New Neighbors Ch. 01

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Big Cock

I was so excited. A new city, a new apartment….a new life! I was newly divorced and ready to meet someone to settle down with. Someone nice to see the city with, laugh with, and maybe start a family with. It took me more than four days to get everything unpacked and set up to my liking, which left me just three more days before I was scheduled to start my new job. I decided to stay home that first night with a six-pack and just relax. I could spend the next couple of days seeing the sites and meeting people; preferably women.

I slipped a DVD into the player, opened that first bottle of beer, and settled down on the couch. I was in a good place, as I looked around and realized how good my life was at that moment. I couldn’t recall the last time things had gone this well for me. I was feeling so good, in fact, that I didn’t even realize I’d gone through two bottles in less than twenty minutes, until I went for my third.

As I walked back to the sofa, I was interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell. Who could it be, I wondered. I didn’t know a soul, other than my landlord and I’d just talked to him three hours earlier. I was tempted to ignore it, thinking it was a mistake or a salesman, but my curiosity got the better of me. I looked out through the window to see two black men standing on my front porch. The first one was dressed in a short-sleeved button down and white dress pants, while the second man wore blue shorts and a tank top. Both men were muscular, at least half a foot taller than myself, and considerably sweaty. I had just decided to go back to my movie without answering the door, when one of them looked through the window and saw me looking out at them. I had no choice but to open the door now. I stepped out onto the front porch with them, pulling the door closed behind me. They immediately introduced themselves as David and Jim. We talked for a few minutes and, when I was feeling more at ease, I invited them inside. It was the least I could do, since they had come by to welcome me to the neighborhood.

“What’s your name white boy,” David asked me.

“It’s Steve,” I replied.

I felt a little uncomfortable at that point. Instead of taking the chairs, both men had sat on the couch with me, one on either side. At this point, Jim and I were sitting side by side, our legs touching, and, as I looked over at him, I noticed he was rubbing his shorts so that the outline of his cock was clearly visible and his balls were hanging out freely. His cock looked like it was over eight inches long and it was still only semi-hard. His balls were enormous and covered with curly black hair. I quickly looked away, only to find that David’s equally enormous cock had been merter escort freed, pointing up at the ceiling from his white trousers. At this point, my intention was to jolt up and somehow get my new neighbors to leave, but I was already pretty buzzed and Jim and David were both a good deal stronger than myself. As I moved to get up, David straddled my back and forced my face into Jim’s lap. To my surprise, Jim was already out of his clothes and my face was pressed hard against his now rock hard cock.

“Open your mouth, faggot,” Jim demanded.

“I’m not gay,” I protested.

“We’re gonna teach you to worship black cock, you sissy white faggot.” David slapped me hard, as he pulled my face up and spat on me. “Now, either you ask Master Jim for permission to suck his cock, or we’re going to beat the fuck out of you.”

I knew the only way I would survive this was to do as I was told. Tears streaming down my face, I looked up at Jim. “Master Jim, may I please suck your cock?”

“Since you made me wait, you’re going to have to be punished first, faggot.” As Jim stood up and turned around on the couch, David positioned me so that I knelt on the floor with my face only two inches from Jim’s hairy ass. I could see beads of sweat clinging to the black hair of his ass, as the musky scent nearly suffocated me. Jim reached back and pulled his ass cheeks apart. “My asshole is sweaty. Clean it, faggot.” I tried to resist, but David had my face buried in his friend’s ass with little effort. At this point, David bent down and whispered in my ear. “Do as your told, faggot.”

I remembered the threat all too clearly. “Yes, Master David,” I replied. I hesitantly stuck my tongue out, letting it touch the wrinkled hole. At first, I tried not to inhale as I performed my task, but I couldn’t hold my breath for long. As my tongue worked its way inside Master Jim’s asshole, I felt a clenching. My heart started beating faster, as I was filled with fear that he wouldn’t try to hold it. He didn’t. Master David laughed loudly, as Master Jim farted right on my tongue. I couldn’t pull away, so I kept licking his asshole, as he continued farting in my mouth. After enduring this for several minutes, the worst thing that could’ve happened did happen. Master David noticed that my dick, much smaller than their cocks, was rock hard.

“Oh shit, bro, the nasty pig loves it! He’s rock hard!”

“Sounds like we have a real faggot on our hands,” They both laughed.David pulled my head back by my hair and looked directly at me. “You like licking a black man’s asshole. Don’t you, faggot?”

Never in my life had I been so hateful and disgusted with myself mutlukent escort as I was at this moment. I wanted to deny it, even to myself, but how could I, after Master David had pointed it out? Maybe it was the buzz, or the fear, or both. Whatever it was, the words came out before I could stop them. “Yes, Master David. I like licking a black Master’s asshole. Please don’t make me stop.”

Master David was so surprised by this that he let go of me and stepped back. Within seconds, I had my tongue buried deeply inside Master Jim’s asshole. Master Jim rewarded me by releasing another fart on my waiting tongue. It was then that I realized the truth of what was happening. If I wasn’t a white faggot whore, like Master David had said, I would have run for the door, instead of burying my face in this black man’s ass. The truth was out. I’d admitted it to my Masters and to myself. I had no choice but to accept, at least while they were here. Once they had gone, I could pretend nothing had happened, but, while they were here, I would please them and I would let myself enjoy it. Now that I was free, I could lick the entire length of his ass crack, scooping the musky sweat onto my tongue and swallowing it. As my tongue returned to his asshole, Master Jim clenched in an effort to feed me yet another fart. I pulled back slightly, when a light brown, creamy clump slipped out of his asshole. The temptation was too strong and David was only watching to see that I didn’t run ~he wasn’t watching what I was doing~ so I quickly sucked it into my mouth. Nothing was said, so I guessed neither of my Masters knew what had really happened. As for me, I felt a kind of high. It turned me on, knowing that I had just let a black man shit in my mouth. I thoroughly cleaned up Master Jim’s asshole, before I sat back. “Master Jim, may I please suck your cock now?”

Master Jim stood up. His magnificent cock, still rock hard, pointed at my face. He took hold of it and began beating my face with it. He slapped my hard with his cock, the sound seemed to echo throughout the apartment, as he spat on my face. “You want this cock? Huh, filthy pig?”

“Yes, Master Jim.”

“Yes, what, faggot?”

“Yes, Master Jim, I’m a filthy faggot pig and I want your big cock.” He sat down on the couch and instructed me to crawl to him. I followed his orders, my eyes hungrily focused on his dark cock. I crawled up onto the couch and began just licking the fat, purple head. As I licked that fat cockhead, I realized that I knew now why so many white women ~my ex-wife included~ loved black cock so much. It was beautiful. I took his cock into my mouth, feeling my lips rise and otele gelen escort fall over the thick veins of his shaft. The smell and taste sent me wild! I loved sucking Master Jim’s cock. So much, in fact, that all I could see was his cock and balls and all I could hear was my own slurping sounds. I moved down onto the floor between his legs, keeping his cock in my mouth the whole time, and slipped my lips down to his sweaty balls. I kissed them over and over, before sucking them each into my mouth.

I loved the gritty, sweaty taste of his hairy balls. I knew I’d been sucking his cock and balls for awhile; I could feel my jaw starting to get sore. I can’t say how long I spent sliding my lips up and down that shaft, before Master Jim stood up. My heart sank, until I realized what was happening. He grabbed me by the sides of my head and rammed that cock into my mouth. Within seconds, I could feel my mouth filling with his warm cum. It was my first taste and, since Master David hadn’t used me yet, I knew it wouldn’t be my last. As it coated my tongue, I felt a chill in my own crotch. I was cumming in my pants. The taste of my Master’s salty cum had sent me over the edge. I greedily sucked the remaining cum from Master Jim’s cock and cleaned him up, before Master David pulled me to him.

“My turn, faggot.”

“Yes, Master David.” I serviced Master David much the same way as I’d served Master Jim. He had much more cum to feed me and filled my mouth three times, before he’d finished. As Master David’s gorgeous cock finally went limp, Master Jim mentioned something about an appointment. I sat on the floor, hungry for more and upset that my Masters were leaving, as they headed for the door.

Master Jim turned back. “Don’t worry, bitch. We’ll be by tomorrow. Same time.”

“Yeah, faggot. We own you now and you will be serving yoyr black Masters every day.”

“Yes, Master Jim,” I replied.

“If you’re good, we’ll tell some of the other brothers what a good whore you are for black cock.”

This filled me with fear. What was I to do? This wasn’t the life I wanted, but the only way out would be for me to move and I definitely couldn’t afford it. I nodded, avoiding eye contact with my owners. “Yes, Master.”

“Hey man, I gotta piss before we go.”

“Yeah, me too. Where’s your toilet, faggot.”

My desire to see those huge cocks again was too strong to ignore. I’d already done worse anyway, so I offered them the use of my mouth.

“You want to be a toilet for your masters, you sick pig?”

“Yes, Master David. Please make me a black man’s toilet?”

Master David approached me and pulled out his cock, letting it rest on my bottom lip. His piss was warm and much more salty than his cum had been. I enjoyed the taste so much that I began stroking myself as I drink his urine. After they had both relieved themselves, my masters left for him. I was left sitting on the floor in my cum and piss stained t-shirt feeling like a filthy black cock whore.

To be continued…

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