Obsessed With Her Ch. 01

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Ciara Johnson had been starring in all of Lauren’s fantasies since her cousin Paul drug her to see their team’s big game against their

rival the Bears. Lauren wasn’t really into football. At 5’11 she was 185lbs of pure muscle and the only sport she loved was basketball. But her cousin loved football and since he did attend all her games she figured she could go to at least one of his. So she sat there in the front row with her arms folded wearing a pair of jogging pants and a sweater. She had her hair pulled into a bun with a cap pulled low hiding most of her creamy white face, waiting for her cousin to score. She was barely paying attention until the cheerleaders started preparing for their routines. That got her to sit up and take notice. She loved watching cheerleaders. Nothing turned her on more than watching those sexy bodies stretch and flip around in those skimpy outfits. Seeing her ex out there flipping and doing splits in the air even turned her on. But her normal excitement was nothing compared to when the Bears’ cheerleaders took the field.

That was the 1st time she saw her. She was 5’2 with these mouthwatering breasts that had to be about a D-cup. She had a barely visible 6-pk and these thick thighs that made you just want to fall asleep between them. Her ass wasn’t really big but it wasn’t little either and it was perfectly round. Her face belonged on the cover of a magazine, especially when she smiled. Her back was even sexy. The whole package was covered in this golden caramel skin with long sandy brown hair falling past her shoulders and sea green eyes that seemed to be staring into Lauren’s soul. As Lauren watched that smiling face and perfect body prancing around the field everything else became a blur. She couldn’t see anything but her.

The routine started with two rows of females bent at the waist facing each other. Ciara’s plump round ass was on display for Lauren’s hungry gaze and she just stared as her already wet pussy got wetter. All she could think about was running her tongue all over that ass and in between those cheeks. After a lot of flips and tricks Ciara and a couple other girls were being held up on one leg while the other one was pulled up behind them. Standing there with her foot beside her head had Ciara’s breasts straining against her uniform. Of course she wasn’t the only one but she was the only one Lauren had eyes for. When the game finally ended Lauren excused herself from Paul supposedly to use the restroom but she really just wanted another glimpse of that goddess before she left. As she hid near the Bears’ buses she not only got a view of perfection but also found out the perfection’s name was Ciara. She watched until Ciara boarded the bus then made her way back to her cousin.

She wasn’t surprised to see her ex, Bethany, standing with him but it still irritated her. She wasn’t facing her and she was still in uniform but she knew it was her. That ass, neck, and soft blonde hair was permanently stamped into her memory, especially the memory of seeing it as she was riding some guy’s dick. Her beautiful Beth. It still hurt and that just pissed her off more. She walked up and completely ignored Beth by speaking directly to Paul.

“So, you ready to go?”

“Yea but are you sure there aren’t anymore cheerleaders you want to ogle?” Lauren looked directly at Bethany and said, “Nope, none at all.” Before they could walk away Beth asked Lauren could she speak to her for a minute. Lauren sent Paul to the car and said she’d be along in a minute. As soon as he was out of earshot she told Beth to hurry up and start talking.

“I miss you Reeny.” Lauren hated that pet name but she didn’t wanna prolong this conversation so she just over looked it.

“Is that all you wanted to tell me?” Since she didn’t respond Lauren turned to walk away but was stopped by a hand on her shoulder, then pulled behind the bleachers. Even though she knew what was coming she didn’t stop her. Not even when Beth pushed her against the fence and wrapped her arms around her neck, or when she rubbed her body against her, or even when she started sliding her tongue around in her ear. When Lauren bit back a moan Beth knew she had her.

“I need you Reeny,” she whispered. Lauren knew exactly what that meant and the thought of Beth’s sweet wet pussy had her mouth watering. She hadn’t tasted a pussy since she broke up with Beth and that had been over 2 months ago. Then Beth started slowly grinding her pelvis against Lauren’s strap causing it to rub against Lauren’s already aroused pussy. “It’s aching for you Reeny. Nobody can satisfy it like you. I need your mouth baby.” Lauren knew this was a mistake but maybe one more time would get Beth out of her system. She grabbed Beth’s ass then turned and lifted her against the fence. Beth just smiled as Lauren’s mouth crushed hers. When Lauren grabbed one of her perky B-cup tits she let out a soft moan. This made Lauren slide her tongue into her mouth. She loved the way Lauren’s tongue ran all around in her mouth the way it did when it was in her pussy. She licked all over her tongue, bursa escort the sides of her mouth, and the roof. When Lauren finally found and started pulling on one of her sensitive nipples she let out a louder moan and started sucking on Lauren’s tongue and grinding against her strap again. When Lauren finally pulled her mouth away to catch her breath Beth let out a moan in protest then started kissing and sucking on Lauren’s neck. Lauren let out a low moan then asked Beth if she drove. When she nodded she let her down and told her to give her a ride back to her place. She called and told her cousin, then hung up as he started teasing about old habits dying hard.

As they headed toward her house Lauren just stared at Beth’s profile. She could never get over how beautiful she was. Her 5’4 frame weighed about 100 pounds or less and her tanned skin was glowing in the moonlight. Her blonde hair was pulled up into a ponytail which left her neck bared for Lauren’s mouth. When she leaned over and took one of Beth’s earlobes into her mouth the car swerved. She chuckled then started sucking on her neck and eased a hand between her legs. Beth’s moans were so fucking sexy and she wanted to make her moan louder. She started rubbing a finger up and down Beth’s crotch through her spankies and she could tell there was nothing under them. When she slipped her hand beneath those spankies and started rubbing her thumb directly over her clit while continuing to suck on her neck Beth’s whimpers filled the car. Then suddenly the car stopped. She realized Beth had pulled over when she climbed over from the driver’s seat to straddle her lap. She had her mouth glued to Lauren’s before she could react. As Beth lured Lauren’s tongue into her mouth Lauren’s hand resumed its previous position under Beth’s spankies. This time she started slowly sliding two fingers in and out of her pussy and mimicked the motion with her tongue in Beth’s mouth swallowing Beth’s every moan. When she felt her getting near her climax she began rubbing her thumb over her clit again and slid her hand under her shirt to squeeze and pull on Beths nipples. Beth was practically screaming Lauren’s name and after a few minutes she came unglued. Her pussy squeezed Lauren’s fingers as her cum ran out all over her hand.

Lauren removed her fingers and slowly cleaned them with her tongue as Beth rested her head on her shoulder expelling shallow breaths. She had planned on just teasing Beth until they’d reached her house but she needed to really taste her now. She couldn’t wait another 15 minutes to get home. She quickly deposited Beth back into her seat.

“Take them off now!” She ordered as she leaned her seat all the way back. Beth had barely gotten her spankies off when Lauren told her to come put her pussy in her mouth. Beth climbed up Lauren’s body until her pussy hovered above her mouth. She held on to the top of the back seat as Lauren grabbed her ass and took one long slow lick from the top of her ass crack all the way to her clit and circled it before retreating back down the path it came. When her mouth fastened to Beth’s pussy and started sucking as her tongue slid between her lips and started lapping up all her previous juices Beth started making those sexy purring sounds only she could make. She couldn’t get enough of her and after she’d cleaned every drop from her she moved her hands to Beth’s puffy lips and separated them to produce more. She slid her tongue in as deep as she could before moving her hands back to grip Beth’s ass. She held her tightly to her face as her tongue twirled around in Beth’s pussy searching out familiar spots. When Beth’s pussy started oozing juices again she licked some up before moving up to lick around her clit. Beth was grinding against her face as that skillful tongue tortured her. Lauren was ready for her mouth to be filled with sweet pussy juices so she slid two fingers in to rub against Beth’s g-spot while she sucked and nibbled on her clit. Beth was squeezing the seat and riding those fingers like her life depended on it. When her climax neared Lauren removed her fingers and shoved them in Beth’s ass while she sucked on Beth’s entire pussy. A long moan was ripped from Beth’s throat followed by several ‘Oh Reeny’s as her pussy juices squirted into Lauren’s mouth. Beth remained over Lauren’s face as she licked her clean then crawled over and laid across the back seat.

“I haven’t cum like that since the 1st time you made me cum. No one can do it like you. I hope you don’t expect me to drive because I don’t have the energy to even move.”

“I’ll drive.” Lauren climbed over into the driver’s seat and adjusted it then took off for her place. By the time they got to Lauren’s Beth was ready for round 2. Lauren’s dad was out of town as usual so they had the house to themselves. When they reached Lauren’s room Beth pushed her on the bed then walked over to her stereo and selected a cd with a song from one of Lauren’s favorite routines. After popping it in she turned to face Lauren and started swinging her hips back and forth. The dance routine was sexy and had Lauren’s full attention. When Beth turned away and slid down to the splits Lauren’s arousal began to fade. Then when she got onto her knees and began bursa escort bayan moving like she was riding the air, all Lauren could see was her riding some guy’s dick.

“Get out.” Beth turned to her with a look of confusion.

“What do you mean Reeny?”

“Quit fucking calling me that. I never liked that stupid name.”


“Yea, me too. This was a stupid ass idea. Just get up and get out my house.” Beth rose up and walked toward her but stopped when Lauren put her hand up. “Just get out.”

“Why Reen…I mean Lauren? What’s wrong? What did I do?”

“You know what you did.”

“But I apologized. I thought you forgave me.”

“I could never forgive that enough to give you another chance. I thought I could get one last fuck in but I can’t even get that. All I can see is you riding him. Just get the fuck out.”


“Get out!!!” Beth turned and ran out. Lauren let out a relieved breath when she heard the car start but when she turned over she let out a curse. She was still wet as fuck. Her thoughts drifted back to Ciara. She grabbed her strap and rubbed it back and forth against her clit imagining Ciara riding her until she came, then dozed off.


Lauren was lying across the bed staring at the ceiling thinking. It had been almost two months since that night. Since then she had been to five Bears’ games. Every game she sat in the 1st row and her entire focus was centered on Ciara. She watched and fantasized about her during the whole game. Even when the players were on the field her eyes stayed on her. She had thought they’d made eye contact a couple of times but then Ciara would look away as if she didn’t notice her sitting there salivating. She had to cum in the car some of the time in order to make it home from a game without being distracted. She almost came from just watching their routines. When she wasn’t at a game watching her she was dreaming about her. She had even lost a game yesterday because of her. She’d been playing some 3 on 3 at the park and got distracted when she thought she’d seen her. They were tied but while she was trying to see if the girl she saw was really Ciara she’d missed a block and let them score. She was still mad about that. She never let anything distract her during a game. And how could she be that stupid? Why would Ciara be there watching her play basketball? She didn’t even know her.

Lauren laid there trying to decide what to do about this situation. They were about to start practicing for the season and she’d be damned if she’d fuck up because of a girl that wasn’t even hers. That meant she had two options. She either had to make her hers or forget about her and move the fuck on. Since she knew the latter wasn’t even an option unless she turned her down she concentrated on the 1st option. Then it dawned on her that she didn’t even know if she was into girls. From her observations she didn’t seem to be interested in males or females. She was never with anyone after a game. She just headed straight to the bus. Well it didn’t hurt to try and if she got turned down at least she’d tried. First she needed to decide when to approach her. Should she walk up to her before or after the game? Maybe she could show up at their school and wait for her to walk out the building.

She contemplated those different ideas and figured she might as well check her facebook while she was thinking. She had tons of messages from her friends most were just hellos, what are you doing, or how did you blow that game yesterday. She responded to most of them but then she ran across a message from a Ciara. Her heart stopped beating and started hoping. Before even seeing the picture the message confirmed her suspensions. It said “When are you gonna stop just drooling over me and speak to me?” Lauren didn’t even know she was smiling until her dad walked in. He had to call her three time before he got her attention.

“Yes Dad?”

“Well what about that phone has you so happy?”

“Someone wrote me a great message.”

“Well that sounds nice. Anyhow Sweetie, I have to leave for Rio tonight to check on the new medical center. There is a problem at the construction site and they need me there. I should be back by Friday but if you need me before then you know how to contact me.”

“Yea ok.” She was too busy thinking to pay any real attention to him but his going away was nothing new. Maybe Ciara was online. She had sent her the message yesterday but she was probably one of those people who was constantly checking messages and updating their statuses. She hoped she was. She hit send on her message and waited. Her response had been a simple “When should I?” She didn’t have to wait long for a response. All it said was “ASAP” but to Lauren it had said please come eat me and fuck my brains out right now. Lauren sent her number and told her to call her. Less then two minutes had passed when her phone started ringing and she answered before the second ring.


“Hi.” That simple greeting made Lauren wetter than the message had. She also realized it was the 1st time she’d actually heard her voice. Normally she was just yelling along escort bursa with the other cheerleaders and the crowd.

“How are you doing?”

“I’m soaking wet but other than that I’m fine.” Lauren couldn’t even come back with her usual ‘I know you’re fine but I didn’t ask how you looked’ line. Her mind had gone blank when she’d heard that. Her mind drifted to one of her fantasies of eating Ciara out on the field right after a game. She was imagining sucking on her clit when she realized Ciara was calling her.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

“If your attention span is that short I’m surprised you even remember to look at me during a game.”

“My attention span is fine. You just distracted me with that comment.”

“Is that right? So what did that comment make you think about?”

“You. So how long have you noticed me ‘drooling over you’ as you put it?”

“Since we played your school.”


“Yea. I thought you were about to hop the rail and come onto the field. I can tell when someone’s watching me and not just watching us.”

“Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

“I was waiting for you to do it but since you wouldn’t even talk to me at the park yesterday I figured I’d have to speak 1st.”

“You were at the park yesterday?”

“You didn’t see me? I thought you’d miss that block because you were looking at me.”

“I did. Well I thought it was you but I didn’t see you again and figured it was just my imagination.”

“Well it wasn’t. Why didn’t you come speak to me at the 1st game?”

“Didn’t know if you were into girls or not.”

“No biggie. You know I’m interested now. Or do I need to specifically say it? I mean you are kind of slow.”

“Actually I’m usually very perceptive. It’s one of the things that help my game.”

“Maybe I just throw you off your game? I think that’s what it is. That’s one of the best compliments a girl can get so I’ll forgive you for making me wait forever.”

“So what now?”

“Now that you’ve got me you don’t know what you wanna do with me?”

“Oh believe me baby I know exactly what I wanna do with you.”

“Well when are you planning on doing it?”

“Whenever you want me to.”

“What are you doing right now?”

“Nothing important.”

“Well why don’t you come do me instead.”

“I’d be glad to.” Ciara gave her the directions and she broke records getting there. When she pulled up she could see Ciara on the 2nd floor balcony with her breast all but falling out of her halter smiling. She could tell she didn’t have on a bra and her mouth watered. She sat in the car for a minute trying to calm herself down and convince herself this wasn’t a dream. She was startled by a knock on the window. She must’ve been sitting a while because Ciara had made her way down to the car. She unlocked it and moved to get out but Ciara came and stood between her legs.

“Did you come to do more drooling or did you come to get the real thing?” Lauren placed both hands on Ciara’s ass and pulled her closer. Then she slid one hand up over her exposed back then over her shirt until she reached her neck. Then she grabbed the back of her neck and pulled her head down to hers as she squeezed her ass.

“Does that answer your question?”

“Maybe. I might need a little more convincing.” Lauren barely touched her lips as she brushed hers against them then traced them with her tongue. She kissed her cheeks, her nose, under her chin, the sides of her lips, everywhere but directly on Ciara’s lips until Ciara moaned and wrapped her hands around her neck and kissed her herself. She gripped Ciara’s ass with both hands and held on as she forced her tongue into Ciara’s mouth. When she got her 1st taste of her she thought she’d died and gone to heaven. She tasted as delicious as she looked. When she broke off the kiss to trail kisses up and down her neck Ciara moaned and suggested that they should go in the house. Lauren laughed then released her so she could get up. She watched Ciara’s ass sway in the world’s tiniest shorts all the way up to her room. As soon as Ciara closed the door Lauren was grabbing her ass and lifting her against it. Ciara wrapped her arms and legs around Lauren and held on as she went right back to her neck. Her mouth was all over Ciara’s neck licking, kissing, and sucking then she moved back up to her ear. Then whispered in Ciara’s ear about how long she’d been dreaming about tasting her.

Ciara slid down Lauren’s body then started dancing. She moved seductively to music only she could hear as Lauren practically panted after her. Her shirt slid slowly over her head and her two melons came into view. She pinched both of her nipples and let out a moan before pulling a nipple to her mouth to suckle it. After repeating this she held both of them toward Lauren as if in an offering. Just as Lauren reached her she maneuvered around the bed out of her grasp. She then turned away and bent over as she slid her skin tight spandex shorts down over her ass. That left her in nothing but a black and gold g-string. When she turned around Lauren could see the word “Princess” in Gold letters across the little triangle of material covering her mound. Ciara slowly untied the strings at her side and let the thin material fall to the floor revealing her smooth bald pussy. She then climbed onto the bed and spread her legs allowing Lauren to gaze into her wet pink hole.

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