Niece Saturday Afternoon

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I have written only once before, this is my first attempt to re-tell a genuine recent experience and the effects and thoughts afterwards. I appreciate feedback. Woodcutter2

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It was Saturday afternoon; I was in my home office which was located on the outside of the attached garage. It was good location, the quiet and the separation provide by the two car garage was just enough so I wasn’t distracted by the kids or the activity in a busy home.

I had come to the office seeking a refuge; the house was currently filled with laughter and noise as we had several of my wife’s brothers and sisters visiting with children and grandchildren. Whilst I enjoy a good laugh and family time I do have limits and will sometimes seek an escape.

Sitting in my comfy chair I was relaxing, browsing the internet when there was a gentle knock on the door and Dymo entered, smiling she asked “Uncle Paul, could you help me?”

My reply was simple, “Sure.”

“Aunt Mary said you would help me, we have just been looking at something on eBay, but I don’t have an account…”

At this point I’ll provide some background information. I am Paul and I am married to Mary. I’m, white, currently 50 years young, at this time of the year I am lightly tanned from a few weeks recently working in the gulf.

I exercise when I can and whilst having gained a few extra pounds over the years I am tall and fit, and generally look a little younger, maybe because I still have a good strong head of dark hair with only a few grey hairs.

Dymo is my wife’s niece (her Sunday name is Diamond). The daughter of my wife’s sister, with a great personality, easy smile and a loud laugh that can be heard from far away. Dymo is universally loved by anyone who knows her. If I tried to compare her physically to my wife, other than the family link she would have little in common except perhaps the lovely lips and wearing hair in plaits.

Mary, my wife of twenty five years has a slim body of an athlete; of Caribbean descent Mary’s skin is a light brown. Dymo is fifteen years younger than my wife, now approaching thirty five, she is a much darker shade of brown, and she had a much larger stronger frame, she is beautiful in a different way.

Mary was petite, slim with A cup breasts and a tight and light runner’s body. Dymo had a sturdier frame; she was well shaped, nicely filled a pair of jeans, but had much larger breasts, much much bigger. She had been a bit of a tease over the last 15 years, she would occasionally flash her enormous boobs just to get a laugh.

On more than a few occasions in the past she had walked up to me whilst I was sat down and pulled my head into her breasts, not in a covert way, this was usually when Mary and others were present and done for just fun and a laugh. There is no sexual history or tension between us.

As they had both been raised in the same home Dymo was almost a sister to my wife rather than niece.

My Wife Mary who I dearly love has a debilitating illness which is slowly robbing her of her ability to walk. Until recently a long distance runner she struggles to walk now and cannot walk without support.

Mary is still the same girl I fell in love with, I love waking up and hugging her naked body each morning, helping her to dress. She is still my soul mate and best friend. She still turns me on but making love not feasible. Our last few attempts at making love had ended with me more upset and frustrated.

Mary is a strong women, having to deal with not only her mobility being stripped away my wife also suffers with significant pain from damaged nerves. When we have tried to make love it takes a while to help Mary move her body into a position we can engage in our passion, I have to take care.

The last few times we tried to make love, my wife was urging me on, but I could see she was hurting. She is even scared herself.

Several times just moving to a position that allowed us to get together could trigger the pain, whilst making love the spasms and contractions of her muscles and stomach/abdomen as she reached her orgasm had also previously triggered the severe pain.

I can’t imagine how it is to wanting to reach the powerful orgasm but be afraid of it at the same time. To have your wife push you away sobbing and asking for the morphine does nothing for your self esteem and well being, each time I was left more upset at being the cause of the triggered pain. The frustration of not completing always took second place to caring for Mary.

Back to my office, It was clear that Dymo had called in on her way home from work; she was wearing the branded sweater with the name of her employer and a plain pair of trousers.

She was standing to the left side of my chair, Dymo and I were both looking at the web browser. I was quickly searching through EBay to find the items she had previously seen, I could feel the warmth of her body against my arm and shoulder where she was lightly pressing against me.

I found the tuzla escort item she needed and started filling in the details to purchase, this was one of those cases where you bought the item then had to email the seller straight away with your exact specifications.

Dymo reached out and slowly put her hand on my chest while we were talking about what we were doing, then without even realizing what she was doing she started slowly caressing and stroking my chest.

The hand that was gently moving on my chest slowly started to center its movements on my left nipple, playing with my nipple through the light shirt I had on. Dymo then moved and turned slightly to my side to be in a better position to lightly rub my chest.

At this point Dymo was still staring at the browser, I don’t think she had any idea of what she was doing or of the effect the gentle rubbing was having on my body.

I had been aware of the hand on my shoulder moving across my chest, I enjoyed the sensations as she started to gently rub my chest.

I have read about men who can experience sexual arousal from having their nipples played with, I’m not one of these. However I do enjoy the touch of a women’s hand on my chest, playing with my now stiff nipple it has a slight, nice feeling but not anything intense.

I was getting aroused, I could feel my cock twitching and knew it was growing. I was enjoying the closeness and intimacy of the touch, enjoying the gentle rubbing as I finished off the transaction on the browser.

“Ok,” I said as I pressed the enter button and the screen changed to show an order confirmation, “You’ll receive an e-mail tomorrow or Monday confirming the details.”

“Thanks Uncle Paul, I’ll sort out some money and get it to you” As Dymo was saying this I had turned toward her, slowly I raised my hand and placed it on her breast.

Dymo eyes opened wide in shock, she started to talk then stopped “what….”

I had already started to move my fingers, gently squeezing and cupping her breast, searching for her button with my thumb.

“You have spent the last five minutes playing with my nipple; I think it’s time I can play with yours”

Dymo said nothing in reply, but made no attempt to move away or stop me, as I gently massaged the jumper lumps searching for the nipple, the size of the breast surprised me I knew they were large but in the hand they seemed even bigger than expected. My experience had always been with smaller breasts.

Looking up at Dymo she had her eyes closed, she was clearly enjoying the attention.

Feeling a little more daring I slid my hand down the outside, and then under her jumper, pushing up slowly, caressing her flat belly as my hand moved slowly back up.. Gently I made contact with her black lacy bra, my hand slowly cupping and holding one of her breasts, my fingers gently rubbing the outside of the bra.

Holding these breasts felt wonderful, it was turning me on to full heat, It was the stiffest erection i’ve felt for a long time, I was aching to move my cock into a better position to ease the strain but wasn’t going to yet, I didn’t want to interrupt this moment.

“Oh my!” Was gently muttered from above, I looked up at Dymo and she still had her eyes closed but was smiling.

“That’s nice” she murmured.

I continued with the gentle rubbing but moved my hand between each breast, I had by now felt the little bump which indicated the location of each nipple and soon I was rubbing each nipple for a few moments before moving to the next. I hoped the gentle caress would be affecting Dymo, it was affecting me, naughty I know, but I also wanted to get her a little aroused,

“How big are these?” I asked, my head gently tilted forward and resting on the outside of the right breast, “I’ve never touched breasts this big.”

“I’m a 34 double F” she said before letting out a little moan.

“They’re great, beautiful” I replied, “Fantastic!”

I noticed that Dymo was moving; she slowly opened and closed her legs, moving the left foot out to widen her stance, rocking her hips slightly than moving her right foot out, before moving them back closer together.

Looking up at her I whispered “You like this then, is it turning you on?”

“Obviously,” came the reply.

“Is this making you wet?”

“What do you expect.. I’ve not had sex for nearly two years”

Dymo had been married but was now separated from her husband. She had a five year old boy who was the centre of her life. I thought she had a friend with benefits, my wife had previously suggested this, but judging from what I was hearing my wife was mistaken.

I had raised the jumper above Dymo’s lovely breasts, the two dark brown lace covered globes were on view along with her tight flat stomach was showing few signs of her ever having been a mother.

“You are not the only one to be without.” I leaned over over and gently kissed Dymo on her stomach several times whilst continuing to gently rub her nipples. “I too haven’t had tuzla escort bayan sex for over two years.”

I was still caressing Dymo’s breasts, again leaning in to kiss her stomach I was also moving my hand downwards, I ran it over her flat stomach, then down over the outside of her trouser leg.

I think was a still little in shock, a little taken aback at what was happening, sure I thought I would be able to get a handful of tit when I was getting back at Dymo for rubbing my nipple. I hadn’t thought it would go any further.

There was no plan or even indicated direction, I realise now that I wasn’t really thinking, neither of us was. This was the inner desire of our bodies; both of us were just enjoying a moment, looking for some release. I was not running to a script or plan, I was just loving a women, most of my actions just the instinct and experience from having loved and pleased my wife for over twenty five years.

My palm was on the front of her leg, my fingers gently touching the soft inner thigh as I ran my hand down to her knee. Holding onto her Knee for a moment I slowly started running my hand back up her trouser leg, gently pressing my fingers onto the soft inner thigh I was soon running my hand very close to her sex.

I whispered to her as my hand got close to the apex of her legs, “I bet you wish you didn’t have these on now.”

To then make the situation just a little more intense, I then pushed my fingers up into the softness at the top. Not feeling much through the material of the trouser, but knowing I was pressing and stimulating the right spot. Then slowly pulling my fingers upward to move over to her waist, as I did I was dragging each finger slowly over her sex. Trying to stimulate her little clit.

I was actually thinking to myself, ‘ok I best stop before this goes too far, I shouldn’t have said that…’

Dymo abruptly grabbed my hand and pulled it upwards.

Pulling me up off the chair I stood up puzzled for a moment, had I gone too far, was this going to stop now?

In a remarkable show of dexterity Dymo almost simultaneously loosened her belt with her left hand and pushed my right hand into the gap between her stomach and the still fastened trousers.

I hesitated for a moment, not sure, but I know the hesitation would be measured in fractions of a second because my hand pushed downward in automatic mode.

Stood now at Dymo’s side my right hand was in the perfect angle to move and get access.

As my hand slid downward I could feel the gentle curve of her abdomen as I moved lower, my hand slid over the top of her underwear, they felt like cotton panties, soft at the top, I moved to cup her sex with my hand, I could feel the softness and groove, the panties were wet and hot.

Not knowing if I could go further I cupped her sex for just a moment, I knew then I had to try getting closer. Inside.

I pulled upwards on my hand, sliding my fingertips over her mound, raising my fingertips to just above the top of her panties. Then, digging my fingertips under the waist band I began sliding my fingers into her panties heading for the treasure.

I didn’t know if I was going to get an objection from Dymo but nothing was said, she wanted this.

My hand moved slowly downward, I was experiencing pleasure through the sensations I received from my fingertips, converting this feedback into a mental picture. In my imagination I could already feel the very short trimmed hairs as I neared her sex, I knew from overhearing conversations between her and my wife in the past that she didn’t shave because her tight curly African hair caused problems with in-growing hair follicles.

My fingers were then running over her soft puffy lips, after a giving a gentle squeeze my next my next action was with my middle finger, it slowly dipped in the groove. I had to know. Was she wet or very wet?

The finger was instantly covered with the lubrication filling Dymo’s sex. She was very wet.

I ran my middle finger from her pussy opening to her clit a few times, to move some of the lubrication to over the hooded clit. It was hard work to reach under for her pussy as the trousers and panties were a severe restriction for my big hands, so I concentrated on the area I could reach easily, her Clit.

It never occurred to me to ask her to unfasten her trousers for better access. I was too focussed on what I was doing.

I started to kiss Dymo on the lips as I rubbed her, my trigger finger had found her clit and was moving at speed, I used a pattern I developed years ago of rubbing up and down interspaced with rubbing in a circular motion before going back to up/down. It always got my wife there quickly.

Dymo was really starting to buck and grind against my hand, I continued to kiss her but soon realised it seemed she wasn’t actually interested in the kissing, this wasn’t making love but was more about just getting relief. I continued kissing intermittingly, I just didn’t know how to rub a girl without escort tuzla kissing, and that was my way, from my experience.

After a little while I wanted stimulation too, I reached down and loosened my jeans and opened the zip, I then pushed Dymo’s right hand into my pants.

There was no hesitation from Dymo, her palm and fingers were wrapped around my steel hard cock, the tip of my cock was dripping precum and my shorts were wet at the front.

Dymo started rubbing and jerking me off, as she started doing this I could feel her buck and grind harder on my hand, I heard her moan softly again.

Dymo looked at me and I kissed her again, she whispered gently “I am not going to last long, I’m almost there…”


She smiled at me, “I told you I’ve been without for two years”

I continued to rub her, she increased the pace she was rubbing me now, I can’t remember how long it was since I had felt someone else’s hand rubbing and holding my cock but it felt good.

She leaned toward me, I thought it was for a kiss but she whispered, “put your finger in me”

Its funny to think back at this but at the time I considered this to be hot, rubbing was one thing, it seemed to me penetration was another step, I hadn’t really considered it because my wife had never been keen for fingers or anything other than cock to enter her pussy.

Again sliding my hand further down it was cramped but my middle finger slid along her sex and reached the tight opening, In my mind I could visualise, the finger was rubbing the delicate purple/pink of the inner sex. The opening was in spasm and I pushed my finger in and out, it felt great, soft and silky.

I stimulated the vaginal opening at the entrance, knowing this area was loaded with nerves and very sensitive, whilst trying to see if I could find room to rub her clit with my thumb.

Dymo was bucking harder and moaning softly as she tried to rub herself on my hand. I was struggling in the limited room in the front of her trousers and panties… I will mention again it was very cramped and I would have liked to play in her pussy all afternoon but my hand was very soon in significant discomfort from the awkward position.

I still couldn’t believe what was happening, I had my hand on my niece’s pussy with a finger buried deep, and she was jacking of her uncle’s stiff cock. This was wrong and oh so right at this moment.

Once again Dymo was bucking and grinding herself harder on my hand, her hand on my cock was rubbing at a frantic speed.

Very Soon my hand was cramping, it was a very difficult position to be in, the tight trousers making my hand position very painful. Reluctantly I withdraw my finger and had to move my hand back up and start rubbing her clit again. I could sense some disappointment as my finger came out of her pussy but within moments with my trigger finger back on her clit she was gasping and moaning as she was building to her orgasm.

I was starting to lose focus on what I was doing, I could feel a great tension building in my loins, and I knew it was not long before I would come. The grip around my shaft had increased, the friction was building. Damn it was good. Not long now!

Dymo gasped as she reached her Orgasm, she spasmed and gasped again before she snatched her hand out of my trousers and then pulled my hand out of her pants.

“Too sensitive” she said flashing me a big grin, still breathing deeply as if trying to catch her breath. After a moment she quickly fastened her trousers, pulled her jumper down and straightened herself, she then gave me a smile.

“Thanks Uncle Paul.” She said as she leaned for a quick kiss, after which she abruptly turned and walked off.

I was still rock hard, almost at point of coming.

I was thinking “What? You’re not going to finish me? ” I was a little shocked; I couldn’t believe she would could walk away leaving me that close. I felt it was a little selfish of her to walk away leaving me on the brink. I still had a very hard cock; I pushed it into my trousers, tided myself up, and then quickly headed for my bathroom.

Entering the bathroom I had my cock out and was rubbing it off, I was pissed off Dymo hadn’t finished me off. I was reliving some of the moments that had just passed, and raised my right hand and finger which had been pleasuring her up to my nose and lips. (Yes I am ambidextrous).

The smell and subtle taste of her sex was driving my passion up to the next level. I was stood to the side of the basin in the bathroom; I occasionally masturbated at the basin as I could then give my knob a quick rinse immediately after.

As I rubbed myself I could feel the pressure building, almost a pain but at the same time intense pleasure, I was nearing a very strong orgasm. I started coming and was shocked by the power and volume of my ejaculation. My cock erupted spewing out at high velocity, several thick long ropes of cum which actually overshot the sink and other sanitary ware to land on the tiled wall about eight foot away before falling and covering everything else.

My legs were weak and I actually had to lower myself to my knees grasping the edge of the basin, legs were shaking from the intensity. Then I realised the mess I had to clean.

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