No Turning Back Now

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My mother-in-law is an attractive mature lady of 63. She is slim build and, most importantly, is of an older school of ladies who wear tights everyday, even under trousers. I have often fooled around with her, grabbing her arse when kissing goodbye etc, touching her nylon clad legs when out at parties, all of which were taken in good humour and a playful slap.

Anne had asked me round to fix a problem on her computer, quite a regular occurrence! And so I went up to her office and booted up the PC to see what she had done this time. After 20 minutes or so of messing around, I called her up to show her what I had done.

She came into her office and I briefly glanced down and noticed her barely black nylon covered feet exposed beneath her trousers. I jokingly patted my lap and told her to sit down, she laughed it off but I persisted and she sat on my lap as I explained what I had done to her PC.

As she sat on my lap I rested one hand on her thigh and with the other hand I used the mouse and explained what she needed to do in future. Without realising it, my hand on her thigh started stroking, feeling the trousers move over the sheer nylon beneath. I could tell she was feeling a little uncomfortable and then I could feel my erection growing and forming a bulge in my jeans which I could tell she could feel.

She quickly decided that it would be better to sit on the chair next to me and moved off of my lap, I could feel my face flush red as she glanced down at my highly visible bulge as I prayed for it to go down quickly.

I stammered as I tried to carry on explaining about her computer and as she leaned forward to look at the screen, she rested her hand on my bulge and began stroking me. I carried on explaining, seemingly pretending to ignore what was happening as Anne listened intently, clearly enjoying my uncomfortable body language.

I asked her what she was doing and she just smiled and said that I had been groping her for years, wasn’t it about time that she had a feel of me? Whilst she played with my bulge she asked me if I really fancied her or whether I was just messing about. I told her that I had always found her attractive and confessed that I had a massive tights fetish, often “borrowing” some of hers from the dirty laundry basket.

She took her hand away and looked shocked, I quickly wished that I hadn’t said anything but she seemed to get over the initial shock quite quickly and changed to being intrigued. She asked me lots of questions about my tights fetish; what I had done with her tights, did I enjoy wearing, did I like other men in tights etc. I answered all honestly, relaxing more as the conversation went on and Anne seemed to be taking a genuine interest.

Anne got up and left the room, returning with a pair of her worn tights, she asked me to put them on so she could see what they looked like on a man. I took off my jeans and began to pull them on, she stopped me and asked if I always wore them over my boxer shorts, I blushed once more and said that I didn’t, that I liked the feeling against my cock.

She placed her hands on the top of my boxer shorts and pulled them down to my ankles, freeing my very hard erection that pointed towards her then she told me to put the tights on properly, as I would to enjoy them.

I could hear Anne’s breathing as she watched me roll one leg of the tights up before pulling them over my toes, past my heel and up to my thigh. She seemed transfixed as I carefully rolled the other leg and slipped it over my foot, the nylon sliding over my legs and up to my thigh. I stood before Anne and pulled the nylon up over my hard cock and around my waist forming a nylon tent which I could see Anne staring intently at.

Anne smiled as I stood silently, thoughts running through my head as to what I was doing and that there could never ever be any going back from this situation. I looked Anne in the eyes and asked her if she intended to return the favour and remove her trousers. escort gaziantep bayan She laughed and said that I wouldn’t want to see her old legs. I assured her that I wouldn’t be standing in front of her with a huge erection, wearing her tights, if I didn’t want to see her.

I took her hand and led her to the bedroom, pulling the curtains to keep our privacy and turning the light on. I told her to take her trousers off and as she did so I took off my T-Shirt so that I was standing in front of her with only a pair of her barely black tights on. Anne unbuttoned her trousers and let them fall to the floor, a sight that I had longed to see for many years.

I stepped towards her and lifted her T-Shirt over her head and reached around the back to unbutton her bra, exposing her slightly saggy breasts. Anne covered them with her arms, embarrassed by their appearance, I reassured her that I was fully aware that she was 63 years old and that it wasn’t anything unexpected, I explained that I still found older women attractive.

I began kissing her neck as my hands slid up her tights covered thighs, she moaned in pleasure as I could feel her relaxing. She whispered into my ear that what we were doing was so wrong and that she wasn’t sure she could look her daughter in the face after this. I whispered back telling her not to worry, to just relax and enjoy what was happening, I told her that this was just a bit of fun and didn’t change anything between us.

My fingers traced up her inner thigh and began to massage her pussy though the crotch of her tights and knickers. Anne ran her hands all over my nylon covered buttocks and round to the front before stroking me and jerking me through the tights and we kissed passionately as we both began to release our inhibitions, the passion building as our hands explored each others bodies.

I pushed Anne onto the bed and began kissing down her body, gently biting her nipples as my fingers continued to massage her mound through the tights and knickers.

Anne’s breathing quickened as I kissed further down her body, kissing her inner thighs then down to her toes where I took them into my mouth, sucking, kissing and biting them as she writhed on the bed in ecstasy. I kissed her ankles, moving back up her legs, kissing all the way to the crotch where I teasingly flicked a tongue briefly over her covered pussy before looking up at her and smiling.

Anne gripped the duvet in her fists as I began to lick then as I pulled away she looked down, her face tormented as she asked me what was wrong. I smiled and asked her if she had ever been licked before, she blushed as she admitted that my father-in-law was not one to do that sort of thing. I consoled her and told her that I would do something to her that she would never forget then and then asked her if she had ever sucked cock before, again she blushed as it became apparent that missionary sex was all she had ever experienced.

I moved down between her thighs, my tongue pushing harder into her crotch, forcing the nylon of her tights and knickers inside her. Anne moaned in pleasure and held my head tightly, pulling me into her crotch as her hips bucked and she began to grind her crotch onto my face.

I released her hands from the back of my head and smiled at her, she apologised for getting carried away but I told her not to worry and smiled as I reached into her crotch and ripped open her tights. I pushed a finger past her knickers deep inside her moist pussy as she took a sharp intake of breath, through her head back and closed her eyes.

I said to her that she would enjoy the next bit as I pulled her knickers to one side and began licking her through the hole in her tights. Anne’s hands once again grabbed fistfuls of duvet as she lay with her eyes closed, grinding her crotch in my face. I pushed my tongue deep inside her moving from fucking her with it to gently flicking it over gaziantep escort cim cif bayan her clit as the intensity of her moaning began to increase.

It wasn’t long before she was holding my head again, hips bucking as I pushed my tongue deep inside her, faster and harder, gripping her nylon clad buttocks tightly as I forced my tongue as deep as I could, fucking her harder and harder with it until I felt her orgasm build and then explode, her juices filling my mouth, tasting so good as I slowed and licked her gently and her orgasm subsided.

I moved up and lay beside her, my hands gently lying on her thigh as I watched her try to regain control of her breathing as she turned her head and smiled at me. I told her that it looked like she had enjoyed that, she nodded and said that it was amazing, she wished she had been licked years before now and leaned towards me, kissing me gently on the lips before thanking me.

I told her to change into a fresh pair of tights but without knickers this time and she eased herself up and off of the bed and walked towards her drawers. She pulled open one of the drawers and began sorting through what seemed an endless number of different coloured sheer tights. She asked me if I wanted her in tan, grey, barely black or black tights. I thought it through and told her that before the day was out I would fuck her through each of those but that we would start with black.

She looked shocked at my choice of words but smiled nonetheless and began taking her sticky ripped tights and knickers off before slipping the black sheer nylon over each foot and slowly, ever so seductively up each leg and over her hips.

She returned to the bed and lay beside me, her hands resting on my nylon covered cock, gently working it through the nylon as we kissed and my hands explored her fresh sheer tights.

I kissed her neck and whispered into her ear that I was going to fuck her over and over, she seemed taken aback once again by my choice of words and looked me in the eyes. She asked if I had to use those kind of words and I asked what she would prefer, she said that she would prefer it if I referred to it as “making love”. I smiled and kissed her then whispered into her ear that I make love to my wife, I would be fucking her. I told her to ask me to fuck her and watched as she struggled to use a word that she clearly found uncomfortable using. I kissed her neck and stroked her thigh as I told her to beg me to fuck her, eventually teasing her so much that she screamed that she wanted me to fuck her hard.

I looked deep into her eyes and asked her if she would suck me, her eyes dropped away from mine as I could see that this was something else we would need to overcome. She said that she wanted to but didn’t know how and was worried that she wouldn’t please me. I took her finger and began sucking it, mimicking a blow job, taking it deep in my mouth before kissing and licking the tip. I placed a finger in her mouth and got her to do the same then watched as she moved back and forth sucking my finger, licking and kissing the tip.

I took my finger out of Anne’s mouth and assured her that she would be fine, then lay back on the bed, my hard cock tenting in the barely black sheer nylon as Anne nervously moved down towards it. She began to pull the tights over it but I stopped her and told her to suck me through the nylon first.

Anne began to lick the tip of my cock through the nylon before slowly taking more and more into her mouth. She seemed to be quite a quick learner and was very enthusiastic as she sucked me deeper, almost gagging as the nylon tip hit the back of her throat. I asked her to rip open the tights and suck me deep, she moved her mouth off of my cock and tore open the nylon, my cock sprung free from its nylon prison as Anne began working it with her hand before sliding it back in between her moist lips.

She continued cinsel bilgiler sucking with extraordinary passion for one so inexperienced and seemed to be really enjoying it. I asked her to sit astride my face so that I could explore her nylon mound with my tongue again as she continued to suck me.

I buried my tongue deep into her nylon crotch and began licking deep as Anne greedily devoured my cock. I pushed a finger gently into her anus and met little resistance so pushed it in further until I was fingering her arse as I licked her. I ripped open her tights and pushed my finger alongside my tongue deep inside her soaking pussy to moisten my finger before pushing it deep inside her anus. Anne paused whilst sucking me as my finger penetrated her deep.

I felt my orgasm building and pulled Anne’s pussy tight against my face to try and make her cum as my cock pulsed and exploded a seemingly unending stream of hot sticky semen. Anne gagged and pulled away but I gently pushed her head back down and she understood that she was supposed to swallow my load.

I lay there breathless, her moist pussy centimetres from my face as Anne, under instruction from me, cleaned my cock and sucked on my flaccid organ until it began to grow again. She stared at my hardening cock before commenting that she didn’t realise I would be hard again so soon, I laughed and said that with my face between her gorgeous nylon thighs and the smell of her soaking pussy it was inevitable that I would be ready again in no time.

Anne rolled off of my face and walked to her drawers again, she picked out a pair of tan tights and threw them to me, I asked her to put some grey tights on herself and she picked out a sexy sheer pair. We sat on the edge of the bed, excitement growing as we pulled on the gorgeous nylon tights. By the time I pulled them over my waist, my cock had already grown to a pleasing size and was straining against the nylon.

Despite all we had just done to each other, there was a clear tension and nervousness in the air, this really was the point of no return. I positioned myself between Anne’s legs and eased them gently apart. As I knelt between her legs I ripped open the crotch of her tights and pulled my cock over the top of mine. #

I lay on top of Anne and kissed her neck as I rested the tip of my hard cock at the entrance to her pussy. I whispered into her ear that she needed to beg me to fuck her. Moving the tip of my cock against her clit and teasing her, I felt her fingernails dig into my back as she pulled next to my ear and whispered into my ear to fuck her and to fuck her hard.

I looked her in the eyes from above her face and smiled as I eased my cock deep inside her soaking pussy. Anne tensed initially as my cock moved deep inside until my balls were grinding against her pussy. I started to thrust slowly and gently as Anne looked up at me smiling as she began to moan with pleasure.

I began pumping harder, the rhythm building as each thrust seemed harder and deeper, Anne’s fingernails digging more into my back with each thrust until the passion built and we both began thrusting against each other, hard and fast. I gripped the head board to give me more purchase and thrust my cock deeper and deeper inside her.

I pulled my cock out and lay to the side of her, lifting a her leg to make the entrance easier, I entered her pussy from behind. Holding her leg up, I began thrusting deep inside her again, moving right up behind her so I could kiss her neck as I pumped her.

With our breathless, sweaty bodies pumping away, we could both feel our orgasms building, Anne’s moaning had intensified and I could barely feel anything as her pussy was so wet. With a final couple of thrusts, my cock jerked and pulsed inside her, ejaculating more hot semen deep inside her pussy.

I pushed my cock deep inside Anne and held her tight against me as our orgasms passed, our breathing rapid and hearts racing. I kissed her neck and caressed her breasts as my softening cock shrank out of her pussy.

I pulled my cock out and Anne rolled to face me, face flushed from the effort, semen dribbling from her pussy as we gently kissed. I told her that this wasn’t to be a one off, I wanted more and intended to have her whenever possible. Anne just smiled and nodded as I rolled off the bed, took my tights off and went for a shower…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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