Not as Innocent Pt. 01

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John and Marie had been kids when they’d conceived Kim. Both fifteen at the time. John had asked Marie to marry him. They’d been a perfect family for eleven years when Marie had decided that she was not happy with their family. John had protested, had asked her to compromise because god knew he had on several occasions, but Marie stayed a stubborn bitch. She broke their home and announced that she’d be taking Kim with her.

John had not protested the idea because he knew that Kim needed Marie more than she needed him. So he’d moved out of his home, so that his child would not feel displaced, and moved two towns over.

Every year Kim would spend her summer break with him. But when she joined high school that stopped as well. Then John’s ageing father stated his wish to move away from the bustling city life to his peaceful hometown which he’d left before John was even born. Thus, he relocated to a small middle-of-nowhere in Alaska.

He’d been settling into his new life of isolation taking care of his old father when he’d received the call. Marie was dead. She’d haemorrhaged due to a miscarriage. It was decided that Kim would move out to live with.

Kim had changed a lot. She was the best daughter anyone could ask for. She got good grades, stayed out of trouble, followed the rules of the house and she helped take care of her grandpa as well. But despite all that she was not fine. Growing up she’d been a happy, outgoing child who lit up a room with her smile. Now she she barely said two words and didn’t really communicate with everyone. John worried about her mental well-being. Losing a parent could obviously take a huge toll.


Kim made her way down to the kitchen bleary-eyed but a little excited. It was her eighteenth birthday, even if she didn’t feel it she would muster the enthusiasm. If not for herself then for her father. He’d been so excited and she didn’t want to bring his spirits down. Being her only parent alive, John had become the world to her.

In the kitchen, her father had prepared a birthday feast for her. They ate breakfast together and he told her to get ready because she was spending the day out in the farm with him.

It got surprisingly hot during the day in the mountains, but it freezing nonetheless at night. By noon, Kim was burning up. She’d turned red and got flushed. She was also extremely horny. Who wouldn’t be? She was surrounded by fit men who sweating it out as they worked. Some had even taken their shirts off. Including her father. She stopped short at that thought. Where had that observation come from?

She shook her head and looked up to see the man himself approaching her. Her father was rather good looking. His body had great muscle definition. She suddenly felt herself get a little hotter.

“What’s the matter darling? You’re red as a tomato. You alright?” He came up to her and put his hand on her forehead. “You’re burning baby. Do you have fever?” His low Texan swizzle made his words of concern sound like something else entirely.

“No fever, just a little heated up. I think I’ll head home. I’m feeling a little tired.” She managed.

Her father nodded. “Of course darling. I’ll join back home in time for lunch. Okay?”

She nodded.

When she got home she immediately jumped into the shower, hoping that would curb the need. It always took her a while to get to climax, if she ever did, and she desperately needed to climax.

She flicked through images of the men who worked at her father’s farm. David, her longtime crush, who was happily married but still sexy as hell as popped into her brain.

She imagined the shower door opening and a naked David only partly stepping into the stall. He smirked, at catching her with her hands there trying to get herself off.

“I wasn’t -” she started in her fantasy, quickly pulling her hand away.

“You better not be, princess.” David said using the nickname he had for her in real life. “Cause if I found out that you were getting yourself off while I’m in the next room, you’d be in big trouble.”

“I was getting myself ready for you.” She said shyly, not meeting his eyes.

He grabbed her chin and lifted it up to meet his eyes, “Good, because I’m here to finish you off.”

He tapped two fingers at her lips and she sucked them into her mouth. His other hand turned her around. He took his fingers out slowly traced his way down her, body tweaking her nipples in the process. She was breathing heavy before he even reached her navel. His hand travelled all the way down to her inner thighs and stopped.

Her breath hitched.

He pressed his hardness into the small of her back as his hand parted her thighs. His one hand started strumming her nipples like a guitar while the teased her by rubbing the apex of her thighs.

“You know you don’t have to this on your own when have me to do it for you.” His voice was lower and somehow deeper. His were a little slower too, his S’s coming out in a whistle. But she was too worked up bursa evi olan escort to care. “Tell me babygirl, were you rub your clit like this.”

He pinched her clit and then started kneading it with the flesh between his index and middle finger as he used the fingers to rub the lips of her pussy.

“Were you gonna stroke your lips like this making them open up like a flower blossom?” He growled in her ear as she leaned her head back onto his shoulder. His voice having completely transformed. “Tell me baby girl.”

David didn’t call her that, her dad did. She knew it was wrong but she too far gone to care.

“Oh Daddy!” She moaned writhing, covering his hand with hers. “Oh god, I need you right now daddy.”

He slid two fingers in, his coarse skin grating against her soft folds. “You’re so tight babygirl, and so warm. Look at how your pussy just wouldn’t let go of my fingers.” He said while pistoning his finger in and out of her pussy.


Daddy’s voice sounded somewhat distant.

“Kim!” Now it was further away.

“KIM! YOU ALRIGHT IN THERE?” This was followed by loud bangs of a wooden surface.

Kim gasped, she was brought out of her fantasy by the very subject of them banging on the door.

“Yeah dad I’m alright.” Her voice was shaking, she knew not to bother to try again. With her dad downstairs she didn’t want to risk it.

“Okay babygirl, I’m going to start on lunch, come help me out when you’re done.”

Kim sighed as she got out of the shower. She really needed to get a hold of herself.

She went down to the kitchen, her dad at her looked up and smiled. She felt so guilty.

“Ah darling, you’re here. Can you dice those shallots?” He said pointing to them. She weakly nodded and made her way to them.

She found a knife and started with shallots all the while mentally berating herself for being such a slut. Suddenly she felt herself being surrounded by her father.

“Ah darling, you’re not doing it right.” As he said that he took hold of her hand and started showing her the right way. He was murmuring slowly in her ear about what to do and his voice just managed to fluster Kim more. She couldn’t give a flying fuck about the shall-

“Ow!” In her distraction she had by mistake managed to slice through her own finger. It was deep but it burned a little because of the shallots.

Her dad immediately pulled toward the sink, pushing her hand under the running water. Then after a few minutes he pulled it out and dried it with a rag. He then proceeded to examine it, when more blood came out he immediately pulled her finger into his mouth.

Kim’s head was spinning, it felt like she was dehydrated or something, her throat suddenly extremely dry. John took her finger out to take a look once more and started saying something but she couldn’t focus.

She excused herself from the kitchen and went sat down on the couch in front of the TV. She decided she needed to distract herself so she turned on the TV and clicked on a channel. Her mind was still in the kitchen though. Imagining all kinds of ways her father could’ve relieved her.

Her father soon joined her on the couch with two steaming plates. They ate their lunch in silence. After they were done her father went to put their dishes in the sink and came back with two shots of tequila.

“I was thinking, maybe the alcohol would help you relax a little. You’re too stressed. I don’t know what about but you are.” So she took the shot if only to appease her father.

He took the remote and started surfing through channels while pulling her closer to him. He finally settled on one. Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights. It was like the universe was conspiring against her.

Throughout the movie she felt herself getting more and more flustered. Her father fell asleep.

When he was sleeping her dad always was a little cuddly and but today was a little different, maybe because of the shot. His one hand turned her slightly on the couch while the other pulled her back into him so that her back was pressed flush against his chest.

His head fell into the crook of her neck, nuzzling it. Kim was delirious. She couldn’t stop the moan that tore out of her.

This apparently emboldened her father because placed a soft kiss on her neck while his hands on her waist started to disappear under her shirt.

His hands were rough but they felt so right on her skin. They started moving upward and she knew she should stop them but she didn’t. She wanted them to speed up a little.

She wasn’t wearing a bra so when her father’s hands reached her breasts they encountered nothing in their way. He pinched her nipples, and started stroking the portion around them with his fingers. On occasion he would smack one of her tits.

Kim was beyond saving now. She knew right then that she was gonna fuck her father. Forget everything else. She didn’t care, she just wanted him inside her.

She slowly started altıparmak escort to grind her ass against her father’s crotch. He growled lowly in her ear, nipping it lightly.

“Yeah baby, just like that. You know how daddy likes it.” He muttered in her ear in a sleep subdued voice. “Damn your tits are like beach balls babe, I bet you’ve got pretty pink nipples. Don’t you?” He said, his cock digging into her ass.

Even in his sleep, her dad was good. She couldn’t help but take one of his hands and slowly bring it down to the waistband of her skirt. He didn’t need much guiding though, because soon he was flicking her clit with his thumb while three fingers moved in and out of her pussy.

“Oh baby, you’ve got the tightest pussy ever. Ride my fingers girl, daddy needs you to come before giving you his cock.”

Kim’s senses were whizzing, she couldn’t think clearly, all she could feel was her looming orgasm. She knew it was going to shatter her, and it did. She came screaming and crying. Shouting her relief for the world to hear.

Her father jolted behind her, having finally woken up. He looked down at his hands, both hidden from view beneath her clothes, but it was pretty obvious where they were. He moved away from her so quickly that she almost fell off the couch.

“I’m so sorry baby. I -” He cut himself off, clearly at a loss for words. He ran a hand down his face. He looked distraught. “I can’t believe I did that to you. I understand if you don’t ever want to see me again. God, I can’t believe I took advantage of my sleeping daughter.”

So that was it. Her father thought that she’d been asleep too, otherwise she would’ve surely woken him up. She instantly felt guilty, but she couldn’t tell him the truth. He’d be disgusted.

So she went with something else. “Dad, please don’t beat yourself up about it. We were both asleep. What happened was out of our control. We can’t do anything about it now so let’s forget it happened.”

Her father nodded looking down at the ground, apologizing profusely. He didn’t even how depraved his own daughter was, Kim thought to herself.

Then they got up and awkwardly made their ways to their respective rooms.


A week had passed but Kim still couldn’t get that night out of her head. Her father religiously avoided her at all times and when he couldn’t he was extremely awkward.

Kim couldn’t get the idea of fucking her father out of her head. The fact tha it was a taboo just made it an all the more enticing fantasy.

Her father, despite his avoidance, didn’t fail to unconsciously seduce her. John was a thirty three year old agriculturist who spent his days working in the fields and it showed. His sturdy chest and strong arms sent Kim into a frenzy whenever she’d catch him around the house or at the farm working.

Her father wasn’t a playboy but he got around some. Judging by the girls he usually brought home it was obvious that he had thing for younger women.

He would bring home random college girls he met at a bar or wherever and fucked them till they were black and bruised. The walls were a pretty thin so Kim usually heard every single thing that happened. Some times the girls would call him daddy. She’d noticed that on those days things were more heated.

Kim had asked him once about the daddy kink, he’d just shrugged and said, “I guess I’m into it.”

So was she apparently.

A week from her birthday Kim decided that she couldn’t spend any more time at the house or the farm near her father so she told him that she was going to spend a few days at her grandpa’s house.

Her grandfather was mostly fine, he just had mild cognitive impairment which caused some memory loss and sometimes even hallucinations. But the hallucinations were very rare and other than that he functioned pretty well on his own. But her father still worried.

She decided to kill two birds with one stone. She’d put some distance between herself and her depraved thoughts surrounding her father and she’d get to spend some time with her grandfather.

Boy was she in for a surprise.


She’d been cleaning out the cartons in the attic of her grandfather’s house when she came across a huge box with albums full of polaroids.

In the first picture there was a girl, and she looked exactly like Kim. It was a picture of her grandmother. Her grandfather had always told her how much she’d looked like her grandmother, who’d passed away before she’d been born, but she’d never believed him. Now she did. There were so many polaroids of her and she was so beautiful.

Kim sat and started flipping through the pictures. A lot of them were in front of monuments and other different sight seeing destinations. Her grandpa was in some of them as well. Her grandparents looked so in love. It was beautiful. Until she opened the second album and looked at the first picture.

The picture was one her grandmother had taken of herself. In it she was gemlik escort completely naked except for her panties and a man had his arms wrapped around her from behind, they were both on their knees. One of the man’s hands covered both breasts while the other dipped into her panties. His face was not visible as it was buried in her neck but she knew the man was not her grandfather. The man had blonde hair, and her grandpa had jet black hair.

In the next picture, her panties were off as the man fucked her from behind, still on their knees. Somebody else had taken this picture because one of her grandmother’s hand flicking her clit while the other held the guys head behind her. The picture clearly focused on the length of disappearing in to her pussy. The man’s face was visible in this and it was definitely not her grandfather. He looked to be in his forties much older than her grandmother who seemed to be only be in her early twenties in the picture. Why did grandpa have pictures of another man fucking his wife?

In the next picture her grandmother was on all fours while the man fucked her behind and she sucked the camera man’s dick.

The rest of the photos were similar. Her grandfather was in a lot of them, but he was mostly the camera man. Sometimes fucking her alone and sometimes with someone else. It was clear that her grandparents enjoyed multiple partners. One of the pictures that turned her on the most was one of her grandmother’s pussy and asshole leaking with cum from behind. She’d turned back towards the camera and looked back coyly.

Kim was more turned on than she’d ever been in her life. She went downstairs, the box in her hands, still a bit dazed when she ran into grandpa. He looked down at the box, and to her surprise immediately recognised it.

“Oh! It looks like you found my polaroid stash.” Her grandpa said grinning. He didn’t even look a little bothered by the fact that his granddaughter may have potentially seen him and other men fuck his wife five ways to Friday. Or maybe he’d just forgotten about them.

He took the box from her hands and went sat down on the couch. Then he looked up at her and patted the spot beside him. Was she supposed to sit beside him as he went through it?

But she sat down and he opened the box and started telling her about the pictures. She was a little concerned what would happen once he reached the dirty ones. She tried to distract him but he just wouldn’t budge.

Then it came, the dreaded moment, when he flipped open the album with the pictures. The first one with the handsy blonde man.

But her grandfather didn’t even blink, he just smiled and said, “Ah, this is the time when I came home to find her fucking John, her dad.”

Kim’s entire mind went blank. She didn’t even know where to begin to find a fault there, with the fact that her grandmother used to fuck her dad and her grandpa was just okay with itor that he was actually telling her this. But he just continued on, shocking her even more.

“That morning she’d said she’d have a surprise waiting for me when I got home. I was so excited to get home that day. When I first saw them together I was ecstatic, you see I’d been asking her for a while then if we could have a threesome, but then when I realized it was her dad and I was a little conflicted. But then they both told me of how much they loved each other and how it didn’t matter what society thought and few other things, and I guess I understood.”

Then he turned to a page in which three men fucked her grandma while a forth took pictures and said, “This was on her uncles’ birthday, you see she had uncles who were triplets. This was our gift to them.”

And then to horror, he proceeded to describe every picture of her grandmother being fucked by men related to her. What horrified her more was the fact that she didn’t even stop him, she just sat there and listened to him, nodding and asking questions on occasion. At this point she was just too submerged into this world of incest to care if it was wrong or right.

But the revelations just kept coming and when her grandfather closed the album and said, “We even recorded it sometimes. Wait, let me get the tapes.” She almost lost it.

But she sat there and let her grandpa put the sex tapes into the player. It was the hottest thing she’d ever seen. Heather, her grandmother (it felt weird thinking of her that way), was a wildcat in the sheets. She was up for anything.

She had been shocked more times in this week than she’d been in her entire life. Thus, she wasn’t even surprised when her grandfather took his cock out of his pants and started stroking it. She knew he was big from the polaroids but seeing it unreal life was a bit overwhelming. Not to mention this was the first cock she was seeing in real life.

She completely forgot about the tapes and just watched him as he stroked his semi erect cock. Before she knew she found her hand to reaching out to cover his. He instantly removed his and made space for hers. She was moving her hand up and down but apparently she was doing it wrong because her grandfather growled and grabbed her hand.

“Tighter girl! It may be old but it’s not made of porcelain. Grip it like you mean it.” So she did, she tightened her fist and moved it more firmly. Her grandpa nodded.

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