Object of Incest

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Hi my name is Bianca. I’m 20 years old and just moved in with my father’s side of the family. He lives in a small town in central America called, San Juan de Dios. My mother actually convinced me to go by saying it would be a good thing to spend some time with my father. The last time I’d seen him in person was when I was 10. We had written letters and talked on the phone a lot but I was still nervous. When I met his wife and family they seemed to be a loving family. My Dad was so happy to have me around and his wife was very friendly and caring. I had a half brother, who was somewhat shy and quiet but he seem cool. He was just 18 a bit chubby and didn’t have many friends. To my surprise I also got to meet my grandfather. My Dad’s father though was sick, and needed to be taken care of.

As my father and I talked we spoke about everything that had happened to each of us since when I last saw him. Dad’s hair was white and he was going bald. He was in good shape, though still looked young. I was short and skinny when he last saw me but now I was all grown. I was 5′ 6′ with a woman’s body topped off with a 36D chest and flat tummy. With a firm ass and I sported long black hair. He kept telling me how much I reminded him of my mother when he first met her.

Because the house was small I had to share the room with my half brother. This would give me some time get to know him and establish some kind of relationship with him. Seeing as how shy he was I figured I would try to see if I could get him to be more out going.

When Monday came every one had to go work or school except me. My Dad asked if I would take care of my grandfather and his needs. Since he was an old man and ill I would have to bath him and bring his food. I also was to make sure he took his medicines. I was happy to be of help to my Dad and my half family. I just figured it would be a good was to get to know my grandfather. While he was not so sick that he was dying or anything like that. He would be very week in the morning but after eating and taking his meds he would be ok the rest of the day. He would be able to walk around the house or even the yard.

I said bye to every one as they when to work, and to my brother who was just starting college. I went back in after they left and took a shower. I changed into older clothes perfect for working in the house. I assumed I would do some cleaning in between helping grandfather. I prepared some breakfast tuzla escort for Grandpa but as I made my way to his room I forgot I would have to give him a sponge bath. I placed the breakfast in the microwave and brought a bucket full of warm water and a sponge to his room. I knocked his door saying.

“Grandfather are you ready for your sponge bath.”

He replied.

“Sure sweetheart come on in.”

He was already sitting up on the bed and taking his pajama shirt off. I placed the bucket on the floor next to him and started to pass the wet sponge over his body lathering him up and at the same time washing him off gently. While I washed him I reminisced with him of my memories of him from my youth. He was pleasant to chat with. As I made my way to his waist and the lower parts of his body I gently pulled his boxers off. To my surprise I saw that his cock was stiff and sprang out away from his belly and was standing at attention. He was rock hard. It surprised me that at his age he would still get that hard. He was in his 80’s but his 6 and a 1/2-inch erection for some reason shocked me. I guess I figured at that age men did not have a sex drive.

He wasn’t shy about it in fact he made a joke out of it saying.

“Well what do you expect when a pretty young woman touches me?”

And he laughed as he took my soapy hand and placed it on his hard shaft. I was stunned but didn’t think too much of it. I just thought of it as a part of the bath. I started to stroke his rigid member as I was soaping it up. I could see the enjoyment he was having as I did it. I had soaped every part even under his balls but as I tried to then wash his legs he asked me to soap his shaft some more. He begged my and said please. I agreed but let him know that I wasn’t comfortable doing this with him. He promised her would close his eyes while I soaped it. So I continued. I could see that his hips were slightly pushing up against my hand with each stroke. When I stopped he opened and said.

“Please sweetheart! I am an old man who hasn’t had a release for a long time.”

He continued

“Just do this favor for me just this one time.”

I thought about it as he continued to beg and say please only one time. He said it would be our secret. I guess I just wanted to get out of that predicament so I agreed. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I started washing the soap off and softly stroking pendik escort his cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. For some reason as I kept stroking his cock I noticed that it was curved slightly upward. The head was bigger than the shaft and the shaft was covered in veins. As I continued to stroke he beg me to go faster so I started to stroke furiously. His hips would push up trying to keep up with the movement. It wasn’t long before he shot out a huge load of cum. Shot after shot as if he had been holding it for years. His first shot went over my head but the continuing shots got on my chest and made their way down my blouse between my breasts. He rose up as if he wanted to shoot his load on my face but it was too late. When he was finished I got up and ran to take a shower as he was saying thank you. I got all my clothes off and jumped into the shower and washed off all cum. I still could not believe I did that but forgave myself because it would be only that one time, or so I thought.

The next two weeks were relatively calm. Grandfather talked me into relieving him only two more times in that period. I reluctantly did thinking I was just doing him a favor. One day as I finished his sponge bath he told me he was going for a walk in the back yard before eating breakfast. I told him I would then do some laundry downstairs while he walked in the yard. He got up completely naked and threw on a bathrobe and made his way to the yard.

I quickly went to take a shower and changed my clothes to do my laundry. To my surprise, I’d been neglecting it. I didn’t have a choice of clean clothes I had one last pair of underwear and an old cheerleading skirt. I had to wear an old t-shirt of my brother’s. Everything else was in the hamper. So I took the hamper full of clothes down to the basement. I started to separate the colors when my grandpa came in from his walk. He seemed very alive and talkative. He and I started talking about stuff in general. I could feel his eyes watching me even when my back was turned. I could feel him gazing at me. Since I had forgotten how revealing my skirt was. It was so short it barely covered my ass. The t-shirt I had on was small too.

He came up behind me and gave me a little grandfather kiss on my head. I thought it was cute till I felt his arms come around my waist. He hugged me tighter and I felt his penis hardening on one of my ass cheeks. I didn’t say anything aydınlı escort since I thought it was a normal reaction. When he started moving his penis accommodating himself so his dick was between the crack of my ass. Meanwhile he whispered how good it felt to be pressed up against me a young beautiful woman. He repeated what a wonderful granddaughter I was. I tried moving away but his hold on me was firm. Then I felt him as he started to open his robe and at the same time lift my skirt up.

“Grandpa, what you doing?”

I asked as I tried to get loose of his hold around my waist,

“Let gramps feel some skin, please just this one time.”

He responded and kept repeating.

I don’t know why I stopped moving but I did and I just let it happen. I guess I just didn’t want any trouble or have to listen to him beg me. I guessed just this one time and that would be it. His breathing became heavier as he started to pull my panties down. He started to press up against me placing his cock between my legs and ass cheeks the top of his cock would rub against my pussy with every trust he made. Every time he pushed forward he would push in so violently against me that I had to hold on to the washer. As he pounded himself against me I would look back at his face while he would look down at how his crotch would smack against my butt cheeks. I caught my self looking at his cock. He would keep repeating.

“OMG it’s so beautiful and feels great.”

I took one of my hands and softly placed it between my legs in front trying to guide his cock so it wouldn’t “accidentally” introduce itself in my pussy. I just wanted it to be over. His grip on my hips got stronger and his thrusts got harder and faster as I could feel his dick started to throb. Although I hated what was happening my pussy was betraying me. It was soaked. I was as wet as I have ever been. The friction of his cock on my pussy and it wasn’t long before he started shooting his load. I looked down and saw each of his shots hit the washing machine. A big amount of his cum landed across my panties as his cock dribbled some cum onto my panties. As he pulled out from between my legs he pulled my panties up. I jumped in surprise and disgust as I could feel his cum mixing with my pussy juices. I didn’t have any other clothes to change in to and I did not trust Grandfather to go without panties so I just had to wait till they dried.

After that incident nothing else happened with my grandfather for a while. Well nothing as big as laundry day. He would still beg me to give him hand jobs from time to time and every so often I did but that was it with Grandfather. Unfortunately it wasn’t it for me.

To Be continued…

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