Not Your Typical Family Ch. 05

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Author Notes:

Please read Chapters 1 through 4 to get familiar with the story line and characters, this is not a standalone series. Please understand that all characters are 18 years or older. To my critics; I will say this that I do try and go through my stories with a spell checker and I am not a English Major — never claim to be and probably will never will be — so please be aware that my grammar is through a software package — I am following its rules. Thank you for your constructive criticism, I do endeavor to improve the quality of my writing each time. If you like my story, please vote. Also, leave some constructive criticism; not just blasting my writing — I am not an English major just an old guy who likes to entertain the masses with my fantasy stories.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Barber O Saville.

Not Your Typical Family

Chapter 5


Using the clef notes version — Our parents — Dad died in the Philippines at the Ranch during a Typhoon, Mom listed as Missing Presumed Dead. My friend couldn’t find her, so I inherited ninety-nine percent of Mom and Dad’s estate, between the legal shit, and the funeral, and all the other crap I had not known our worth — ok, we were independently wealthy, thanks to Dad’s investments and the firm. I became the Managing Partner at the Firm, and living the life of a well-known contractual lawyer….and Master to my three girls. Life is good…but suddenly it all changes.
The story continues……

As I was walking towards the study, I heard the door monitor announces a guest. I look at the screen stunned in disbelief; I know my mouth was wide open. It cannot be can it. The woman’s face look familiar she was wearing a colored wife beater t-shirt, no bar and her nipples were pushing out making a mini tent, about half of her breasts; leather short skirt, undoubtedly going commando; calf high laced sandals, and her hair was blonde on blonde — if you know what I mean. I pushed the intercom button:

“Yes, may I help you?” Releasing the button to hear this woman’s voice

“Is the Master of the House in?” I froze.

“Who is it Master?” Jaxs asked. I was unable to answer because the voice and the woman matched our mother. I pressed the talk button.

“Who is asking?” I said.

“If the Master of the House will let me in I will explain.” I shook my head.

“Jasmine!” I called. “Come to the door please.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Look at the monitor and tell me who do you think this woman is.” Jazzy looked gasped wide eyed she looked at me.

“Master, she looks like Mom sort of. Are you going to let her in?” I pressed the talk button again.

“State your business with the Master.” I said.

“I have some information with regards to his mother’s whereabouts.” I looked from Jazzy to Jaxs then to Krissy who had shown up.

“Krissy, who do you think that woman is?”

“Master, she looks a lot like your Mother but with blonde hair.”

“Just a minute please.” I said while pressing the talk button. I stepped away pacing back and forth through the foyer. I looked at the girls shrugged my shoulders and told Jaxs to open the door. She stepped into the foyer and greeted by three naked slaves and a dressed male. I looked into her eyes and knew instantly that this woman was our mother.

“MOM? What the Fuck? Is that really you? You look different?” I said dumbfounded. Jazzy leaped into her body wrapping her arms around the woman’s waist and started to cry. Krissy and Jaxs stood there mouth open and staring.

“Jasmine, my sweet baby, it is so nice to see you again and you too Jason, my baby boy.” I moved and wrapped my arms around her hugging her tight. It was mom, no doubt about it. We stayed that way for a good thirty minutes crying and hugging. Finally, the crying stopped and Mom looked up.

“Well, I see nothing has really changed here except these two lovely ladies. Who are you two?”

“Krissy and Jaxs.” I said. “Krissy is my slave wife and Jaxs is my slave. Go get dressed now ladies Please.”

“No, Jason. Wait. Married when? I hope it was a lovely wedding. God, I wanted to be there. Master Son may we go to the living room and I will do my best to answer your questions.” Oh, that was an understatement, doing my best to keep from absolutely going crazy. I know Jazzy was on the verge of losing it.

“Ok, Mom what gives it’s been over three years since you and dad disappeared. We found Dad’s body but never found yours for obvious reasons. So, from that point please tell us what happened.”

“Oh my god, I have been thinking of this day for nine hundred twelve days, thirteen hours and twenty-five minutes. We arrived on Christmas day traveled to the Ranch. You did know why we were going there right?”

“Yes Mother I knew about your pony training in the Philippines.” I said anxiously. She blushed that cute red.

“I was housed at the stables when the Typhoon and wave hit the island we were on. Winds and the waves carried me into a banyan tree about tuzla eve gelen escort six feet up hanging by my wrists attached to part of the stable hitch naked as the day I was born. I do not remember how long I was there but an old man and his wife found me took me down and helped me back to health. A group of American Rescue Workers showed up asking about victims from the Ranch — I had amnesia and did not remember anything. The farmer and his wife told them about me. Since, I could not tell them who I was and how I got there, they listed me as Janet Dawn. We traveled back to the aide station setup near the Ranch; I still had the amnesia, so trying to find out any information was bad at best. I was treated, bandaged, and I started to help were I could, one of the other women there British, asked me how long I had been here. Told her my story that I knew, she helped me get back to the states under the Janet Dawn name. Once in the states, the American Red Cross feed us for about two weeks then told us we were on our own. Becky – the British woman — and I needed money, the Red Cross gave us some money but with no one I could remember, Becky and I found jobs at a strip club, then as an escort and finally we became specialized escorts. Then during one of my sessions, my client was whipping me, I started to remember who and where I came from I told Becky and well here I am.”

“Where’s Becky now Mother?” I asked.

“Oh she is in the car at the end of the driveway. I told her to wait if I go in. I need to let her in. If that is ok with you?”

“Well, since this is your house I do not see why not.”

“Uhmmm….you see she does not know I am your mother. I am Janet Dawn, your former slave you sent to the Ranch for pony training. You have not heard from me since that day the Typhoon hit. I need to get Becky to finish the rest of it.”

“You may go and retrieve your friend.” I turned towards my slaves, my eyes wide, a stunned Jazzy.

“I will make a decision for the best of this family. Is that understood my slaves. We will work on many things. First, I will hear what she and this Becky have to say.”

“Yes, Master.” They said in unison. There was a knock on the door and Krissy opened it. Standing behind and to the left was a woman about Moms height and similar build, strawberry blond hair, size C or D cup, an hourglass figure, and long legs. Krissy motioned for Janet and Becky to enter and followed them into the study. Standing, I offered them the couch, Mom was the first to speak.

“Master Jason, I am happy to be returning to your house. This is my friend from Britain Becky McQueen. We meet at the Ranch after the disaster. Please forgive me for no contacting you sooner. This slave’s sole purpose was to return to her Master as soon as possible. My slave sister Becky and I would like to dedicate our services to you and your slaves. We understand that we will be the lowest slaves in the house and subject to many new rules. We have no one else to contact nor do I want any other Master. We have been used and abused without love or feelings. I know that this house and my Master will care for his slaves.”

Talk about a slam-dunk smack in your face say hello honey kind of request. I looked over at the girls. I could not tell what they were thinking. I needed to know more so I looked mom straight in the eye.

“Slave, go to the study and wait for me there. We must discuss something privately.”

“Yes, Master” She said, stood up turned walking with some hip sway into the study. I turned to my other slaves.

“Make Becky feel at home. Go fix something she would like and talk to her make her feel comfortable.”

“Yes Master” they said in unison. They walked over to Becky taking her hand and ushered her into the kitchen as I walked to the study. Mom was kneeling with her hands, palms up, waiting for me naked. Stunned I stopped in my tracks.

“Why are in this positon?” I said while standing in front of her.

“Because this is the position a Master talks to his slave. Kneeling, naked, and displayed for her Master.” Could not argue with that however more importantly information, not her submission to me as her Master.

“Get up put your clothes on and then sit on the couch. We are going to have a serious discussion before I agree to your request. First, why are you not proclaiming who you are? What in the Fuck is that on your ASS?” Mom turned her head around and a deep blush formed over her body. The word “ASS SLUT” in dark thick black ink tattooed across her cheeks. Mom looked into my eyes, she pleading with me not to ask again.


“It is a tattoo Sir.”

“I can see that SLUT. Now tell me where and why did you get that on your ass?” I angrily stated.

“I was a slave to a cruel master for about eighteen months maybe less, until he was killed. About eight months ago.”

“Ok, that counts for twenty-six months, now what about the first ten or so? “What? Who killed him?”

“Becky tuzla otele gelen escort and I, she has cunt slut across her bare mound.”

“How did you kill him and do I need to worry that the authorities will be coming after you?”

“No, Jason, Master. The police took our statement and because of our bruises, it became a self-defense incident. Police cleared us of murder. No other charges were brought up, we were let go free.”

“Ok now tell me why you do not want to reveal yourself as our mother?”

“Jason, Master, I would have to certify my existing, prove who I am, and not be the person I want to be. I have accepted that I was Pauline Cooper but I embrace Janet Dawn. Legally you are the sole beneficiary to our estate if I came back from the dead. Everything would be a mess. This way, I am Janet Dawn, your long lost slave asking her Master to accept his slave and her friend into his house for safe keeping and training?”

“Do you remember the day before you and dad left for your trip?”

“Very much so, I do remember, remembered that day the entire time I was there at the Ranch before the typhoon and not until thirteen months ago.”

“If I accept you and Becky then you will follow the rules and will do as I say.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Then walk out to the kitchen and lead Becky to the study.”

“Yes Sir.” Janet stood up and left the study. I sat and thought for a moment about what Mom had said. I determined that she was right, the inheritance would be invalid, everything would go to Mom, and Jazzy and I would be back to square one. This way it would stay the same and no one would know the difference. I excused Mom/Janet so that I could talk to Becky alone. She was about Mom’s height, had strawberry blonde hair, bigger breasted than Mom or Jaxs for that fact; she was under thirty or so of age. I admired her from afar. I told her to sit on the couch and we were only going to talk for a couple of minutes.

“A pleasure to meet you Becky, Janet tells me that you attend the Ranch as well; can I ask for why?”

“First, Sir how am I to address you in this setting. I feel uncomfortable calling you by you name. I am a submissive slave and request your guidance in this matter.”

“You can address me as Sir, or Master Jason, or Jason. I am not your Master. Until then use that as your guidance.

“Master Jason, Yes, I was also at the Ranch, but not for pony training. I was there for training for my Master husband, he felt that I needed to be more subservient, docile, and basically a better sex slave for him.”

“What happened to your Master?” I asked “thinking” of an opening to what I demanded in this house.

“Master, he was killed while trying to train me to serve him better. A Palm tree branch about 4 inches round into the middle of his chest, while I deep throated him in front of thirty or more people. We were in the main common room when the branch broke through the window. Everyone started to yell and scream, and then the tidal wave hit the resort. I was washed back into the stairwell leading to the upper floors that is how I survived.”

“I take it you like to be humiliated?” I queried.

“Yes, Master I also like to be degraded, made to dress as a little girl, usually as a high school student, cheerleader, or a nerdy girl. I enjoy getting spanked, flogged, and whipped on any part of my body. I tend to be a medium pain slut, nothing severe and not too heavy. My breasts and nipples are super sensitive and I will get aroused very quickly, my clit becomes engorged poking out almost immediately. Master, I have no family to go back too. My parents died twenty years ago, I have no siblings, no friends other than Janet. I wish to be included in your house, I know that I would be a low slave, but I feel that with Janet’s help I can be trained to your serves.” Becky was blushing to the top of her strawberry blonde hair, her neck a beautiful light crimson and her nipples already standing out.

“Becky, if I agree to you and Janet becoming permanent slaves under my protection, you and Janet will have to forfeit everything to my management. That means your money — should you earn a pay check at a job — some belongings, your body, mind, and soul will be mine to use, abuse, punish, and train. If you do not agree, you are free to stay here for as long as you need, but should you agree your servitude would start immediately. Before you answer, I want you to go back and get Janet. We have much to discuss, but first tell my slaves to come to their Master in his study. While you wait, discuss all that I have told you with Janet. Once I have summand the both of you, we will discuss your services to me in length. Go do as I instructed.”

“Yes, Sir.” Becky stood up and walked, well sashayed her way out of the study causing my dick to twitch and got hard. I turned towards my computer, pulled up the slave contract, and adjusted the new dynamic of the house; I made these contracts up when my two slaves were starting out. My slave girls walked tuzla sınırsız escort in and kneeled by my desk.

“Yes, Master?” Jazzy said.

“I have decided to allow Janet and Becky to live under my protection. I am modifying our original contracts; which everyone will sign to include your new positions as slaves and theirs as low slaves for the time being. Here read this and sign, once you are finished, go get Becky and Janet, return with them.” Krissy, Jaxs, and Jazzy read the letters then signed. Jaxs and Jazzy looked at Krissy smiling.

“How can we serve you Mistress?” they said in unison with little smiles on their cute faces.

“Oh, shush…but then again.” Krissy smiled.

“Yes, Mistress” Jazzy teased.

“Krissy, go bring our new slaves to the study.”

“Yes, Master.”

Just as Krissy left the study, Jazzy and I heard the babies cry and start to make noise.

“Go, tend to the children. Do not let the boys come down to see daddy, until I send Krissy to you, is that clear?”

“Yes, Master.” Jazzy departed to the kid’s room to comfort them and do the motherly things. I heard the boys call for mommy. Jazzy culled them to be quite and then the monitor went silent. Just then, Krissy, Janet, and Becky walked into the study.

“Krissy, please kneel next to me here. Janet and Becky kneel in front of me. In front of you are two contracts which once signed, I will be your Master and owner. Please read the two page document carefully; any questions and we will address them before you sign.” Janet and Becky read the document; Janet looked at me and smiled, knowing that would soon have her son as her Master. Becky looked up at me then down at the table, looked over at Janet, waiting for the right time to sign. I looked at Janet with a determined eye.

“Is there something you do not understand Janet?

“No, Master. Well, one little thing and it only matters if it matters to you Master.”

“What is that Janet?” I said curiously

“This document is for one year or it could be extended at the slaves request is that right?”

“Yes, you can make this a permanent document or a certain length of time. Please remember that for the first thirty days of this contract you will be in training to determine if you are fit for serving me. First, you will test for diseases, and other medical issues. Then I can add you to the health and automobile insurances.”

“So, once we sign, you will own me, us? Becky and I have recent medical paperwork showing we are disease free Master and we can provide that for you to hasten the process of your ownership.”

“Yes, once you sign you will be my property to use for my leisure or pleasure.”

“Is there something else Janet?” I asked with a commanding tone.

“One last question, Master; will you breed us?” Man can she surprise the shit out of me, although I tried not to show my surprise — failing I think — I thought for a split second.

“It will be determined after your thirty days as Slaves in Training.”

“Thank you Master for being honest with us; I know that I would love to carry your child, Sir. I have dreamt of it many times in the last nine months.” Janet picked up the pen, adjusted her length of service, Becky adjusted the document length of service. Once finished they handed the documents to me. I looked over the additions and I handed them a “BDSM Limits Checklist” telling her to wait for instructions after Janet was finished. I looked at Janet’s signed document and the length of the contract. I looked into her eyes.

“Is this correct Janet and Becky — never to end?” I handed the documents back to them.

“Yes, Master it is correct. I have been gone to long, and do not and will not seek another Master. Becky and I stayed a little over twelve months helping on the island, another four months looking for a Master; we found one but he was cruel and sadistic towards every woman or girl he had in his harem. Becky and I were together when he suddenly had a heart attack after beating my ass and her cunt for his pleasure. I guess you could say he never finished what he started. Therefore, to answer your question and to look at this “BDSM Limits Checklist”, I find only three things I will not do Master. One scat — just yuck; Piss — euwww…; No permanent marks anywhere on my body, unless Master wishes it.” Janet handed over the documents that she and Becky signed. I told my new sluts that they had one hour to look over the list and get it back to me. I left the study to go see my baby boys — well ok, they were in the terrible two stage at this point, but I loved it. I found Jazzy nursing our son and my other son; they had latched onto each nipple sucking away. I walked over to the boys and patted both their heads and passionately kissed Jazzy feeling under her dress the drenched pussy and her per usual. I returned to my study about thirty minutes later to see Janet and Becky kneeling in proper slave position waiting on their Master to command them.

“Very good Sluts, since rule one is that slaves and sluts will not wear any clothes covering their bodies, unless Master allows it. STRIP!” I watched as Janet unbuttoned the top of her sun dress, it fell in a heap on the floor at her feet; she was totally naked underneath, Becky, unzipped her shirt letting it drop in a pool at her feet, then pulled her shirt over her head, she was naked as well.

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