No Regrets Ch. 02

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Adorable Teen

Susan was in bed. She had left the night-light on since she expected Tracey to come in any second. Susan smiled as she thought about how eager Tracey had been to get everyone to bed, she was anxious to hear about Susan’s day with Allan. Susan couldn’t discuss it around Grandma or Mom so she had told Tracey to sneak into her room after everyone was in bed.

“It had been a great day,” thought Susan, remembering how Allan had made love to her. Just thinking about it made her feel a flush of warmth in her cunt as she thought of Allan’s prick pumping into her pussy. “Damn,” she muttered, “if I keep this up, I’ll never be able to get to sleep.” She could feel her nipples stiffening and growing hard as she recalled the afternoon.

She heard Tracey ease into the room, quietly closing the door. Tracey scrambled into the bed. “I was afraid you’d be asleep,” whispered Tracey. “Now tell me all about this afternoon.”

Susan smiled, there was only ten months difference in their age, but Tracey still had an eager enthusiasm that made Susan feel much older. “What exactly do you want me to tell you about?”

Tracey nudged her and snuggled up to her side so her mouth was close to Susan’s ear, “You know very well what I mean…..Did you and Allan make out? Did you two make love?…How was it?”

“Yes, we did. And, it was great,” chuckled Susan.

“Oohh Susie, don’t tease me,” moaned Tracey softly, giving Susan a hug. “Tell me about it, please.”

Susan thought we’ve really become close. We were always sisters, but before Dad died and we had to move here, Tracey had her friends — I had mine– we merely lived in the same house. Now, she’s truly become my best friend, and God, I love her and her enthusiasm.

“Okay, I was just teasing,” said Susan as she turned on her side so that they were lying face to face, their bodies almost touching…she slipped one arm under Tracey’s head and gave her a kiss on the tip of her nose. “I’ll tell you all about it….but you can’t ever let on to Allan that I told you…Okay?”

Tracey snuggled even closer, her tits pressing against Susan’s tits, and gave Susan a quick kiss. “Okay…I promise….just hold me and tell me about it. I like it when you hold me like this.”

Susan told Tracey about their love making on the pool deck and how good it felt when Allan put her on top of him and she was the one controlling the fucking. When she told Tracey about the rubber slipping off and staying in her pussy, she could feel Tracey’s body shaking as she tried to restrain her giggling. Then she told her about his prick sticking out from under his tennis shorts when he got ready to leave, and how she solved that by sucking him until it was totally limp and shriveled up. Tracey just pressed her face against he side of Susan’s neck and laughed quietly.

“Oh Susie, that sounds great,” said Tracey. “I told you I thought he was sexy. I wish I could meet some one like him.”

“He is sweet,” said Susan. “I like him an awful lot already…..I think I could really fall for him…hard.”

“The two of you look great together,” whispered Tracey. “You made him cum four times?…How many times did you cum?”

Susan chuckled, “You’re terrible….you have a one track mind….I came five or six times, if you must know.”

Tracey didn’t say anything; she was very quiet in Susan arms. Puzzled by her silence, Susan hugged her, “What’s wrong, honey?”

“I don’t know. I guess I’m afraid. Afraid, that since you have Allan…that..that things will change between us.”

Kissing Tracey gently on her lips, Susan whispered, “Nothing’s changed. I may be falling in love with Allan, but I still love you. I don’t see any conflict in that.” Susan hugged her tightly and slid her hand under Tracey’s top and gently cupped her breast. Susan whispered, “Your tits rubbing against mine are still getting me all hot and bothered.”

Tracey laughed quietly, “You’re right…..those long nipples of yours are sticking in me like daggers.” Tracey slid her hand up under Susan’s top and stroked her breast, catching its nipple between two fingers and gently massaging it. “Susie, your nipple is as hard as Allan’s prick must have been.”

“I know….I think my panties are soaking wet….hhmmm….that feels good,” moaned Susan softly, as Tracey began to massage her breast. Susan started to move her hand to Tracy panties when Tracey caught her hand.

“I started my period today,” said Tracey. “Just lay there and let me make love to you.” Tracey kissed her, running her tongue into Susan’s mouth as deep as she could. Breaking the kiss, Tracey quickly removed Susan’s top and panties.

Susan pulled Tracey to her, kissed her and whispered, “Remove your top….I want to be able to feel your tits on me.”

Tracey stripped off her top and then began to tongue and suck Susan’s tits while her hand went to Susan’s kaynarca escort cunt and stroked her pussy lips. “My God, Susie, you are soaking wet,” said Tracey huskily. “I wish you guys hadn’t used a rubber….I’d love to see what it’s like to suck his cum out of you.” Tracey inserted one then two fingers into Susan’s dripping pussy. “I’ll make you cum and cum……I love you, Susie.”

Tracey’s tongue traced a path down Susan’s body, to her navel, across the flat stomach to her pussy hair, to the crease between her upper thigh and stomach, down to her inner thigh and pussy. Tracey folded a pillow and quickly slid it under Susan’s ass to elevate it and lowered her mouth to Susan’s pussy. As Tracey’s tongue flicked and teased Susan’s pussy lips, Susan gasped quietly, “OOHhhhh……honey that feels good….suck it….suck it…suck it hard.”

Tracey took Susan’s pussy lips between her lips and pulled on them, stretching them and then releasing them, lapping at them with her tongue…..she opened Susan’s legs further, letting them hang over her upper arms. She spread Susan’s exposed pussy with her fingers and probed her tongue into her wet pussy hole as far as she could. Tracey could feel Susan’s juices getting on her chin as she probed Susan’s pussy with her tongue. Feeling for Susan’s clitoris with her tongue, Tracey found it… was swollen and engorged…..sticking out from under its hood like a tiny penis…..Tracey flicked it gently with her tongue…..then rapidly, with hard quick strokes.

“Oh My God,” muttered Susan, trying to keep her voice low. “Oohhhh….that feels good…..goooood,” she continued to moan as she pushed her pussy against Tracey’s probing tongue. Susan grabbed her own breasts and began to massage them, squeezing their nipples as Tracey’s tongued lashed her clit.

Tracey ran one finger, then two deep into Susan’s pussy, then dragging her fingers out and down to Susan’s asshole; she rubbed the pussy juice over the tight little rosebud that was Susan’s asshole. Tracey lowered her face and tongued Susan’s asshole, probing it with her tongue, coating it with Susan’s pussy juices. Tracey placed a finger against the small rosebud and pushed inward. As Tracey slowly began to slide a finger into Susan’s ass, she took Susan’s swollen clit between her lips and began to suck on it…..Tracey could feel it swell even more as it became more engorged with blood. Tracey began to stroke her finger deep into Susan’s ass and as Susan’s ass muscles relaxed she slipped the second finger into her. Susan was beginning to twist and writhe on the bed…..trying to push her pussy onto Tracey’s probing tongue.

Tracey heard Susan moan and felt Susan’s legs begin to quiver and then Tracey felt Susan’s thighs grip her head in a vise as the trembling in Susan’s legs increased…and her whole body began to shudder as her orgasm peaked. “Ummmmm…..,” moaned Susan, as she held the back of her hand against her mouth trying to muffle her cries. As the trembling ceased, Tracey slowed her tempo to long slow licks of Susan’s pussy….each time Tracey’s tongue touched Susan’s clit, Susan’s body would flinch like she had received a small electrical shock. Tracey’s tongue probed Susan’s pussy, stroking the entire length of her pussy slit…..finding Susan’s clit again, Tracey began to massage it with her lips and to suck it as hard as she dared….Susan arched her hips up pushing her pussy against Tracey’s mouth…..Susan’s hands grabbed Tracey’s head and pulled it in against her pussy as she gripped Tracey’s head between her thighs even harder than before…..Tracey felt the tremors begin again in Susan’s pussy and spread until Susan’s whole body seem to vibrate.

“Ummmmm………Ohhhhhh…..,” moaned Susan. “Ohhhh….Traccceeeyyy….” Susan collapsed loosely on the bed, totally spent. “Enough….Oh Tracey….enough.”

Tracey gave Susan’s pussy one last, quick kiss and lay down beside Susan. Pulling Susan to her, Tracey gently kissed her, once, twice, three times. “Susie, that was good….real good,” said Tracey. “I love you, big sister…..I really do.” Tracey hugged Susan tightly waiting for her to recover.

“Tracey…..Tracey….you were terrific,” panted Susan. “But, I didn’t do anything for you.”

“Susie, didn’t you enjoy it when you sucked Allan’s cock….I enjoy loving you…..I kept thinking about Allan’s prick being in the same place and I damn near came myself when you locked my head in your legs,” whispered Tracey. “I could just see the headlines, ‘Eighteen year old girl smothers to death in her sister’s pussy.’ Tracey chuckled, “There’ll be another time and you can make love to me…..tonight, I wanted to make love to you.”

Susan looked in Tracey’s eyes, “I do love you….I do.” Susan kissed Tracey gently and hugged her, “I was thinking about it earlier, about how close I felt orhanlı escort to you…’re more than just my sister. You’re my best friend.”

They lay in each other’s arms …..the last thought Tracey had was, “I need to get back to my bed before Mom and Grandma get up.”

Susan listened to Tracey’s breathing slow and knew she was asleep. She thought about the first time she and Tracey had made love, just two weeks ago. Her mother and Grandma were over at Aunt Ellen’s and wouldn’t be home till about midnight. She had just gotten out of the shower and was admiring her nude body in the bedroom mirror while she dried her hair. She remembered how it had been.

Susan looked at her body in the mirror and thought that all things considered, she looked pretty good. The high firm tits with big protruding nipples that began to stiffen some as she admired them. “Damn,” Susan thought, “If they were just a little longer you could fuck some one with them.” Susan was startled out of her day dreaming as Tracey came in and flopped down on the bed. Tracey was already in a short nighty, ready for bed.

“Susie, can I sleep with you?” Tracey looked at Susan’s body and said wistfully, “I wish my tits looked as good as yours….God, you’re so beautiful, I’m afraid to bring a boy home.”

Susan laughed, “What are you worried about little sister, before you’re finish growing, you’re going to put both mine and Mom’s to shame. Hell, I’m a year older, well ten months, and you are already almost as tall as I am….and you’re every bit as beautiful.”

“Really…I know Dad used to say we were his prizes for being good,” Tracey’s voice faltered and broke, “Oh Susie, I miss him…I miss him so much,” Tracey began to cry, slowly at first, and then with body wrenching sobs that shook her whole body.

Susan turned off the dryer and lying down beside Tracey, took her in her arms and pulled her head to her naked breast. “I know honey…I know,” said Susan, “I miss him too.” Susan could feel Tracey’s tears as they dripped on to her naked breasts…Susan wrapped both arms around her and hugged her, kissing her softly on the top of her head, and murmuring, “I know…I know.” Lying on their sides facing one another, they were so much alike that they looked like two bookends that had been placed together. As Tracey sobbed, Susan could feel her whole body shake and press against her, especially Tracey’s cunt that was rubbing against her every time she shook. “Damn,” thought Susan, “between the tears on my tits and her cunt rubbing against me I’m getting turned on by my own sister!!”

The sobbing had stopped except for a few sniffles, so Susan started to pull away, but Tracey hugged her tighter saying, “Just hold me…hold me tight, it feels good…safe.”

“OK,” chuckled Susan, but you’re drowning my tits with your tears. Susan felt Tracey chuckle and knew the worst was over.

“That’s all right…I’ll clean them up for you,” whispered Tracey.

Tracey began to lick up the sides of Susan’s tits getting the salty tears off her tits but causing a totally different reaction in Susan’s pussy. Tracey licked at the stiff erect nipple and then sucked it into her mouth and began to suck on it almost like she was nursing. Susan felt her pussy lips start to swell and could feel a rush of cunt juice in her pussy…with out thinking Susan began to grind her pussy…her mons against Tracey’s….she could feel Tracey responding, pressing her pussy back against hers. She felt Tracey’s hand slide down her back and grip her buttock, pulling her even tighter, grinding her pussy mons onto hers. Susan felt Tracey’s hand slip around her hip and Susan let out a low moan as Tracy’s fingers glided through her pussy hair and cupped her vulva.

“My God, Tracey, do you know what you’re doing to me?” groaned Susan.

Tracey released Susan’s nipple, “All I know is that it feels good…I love you Susie…I want you to hold me and love me, please Susie.”

Susan felt Tracey’s finger slip between her wet pussy lips and gently begin to massage her clit….Tracey’s mouth returned to Susan’s tit trying to take her whole tit into her mouth….then slowly drew back, ending with the nipple clenched between her lips. Susan moaned, “Suck it baby….suck it…”

Susan grabbed Tracey’s head and pulled it up, there was a soft popping sound as Tracey’s lips left Susan’s tit….Susan looked directly into Tracey’s eyes and without a word pulled her lips up to hers and began to kiss her, driving her tongue as deep as she could into Tracey’s mouth. Tracey responded matching tongue thrust for tongue thrust…Susan slid her hand down over Tracey’s stomach, under her panties, through her pussy hair, and began to slip a finger into her swollen, hot, moist pussy lips. Susan felt Tracey’s hips buck as she slipped her finger all the way in the hot pussy tepeören escort tunnel and as Susan found her clit, swollen and sticking out from under its hood, she grasped it between two fingers and began to massage it. Tracey moaned and twisted on the bed.

Susan quickly stripped Tracey’s panties off her and switched positions, getting in the 69 position with her face over Tracey’s pussy. She felt Tracey pull her ass down and then Tracey’s mouth was on her pussy. Susan buried her tongue in Tracey’s pussy, licking and sucking as hard as she could. She took her hands and spread Tracey’s pussy lips open, thrusting her tongue deep into Tracey’s fragrant pussy. Susan’s tongue searched for and found the sensitive love button, Tracey’s clitoris — her tongue found it and she began to tease it with the tip of her tongue. She could feel Tracey copying her moves, spreading her pussy open and pushing her tongue deep into Susan’s pussy.

Susan pressed her mouth to Tracey’s pussy and took her engorged clit between her lips and began to suck and tongue it as fast as she could. She could feel Tracey’s lips on her own clit. When Tracey began to suck on her clit, suck hard, Susan felt the tremors of her own climax start deep in her pussy and then wash over her whole body. Susan had to stop sucking on Tracey’s clit and press her mouth into Tracey’s pussy to muffle the moan erupting from her mouth …her whole body shook as she pressed her pussy to Tracey’s face trying to get Tracey’s tongue as deep as possible in her throbbing pussy. As the tremors lessen she began suck again on Tracey’s clit and to finger her pussy hole at the same time. She let one finger wander down to Tracey’s asshole, now wet with pussy juices, and as she rubbed it, she felt Tracey squirm….sensing it turned Tracey on, Susan ran a finger gently into Tracey’s ass and began to finger fuck her butt. Susan felt Tracey begin to tremble and then her tongue in Tracey’s pussy could actually feel the contractions of the pussy muscles as Tracey let out a muffled moan and pushed her pussy onto Susan’s mouth. Susan licked Tracey’s pussy very slowly as Tracey came down off her high. Then giving it one last kiss, Susan rose and laid back down beside Tracey and pulled her into a deep passionate kiss….letting the pussy juices on their lips mingle with one another.

Susan propped herself up on one elbow and looked at Tracey. “I didn’t mean for that to happen…things just got out of hand.”

“Don’t be mad at me, Susie,” said Tracey. “When you were holding me and your naked tit was right there by my mouth, I couldn’t help it…I just wanted to kiss and suck it…and then I wanted you…I wanted you to love me the way I had read about. I’m sorry — don’t be angry.”

“Silly, I’m not angry at you…I love you.”

Susan kissed Tracey gently on the lips and then the tip of her nose. Susan chuckled when Tracey whispered, “Does that mean we can do it again sometime?” Susan didn’t reply, she gave Tracey a hard passionate kiss driving her tongue as deep as possible into Tracey’s mouth….Tracey had her answer.

They lay quietly in each other’s arms and listened to the sound of rain starting to hit the bedroom window. Tracey snuggled closer to Susan and asked sleepily, “Have you ever done it with a boy…you know…go all the way?”

“Yes, once with Jimmy, that last night. What about you? Have you?

“Not really. Larry stuck it in me… but it hurt… and when I yelled he pulled it out. It was covered with blood and he got scared…his mother was due back from the store any time. I tried to get him to put it back in but he wouldn’t,” said Tracey. “We never had another chance…there was the accident and then we moved.” Tracey hugged Susan, then asked shyly, “Did you…huh…did you ever suck Jimmy? Did you….did he cum….I mean cum in your mouth?”

“Once,” chuckled Susan. “That last night when we got up stairs I started licking him and when I stuck my tongue in his slit Jimmy starting coming like a fire hose. The first shot of cum hit my cheek and the second one landed on my lower lip and chin….then I got his prick back in my mouth and sucked him dry.”

“You actually swallowed his cum?” asked Tracey.

“Sure. It doesn’t really have much taste,” explained Susan. “I also took my finger and wiped his big glob of cum off my cheek and chin and raked it on top of my tongue…..Then…I stuck my tongue in his mouth and let him suck his own cum off my tongue.”

Susan could feel Tracey giggling. “What are you laughing about?” asked Susan.

“It sounds so….I don’t know….so wicked,” laughed Tracey.

“I don’t know about wicked, but it was sure effective. Jimmy got his hard-on back real quick and we had a really good fuck.” Susan chuckled, “With Larry, that was just your cherry being broken – as pretty as you are, you’ll have many more chances.”

That night, just like tonight, she went to sleep in my arms thought Susan. Susan listened to Tracey’s breathing as it settled into a steady, slow rhythm…Tracey was deep asleep. Susan closed her eyes and dozed off herself, still holding Tracey in her arms.

To Be Continued…

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