New Year’s Chocolate Martini

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Big Dicks

“That’s right girl, both hands, nice and slow…just stroke me gently. We don’t want me to come in my pants, do we?”

“No, I want this gorgeous cock inside my wet cunt,” Wendy heard herself say. It actually took a few heartbeats after the words came out for Wendy to realize that it was her voice echoing off the walls.

She asked herself, not for the first time, what she was doing in, in the dark, in a stranger’s kitchen, making out with a virtual stranger, begging him to fuck her. The fact that he was a black man- well, actually a charming cafe au lait colour- just added to the strangeness of it all. Wendy had been raised as a “good girl” in a small Southern town. She hadn’t known any black people growing up. Though she had gone through a “wild child” phase just after she turned eighteen, with multiple sexual misadventures, they were all with young men with two first names, good old boys.

Then the tire plant had closed, the jobs vanished to Malaysia. Daddy had drunk himself to death, Mama ended up in a nursing home, and at twenty-five, Wendy found herself with just enough insurance proceeds left to relocate to California.

This was Wendy’s first New Year’s Eve in her new home. A co worker from the software company where Wendy answered phones, fetched coffee and straightened the “play room” had invited Wendy to this party in the suburbs. At first, Wendy had felt like the classic duck out of water, literally a wallflower, her back pressed up against the drywall, as she nursed a drink and watched her more outgoing cohort swirl around her.

She knew she would be stuck there until after midnight, and was resigned to her fate. Wendy was pleased that she felt no urge to get drunk, to create an excuse to let down her hair and unleash that party girl she had left behind in her tiny home town. That spirit, she decided, was not bottled up inside her, it was a phase she had outgrown. A second drink to be polite, avoid midnight kisses, thank her hostess- the hardest part might be finding a ride home since so many folks were so drunk. The big suburban house had lots of rooms where Wendy realized people might crash, sleep it off — she overheard chatter about a big poolside brunch in the morning. But she also knew that those guest rooms would be”play rooms” and asking to stay over was like inviting sex.

Midnight caught Wendy by surprise. She heard a voice say, “just enough time for a chocolate martini,” and had taken the glass, not really noticing who handed it too her. She downed it in a single gulp, anxious to find a quiet corner.

Suddenly, the big grandfather clock in the foyer boomed. Streamers flew. Wendy felt big strong hands around her waist, pulling her away from the wall, lifting her up so that her lips could meet those of the man. Rather than struggle, Wendy focused on not spilling her drink, her hands out from her body, even as she felt a hard cock against her belly.

The man held the kiss, and held Wendy, his hands deftly sliding down her back, cupping her buttocks the better to hold her. She realized only after it happened that her shoes fell from her feet, and she locked her ankles behind the man’s thighs, just above his knees, stabilizing their bonding. Moaning helplessly with lust while still kissing him, and pressing her body more firmly against that throbbing member.

Wendy felt the goose bumps spread over her flesh as she shivered with an excitement she had not felt in so long that she had almost forgotten the feeling. She recognized how turned on she was, as she experienced the familiar sensation of her juices soaking through her panties as her labia puffed and her clit hardened in eager anticipation. She had to wonder if the stranger could feel her wetness through her dress, and his clothing, but then she giggled, as best she could without breaking the liplock, because it really didn’t matter. Wendy was once again the wild girl who got any man she wanted, and she wanted this man. Who was the flame and who was the moth no longer mattered. The heat was consuming them both. Wendy had to see this cock, touch this cock, eat this cock, fuck this cock.

The kiss finally ended. Only then did Wendy realize that her kisser had carried her into the semi-dark interior hallway, away from the crowd. She marvelled for a moment at how athletic he must be to have inched confidently backward without jerking her. By the time she was done that thought, she had caught her breath, could feel her rock hard nipples drilling into his hard pectoral muscles.

“I need you,”she whispered, “just kissing you has made me so wet that I really don’t care if you decide to fuck me right here right now in this hallway, but I need to be fucked. I need your big black cock in my little white cunt. I need to ride you hard.”

Wendy giggled, wriggling against his groin.

“But I’d prefer if we went somewhere that I can take my time enjoying your cock. I can tell it must be a nice one. I want to take it out, play with it, lick it, suck it, swallow your great gobs of goo, so that when Manavgat Escort you do fuck me you will last a good long time, and give me a really long hard fucking.”

She giggled a bit more, less nervous, more wicked. “And then if you aren’t too worn out, I want you to fuck me again- nice, slow and easy. I think by then you might have worn me out enough to slake this thirst I have for you, for your cock.”

“What if I want to fuck your ass?” the stranger asked.

“I haven’t done that in years, so we better ease into it, but after we do what I need, it would only be fair to let you have what you want from me.”

This time the man chuckled, low and deep from that massive chest. “Well, I bet asses are a lot like pussies- once fucked there is no retroactive virginity- a bit of stimulation and it should stretch right back out.”

“I hope it stretches enough to fit your cock, I am not sure I’ve ever had one that big up my ass before.”

“We’ll make sure you are good and ready,” he said reassuringly.

All the while, he slow danced her back down the hall, except her feet never reached the floor. He pivoted her into the deserted kitchen. She was surprised no one was in that room, but recalled that the wet bar in the family room had it’s own fridge and plumbing.

Wendy had her first good look at her soon to be lover. She really had never seen him before, had not noticed him at the party even. He had a touch of grey at his temples, a neat trim moustache.

His skin was the colour of coffee with cream. He looked like he might have been a corner-back or tight end in college, a fierce competitor, his expensive clothing and haircut suggesting he had channelled that into business success- stock trading or lawyer, Wendy guessed. A man who had no trouble deciding what he wanted, and most of the time, got what he reached out to grab.

Wendy realized she has seen his type before. Except for the colour of his skin, he was just like the men who ran the tire factory. No, she corrected herself, his confidence was more like the men from ‘away’ who had owned the factory, and had only appeared there the day they announced that it was closing forever. There was that distance coldness behind the lust. Sometimes, it was lust for money, tonight, it was lust for Wendy.

She decided in that instant that the heat was worth the cold. The heat was so intense that it was melting the ice that had shielded Wendy’s heart and loins these past few years.

“Damn, woman, you turn me on, you are so fucking gorgeous,” the stranger whispered as he reached around, his fingers exploring the outline of her ass, and then one long strong finger slid lightly along her ass crack. Wendy wished her dress was hiked high enough that he could just shove her wet panties aside and finger fuck her ass right then.

As if he could read her mind, he relaxed his grip just enough that between his fingers roaming and her hips twisting, her dress rode higher, and his finger slid around the back of her thigh, smoothly curving between Wendy’s cleaving buttocks.

“Oh, yes, like that,” Wendy murmured encouragement. “That’s good, baby.”

This strange caramel coloured gent hardly needed the instruction. His digit already had circled that forbidden rose, gently yet firmly easing it open, and entering with similar assuredness, neither thrusting too hard nor tickling with hesitancy. All Wendy could do then was sigh, and gently nibble his neck, right where it became a shoulder. The shiver which shock through her body might have been a teeny orgasm, but she ignored it, holding out for something much more substantial.

His thumb fumbled along Wendy’s taint, the first moment since he had picked up that he was not totally smooth. She could feel his cock, still in his pants, thrusting against her labia, still panty clad. Even if he shoved that thin fabric outside, he could not hold her, and unzip at the same time, and there was just no room for her to reach down and help.

“I know we both want to fuck, but first, let me down for a few minutes,” Wendy growled, her lips caressing the minute hairs around the outside of his ear. She stuck her tongue into that canal just for fun.

Wendy slid down his body, doing her best not to lose contact, first releasing the grip her legs had around him. As soon as her feet found the floor, she relaxed her knees. He picked that perfect instant to let go of her ass, and then, Wendy slid to her knees, just the ghost of her hard nipples having caressed his rock hard abs on the way past. She had found his cock inside his pants before she was even settled, and his belt and zipper opened smoothly. Wendy had to grin to herself that this truly was just like riding a bicycle- all the practice fumbling with those country bumpkins in their pickup trucks and barns and seedy motels was now paying off.

Which was how Wendy had ended up in the kitchen, just after midnight on New Year’s morning, about to touch, to see, that shaft she was about to suck, and then fuck. Escort Manavgat Her free hand caressed her own aching nipples and then slid down to touch her cunt. She avoided her clit, afraid that the first touch might cause such a huge climax that the hostess, or another party goer, might come to investigate, interrupting before Wendy got her reward.

In that same instant of introspection, Wendy reflected that this was the first black cock she had ever seen. She suppressed her giggle of joy at achieving this new “first time”, lest he think she was laughing at his manhood.

The stranger paused, allowing Wendy to examine her treat for several heart beats. Neither of them really caught their breath, though. They were both too excited.

It was an impressive piece of rigid well veined ebony, a true timber. Not gigantic, not something mythological from one of those “plantation lady and slave” stories. Wendy had seen and fucked several bigger ones during her wild years. She was happy to see the size of the stranger’s cock. If he really got as far as fucking her ass, it would fill her poop chute fully, but not tear her tender membranes.

In the dark deserted kitchen, lit by moonlight through the window, the party sounds seeming distant though just down the hall a few feet, he placed placed first one hand, and then the other on the back of Wendy’s head, very briefly curling his fingers into her hair, and silently drew her head forward. Wendy’s lips went slack, her jaw dropped about a centimetre. Her tongue flicked out, moistening first her lower lip, and then just the very tip of her prize.

With a subtle nudge, the man guided Wendy forward, making her swallow his entire cock in a single smooth gulp. Wendy barely had time to relax her throat before she felt the bulbous head buried deep within her, her teeth lightly grazing the silky outer skin as her nose nestled in his dense kinky pubes. She closed her lips around that root and gave it a good hard suck, feeling the pulsing in her cheeks as a spurt of pre cum slid toward her gullet.

Wendy pulled back slowly, laving his shaft with her expert tongue, licking the tip like a lollipop, curling all around the ridge like she was packing an ice cream cone. Her fingers held his shaft, enjoying the feeling of the blood throbbing within.

The fat head rested briefly on Wendy’s tongue, and she moved her head toward his groin again, sucking it into her mouth an inch at a time.

“Damn, woman, you are so eager. Most white women I need to force my cock into their throats an inch at a time, they are always so frightened of my big black cock, or at least want to pretend they are.”

‘It isn’t really all THAT big’ Wendy thought, but of course could not say it with her mouth so full. She had sucked more cocks than most women, and this one was bigger than most, but she had sucked larger- or at least tried to. What made this cock so perfect was that it was just right — a mouth full without stretching her lips painfully.

Wendy dropped her hand from the stranger’s shaft as he began to fuck her face, his hips thrusting his cock deep into Wendy’s throat. She paused only one second before raising her hand to his scrotum and playing with his balls. They felt good and heavy with sperm.

Wendy knew that he would explode the first time, a heavy load, but that there should be lots more for round two. She realized at that thought just how quickly her slutty ways were coming back to her. That drowned out any concern as she realized what a sight it would be if anybody came looking for more ice- her lover silhouetted in the doorway by the moonlight, she on her knees servicing him. Wendy was a slut, and didn’t much care who knew it. She would stay quiet for his sake, though.

The stranger’s balls were drawing up tight against his groin, his love stick was throbbing more intensely. In that moment, Wendy made a decision to change plans.

“I want your first load in my cunt,” she gasped as she pulled her mouth off her prize, a strand of spittle still linking her lips to his flesh. “Then maybe I can have a taste before you fuck my ass.”

For a second, Wendy was afraid that he would come to his senses, realize that this was reckless, that fucking in the kitchen of Wendy’s coworker just after midnight on New Years was nonsense. Wendy’s big eyes stared up at his chiselled face, silently begging him not to do the sensible thing, praying that he would fuck her.

The strong pulsing of his cock in her palm each time she used those good old Anglo-Saxon words like ‘cunt’ and ‘fuck’ reassured her. She relaxed and teased his cock tip with her tongue. Silently, he bent, cupped her ass once again in those strong black hands, and lifted her onto the counter top. She lay back , her spine feeling the stone, her hips balanced on the edge.

Though still clothed, Wendy felt naked before her strange black god, ready for him. She freed her tits from the top of her dress, toying with the eraser like nipples. Her other hand found Manavgat Escort bayan her wet cunt, spreading her well lubricated lips wide, ready for fucking.

The stranger pushed aside her panties and eased his cock into her tight wet pussy as Wendy let out a very low deep moan. The first stroke buried him fully in her womb. Still without another word, he grasped Wendy’s hips and pulled her toward him as he thrust to meet her, his hardness sliding effortlessly into her sodden depths. Wendy felt her pelvic muscles instinctively clench around his shaft, as if reluctant to release that great source of pleasure.

She slowly rotated her hips, milking his cock, pivoting with her shoulders planted against the counter. He reached down and grasped her tit. She gasped, quickly biting her lip to swallow a scream, not daring to attract attention. Time had lost all meaning as they fuck in long deep strokes.

Wendy could not believe how every cell in her body seemed to sing, how her nipples were so hard they ached, how her clit screamed for climax. It was like she had dreamt of this for all those celibate years. Her hips had begun thrusting up off the counter, matching her lover’s fucking.

“Oh, you love to fuck, don’t you,” the stranger grunted.

Wendy wanted to respond, to admit she was a slut, but somehow all she could do was whimper as her muscles tried to draw his organ even deeper. Her fingers were now rubbing her clit, her juices flowing more than ever. She would leave quite a puddle on the counter, but was too far gone to care. She had to climax soon, or she would explode, this was what she knew, and all that she could care about for the moment.

Her lover fondled her flesh, his hand large enough to capture her entire breast, fingers closing over the aching nipple and squeezing tightly. That sent a surge of pain from her chest straight to her cunt, where it spread out, warming her and transforming the pain to pleasure. Somehow, her lover was managing to thrust even deeper and harder into her womb.

Wendy bit her lower lip as waves of orgasm finally flowed through her body, just enough sense left in her sex hormone addled brain not to draw attention from the rest of the party. Her cunt walls spasmed around that solid ebony cock, holding it and milking it all at once.

“Come in me,” she begged, her voice a raspy low growl, a combination of sex hormones and trying to be quiet.

She moved her hands from her body to his, holding one hard muscled buttock in each palm, drawing him closer. His instinct was to keep thrusting, so though there was very little movement it was extremely forceful. Wendy squeezed his flesh harder, her fingers digging . She had to grin at the realization she was likely to leave marks, and did not know if he was married. Any worry over what was really his problem vanished as the next wave of orgasm flooded her mind with sex hormones.

The stranger rose up onto his toes, his pulsing black cock trapped deeper within Wendy than it had ever been. Wendy shifted her hand slightly, a finger reaching the back of where his balls were straining tight up against his taint. She paused just long enough to wonder what that looked like- would it be different than all the good old boys she had fucked and sucked? Not too much, she decided, but just enough to make this special. With that thought in her brain, and a grin on her face, Wendy stimulated her partner to orgasm.

With him still held deep in Wendy’s cunt, the explosion of goo felt like a rocket going off inside the young white woman. Her hips reacted first, thrusting forward in response, while her well trained muscles milked his root, demanding every ounce he could deposit. Wendy’s entire body sang with the intensity of her orgasms. Her hands held him in place until finally his cock pumped no more.

As Wendy caught her breath, feeling his seed spilling out of her cunt onto her thighs, trickling down around her ass and puddling on the counter top, she remembered that she had stopped taking the pill months before, because since she was celibate, it just wasn’t worth the risk of complications. She lay there for a moment, the fat ebony cock still hard within her, wondering what she would do if she was impregnated with a tiny cafe au lait zygote. When she wondered if her baby would have ginger hued hair, she knew an abortion was put of the question.

She did not have long to ponder consequences though, because the stranger stepped back for only a moment, his erect black weapon glistening in the moonlight with the mix of their juices. Wendy got a quick glance at it, her tongue flicking across her lips wondering how that might taste. She had never been shy about sucking off her dates after they fucked.

“You promised me your ass,” the stranger reminded her, jolting her out of her fantasy.

His strong hands grasped Wendy’s hips and effortlessly turned her over, depriving her of her taste. She was well lubricated by the fluids she had been lying in, so without any delay, he stuffed his manhood up her puckered ass-hole. Wendy’s feeling of helplessness at her legs dangling in the air was reinforced a moment later by the force of the stranger grasping a handful of her hair, making her back arch and dragging her ass back against his groin as he pistoned into her anus.

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