Oddball Ch. 02

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Brandi Braids

*Author’s Note: Any persons Engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Chapter 1

‘Crack this shell and bring me home,’ autumn’s ‘Shadow Girl’ poured out of the speakers and Mary Farmer sang along with it. Thomas looked over and smiled at her and she blushed and looked away, embarrassed.

He wondered what she would do if he leaned over and kissed her.

“Probably call me ‘Satan’ and jump out of my truck,” he thought.

Her parents were overly zealous religious fanatics and it was reflected in her manner of dress. Her dress went from her throat to her ankles, no flesh was exposed. Her round face was all but obscured behind her large horn rimmed glasses, and her long brown hair hung down to the back of her calves.

She looked over at him and blushed and looked away again. He was so handsome. She wanted so badly to kiss him, to feel those soft moist lips pressed against hers.

“He probably doesn’t like me like that,” she told herself.

“Football game tonight,” he said.

“You going?” she asked him.

“Have to,” he laughed. “I’m on the team.”

“Oh, yeah,” she said, remembering that he was on the football team.

“You going?” he asked.

She looked at her lap, at her hands folded demurely in her lap. She shook her head no, a tear beginning to form.

“You know my mama would never let me go to anything like that,” she whispered, a sob catching in her throat.

“I know,” he sighed. “Be nice to know you were there, cheering me on.”

“I will be cheering you on,” she said and innocently put her hand on his thigh.

His erection was immediate. Silently he cursed himself and prayed that she would not notice, would not get frightened or disgusted.

“Oh my Heavens!” she thought, looking at the sizable lump in his jeans.

She had a vague idea of what a man’s penis looked like, having snuck a look at the illustrations in the encyclopedia in the school library. The drawings did not give any kind of reference points, did not say how large or small they were supposed to be. Since it was supposed to fit into the woman’s vagina, she imagined they’d have to be pretty small, even though she heard boys, disgusting, vile boys bragging about how big their manhood’s were.

Looking at the lump that Thomas had, she wasn’t sure how in the world that would fit into her small vagina. But the thought of trying, the thought of touching it, kissing it (she wasn’t sure if she could fit it into her mouth either) had her womanhood very excited.

“I’ll ask my mama,” she said as they pulled into the school parking lot.

“Don’t,” he said and sighed. “Don’t get yourself in trouble.”


He sat and waited for a few moments, just watching her little bottom as she walked from the parking lot to the school corridor.

“Damn it!” he laughed at himself. “Never going to go down if you keep staring at her ass!”

Finally, his throbbing erection wilted and he readjusted himself and got out of his truck.

“Hey Tank, what’s up?” Jack Rogers called out.

“Not much, not much, you?” Thomas replied.

“Nan, nothing!” Jack Complained. “Mindy’s mom’s being a total beeyotch, won’t let me see Mindy, just ’cause that stupid bitch Holy Mary got her busted and shit.”

Jack found himself being hoisted off the ground by his throat.

“Her name is Mary, not ‘Holy Mary,’ got it?” Thomas roared. “And she’s not a stupid bitch, you are, got it?”

Thomas dropped Jack to the ground. Jack sat, coughing and rubbing his throat.

“Man, what the fuck crawled up your ass?” Jack finally coughed out.

“You, all right?” Thomas sighed. “All Mary did was defend herself; Mindy’s the one that got herself busted.”

“Yeah, but where am I going to find another freak ass piece of ass like that?” Jack asked and got to his feet.

“Your hand, ass hole,” Thomas said. “Don’t forget, I ain’t getting none since Grace’s out of here now.”

“Big loss,” John Ridgelow laughed as he joined the other two students.

“Yeah?” Thomas glared at him. “You going to suck my dick?”

“Hey, there’s always amber,” John suggested.

“That ugly twat?” Jack sneered. “Dude, rather fuck you.”

“We all would,” Thomas laughed and picked John up. “Anyone ever tell you what pretty eyes you got?”

“Put me down, faggot!” John laughed and Thomas dropped him to the asphalt parking lot.

“Fucking homo,” John laughed and punched Thomas.

“Takes one to know one, bitch,” Thomas laughed and punched him back.


Amber Waterson glared at Holy Mary as the small girl found a desk and sat down. Ever since Holy Mary got her friends arrested, the cheerleader was lonely.

‘What was so great about her?’ she wondered. Tank didn’t look her way twice, but he looked all the time at this little shrimp that dressed like a farmer’s wife.

Amber looked again at her own outfit. Half shirt that ended just below her large breasts. Snug jeans that gave her a nice camel toe. Her pierced belly button on display.

But Tank would rather give that little freak a ride to school? Maltepe Escort Didn’t make a bit of sense to her.

Miss Carmen came in and began the roll call so Amber didn’t have much time to stare hatefully at Mary.

“Love your outfit,” Babette Boudreaux said as amber was walking out of the classroom.

“Yeah?” Amber said, looking to see if the pimple-faced girl was kidding or not.

Babette’s hungry look told Amber that the girl was serious.

“Thanks, got it at Abdul’s,” Amber said.

“Yeah?” Babette asked. “Nice.”

“Got this top there too,” Amber said and flipped the hem up to show Babette she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Oh, ” Babette said, blushing hotly, but maintaining eye contact with Amber.

“Maybe not having Peggy and Mindy around wasn’t such a bad thing,” Amber decided.

Neither Peggy or Mindy were ever very quick to return a favor, but Babette looked like she’d be very happy to give as good as she got.

Chapter 2

Mary checked her watch; she had five minutes before her next class. She picked up the receiver of the pay phone and typed in the 800 number of her mother’s office.

“Young Insurance,” Michelle’s bored voice came on.

“Mrs. Farmer, Please,” Mary asked.

“This is Leah Farmer,” Leah’s harsh voice snapped.

“Mama, this is Mary,” she said.

“Mary! What’s wrong?” Leah asked, concerned.

“No, no, nothing’s wrong,” Mary hastened to reassure her mother. “No, it’s just, I was wondering, um, would it be all right if I went to a um, a football game tonight?”

“Absolutely not,” Leah was ready to spit out, but held her tongue for a moment.

Of late, John had been standing up for Mary. He reminded her that there were a few families that went to their church that had teenaged children that were in trouble all the time, yet Mary did whatever was asked of her, without fuss.

“And what’s her reward?” he thundered. “Criticism, criticism, and criticism.”

He’d also been standing up for himself. She was sure that her coworkers could smell the lust and carnalities on her, could just sense the wickedness, the sins of the flesh. She wasn’t sure how she’d be able to sit all the way through Worship on Sunday.

“Let me think about it,” she conceded. “What time is the game and what time will you be home?”

“Oh, I didn’t even think to ask that!” Mary gasped.

“Let me guess,” Leah chuckled. “Thomas Kowalski?”

“Yes ma’am,” Mary blushed.

“Let me think about it, call me back at lunch time, okay?” Leah said.


Leah smiled as she punched out the number to George’s Garage.

“George’s,” George Farmer said as he answered his phone.

“Let me talk to John,” she snapped.

“Sure, sure, nice to talk to you too,” George grumbled and called his baby brother to the phone.

“Hello?” John asked.

“Well, I hope you’re satisfied, Mr. ‘Let My Daughter Do Whatever She Wants,'” she hissed into the phone. “She wants to go to a football game tonight.”

“Hey, that’s great!” he laughed, thinking about what he’d like to do with his wife. With Mary out of the house, they could be loud, vocal, instead of having to muffle their groans.

“That’s great?” she said, also thinking about what she and John could do with Mary out of the house. “She’ll be at a football game, where there’ll be drugs, and alcohol and other teenagers waiting to lead her down the path to damnation!”

“And she’ll be having a good time, she’ll be having fun,” John said. “Honey, we’ve protected her a lot, but we can’t protect her forever.”

“Very well,” Leah said and hung up.


“Game starts at about 6:30, but I have to be there at 5:30 to dress out,” Thomas said.

They sat in the library, but having their Study Period at the same time. Mary scrawled out that information.

“So, I’ll pick you up at about 5:00 or so,” he said.

“Okay, and what time does it end?” Mary asked.

“About 9:30, 10:00,” Thomas shrugged. “Then I’ll bring you straight home.”

“Why so long?” Mary asked.

“Most football games last about three hours,” he laughed. “Mary do you know anything about football?”

“I know you play,” she said then blushed hotly.

“Tell your Mama I won’t even shower after the game; I’ll just drive you home, all hot and sweaty,” he teased.

“Eeww!” she screeched, eliciting laughter from Thomas and John Ridgelow and Babette Boudreaux.

“Miss Farmer!” Miss Barbara, the school librarian hissed.

“Yes ma’am,” Mary said and scrawled out some more notes.

Chapter 3

John walked home wearily. It had been a long day at the garage, made all the longer by a couple of college students that had dragged their “dilapidated Toyota in at the last moment. Just like with most teenagers, they were convinced it was an emergency and that they needed it done right away. George had explained their policies, the whole time looking the tall blonde up and down. Her little friend just kept giggling and gasping. John knew one or the other was going to fuck George for the cost of the repairs, which would mean Anadolu Yakası Escort no commission for John.

He couldn’t complain, though. They lived in one of George’s rent houses, practically rent-free. George was also very quick to pay for anything that he, or Leah, or especially anything Mary might need. George was very generous with them.

George’s love for Mary was quite evident; he was one of the few people that Leah had not managed to alienate. George had said on more than one occasion, if it were not for Mary, he would have told Leah where to go, and what to do once she got there. His apartment, a three room flat just above the garage, looked like a shrine to Mary Angel Farmer; there were pictures of her from birth on to Junior Year in High School. Her old tricycle still sat in George’s living room.

Mary used to delight in bringing her tricycle in for Uncle George to put it up on the rack so he could work on it. He was broken hearted when she decided she was too old for a tricycle; it sat in his living room ever since that day.

John let himself into the house and greeted his daughter. He smiled, blinking back a couple of tears as an excited Mary sat and waited for Thomas to come pick her up.

“You got money?’ he managed to ask.

“I’ve got five bucks; how much is a football game?” Mary asked.

“Couple of bucks,” John shrugged. “I meant, you got any money to get yourself something to eat?”

“Oh, I didn’t even think of that!” Mary admitted.

“Here,” John said and slipped her a twenty dollar bill.

“Daddy, I don’t need this much money,” Mary protested.

She knew money was tight in their household.

“You never know, y’all might be going out somewhere after the game,” John said.

“Nun uh, I told him, I have to come home right after the game,” Mary said forcefully.

John fought back the smile; when she looked serious like that, it was actually quite humorous.

“Just have a good time, Sweetheart,” he said.

She gasped, fighting back the excited squeal when there was a knock at the door. John yanked open the door and glared up at the very large youth.

“You behave yourself, boy,” John warned.

“Daddy!” Mary cried out, horrified.

“Yes sir, Mr. Farmer,” Thomas agreed.

John watched through the window as the large boy took his daughter’s hand in his and walked her to his pick up truck. Leah came up beside him and put her arm around his waist.

Thank we’re doing the right thing?” Leah asked softly. “You know, he’s probably a Catholic.”

Mary thought she was going to faint; right in front of that mean Miss Hebert, that nasty woman that was always saying ugly things about her and her parents, Thomas was holding her hand. Let that mean old biddy find something ugly to say about that! She fought the urge to stick her tongue out at Miss Hebert; that wouldn’t be very Christian.


Amber looked up in the stands; Babette said she’d be here tonight. Then after the game, they’d go out to Huvall’s Levee and smoke some killer weed. Babette said it was even better than the shit Fred Morrison sold. But there was no sign of her newest best friend.

Next to Amber , Tiffany and Britney Wertmuller, the blonde wins were showing Jamie Gonzales and Heather Lee some of the cheers. With Peggy and Mindy gone, the two girls were quickly drafted onto the cheerleading squad. Both Jamie and Heather had tried out, but Peggy didn’t like Latin women and Mindy had actually made Heather cry, so those girls didn’t make the squad.

Amber saw that little oddball, Holy Mary, climb up into the bleachers and sit very close to the player’s bench. For a split second, she glared at the girl, and then remembered, with Peggy, Grace, and Mindy out of the picture, she didn’t have any reason to dislike the girl.

Mary was shocked; did Amber Waterson just smile at her?

Chapter 3

The Alexandria Indians soundly defeated the DeGarde Bulldogs, but it wasn’t because of a lack of trying on the part of the Bulldogs.

“We lost, right?” Mary asked.

“Yes, Mary,” Thomas smiled wearily. “We lost, big time.”

“Forty eight to twelve is ‘big time?’ “Mary asked.

“Yes, afraid it is,” Thomas smiled and pulled up in front of her house.

Sitting in the cramped quarters of the pick up truck next to a sweaty smelly Thomas, Mary was in an agitated state. He smelled just like Daddy and Uncle George after a long hot day in the garage. She knew she was going to have to masturbate if she would ever hope to get any sleep that night.

“Um, would you, if I, would it be all right if I kissed you?” Thomas stammered.

Mary got on to her knees on the bench seat and put her arms around his neck. She looked into his blue eyes for a long moment, then closed her eyes and pressed her lips to his.

She shivered as she felt his large hands come around and touch her waist. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, knowing that boys supposedly liked it when you used your tongue to kiss.

Thomas opened his own mouth and sucked her tongue into his mouth and caressed Ümraniye Escort it with his tongue.

Mary gasped. No wonder boys like it when you did that! It felt so vulgar, so vile, and so sexy.


She was doing something sexy.

With a boy; a man. A man that she loved was head over heels in love with.

Satan must be laughing himself sick watching her. The angels must be crying as they watched her sink into the quicksand, the mien of sinful lust.

She jerked back and looked into his eyes. They were not glowing red, as she’d feared. They were the same beautiful blue eyes as when they started kissing.

“I think I better go,” she whispered.

“Um, hey, um, you think your Mama’s let you, let me take you out, you know, to eat?” Thomas asked.

“I am a horrible sinner,” Mary thought. “I am inviting this lust, bringing it all on myself.”

He looked at her as she contemplated her next answer.

“I mean, would you like to?” he asked.

“Yes, yes I would,” she said aloud, wrinkling her brow in consternation. “I will ask her.”

“Good, I’ll call you tomorrow,” he smiled and opened his truck door.

She smiled up at him as he helped her out of the truck.

“See you tomorrow, I hope,” he smiled and bent nearly in half to kiss her lips softly.

“Good night, thank you for the football game,” she called out as she let herself into the dark house.


“Oh no, she’s home!” Leah fretted. “John, did you hear me?”

“Mm hmm,” he agreed, but did not stop sucking on her pussy lips, trying to locate her clitoris again.

“Stop that!” she hissed, then stifled a shriek and pulled the sheets up to her chin as s timid knock sounded at the door.

“I’m home,” Mary said softly.

“How was it?” John asked in the darkness, voice muffled. “Did you have a good time?”

“Yeah, but we lost big time, forty-eight to twelve,” Mary said. “But it was fun.”

Good, good,” Leah said. “Well, good night.”

“Um, Mama, um, he, Thomas asked if it would be all right if he took me out to dinner tomorrow night?” Mary begged.

“Two nights in a row?” Leah asked, and then grunted as John ‘s teeth lightly nipped at her clitoris.

His fingers were also driving her crazy, twisting and tugging nipples.

“Yes ma’am,” Mary said quietly, head hanging low.

“Well, I suppose it’ll be all right,” Leah conceded.

“Really?” Mary asked, elated.

“Uh huh, good night, please close the door,” Leah grunted again.

Good night,” Mary said and shut the door.

“Are you out of your mind?” Leah hissed as John laughed and came out from under the covers.

“What?” he laughed again as he drove himself to the hilt in her pussy.

“Uh! Oh! You know what!” she grunted, and then held a pillow over her face as she screamed in orgasm.

“Oh, good Lord, yes!” John grunted and shot stream after stream of his seed into his wife’s loins.

“You mean, distracting you while you were trying to give Mary the third degree?” he laughed and pulled Lean on top of him.

“Yes, no, I wasn’t giving her the third degree,” she laughed as he slipped himself inside of her again.


“Babette, I can’t find my panties,” Amber laughed as she tried to get dressed.

“You mean, these?” Babette asked and showed her the thong panties Amber had worn underneath her full Cheerleading briefs.

“Yes, those,” Amber laughed and reached for them.

“They’re mine now,” Babette declared and stuck them back in her pocket.

Aw, come on, bitch,” Amber said and reached for Babette’s pocket.

“No, please, let me have them,” Babette begged and hugged Amber.

“You, really? You want them?” Amber asked as Babette kissed the side of her neck and face.

“Yes,” Babette breathed into Amber’s ear.

No, having Peggy and Mindy out of the way wasn’t a bad thing at all.


Theresa and Jim Kowalski sat on the couch and listened at Thomas described the game, then taking Mary home and kissing her good night.

“This girl must really be something special,” she smiled.

“Yeah, I think she is,” Thomas admitted. “Why? What makes you say that?”

“‘Cause you’re blushing like a little girl,” Jim said, teasing.

“Takes one to know one, bitch,” Thomas shot back.

“Boys, I do wish you would grow up,” Theresa said. “Think you’ll see this girl again?”

“Yeah, if I can,” Thomas admitted. “Her mom’s kind of weird.”

“Whew, well, go take a shower,” Theresa ordered.

“Yeah, in the back yard,” Jim said. “There’s a garden hose you can use.”

“Shut up, ass hole,” Thomas said.

“Boys, boys, that’s enough,” Theresa said.


Mary had barely inserted the tip of the hairbrush into her rectum when she was doubling over from the force of her orgasm.

“Heavens!” she gasped aloud, then clasped her hands over her mouth.

“Heavens!” she whispered to herself.

She lay in the hot water to wet her hair. Before she could lather her hair, a sense of urgency overtook her and she rubbed her hairless pussy to orgasm.

She pulled the plug to let the tepid water out, then realized she’d not shampooed her hair, or soaped her body; spending the entire time masturbating.

Chapter 4

Mary waited for Thomas to call her. As each minute ticked, she grew more desperate, and more anxious.

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