Night Class Ch. 05

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Chatper 5: Games

Sitting on the couch, with Allison in his lap, Bill was as happy as he had ever been. She was so delightful, so delicious. Kissing her made him so happy, his heart was pounding with the joy and excitement. Her arms wrapped around his neck, holding him with a loving hug. He could feel her full breasts pressed against him, her nipples hard. Bill realized that kissing could be a full time activity, one in which he could happily lose himself for hours. She was so tantalizing, and she was his.

They talked for hours, stopping only to call for Chinese food. When it arrived, Bill tried to teach her how to use chopsticks, but ended up feeding her to prevent starvation. She was a quick study, but using them seemed to elude her. Bill didn’t see the twinkle in her eyes as she opened her mouth like a baby bird and accepted his offerings. Dinner was messy and silly and fun. Both of them giggled and enjoyed just being together. They cleaned up the dishes together, another first for Ally. They talked easily, still sharing holiday stories with each other. Ally asked him about the Nursing Home where they had spent the day.

“Some people have no family. I just go to a few homes and meet the ones who are alone and spend time with them. I visit once or twice a month, taking them out for a meal or to buy things. I learn so much from them, I am so lucky!” Bill said.

Ally was quietly thrilled. He was so incredibly wonderful, so thoughtful and caring. This man, this truly kind man, was standing in her kitchen, drying her dishes and smiling at her. This was a day to be so thankful.

While they were finishing the dishes, Bill took her into his arms and began to dance her around the kitchen. Ally happily allowed him to lead her in an old-fashioned waltz. He hummed along with the music, stopping only when he found nibbling on her ear to be more fun.

“Ah, I could get used to this. Having a handsome, caring man spending time with me. I wish the holiday never had to end!”

Because he wanted to stay so badly, Bill decided he had better leave. It was late on Thursday and they still had the whole weekend together before the real world invaded their lives. At the door, Bill asked Ally out for the next three days, making sure güvenilir bahis he had all her available spare time committed to him. Ally giggled and solemnly wrote down all the dates on the calendar, Bill’s name brilliant in red ink.

After he left, Ally leaned against the door, smiling and still feeling his arms around her.

She climbed into her big bed, still full of happy feelings and memories, pretty sure she would never sleep. She snuggled into her pillow nest, pulling the quilt around her shoulders, preparing for a long night of wakefulness. Then, the birds started singing and she opened her eyes to a glorious morning filling her bedroom. She stretched and smiled, feeling so innately happy, yet not remembering why.

Then, the thought, BILL, came into her mind and she sizzled. Bill. Her Bill. Sweet Bill. They had a date today, this morning, soon! Jumping into the shower, Ally sang loudly to no particular music, remembering the joy of waltzing in her own kitchen last night.

As she dried her body, she felt tingly and alive. Dressing took on a whole new meaning, because she was dressing for Bill. Now she was glad she had a drawer full of lovely lingerie to choose from, excited that she could dress with the thought of later undressing for Bill.

She chose cream satin underthings. A tiny bra that molded her young breasts, framing them in lavish layers of lace, highlighting her rosy pink nipples, already firm and tight. The matching tap panties skimmed her slim hips, settling low, caressing her with cool fabric. Looking in the mirror, she felt it was a shame to have to dress!

They had decided on a casual day. Today was the biggest shopping day of the year, and both had declared total disinterest in fighting crowds or sharing the day with anyone else. She pulled her hair into a pony tail and slipped into sweats, bright pink and comfortable. Bill had said he would take care of everything, and she knew he would.

The doorbell rang, and so did her heart. She moved quickly through her apartment, peeking through the window to see Bill, totally laden with bags. “God, he makes me so happy!” she thought as she opened the door wide and invited him into her home. He turned to kiss her, his lips cold when they touched her, güvenilir bahis siteleri but quickly warming against hers. He set the packages down and pulled her close, his mouth devouring her face, her eyes, her lips.

“I have thought of you ever since I left last night. I’ve missed you. I started to call so many times during the night, but I didn’t want to be a pest. But, Allison, I missed you so much!”

She burrowed into his chest, inside his heavy jacket, her head over his heart. She listened to his words and his heart and felt content. They stood together for an endless minute, each taking warmth and strength from the other. As they pulled apart, their hands caught together and they smiled at each other.

Ally reached for his coat, carrying it to her bed, inhaling his scent as she walked. How could one man smell so delicious? He was dressed in sweats also. His were a soft gray, fitting his body as if made for him. He kicked off his sneakers, revealing white socks. He carried the bags to the table and started unloading them. He had thought of everything. There were four flavors of microwave popcorn. Every board game ever made. One bag was full of videos, chick flicks and westerns, comedies and war movies, something for every taste. He had even bought gummie bears and jujubeans. And bubblegum. And the ingredients for S’mores. And bottles of esoteric drinks. And boxes of cereal with a gallon of milk. And a package of assorted crullers and donuts. And a dozen kolaches.

Ally couldn’t believe the abundance. He must have been out half the night, gathering supplies. He settled her on the sofa and prepared “breakfast” for her. Cereal, sweets, milk, all placed prettily on a tray and served to her. He brought his own tray and slipped in the first movie. The familiar music from “The Way We Were” filled the living room and Ally was transported to the 1940’s and war days. She didn’t even notice that she had eaten everything on her tray or that Bill had removed the dishes. He sat beside her, pulling her close and watching her more than the film. He held her as she cried, handing her his own handkerchief. After the movie, she was still snuffling and he held her longer. When she finally stopped, he challenged her to a game of Scrabble.

Both iddaa siteleri were very competitive and well-read and the game was a tough one. The score was astronomical. They were both laughing, ready to try again, when Bill suggested a forfeit. The winner picks any forfeit he desires.

“You mean, SHE desires, don’t you? I am going to beat you, Sir. I was just being nice and polite, respectful of your advanced age. But it is all over now!”

So they played. And they laughed. Sometimes they watched movies, eating huge amounts of sweets, sometimes they played games or cards, and sometimes they just snuggled under a quilt in front of the fire, listening to music and each other breathe. Each game ended with a forfeit. Kisses, touches, back rubs. Bill’s plan was to help Ally get comfortable with him, with touching him and accepting his touch in return. He held her whenever possible, caressed her at every opportunity. He slipped his hands under her sweatshirt, massaging her bare back or tummy. He encouraged her to keep her bare feet under his thighs for warmth.

He was amazed by her. She was the sweetest, most loving woman he had ever met. He loved that she was inexperienced, but not prudish. She was intent on learning all there was, and welcomed Bill’s hands on her body. Her own hands were daring, touching him, holding him, feeling him.

They necked during the war movie. It was so much better than watching the soldiers. The fire was glowing, the room dimly lit and the two lovers couldn’t stay away from each other. The day was glorious. Sharing such simple things was new to Allison, and she was delighted.

Bill ordered meals delivered for lunch and dinner. They cleaned the kitchen together. They danced. She cheated at cards and he still won, the forfeit he demanded was ten minutes of unrestricted touching, anywhere above the waist. Ally was excited and a little scared, but Bill kept his hands on her back, tracing her spine, spelling words on her bare flesh. Allison wanted him to touch her, she wanted to move to the next step, but Bill was reticent. When Ally won the Chutes and Ladders game, she demanded he remove his shirt. They sat before the fire, his back to her as she moved her fingers slowly over all of his upper body, feeling his muscles and his smooth flesh. When her arms encircled him and her fingers slid over his tiny brown nipples, they hardened and he gasped.

Allison looked forward to the night, and Bill.

To Be Continued…

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