Night Out at the Pinky Finger Ch. 05

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She looked away and then sat up, still not looking him in the eye.


She still did not look at him, and finally he reached up and turned her chin toward him.

“What is it?”

Her eyes searched his face, and he could see that she was worried.

“You can tell me,” he told her.

“I’m just not sure you’ll want to.”

She was too cute, and he smiled at her, trying to show her his confidence.

“Try me.”

“Well, I could…give you a blowjob.” Her voice had trailed away and the last part was mumbled.

It took him a minute to comprehend what she had just said. He opened his mouth to respond and closed it again when he realized he wasn’t sure what to say. He understood now why she had been so reluctant. He would be getting a blowjob from what was technically a guy. He felt a dull throb of pain as he worked over the problem in his head.

Slowly, he became aware that she was staring at him.

“How much?” he asked.

Her face fell and she looked away again whispering, “Thirty bucks.”

He fished in a pocket and held the bills up in front of her face. “I would love to get a blowjob from you.”

She looked up at him and brightened when she saw his smile. She scooted off his lap and kneeled on the couch. Taking the money from him she tucked it into the waistband of her panties.

She started fiddling with his belt, but he pushed her hands away. His two blowjobs in high school made him confident he could handle this.

He pulled her to her feet and then picked her up by the waist, setting her down on the table.

She grabbed the bottle and took a big drink from it, looking at him with a question in her eyes.

He held and hand out and said, “Let me have a swig of that.”

She lowered the bottle and tucked it behind her, “I don’t think you would like this, baby. Let me go grab you a beer.”

She hopped off the table to go get it for him, but he stopped her.

“It’s alright. I think I’ve had enough beer tonight.”

He took the bottle from istanbul escort her fingers and took a drink. She watched him carefully as he put the bottle back on the table

He gave her a stern look and thrust a finger at her, “Now, sit on your hands.”

She stuck her bottom lip out but obeyed, climbing back up on the table and shuffling her butt until she was sitting on her hands.

He stepped out of his shoes and removed his socks. Turning away from her he unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans down, carefully folding them to build the tension

He glanced over at her.

She was leaning forward, swinging her legs under the table and watching his every move earnestly.

Chuckling he slid his boxers down his legs and put them with his pants. Glancing back again he pulled his shirt off, folded it too, and put it with the rest of his clothes. He was now completely naked. He would want to play with her some more after she had given him a blowjob, and he figured her satin-clad body would feel good pressed against him.

He was a little surprised at having to stroke himself to get hard, but as he turned to face her he felt himself beginning to stir again.

He sat back and threw his arms over the back of the couch, watching her.

Her eyes flicked from his face back to his dick and her feet kicking under the table threatened to pull her out of her seat.

Finally, he said, “Come here.”

She dove off the table and fell to her knees between his legs. She pressed her face into his groin and eagerly sniffed and licked his balls. She traced her tongue up the nerve, flicking it back and forth in time with his pulse. Reaching the head of his dick, she ran her tongue around his glans, flicking occasional across he pisshole.

He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, lost in the feeling of her tongue and her warm breath on his dick.

Suddenly she engulfed his dick, taking him to the root and pulling away again with a “pop”

Surprised, his eyes shot open, and he looked escort bayan down at her.

She was holding her dick in one of her small hands and pressing it against the side of her face. A huge grin split her face, and he could feel her giggling through his dick.

“Pay attention, baby. You’re going to want to remember this.”

With that she took his dick into her warm, wet mouth, swirling her tongue around his swollen head and gliding down his shaft as she swallowed him.

He groaned and felt her throat ripple. She was amazing.

She stroked her hands up and down his length, following the trail left by her lips, and jacked him furiously as she sucked down one side of his shaft.

Her drool coated his sack and her soft hands kneaded his plays, massaging and playing with them as she trilled with him in her throat. Taking her mouth away again, she sucked one of them into her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue.

This was by far the best blowjob of his life.

She continued teasing his dick, holding him constantly on the edge. When she took him to the root again she swabbed a tongue across his balls, causing his dick to twitch in her throat. Pulling away again, she sucked hard on his head, humming as she did so, making him shiver with pleasure

But she also pushed him further. Taking her hands away from his dick, she played with his ass while she sucked on him. As she played with his balls, first her knuckles and then her little finger brushed lightly across his asshole.

His cock strained at this new sensation and became painfully hard when she inserted the tip of her finger into his asshole.

This threatened to drive him over the edge, and wanting to take control again, he pushed her back onto her heels and stood, spreading his legs and aiming his dick at her.

She giggled, cocked her head, and opened wide, sticking her beautiful pink tongue out.

He stepped closer to her and slowly thrust his dick into her mouth.

She obediently closed her mouth around Maltepe escort him, and he started slowly pumping into and out of her. Building up to a frantic pace, he enjoyed the sound of her gagging on his cock as he touched the back of her throat, but he quickly had to focus as he desperately tried to hold back the cum boiling in his balls.

Sensing him about to cum she snuck a finger behind him and pressed it into his asshole.

He exploded into her mouth. It was the most intense orgasm of his life, and as his body spasmed her finger slipped further into his asshole, brushing a spot inside him and triggering a second climax that shuddered through his body and erased all coherent thought.

As he came down from the overwhelming wave of pleasure that had slammed through him, he pulled his, now limp, dick out of her mouth. He stepped back toward the couch on shaky legs and had to steady himself against a sudden feeling of dizziness. She reached out a hand to help him, and he collapsed into the cushions utterly spent.

She was still looking at him from between his legs with a twinkle in her eye. She opened her mouth and showed him the milky, white cum coating her tongue. She rubbed her tongue across her lips and teeth smearing the cum around before tilting her head back and opening her mouth wide so he could watch the cum slide down her throat..

He laid his head back, panting heavily and trying to catch his breath. He was suddenly very tired and his body felt weak with the force of his orgasm.

Cindy crawled up onto the couch and looked at him curiously.

He couldn’t muster the strength to pull her into his lap and closed his eyes as a spike of pain shot through his head. He must be dehydrated.

He struggled to lean forward and swiped the bottle off the table. He took a long, desperate drink from it and, exhausted, slumped back into the couch again, letting the bottle fall to the floor. The pain faded some, but he was left feeling muddled and lightheaded.

Cindy got up and straddled his legs. She titled his head up to look at her and peered into his eyes intently. Then she leaned in and gave him a long, deep, tender kiss that obliterated his last, dim measure of consciousness.

Right before he closed his eyes he wondered why she tasted differently.

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