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The following fantasy story has a couple of activities that some will find most likely disgusting. I urge you ALL to read the Story Tags I have chosen as they give credence to my above assertion. Should you not be sufficiently warned by the tags, your response is your business. If the tags give you any pause at all or you have any uncertainty at all, please navigate away from this story now. Thank you for your time.

Please note there are no participants under the age of 19.


The insertion had been quick and mutually pleasurable. She had promised unlimited bunghole banging, and I was intent on seeing how far that went. I was currently engaged in the fifth asshole invasion of this our 20th session. I’m not too sure of the total number of times due to the frequent fuzziness that these sessions induced, but the impression of the totality was of being large and intense and enthusiastic.

Asshole fucking was my favorite activity, especially when my female relatives were involved. The smile on my face at the pleasure of butt fucking Mom was almost too wide.

She stood about 5 2 and was about 115 in weight, with long dark hair that really suited her. She had a full figure, i.e. the meat she had was very well distributed and the curves all curved in the best way possible. I am not very good at guessing breast size but hers were larger than my hands and shapely and when let loose were quite firm with only a slight sag. Her tummy was nice and flat and molded into her nicely wide flaring hips before tapering into her long strong legs and nice trim ankles. I had always tried to find a girlfriend like her but here we were fucking and anally so, as it turned out. My Mom was an anal addict, just like me. We would occasionally fuck pussy but we both preferred ass so much it had become the default option.

We were going at it hard and heavy on the couch this time, in the middle of the day. Mom had on no bra and some sort of leggings that covered nothing important but looked so slutty on her. I pulled the glass dildo out of her ass and offered it to her. She licked her lips and greedily sucked it into her mouth.

“I nilüfer escort love the taste of my ass! Could you oblige me with your dick, too?” she cooed when she spit it out. Being that I am a good son and only want to please my mother, I proceeded to do as asked. I popped my cock up between her widely spread ass cheeks and she aahed and oohed her usual pleasure. I could see her face even though we were going doggy style here on the stairs. The look on her face was all I needed to see. She was enraptured at the simple anal activity. I pounded her up the ass as the tightness, heat and slickness of her anterior cavity was everything I had ever wanted for my dick. I looked down at the ass-cock interface and wished for my sister to join us. That was to be later, as this was just mother son quality time. I enjoyed the sight I beheld as I slid in and out of my mother’s tight rear orifice. I was debating concluding this session as it was so good but I reminded myself that I had an unfulfilled request waiting.

“Here you go Mom!” I called out to her as I pulled out of my favorite hole. I slid up alongside her and offered her my pride and joy. She looked up at me as she pulled it into her open and waiting mouth. We locked eyes as she slurped me down her throat, all ass flavored and slick. I reached back and patted her ass cheek before going back to that middle opening with my fingers. I had to taste it again, too. This was our secret, we both loved the flavor of her asshole, either on a digit or straight from the source. I would often rim her to the point of orgasm before skewering her, then snogging her to share the ass flavoring.

The slurps I heard were quite obviously those of joy. Mom slobbered all over my joint at the slightest pretext anyway, so I relaxed and enjoyed her attentions. My mom was easily the most skilled cock sucker I had yet had the pleasure of enjoying. She liked to vary her licking with sucking and once in a while ball sucking. She could take one of my big balls completely into her mouth and still tickle my asshole with her tongue. I liked the way she would flatten her tongue and lick görükle escort up and down on the veiny side of my stalk. It was kind of like watching her eat an ice cream cone, only it was me! She would drop her head deep into my crotch and I could clearly hear her sniff up my smell. She said it was intoxicating. Who was I to argue?

She could also suck my entire dick all the way down her throat, right to my balls. She would then lick at those same balls when she did this. I can’t be terribly critical about this as the saying goes ‘a swallowed dick has no brain’. When she relented and disgorged my wet, sloppy but very hard and erect member, I would really only have one thing on my mind, fuck Mommy! I would then pound into her in what ever hole was first available, though it would inevitably end up buried and spurting deep in her big wide and quite shapely ass. I slid down back behind her behind and resumed my favorite activity, fucking Mommy up the bum. She had been a bit hesitant the first time we had anal sex but once in there she seemed to be addicted to dick up the ass. I easily slipped into her rear orifice and slowly, as that was the way we started when ass fucking. I slid in and out of her heavenly ass hole, lightly slapping her cheeks and once in a while reaching up to pull her long brunette hair. She loved to be manhandled if you didn’t pull her hair too hard, and being considerate as to my mother’s wishes, I knew how hard I could pull. I grabbed a good handful and leaned over her back.

“Hold on, Mom, I am going to pull a bit harder.” I wrapped her hair around my fist and pulled back sharply. She gasped as I pulled her up with me, all the while fucking her in the ass. I twisted her head around so we could kiss. Our lips met at the corner of our mouths and tongues sought each other. My fucking began to be of the ‘pounding’ variety, slamming in and out of my Mom’s ass. I reached in front and grabbed one of her tits. I pulled on her nipple and she moaned into my mouth. We had achieved lip lock and with our kissing raising our passion level, we fucked back at the other with even greater vigor. During bursa escort this time our relative positions slipped a bit. My mouth slid up and onto Mom’s pert little nose. She jerked a bit at this and my tongue slipped into her nostril. Mom went absolutely nuts! She groaned and moaned and bucked and fucked. I could barely hold on and with the odd position we were in this was no minor feat.

With my one hand wrapped around her chest and holding on to her large breast, I had the other involved with her hair and I was hammering my cock in and out of her large shapely and meaty ass. I was in heaven! The muscles of her back twitched and jerked in concert with this nasal anal adventure we had embarked on. She began to clamp her ass muscles down and around on my ass fucking cock. I couldn’t stop what I was doing. Mom began to speak.

“Fuck my fucking ass, you fucking motherfucker! Hump my heiny! Bang my backside! Fill my fart funnel! Pound my pooper! Slam my shitter!” was just part of what she spurted. The stream of unending filth she let loose continued until she came from our anal actions.

I began to feel my orgasm rise. Here I was fucking my favorite partner, up the ass. I had a cock full of ass, a handful of tit, a mouthful of nose and she was as into this as I was. I went with the flow. I fucked my Mom’s ass. I put it to her as hard as ever.

“Ass fuck me! Ass fuck me, my boy! Come in my ass! Suck my nose! Slurp my snot! Shoot that load all the way up my ass hole, you fucking motherfucker! I want it! I need it! Shoot it! Shoot it!” Mom screamed at me as she came herself. As I said before I always attempt to please my mother, so fucking came in her ass this time while slurping on her cute little nose!

I hammered into her one last stroke and held myself as deep in her ass as I could. I wormed my tongue deep up her nostril as I climaxed, tasting a bit of her snot. I was held as if in suspension. My orgasm seemed to go on and on. I must have pumped gallons of semen up into her anal cavity. I felt each throbbing blast and each seemed to go on forever. I spasmed one last time and collapsed on her back. Mom couldn’t hold both of us up as she was as spent as I was and we fell onto the stairs.

I came to as she worked her way out from under me. She looked down at me and smiled as only my mom can. I gave her a lazy one in return. She began to stroke me hair.

“Care for another go round?” she asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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