Nick and the “Bean” Pohle

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This story is a continuation to my first story “Ariana and Nick.” These siblings have just committed incest as Nick has taken his sister’s virginity. This story continues from that point. As before these siblings are both over the age of 18.


Ariana “Bean” Pohle had just had sexual intercourse with her older brother Nick. Because of his love for her, it was a truly pleasurable experience for both of them.

At the age of 18, Ariana stood 6 foot tall and weighed 110 lbs. If you didn’t know she was a swimmer you might think she was anorexic, but she wasn’t. She was all muscle under her very soft, pale skin, the result of working to develop long, lean muscles except in her wide shoulders.

She wore her bright red hair cut very short so it would not cause problems under her swim cap. Her eyes were emerald green and her complexion was lightly tanned because when she was not in the outdoor pool she tended to avoid the sun. She had developed breasts, such as they were, one year earlier, and seldom wore a bra.

Nick, 19, at 5 feet, 10.5 inches tall and 155 pounds, was neither as tall nor as skinny as his sister, but was very slender as well, as he swam for the high school and college swim teams. His hair was darker, almost brownish, and his eyes were sapphire blue. He not only looked up to his sister when she stood next to him, he also idolized her because she was more advanced academically and socially than he had been at her age.

The morning after they had sex together Ariana went into her brother’s room and woke him with kisses all over his face. When he opened his eyes to his sister’s happy face he reached around her to pull her into his arms. “Bean,” he said with a happy grin, “Are you okay with what we did last night?”

“Oh Nick, you have no idea how happy you have made me. I am a woman, now, who only wishes to be loved every day by the only man I will ever want. That said man is my older brother is merely a fact of biology. I want you to make love to me or fuck me every day. And in case I haven’t made it clear, I love you and I always will,” she replied.

“I love you, too,” Nick said. “And nothing will make me happier than to fulfill your every desire. But now I need to go pee so that I can make you as happy as you deserve to be.”

On his return from peeing he was pleasantly surprised to find Ari naked and laying on top of his bed. She smiled up at him and said, “Fuck me now, big brother, and then make love to me tonight. I want it hard and I want it fast. I’m already wet, so you can just slide right in and make my morning.”

Not wanting to disappoint his baby sister Nick stripped off his pajama bottoms and pushed himself into her waiting pussy. The way the walls of her cunt gripped his cock, Nick knew that Ari had learned everything that he had taught her. As he reached the back of her channel she spasmed in her first orgasm. He pulled out quickly and then rapidly re-entered her quivering quim.

Each time Nick pushed against her cervix Ari groaned in pleasure as he filled her cunt. She loved being filled by her brother’s hard pocket rocket. Ari was almost addicted to it, in less than 24 hours. She did not want to think about how much pleasure that she got from being fucked. She was just thrilled that each orgasm increased her love for Nick.

Two more orgasms brought her to being filled with Nick’s sperm. She wrapped her arms around him as her fourth orgasm bursa escort met his. They stayed wrapped in each other’s arms for an hour before hunger for food made them get out of bed and take a shower together before heading to the kitchen, nude.

Ari cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast. Nick made toast and put apple juice, butter, milk and strawberry jam on the table. Then they sat side by side as they ate. They also talked about their sexual relationship.

“Nick,” she began, “I owe you so much. You have taught me a lot about sex, showing me what to do plus how to do it with love. If we never make love or fuck again, I am so happy with what we have done. But I want to do so much more.”

“Bean,” he replied, calling her by the nickname that only her family and swim teammates were permitted to use, “I think that you have come so far since we began. I will gladly teach you everything else that I know. But always remember that I don’t know everything.

“And while I will do most things, there are some things that I will not. I will not fuck your ass. I will not pee on you. I will not be a dominant to your submissive. I love you not just as my lover, not just as my sister. I love you as my partner, and as such you have as much say in our relationship as I do.” Nick’s words were like jewels in a crown for her.

“Oh Nick,” Ari responded, “I am so glad that I chose you, and that you have taught me what you have. I look forward to learning whatever else you can teach me. But how are we going to do this living in Mom and Dad’s house. They aren’t gone that much, and we still might get caught. Just because the are asleep right now is no guarantee of our privacy.”

“Bean, we will just have to take advantage of the times when we can do things together. Once you graduate high school you will want to go to college. With your grades, and you swimming ability, you should be able to obtain a scholarship to my college. Then we can convince Mom and Dad to rent us an off campus apartment instead of making two dorm payments,” Nick told her.

“Yes, and if we cook for ourselves it will be cheaper than two food plans which don’t even cover all our meals,” Ari stated.

“So that means just another six months, and then we won’t be under Mom and Dad’s constant supervision. Then we can fuck when and how we want without hiding from them,” she continued.

Their next opportunity came two weeks later when the elder Pohles were invited to a friend’s daughter’s wedding. That night Nick taught Ari how to suck his cock.

“Bean, you start by licking the shaft of my cock all over,” Nick told her. She did so and soon had him moaning in delight.

“Now put the head of my cock in your mouth, but be careful not to scrape it with your teeth. Meanwhile wrap your hand around the base of my cock to hold it in place. Then you slide as much of it as you can into your mouth. Try to get all of it except what your hand is holding inside. If it pushes into your throat, try to relax and breathe around it,” he instructed his baby sister.

Ari tried several times when Nick’s cock hit the entrance to her throat, and eventually succeeded. They were both elated. Then he showed her how to slowly withdraw his cock, by sucking on it as she did so. Nick suggested also that she use the hand that was not on his cock to caress and gently squeeze his testicles.

As soon as Nick started to feel his orgasm approach, bursa eskort he stopped Ari and had her pull him out of her mouth. His member dripped with her saliva as she held it just beyond his lips.

“Now, Bean, you may notice a little swelling of my cock inside your mouth. That is because cum is ready to shoot out of my balls,” he told her. “That is your cue to decide if you want me to come in your mouth, on your face, on your body or in your cunt. If you want cum in your mouth you should figure out if you want to swallow it, or if you will spit it out. You’ll make that decision every time you suck my cock, and you can make different choices each time. It is always up to you.

“However,” he continued, “If you want me to come in your cunt then you will have to squeeze my cock to prevent it from spurting until you have put me inside you.”

“But Nick, why would I want to do any of this?” Ari asked.

Nick told her that it was one way to make him hard enough to fuck her. He then mentioned that this would be similar to how he ate her cunt before they fucked so that her juices were flowing before he entered her.

“What was that funny taste I had just before I pulled you out of my mouth?” Ari wanted to know.

“Look at the hole in the tip of my cock,” Nick said. “That clear liquid dripping from it is pre-cum. Among other things it precedes my sperm. It can lubricate my cock if you spread it around the head and the shaft before inserting me into your cunt. It tastes similar to cum, which you will discover after I come, but before you swallow. You might like the taste or you might not.”

Ari replied, “It tasted alright; just different from anything else I have tasted. Now I want to taste your cum.” So she placed his organ back in her mouth and sucked until he erupted. Some of Nick’s cum went straight down her throat. But the rest she held in her mouth until she sensed his taste. Then she swallowed his cum and licked her lips.

“You taste nice,” she told him. Then she asked: “Do all guys taste the same?”

“I don’t know,” Nick replied. “But if not the same I guess then each guy’s cum would be different.”

“Well,” his sister stated, “I won’t be checking to find out. I will only suck your cock; and since I like your taste I’ll do that whenever you want, or whenever I want and can.”

Now Nick pointed out to Ari that his cock was still semi-hard after shooting off. “Bean, this is because I am still a young enough man to be able to come again after a brief interval, such as the time it takes to eat your cunt. But, I have read that as we get older us men take longer between before we are able to come again.”

“Good,” Ari said. “Then I’m going to make you hard again with my mouth after you eat me, and then I want a long, slow fuck.”

When they were younger they found a DVD of some of the original “Battlestar Galactica” television series. Nick used to make his sister laugh by attempting to imitate the voices of the evil robots called ‘Cylons.’ Now he replied like a Cylon: “By your command.”

Ari giggled as she always had, but then grabbed Nick’s head and pulled it down so that he could eat her, as she had demanded. Then, after a couple of orgasms caused by Nick’s tongue on her clit, he moved up and slid his cock slowly into her well-juiced canal.

Ari had wanted long and slow, and that is what Nick had to give her because her vaginal walls were still tight. escort bursa This suited them both, and afterwards they dozed off in each other’s arms.

Over the next four months Nick and Ari tried several different positions. Ari decided that if she had to choose, she would prefer doggie-style the best. She told him that it made her feel more full than did the other positions.

Their parents agreed, when Ari had gotten a full academic scholarship to Nick’s college, to renting them a nice two bedroom apartment just a ten minute walk from campus. “Bean,” her mother had asked her, “What kind of bed do you want in each bedroom?”

Her daughter asked for a queen-sized for the bedroom in the back of the apartment, and a full-sized bed for the other, so both she and her brother would have enough room to be comfortable. She did not tell her mother that they would mostly sleep in the larger bed, together. Or what else they might do there besides sleep.

When Ari registered for her first semester she used her full name, Ariana Sanderson Pohle, Sanderson being her mother’s maiden name. Later, after they both had graduated, they moved out of state. Nick had a friend who obtained a false birth certificate for her in the name of Ariana Sanderson. It served to help them obtain a marriage license. They had a wedding by a justice of the peace so that the expense was minimal.

She wore a simple gold band when she wanted to be seen as Nick’s wife. But mostly she did not wear it; because she did not want ring marks on her hand when they went home to visit their parents the first time, but mom and dad weren’t fooled. After they had their first meal in their old home they sat around the dining room table and their mother asked “So how long have you two been married, and how did you do it?”

Nick spoke first and told his parents that they had been married by a jp, who thought the bride’s last name was Sanderson. “A friend got us a fake birth certificate showing that as Bean’s last name,” he said. Their parents thought that to be a clever idea.

Dad asked, “So no one knows that you are brother and sister, and have been committing incest since Bean was 18?”

“How did you know that?” Ari asked.

Mom said, “By the beds you bought for your student apartment.”

“So what happens now?” Nick asked.

“Now we accept what we cannot change,” said their father. “You are legally married in the state where you live. But you probably shouldn’t come back here very much, since your friends might see you and ask questions you wouldn’t want to answer.’

“Are you planning on having children?” Mom inquired.

Ari replied, “That is the real reason for our visit at this time. We just found out that I am pregnant. So in about eight months you two will become grandparents. Of course you will tell people that the baby is Nick’s child by his wife, just not that I am that wife. You’ll also tell them that I am still looking for Mr. Right, just not that I am already married to him.”

“Well, as I said, we accept what we cannot change,” their father remarked. “We still love you as much as we ever have; and we are thrilled to know that we soon will be grandparents. And if you need us at any time, just know that we will do what we can. And, Bean, make sure that your lunkhead husband calls us when you go into labor, so we can meet our first grandchild as soon as we can get to where you live.”

Nick and his “Bean” Pohle lived happy lives. They had a daughter and later a son. When their father passed away their mother moved to a senior citizens facility in the town where they lived, and spent a lot of wonderful time with her grandchildren.

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