Nude Day Family Celebration Ch. 03

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Christopher honors Nude Day with a planned and hoped for naked, family celebration with his wife, Diana, his sister-in-law, Briana, his mother-in-law, Mary, and his grandmother-in-law, Agnes.

Continued from Chapter 02:

“Now tell me about my grandmother,” said Diana. “How would you sexually seduce her?” Diana laughed. “With her being an even bigger prude than my sister, I imagine her being a tough nut to crack. I have no idea in what decade she had sex last,” laughed Diana. “With my grandfather dying twenty-years ago, it must be at least twenty-years.”

He smiled.

“That’s easy. I dare say that she’d be easy to sexually seduce. Your grandmother is always so needy for hands on attention,” he said with a laugh.

She looked at him as if he had insulted her grandmother.

“What do you mean my grandmother is needy for hands on attention, Christopher,” asked Diana? “Are you calling my grandmother a whore?”

He laughed.

“No, not at all. I wasn’t calling your grandmother a whore. She’s always wanting me to rub her shoulders or give her a foot massage,” he said making massaging motions with his hands. “I imagine taking her foot in my lap and massaging her foot while sneaking peeks of her naked pussy beneath her nightgown.”

She looked at her husband with shock.

“Oh, my God, you are a pervert,” she said laughing. “Knowing my grandmother, unless she’s in the shower or sitting on the toilet, she’s never without her panties. She probably wears her granny panties to bed,” said Diana with a laugh.

He nodded his head in agreement of her assessment that he was a pervert.

“As if I was a perverted shoe salesman trying to get a glimpse of a woman’s panties while massaging your grandmother’s feet, I imagine stealthily lifting and spreading her legs wider to get a better look at her panty clad pussy. I imagined her foot resting against my erect cock and your grandmother’s toes playing with and sexually teasing the head of my throbbing and pulsating prick through my pajama bottoms,” said Christopher with a dirty laugh.

Diana continued stroking her husband.

“Good luck with my grandmother playing with your cock with her toes through your pajamas. She’d never do that,” said Diana with a laugh. “Tell me more about you massaging my grandmother’s shoulders and back,” said Diana. “How would you sexually seduce her while doing that?”

He looked at his wife as if he was looking at his grandmother-in-law.

“I imagined her wearing a low-cut nightgown with straps,” said Christopher. “I imagine lightly massaging her neck before massaging her shoulders. Then, while massaging her shoulders, I imagine stealthily removing her nightgown straps from her shoulders. Now, with her leaning forward and enjoying her massage, I imagine massaging her back while peering down the front of her open, nightgown top at what I could see of her naked breasts,” he said.

She laughed.

“I seriously doubt that you could stealthily remove my grandmother’s nightgown straps from her shoulders without her knowing,” said Diana. “Tell me. What else would you do to seduce my grandmother other than giving her a massage?”

He smiled at his wife with confidence.

“Then, when she leans back with me standing behind her and massaging her shoulders, I imagine rubbing my erect prick against her neck through my pajama bottoms while continuing to massage her back and shoulders,” he said. “Eventually, as if my naked cock was a vibrator, I imagine removing my cock from my pajama bottoms and rubbing my naked prick against your grandmother’s neck,” he said.

She laughed.

“Oh, Christopher. You’re too funny,” she said laughing. “As if she wouldn’t notice you rubbing your naked cock against her neck,” said Diana with another laugh. “Yet, don’t stop there. Please continue telling me more about your sexual fantasy of the sexual seduction of my grandmother,” said Diana. “What would you do with my grandmother next?”

He smiled as if he was imagining being sexually inappropriate with her grandmother.

“Ever so slowly, ever so stealthily, and ever so gently, I imagine moving my hands to the front of her to massage the tops of her abundant breasts. Gradually and slowly moving my hands lower, as soon as she relaxed and closed her eyes while enjoying my massage of the tops of her breasts, I imagine massaging her breasts and fingering her nipples through her nightgown,” he said.

Diana laughed at her husband sexual fantasy.

“Trust me on this, Christopher. My grandmother would never allow you to massage her breasts through her nightgown while fingering her nipples. She’d be so embarrassed. She’d be appalled. Mortified and horrified, she’d be so angry with you if you dared tried to touch her in such a sexually salacious, sexually inappropriate, and sexually forbidden way,” said Diana.

Not allowing his wife to ruin the sexual fantasy that he had of her grandmother, Christopher shrugged his indifference before continuing.

“In the way that I imagined having tuzla escort my wicked, sexual way with your mother’s and your sister’s big tits, I imagine having my wicked, sexual way with your grandmother’s big tits, too. If she’s anything like you and hopefully like your mother and sister, once I started fondling her breasts and fingering her nipples, she’d be putty in my hands,” he said with a dirty laugh. “As soon as he turned her head to look at me, I’d fill her mouth with my erect prick. I imagine your grandmother sucking my cock.”

Chapter 03:

Two years later, after giving birth to her daughter, Elizabeth, while her mother, Mary, was watching their baby, Diana went for a long drive with her husband, Christopher. She hasn’t had a moment to herself since she had her baby. They needed some alone time together and a drive through the country was just what the doctor ordered. They drove north through northern Massachusetts to New Hampshire and before veering over to Maine.

“Christopher,” said Diana looking from her husband to look at the scenic view of the woods. “Where are you taking me? We’ve been driving for hours. What is this place? Where are we going?” She laughed a melodious laugh. “We’re deep in the woods. Are you lost again?”

He laughed.

“Don’t worry. Relax and enjoy the ride. I know exactly where I’m going. I’m taking you to see something,” he said.

She relaxed, sat back in her seat, and looked out the window at the scenery while enjoying the view.

“My God, it’s so peacefully beautiful here. What is this place? Do you know the people who live here? Are they one of your clients?” She stared out the window and said as if talking to herself. “I wish we lived here,” she said with a sigh. “I’d do anything to live life peacefully quiet in the country instead of living in the noisy, dirty, and crime infested city.”

He looked at his wife and smiled.

“Anything? Hold that thought,” he said with a dirty laugh. “Don’t forget what you said that because I may hold you to that later, that you’d do anything to live life peacefully quiet in the country.”

She stared over at him.

“Since you’re holding me to what I said, allow me to qualify my remark. I’d do anything within reason to live in the country instead of the city,” she said with a smirk. “I wouldn’t kill someone or do something illegal to live in the country, but I’d do anything else, within reason,” she said while continuing to look out the car window. “Where are we going? Where are you taking me? What did you want to show me? What did you want me to see?”

Christopher smiled at his wife and reached out to touch and squeeze her hand.

“Calm down,” he said laughing. “It’s a surprise. Trust me. You’ll see. We’re almost there. I didn’t want to tell you about it until I showed you the property in person. What they say about a picture is worth a thousand words definitely pertains to this house,” he said.

She looked at him with excitement.

“Are you taking me to see a house? Are we buying a summer home in Maine?”

He smiled and patted her hand.

“You’ll see. You tell me,” he said.

# # #

Diana’s jaw dropped as her husband drove through the gated entry and along the long driveway and up to the house. As if he was driving up to a stately manor in England, the house had a huge circular driveway that could easily fit three cars abreast with room enough to open their car doors on both sides. He parked the car in front of the house and they got out to gawk at the house.

“Oh, my God, Christopher. What is this place? Who lives here? Whose house is this? It’s a mansion, a hidden gem, and a paradise away from everything and everybody,” she said getting out of the car.

He smiled at her with pride as if he owned the place.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it,” he said looking up at the house?

Diana looked from the house to look at him.

“Honey, how did you find this house? It’s magnificent. It’s so beautiful. It’s so private. It’s so big,” she said.

He surveyed the property as if he owned the property.

“The front overlooks the woods and the back overlooks the mountains and they have their own private lake,” said Christopher.

Diana looked at her husband with her mouth gaping open.

“Wow,” was all that she could say.

Obviously, she had never seen a house so grandly beautiful.

“It’s is quite spectacular, isn’t it,” he said pocketing his hands?

She nodded her head in agreement.

“It’s such a beautiful and peaceful place to live. God, I wish I lived here,” she said as if talking to herself. “I’d definitely do anything to live here, maybe even something illegal if it wasn’t too much of a crime, especially if I knew I wouldn’t be caught and go to jail,” she said with a laugh.

She looked from the house to look at her husband.

“Hold that thought,” he said again. “I may test you to see what you’d do to live in a house like this. Actually, as you can see from the for sale sign we just passed,” tuzla escort bayan he said giving his wife a smile, “this property is for sale.”

She looked at him stunned. She looked at him as if was teasing her with the prospect of buying this house, a house they couldn’t possibly afford. Yet, nonetheless their limited, budget busting finances, she looked at him with the same excitement she had when he asked her to marry him and, years later, when she told him she was pregnant. She looked at him as if she shared his dream of living in such a grand house.

“For sale?” She looked from the house to look at him with joy before looking at him with sadness. “This is much too expensive of a property for us to buy,” she said looking up at him. She looked at the house before looking at her husband again. “We can’t afford this.” She looked at the house again before looking at her husband again. “There’s no way we can afford this house. Right? Is there? Can we?”

He smiled at his wife again and paused in reflective thought before answering her.

“My client told me about her house, this house, and I was so intrigued with her description of the property that I had to see the house for myself. She gave me the key and the alarm code for us to have a look around,” he said.

Diana stared at the house in awe while Christopher looked at the house with pride.

“It’s amazing,” she said. “It’s one of those homes you see in Architectural Digest or in Robb Report,” she said.

He nodded her head in agreement.

“I’ve seen pictures of it on my computer but I’m seeing it for the first time with you.” He looked at the house as if he already owned the property. He looked at the house with pride. “It is quite spectacular, isn’t it? It’s the most beautiful property I’ve ever seen,” he said with his hand on his hips. “I never thought I could ever own such a grand house.”

He stood by his car in front of the house and they both stared up at the three-story, brick, stone, and wood structure before turning to look at the view of the private lake. Quite a lot to take in, between the house, the landscaped grounds, and the surrounding scenery, it was quite a lot to see and digest. Then, as if just realizing what he had said, she looked at him with shock.

“What do you mean, you never thought you could own such a grand house? You look like you’re considering buying it or already bought it. Tell me. Are you thinking about buying this house? Have you bought this house already without telling me?”

She looked annoyed, happy, and excited all at the same time. He gave her a reassuring smile.

“No. Of course not. I’d never buy anything, especially not a house and not even a car without discussing it with you first,” he said.

She stared up at the house with as much interest as she looked at the house with curiosity.

“Just for the Hell of it, how many bedrooms does it have, do you know? How many bathrooms? How many square feet? How much is it? Can we afford it,” she asked while looking at him with awe? “Suddenly, I feel as if I’m a perspective home buyer on House Hunters,” she said laughing. “Are you really considering buying this house?”

As if she was a police officer interrogating him for a crime she suspected him of doing, Diana fired questions at her husband. Christopher laughed at her excitement. Obviously, as much as he wanted this house, she wanted this house too.

“The house has 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms,” said Christopher reading from a realtor’s advertisement. “It’s just over 8,000 square feet and sits on a ten-acre lot with water rights and mountain views. An open floor, design plan, it has white oak and slate floors, and vaulted wood paneled ceilings. The great room has a three-level wall of windows panoramic view. The all white, Chef’s kitchen with soft closing, custom cabinetry with pull-out shelves, has white, marble countertops, an eight burner Wolf, gas stove, and a 6-foot wide Sub-Zero side by side refrigerator and freezer.”

Diana pulled at her husband’s arm as if she was a little girl in a candy store.

“Oh, my dream kitchen,” said Diana clutching her hands to her breasts and swooning. “Can we afford it?” She looked at her husband with the expectant eyes of a little girl at Christmas. “If we can’t, other than to tease me and to be mean, then why did you even take me here?”

Christopher ignored his wife and continued reading.

“All the bedrooms are en-suite with their own bathrooms and walk-in closets. There’s a five-car garage in back with an attached workshop. There’s even a bonus bedroom over the garage with a kitchen and a full bathroom. In addition to the lake that has a covered dock and a boatlift for a good-sized boat, there’s an in-the-ground, Olympic sized pool, a tennis court, a putting green, and custom landscaping throughout the property. The house has three, stone fireplaces, and a private study with wall-to-ceiling bookcases and a built-in rolling ladder,” said Christopher.

She pulled the brochure away from escort tuzla her husband to read it herself.

“It doesn’t say how much it cost,” she said turning the brochure over. “How much is it,” she asked looking up at her husband? She looked from the brochure to look at her husband. “Tell me. How much is the property, Christopher?”

Ready to burst her bubble of owning this property, he gave her a reluctant smile.

“Easily worth double that, it’s a tad over 2-million, a real bargain because it’s out in the middle of nowhere,” he said. “When they built it, they had no intention of selling it. Now, stuck with the property after her husband died, the owner is motivated to sell,” he said. “Unable to afford the mortgage on her own, she needs the money.”

Seemingly ruining her excitement, the color drained from her face.

“Two-million-dollars? We can’t possibly afford to buy a two-million-dollar house,” said Diana with disappointment before looking up at her husband with hopeful expectation. “Can we? Can we afford this house, Christopher? Tell me we can,” she said. “I do anything to live here. I’d sell my soul to the Devil to own this house.”

He gave her an encouraging smile.

“I’ll remind you later of what you said that you’d do anything to live here, even sell your soul to the Devil,” he said giving her a smug smile. “Actually, we can afford to buy this house if we sell our present house, our summer home, liquidate some of our investments, don’t take anymore budget busting vacations, and tighten our belts a bit, actually, a lot,” he said.

She gave her husband the look that she gives him when she knows that he’s not telling her everything.

“Only two million dollars for this house? If this house was in California, it would sell for five times that price,” she said looking at her husband. “Why are they selling this house for so little when it’s worth so much more? Obviously, there’s a catch,” she said looking at him as if expecting him to tell her that the house is haunted. “I know there’s a catch. There must be a catch. What’s the catch? Why would someone sell a brand-new house worth more than four-million-dollars for two-million-dollars? That just doesn’t make any sense. Is it built on swampland?”

# # #

Christopher smiled at his wife.

“Catch?” He nodded his head with solemness and feigned innocence. “Well,” he said with a pause and a nervous, little smile. “There is one, itsy bitsy, teeny, weenie, tiny, little catch,” he said pausing to smile at his wife. “Now, keep in mind what you said before that you’d be willing to do anything to live out in the peacefully, quiet country, even sell your soul to the Devil.”

Diana looked at Christopher with as much curiosity as she looked at her husband with sadness.

“What? What’s the catch?” She looked from her husband to look at the house again before looking at her husband again. Obviously, she was hoping for the best while expecting the worst. “Is the house haunted, cursed, had a fire, is flood damaged, built on a sinkhole, or something like that?”

Christopher shook his head.

“No, nothing like that. I assure you, the house is sound. There’s nothing wrong with the house. The house is brand new and never been lived in,” he said pausing to unlock, open the front door, and turn off the alarm.

As if she had walked into an English manor, or as if she was Daisy Buchanan walking into Jay Gatsby’s mansion for the first time, Diana looked all around the house agog.

“Oh, my God,” she said twilling around in the reception hall as if she was dancing at a ball while staring up at the high ceiling. “This house is massive. This house is spectacular. It has such a grand entrance. If The Great Gatsby built a house in the backwoods of Maine instead of West Egg on Long Island, New York, this house would be his house.”

He laughed with her referencing what he was thinking about Gatsby’s mansion.

“Actually, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s house depicted in The Great Gatsby was bigger and grander than this house. Compared to the house in the novel, this would be a mere cottage,” he said with a laugh. “This would be the guesthouse where Gatsby’s friend, Nick, would live.”

She looked at her husband with curiosity.

“Then, tell me. What’s wrong with the house? Why is she selling it?”

Ready to destroy her innocence and challenge her moral code while fearing her negative reaction, Christopher smiled at his wife’s naivety. If he told her the background of this house, she may not want to live in it. If he told her the stipulation she’d have to adhere to when buying this house, she may not want to buy it. Yet, a magical house on the perfect piece of land, perhaps, she’d surprise him and embrace all that this house was meant to be. He took a big breath before speaking while smiling over at his wife.

“The house was owned by nudists who were swingers,” he said pausing again before continuing to read her reaction to buying a house that was owned by nudists who were also swingers.

Seemingly not surprised or shocked, she looked at him sideways while waiting for him to continue his explanation.

“Nudists? Swingers? Okay,” she said with a confused look on her face while lurching by him to gain entry to the house.

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