriend in my 20’s was too big for me to handle at the time and then Dave.”

Sheila continued, “our sex life isn’t bad – as you saw, but it’s not great either. Saturday was great, beyond great. I was worried about how Dave felt after watching you fuck me, so I asked if he had any regrets. He immediately yelled out a ‘no’. Dave admitted it was the hottest thing he ever saw. In fact, he would love to watch me be pleasured more often. He wants to watch me have orgasms and wants to jerk off while he watches.”

“Sounds fun!” Karyn interjected.

“Sheila, what is it that you want Dave to watch then? What are your fantasies?” Joe inquired.

Sheila squirmed in her seat, this was clearly uncomfortable for her, but she was determined to see things through. “Well, the first thing that came to mind when I talked to Dave was playing with some toys, you know, with Karyn. I’ve never owned any before. I’d like to get comfortable enough with them to do something else I’ve never done, learn how to give myself orgasms, you know, masturbate with them.”

Sheila blushed deeply as she talked. “Like I said, I’m inexperienced. I’d like to be with a woman, well you Karyn anyway. I’d like to do a threesome with you two. I’d like to do a threesome with Joe and Dave.”

Karyn asked, “Is that it? You started with ‘the first thing that came to mind.”

“Honestly, that was my entire list until Dave suggested I read some erotic stories. I found myself really turned on by a couple of themes I found. I think though that they would be down the road.”

“Seems we unlocked a monster Joe!” Karyn laughed.

Joe responded, “maybe just her inner slut.” As the three laughed, Joe had a serious question. “Sheila, did you guys discuss ground rules? I mean does Dave want to be there, even if his involvement is just jerking off? What about other people? Anything off limits?”

“We did,” Sheila answered. “First, if you guys agree, is that it will only be with you for the time being, until we are sure we can do this. Dave does not have to be present every time, but I need to tell him everything afterwards. When Dave is there, he wants to know ahead of time if it’s OK to Başakşehir escort get involved. While he mainly wants to jerk off watching, he might get ‘inspired’ to join. Also, anal is a no-no.”

Karyn answered, “you don’t know this, but we were having quite the time with the people from whom you bought the house. So, of course we’re interested in playing with you. We won’t have any issues with your rules. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, just say so, we’ll stop.”

“All this fantasy talk has me horny, we should get started.” Joe smiled at the women.

“I am too,” Sheila responded, “but Dave asked that the first time, he be present. How about dinner at 6 at our place, and then…”

“…and then Sheila for dessert!” Karyn exclaimed.

“That just sent a tingle between my legs!” Sheila admitted.

“One second, before you leave, I have something for you,” Karyn ran in the house.

“You know Sheila, it’s ok to ‘talk dirty’ to us. What you mean is that your pussy just got wet from the idea.” Joe joked.

Sheila laughed, “Joe, my pussy isn’t just wet, I’ve soaked through my panties!”

Karyn came out and handed Sheila a bag. Sheila peaked in, it was a purple dildo, about 6 inches long, similar to her husband.

“Go home and start exploring,” Karyn instructed.

Sheila, got up, gave Karyn a hug, and headed across the street, quickly.

Sheila headed to the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee after setting the bag on the table. She was planning on picking up the place as she did not need to start dinner for a couple more hours. As she started her chores, she couldn’t help her thoughts from wandering to the bag. After a while, she couldn’t help herself, she reached in and pulled it out, noticing the small bottle of lube Karyn had placed in the bag. She studied it closely. Despite being purple, it was quite realistic. It had a defined head and veins. Sheila wasn’t sure how it compared to Dave exactly, so she took it in her mouth for a moment and realized it was slightly thicker than her husband.

Sheila made a quick decision. She grabbed the bag with the lube and headed upstairs with her prize. As she entered the bedroom, she undressed completely. Her small, but firm breasts showing off their fat hard nipples. Sheila was so horny she couldn’t wait to get started.

Though she had never had a toy of any sort, she had no hesitation. She probably did not need the lube, but just in case, she pulled it out to coat her new ‘man’. In her haste, she squirted way too much. She ran her fingers up and down the shaft, stroking up and down until it glistened. She wiped the excess across her tits, making them shimmer. It was then she noticed the slight warming effect of the lube.

Sheila’s body was on fire. She just wanted to get fucked by this beautiful cock. She crawled up onto the bed on her back, spreading her legs. She didn’t need any prep or foreplay, she just needed to be filled.

Despite her eagerness, Sheila managed to slow down. She pressed just the head past her swollen, soaked lips. Several times, she inserted the head and pulled it back out, Bayrampaşa escort bayan teasing herself. When she could just take it no more, she slowly penetrated herself. The pleasure she felt as the dildo pressed inwards, inch by inch, was beyond anything she had imagined the last few days. Holding the dildo by the attached suction cup, she buried its entire length into her scorching hot pussy. When she felt the ‘balls’ against her ass, she stopped, wiggling it around, enjoying the sensation of fullness it was creating within her, this thing was definitely thicker than Dave!

Sheila’s patience had run out, she told Karyn that she wanted to learn how to get herself off, well this was her chance. Sheila firmed her grip on the magnificent cock, withdrew it nearly completely, and then just started wildly fucking herself with it. With each stroke, she pulled the toy nearly completely out before slamming it as deep as possible each time. She loved the feeling of the balls slapping against her. They were getting soaked with her juices, which were flowing heavily now. The scent of her arousal filled her nostrils, causing her to fuck herself even harder.

Sheila pulled her legs up further, giving her new lover even deeper access. Within just a few minutes, she could feel her orgasm approaching. She did not remember ever being so horny, she knew one orgasm would not be enough to quench her slutty new desires. She started having trouble keeping a steady pace, but she continued to plow herself. Suddenly, almost shockingly, her entire body seized up, becoming rigid as her orgasm washed over her. Her thighs trembled and she could feel herself contracting on the now still toy, plunged deep within.

After what seemed like forever, but was probably just a few minutes, the aftershocks of one of the best orgasms Sheila ever had, began to wane. As her mind cleared, Sheila realized that her physical desire had not lessened, in fact, her body craved more despite the huge release.

Looking around, Sheila spotted her dresser. It had legs about 18 inches high, just right! Sheila climbed out of bed, and moving to the dresser, attached her new friend to the bottom drawer.

She got down on all fours and slid her legs underneath the dresser. After a couple of adjustments, she was ready to fuck herself doggy style. Sheila backed up. While holding the dildo from underneath, she positioned it against her darkened, swollen, sloppy wet pussy lips and shoved herself backwards. Another little adjustment, and she was fully impaled, the thick cock inside her achy cunt. Slowly at first, she began to get into a rhythm. She found she enjoyed the hands free aspect of using the suction cup this way. As she slowly fucked herself from behind, she played with her tits, pinching and twisting her thick nipples. Each time she pinched, it increased the heat inside her. Her pace increased.

Sheila was sweating now. She was fucking herself pretty hard. As her hand wandered to stroke across her clit, she imagined back to the night Dave fucked her over the banister. She imagined Joe watching her from across the way. She realized that Escort Beşiktaş she liked the idea of being watched, of fucking for someone else’s voyeuristic pleasure. She started to imagine being on stage, a large crowd watching her getting fucked by some hung stud, everyone getting horny over her!

Sheila was really fucking herself now. She buried the length of the toy with each stroke, her fingers now roughly rubbing her clit. Once again, she erupted into a hard orgasm. Sheila didn’t want to stop, despite her involuntary muscle twitching, she continued to fuck the toy. The strokes were rougher as she fucked through the rolling cum, but it paid off as Sheila felt another and then yet another orgasm pour through her core. She realized that there was a stream of hot liquid pouring down her thighs as finally, after a final, fourth orgasm, she slowed, enjoying the feeling of fullness.

Sheila looked at the clock. She had an hour before she needed to start dinner, just enough time to shower and change. Slowly, she pulled herself off her purple pleasure tool. She grabbed the toy, took it to the bathroom and washed all of the lube and her own juices off the toy. Setting it on a towel to dry, she stepped into the shower.

After washing the sweat from her body, Sheila began preparing for the evening. She shaved her legs and moisturized everywhere. Before finishing, she decided to shave some of her rather thick bush. As she applied her conditioner to her mound, she felt a bit of a thrill shoot between her legs, despite her recent solo play. She shrugged it off as she began to shave. She carefully trimmed herself until just a small rectangle remained, approximately 2 inches wide. Afterwards, she slathered the newly shaved area with her moisturizer.

After her shower, Sheila began drying off. She spied the borrowed dildo by the sink and got wet again, remembering her accomplishments of the past hour, the first thing off her bucket list. As she stepped from the tub, an idea hit her.

Sheila grabbed the toy and mounted it on the tub. Just seeing the fake dong pointing straight in the air reignited her sex juices. She positioned herself over the purple penis and slowly lowered herself down upon it. She definitely did not need any of the nearby lube, her pussy was dripping wet in anticipation.

Sheila had positioned herself to ride the dildo in a reverse cowgirl position. As soon as she bottomed out on the toy, she pushed up with her legs and then pressed down once more. Sheila rode the cock as fast as she could. She was able to once again stroke her clit with a free hand which just increased her excitement with each insertion. Joe was right, her inner slut had been released. If it kept feeling this good, she had no plans to bottle it back up.

Sheila knew she didn’t have time for another marathon like she had using the dresser, but she was not going to stop until she had gotten off one last time. She picked up the speed of her riding and the hand strumming her swollen clit. This was not going to take long.

“Fuck, I love cumming.” She growled as a particularly strong orgasm rocked her pussy temporarily knocking the breath out of her. Sheila slid down the shaft, sitting on the edge of the tub enjoying the aftershocks shooting through her nerves.

After a few minutes, she stood, re-cleaned the toy and rinsed her tender pussy once again. What an incredible day she thought as she looked forward to whatever surprise Karyn and Joe had planned.

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