No Lonely Night

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It was a long night just sitting at the station. There were no emergency calls so it was another boring night of television. The problem was my partner. I had known her for a few years and she could be the party girl, when she wanted. The problem was her perfume. It was simply intoxication, almost fruity and a little musky. She was an attractive woman just a little older than I was. She had shoulder length blonde hair and sky blue eyes. She had gained a large than normal chest from having kids and her hips were a little wider too. She always commented on her breasts not shrinking after children.

As I said here we were in the lounge watching TV. She had taken off her uniform shirt and only was wearing a tight white tank-top now. Although she said it was fat, I thought her ass was lovely, even in the baggy work pants. Well she just killed me when she bent over to pick something off the floor and I got a glimpse down her shirt. I swear if I were her kids I would never leave her breasts. I didn’t hear myself moan but I must have because she looked up and smiled at me. I turned fire engine red and looked away. I got up from the chair and left the room for a few minutes to change the color of my face back to pink.

I went to the front entrance of the station to stand on the breezeway and noticed an approaching thunderstorm. There was a slight breeze blowing but it was still warm out. If not for that breeze I would not have known she had joined me on the porch. The smell of that perfume made me all fuzzy. She leaned against the post opposite of the one I was leaning on and began to tell me a story about how thunderstorms had frightened her since she was a little girl. I watched as she spoke, not really concentrating on the story but how lovely the dimples were in her face and the way her eyes lit up as she recollected. After about 15 minutes we went inside and changed into our sleep clothes. We got out the jumpsuits we would wear over them if we had a night call and sat down to watch a little more TV and see how long the storm would last. I just knew we would have a call and go out in the rain.

Fortunately, I seemed to have picked that one wrong. The storm was growing stronger and finally the lights flickered. There was a loud crash of thunder and then the lights went out. The station became pitch black. I went to the front of the station to get a flashlight so I could make out what was going on in the station and check the building then too because that sounded awfully close. In the midst of making my way out to the front, I found my partner. I felt my way along the wall and had found where she was standing, in an embarrassing way. I know my face could have lit up the room when I realized that it was one of her breasts I was holding now. I apologized and continued to move down the hallway and stopped to open a door and that is when I felt her hand grasp me in the crotch. She giggled and apologized to me, sarcastic as it sounded.

After a couple of minutes we found the flashlight and then some candles to put up since it seemed unlikely we were getting back our electric anytime soon. I settled into the couch and leaned against a pillow on the one end. She asked if it bothered me if she sat on the couch with me. Recalling her story, I told her that it was fine. She lay down on the couch and placed her head in my lap and nuzzled up against my leg. The perfume was again filling my mind. I looked down at her and could bakırköy escort not help but notice that now along with the tank top; she was wearing very tight red cotton shorts and had no panty lines. She had also taken off her bra and was just wearing that sinful top. I let my eyes glide from head to toe and enjoyed the beauty this woman just seemed to give off, like a glow.

While I was exploring every inch of her with my eyes and my imagination she had moved her head slightly. As I looked down she told me it was ok to lay my arm on her and not in the uncomfortable position that I was in keeping it on the backrest.

I rested my hand down on her arm. I was amazed at just how soft her skin really was, like fine velvet. I really wasn’t paying attention to the storm that was still going on. I was mesmerized by her corn silk hair and her toned body. Without knowing it I was stroking her arm and shoulder. She took a deep breath and sighed. My hypnotic state was broken by this completely erotic sound.

I had moved to stroking her hair at her request and was lost in the feeling of her hair running through my fingers like cool water. She soon was returning the favor, but much less subtly. She, in the meantime, had decided to stroke the inside of my thigh right where she was resting her head in my lap. The sensation was making me stir and I was growing in size.

“Hmmm, what have we here.” she exclaimed with a coy smile on her face.

She moved her head back slightly and had slid her hand up my thigh to caress the bulge now growing in my shorts. Her deft fingers were stroking the length of my growing erection. She traced my manhood from the swollen tip down to, cupping and massaging, my balls. I could not help it, I moaned at the sensation she was causing. It seemed as if my cock was being teased by a thousand feathers, tickling everywhere she touched.

She slid her hand up the leg of my shorts and inside my boxers. I gasped as her palm rubbed the underside of my full erection and she found that spot right at the base of the head that was so sensitive, I almost stood up. Her fingers wrapped around the shaft and she stroked slowly as she playful caressed my balls now with the other hand. After what seemed and hour, actually three or four minutes, she moved off the couch releasing me from her gentle grip.

“This simply will not do” she said to me with her hands on her hips in a sarcastic fashion.

I watched as she swayed her hips and removed her clothing in an agonizingly slow striptease. She bent over presenting me her breasts, and then her ass, as she removed clothing until she was now standing in front of me with only her soft cotton panties on. Her skin was bathed in the candlelight that we lit earlier at the storms crashing start. I could not remember a woman looking as completely beautiful as she was. Her beauty was amplified by the look of want in her sky blue eyes.

She moved towards me and lifted my left hand in hers and kissed it softly, taking one of my fingers in her mouth and sucking on it in a way I wish she would do to my aching cock. Her legs straddled mine as she knelt on the couch presenting her breasts to me just inches away from my mouth. I licked one of her erect nipple on her left breast. She moved it away and shook her head and advised me to sit back and just enjoy for now. She ran her fingers trough my hair while she leaned forward beşiktaş escort to kiss my forehead. She kissed my face and then kissed my neck. Her tongue now danced across my neck and up to my ears, which she sucked into her mouth in turn. Pulling on my earlobes with a gentle bite, she whispered things she wanted to do to me. The room felt as if it was on fire.

She removed my shirt and ran her nails up and down my chest and belly. Taking the time to suck and bite my nipples before sitting back up slightly. She moved towards me until our lips met and opened mine with the forceful plunge of her tongue in my mouth. Our tongues danced an erotic meringue, while our breath became heavy. When she pulled away she slid down my legs in one motion. She removed my shorts and boxers all at once.

She had this look of an animal in throes of lust when she looked up from kneeling between my legs. Her hands caressing my thighs as she admired my cock, which was pointing skyward. She moaned as she leaned forward to lick the underside of my cock. The sensation was like bolts of electricity surging up my back. Her hot tongue wiggled up and down its length. She grabbed my waist and motioned me to slide down towards her, so my back was now on the couch but my hips were suspended in air.

As she took my cock in her mouth it was like sliding it into a warm, wet glove. She took all of me into her mouth while she cradled my balls in her hands. For what seemed an eternity she moved her head up and down on my cock, with her tongue pressed hard against the underside.

Taking my cock in her hands, she licked her lips in about as erotic a manner as I had ever seen. One by one she sucked on my balls, tossing them about with her tongue. She even took my whole sack in her mouth for a bit. She moved further still to lick my perineum and gave me a short rimming. Her mouth returned to my cock after a quick nibble or two along my shaft.

She worked her hands up and down the length of the shaft as she sucked on the head. I writhed under the incredible sensation that she was causing. She moved a hand away and wet her thumb with juiced from her wet pussy. She rubbed my anus in small circles and sucked more forcefully on my cock. I couldn’t take it any longer and exploded in her mouth. The levee burst and somehow she managed to swallow every last drop. It even seemed as if she were milking it right out of me. My body twitched as she continued, until there was no more cum left in me.

She looked up at me and smiled with that devilish grin. She stood up and had made like she was going to straddle me, but before she could I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to the couch. I laid her down on her back. Now I kneeled on the floor and made my way up to kiss her sweetly on her lips. I stroked her skin from her face down to her feet, making sure of course to tease anywhere she moaned as I touched.

I caressed and played with her breasts with both hands. I played with her erect nipples, twisting them between my thumb and forefinger until she whimpered. I sucked on them one at a time, nibbling and pulling them. Her moaning increased. She pulled my head against her and cried out a short squeal. She had an orgasm just from my pulling on her nipples.

I kissed my way down her tummy, flicking my tongue, until I came to her patch of trimmed hair. She had a small trimmed spot but her lips were shaved beylikdüzü escort clean. I licked my way around her hair and she spread her legs apart. I didn’t stop to lick her pussy just yet. I made my way down her left leg kissing, licking and nibbling the inside of her thighs. I kissed her all the way to her toes and then crossed to her right leg and made my way back. Her panties being half way off, she rubbed herself when she was sucking me off, were removed in a swift motion.

I made my way up her thigh nibbling it along the way. When I reached her pouty lips, I gave her an evil smile and began to lick around her lips but would not touch them. I teased her swollen pussy for a long time. She began to beg me to stop teasing, but I continued. Finally I decided to relent, taking a moment to admire the glistening of her wet pussy.

I finally touched my tongue to her swollen pussy, and she gasped. Her pussy was so slippery from her excitement that it coated my lips and chin. I licked her from the hood of her clit to her perineum. I pressed my tongue between her lips and I sank inside her. Her musky aroma filling my nose as I pushed my tongue in as far as it would go. She was moaning and begging me not to stop. I made my way up to her engorged clitoris and began to lick and suck it. Her body writhed beneath the attention I was giving her clit. I slipped my thumb in her pussy and swirled it around a few times, she cried out in ecstasy. I surprised her with my next move. Still sucking hard on her clit I took the thumb slathered in her juices and pushed against the nub of her ass. My thumb slipped in with surprising ease and I began to thrust it in and out. It took only about a minute of this, with the attention to her clit, for her to cum hard and coat my face with her orgasm.

By this time I was erect again and kneeled between her legs and began to stroke my cock. She begged for me to enter her. I moved my cock closer to her and spanked her clit with it. The look of lust on her face told me she could not take any more teasing. I slowly slipped into her. All her juice allowed me to penetrate her easily and I began to move my hips rhythmically against her grinding motions. She grunted with every thrust as her head was hitting the back of the couch in this semi missionary position. The height of the couch was allowing me to ram my cock deep into her. My balls slapped against her ass with each push inward. She begged me in a low moan to go deeper and harder. She came harder the second time because she was rubbing her clit as my body hammered against hers.

She pushed me back away from her and rolled so that she was bent over the couch and begged me to fuck her hard from behind. I entered her oozing pussy and easily slipped all the way in. She rocked back against my thrusting hips, meeting each with her own. She groaned out a request for me to finger her ass while I was filling her with my cock. I used some of the juice that was now flowing from her like a river and pushed against her bud till it popped in. Her moaning was now almost a scream. I was feeling myself close in on an orgasm. Just a few minutes went by and she screamed out in another orgasm. I felt her ass squeeze my thumb and her pussy clench down on my cock. I couldn’t take it any longer, I came hard. My cock filling her deep inside for what seemed forever. I slumped forward on her and we laughed for a few moments. As I pulled my semi hard cock out, she leaned forward and sucked our combined juices off of it.

The lights came back on a few minutes later and she made her way to the women’s bunk room and I to the men’s. The next morning as she was leaving she told me to come by sometime if I wanted to swim in her pool. That is another story I will tell later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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