Nude Model

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Ever since my neighbor Amy found out that I was posing nude for a college art class, she has been pestering me.

How many females in the class?

How do you pose?

Do you get aroused?

Are you embarrassed?


Now don’t get me wrong…I really do like Amy. We’ve had several nude outings together…but have refrained from actually going all the way.

But. she likes to tease me…”just to keep in practice, Bob”.

We’ll be sitting quietly chatting, when she’ll nonchalantly unzip me and pull out my penis to play with it…as if she has nothing better to do. She explains that she needs to keep her hands busy since recently quitting smoking.

It works for me.

Anyway, she has a friend, Ann, who would like to meet me. Amy didn’t elaborate but I figured it would have something to do with getting naked…me getting naked, that is.

I agreed to go over to Ann’s with Amy and hear them out.

“Ann, this is Bob Cleve. The man I told you about.”

“Very pleased to meet you, Robert.”

Ann extended her hand to mine and we shook…smiling all the while with her pleasant, warm, blue eyes.

“Come in you two and have a seat..”

She seemed relaxed … confidant and at ease making us feel very welcome to her home.

While Ann is near 60 years old, she exudes femininity thru every pore.

Wearing a soft pastel sweater, mid length skirt, a loose gold bracelet hung from her wrist and just a hint of perfume…

As she bent over to serve coffee, she leaned in and said softly to me, “And where shall we begin?”

“Go ahead, Ann… tell Bob.”

“Well, Robert, its like this. I have two nieces visiting who will be going away to school in the fall. And I……well I……. think that….… they should……”

“Go ahead Ann, Bob’s not shy”

“Okay…Robert, I think that they should become acquainted with the male body.”

“I see, Ann”, I finally said.

“A nude male body, Robert.”

“Yes, Ann”

“I wanted to interview you Escort Bayan first before bringing in the girls to be certain that you were compatible…that you were suitable…there are other criteria, other aspects of your…

Well…ah… She was hesitating again…a little I broke in.

“Is this to be a live Anatomy Class, with a naked man as a prop?”

“Exactly, Robert,,,I knew you’d understand.

I think you’ll do just fine. Don’t you Amy?”

Before Amy could answer…

“Now stand up, Robert, and strip”

That was direct.

No, please disrobe…or would you feel more comfortable going more slowly …or how would you like to pose. Nothing…

“I said get up and strip, Robert…now”

It was okay…she was tense. And I enjoy being nude in front of women, so I began.

“A little faster, Robert.”

Shirt, pants, shoes, socks…gone.

Only the boxers remained, as I stood in front of them.

“Please, take off those shorts, Robert, and come closer.”

Finally some civility!

I dropped the shorts and stood silently for a second. Fully and totally naked for them.

Pretty much like art class…only a smaller audience…my penis hung limply and slightly swollen. Drooping over my balls and scrotum.

“That’s very nice, Robert. Do you mind?”

With that,

Ann reached under gently and felt the heftiness of my balls with her left hand. Then looking over to Amy and bouncing them in her hand, said.

“These hang a bit low don’t they, Amy?

And they are a little larger than normal”

Amy just smiled and let Ann continue.

“Turn around, Robert, and let’s see you from behind.”

Besides the genitals, gals really get a kick out of a guy’s ass. Never understood that one…must be like breasts is for a guy.

I turned as Ann and Amy watched. My penis and balls moved apart and rubbed against my thighs….this was getting to be fun.

Ann spoke, “Very cute buttocks, Robert.”… as she gently placed Bayan Escort her open hand on a cheek and stroked it slowly….”Very smooth….no flaws…no fat…very nice indeed.”

She continued to stroke my butt as she spoke. Holding her hand there while she had me turn back around…slowly.

“This penis, Amy”…as it fell into her palm as I completed the turn.

“This penis, Amy… I would like to see a little more substance here.”

“Ann, Bob is a professional model and knows how to conduct himself”

Ann leered at her.

“Okay…. Bob give her a little more substance”

What Amy said is true.

I rarely get aroused while modeling and do a decent job of controlling my erections.

I’ll puff up some for Ann and see how she reacts.

“Ready, Ann?”

“Let me see, Robert.”

My cock began to swell in Ann’s tiny hand as she kept adjusting her grip to accommodate its increasing size.

Kneading and stoking it while she watched.

“This is much better, Robert”

As it filled her hand the head began to peak out from under the foreskin.

“I like an uncircumcised penis, Robert”…as she stroked back …exposing the head completely.

“What’s this …about six inches so far, Amy?…holding my cock out for Amy to see.

“I guess so, Ann.”

“It’s meaty and tender. Oh, Robert, give us a full erection, please.”

I could have done it with just Ann’s helping hand but I wanted to bring Amy into this more. Also, I needed to have a nice set of tender lips on my cock. Amy is such a sweet girl and looks so good with a cock in her mouth.

“Amy would you please help me…suck on the head for a moment”

Amy was caught by surprise…but came over and started to kiss it.

With each kiss my cock got bigger until it was fully engorged. Ann stroked it up and down and said…

“Yes, this will do just fine. Looks like you’re the man….Would you be our model, Robert?”

Of course. I would say yes but wanted to prolong Escort this episode with the ladies.

“Probably, Ann, but besides acting as a nude prop…what other exercises will be covered in your demonstration for the girls?

“We’ll start with a strip…just you, Robert.

You should plan on being a bit provocative when you disrobe. I want the girls to experience this as sexually as possible without actually completing the act.

We’ll go over your entire body…in detail. Something like today.

You know..

Balls…erection…scrotum…buttocks…Okay, so far?”

“Is that all, Ann?”

“Well, a couple more demonstrations on techniques and that’s about all.”

“Like what, Ann?”

“Well… I want to demonstrate how the male scrotum retracts around the balls when it is cold. So….maybe…. I’ll…. have you drop your balls in a cold bowl of ice water.”

“Ouch! Ann” as I winked at her and Amy.

My erection was coming back up to full force as I imagined my balls in the water and my cock hanging over the rim of the bowl.

“Will the girls have to handle me… in any way, Ann?”

“If you don’t mind…I want both girls to jack you off…to completion if you can manage two ejaculations.”

“Anything else,Ann?”

“If you think you can pull it off…I want you to jack off for all of us.”


“Better yet, Robert. Stand up right now and jack off!”

“Right, now. And jack off nice and slow.

Let’s see how much cum you’ve got stored in those big balls of yours.”

How could I refuse such a request?

I stood up, still completely naked and walked over to where Amy and Ann were sitting.

“Close enough ladies?”

They smiled and nodded as I took my nearly full and very meaty penis in my right hand.

I bent at the knees and thrust my pelvis and cock towards them…they were delightful to look at.

I slowly began to stroke my cock as they watched.

My balls slapping against my legs…

End of chapter one

Chapter Two: Sandi and Sharon’s Class Begins…

I’ll write this final chapter soon. In the meantime if you readers have suggestions how it might go…please let me know.

I enjoyed writing this one and would feel the same towards your comments.

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