Of Daughters And Mates Ch. 09

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Samson heaved the moving truck’s rear door closed, then turned to give one last look at the cabin he’d lived in for the last twenty-five years. A thousand memories stirred in his mind. Triumphs and sorrows, lazy days, love and lust.

He shook his head to dispel the ghosts of the past before they could take root. “Too late to back out now.” He’d already signed the sale contracts for both houses. The only thing left was the five-day-long drive from one corner of the continent to the other.

“I’d better not have to change a tire on this thing.” The twenty-foot-long truck looked like it’d seen better days. Samson would’ve preferred something newer, but he wasn’t spoiled for choice out in rural western-central Georgia. Fayetteville only had two long-distance movers, and the other option had been worse. He could’ve gone all the way up to Atlanta, but no.

Quit stalling, Moonshadow prodded him. I want to see the mountains.

“Yeah, yeah.” Samson didn’t object to the move. It’d been his idea, after all. Washington represented freedom to raise his family in the open, without lies. It was just hard to leave behind so much history. Samson shook his head again and made his way to the truck’s cabin with a sigh. He pulled himself up into the driver’s seat and closed the door.

“Ready to go, girls?” To Samson’s surprise, Susannah had the middle seat, sandwiched between himself and Bekkah. He’d expected his lusty angel to take the spot for ease of access, if nothing else. And while Susannah no longer blushed at the sight of him, she always seemed more comfortable with his daughter.

“Mm!” Bekkah was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed despite the pre-dawn hour. The smile she sent him was sweeter than the sunrise. “I can’t wait to get to our new home.”

Susannah was a different story. “Mmph,” she grunted. Sleep still clung to her half-lidded eyes. Even as he watched, the werepanther slumped to the side until her head rested against Bekkah’s shoulder.

“Alright. Let’s get a move on, then.”

Bekkah’s hand swatted his jeans-clad thigh. “Dad! Don’t you start with the bad jokes.”

“Darlin’, I’m about to be a father twice over. I’m legally obligated to crack at least one dad joke a day.” Bekkah glowered at him, then blew him a raspberry. Still, her right hand drifted to her now-obvious baby bulge, and another smile bloomed on her face.

“Alright, but one’s the limit, got it?”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said with a laugh and turned the key in the ignition. The engine turned over a couple times, then caught and rumbled to life with a deep roar. The noise drew a wordless mumble from Susannah, who snuggled even closer to Bekkah. A turn of the wheel and some pressure on the gas pedal got them moving out toward the county road.

It took more than an hour to make it up the state road to Interstate 85. By the time he merged onto the highway and settled into the center-left lane, dawn’s first light was already upon them. Despite leaving so early, traffic on the road was already heavy. Atlanta never slept, it seemed. It was one of the reasons Samson disliked the big city.

Cruising twenty miles per hour under the speed limit allowed him the opportunity to sneak glances at his copilots. Susannah was sound asleep now, her head nestled against Bekkah’s chest. His daughter looked out the window with her left arm snaked around her friend’s shoulders.

The werepanther wore practical clothes–a pair of jeans that hugged her hips and ass and a loose blouse–while Bekkah had on a sundress with, if Samson didn’t miss his guess, nothing at all underneath it. At the very least, she was braless, proved by the dents her thick nipples made against her top.

When next Samson glanced over, Bekkah caught him looking. She shifted forward on the bench seat with a devilish smile, spreading her legs and inching her skirt’s hem upward. He had to tear his gaze away from her back to the road before he crashed into some poor commuter. A low, husky chuckle chased him. “Let me know when we’re past Atlanta traffic,” Bekkah said.

“It’ll be a while,” he cautioned. “Thirty, forty minutes to 285, then another hour or so. We’re the start of the morning rush.” There’d been no way around it short of taking an even slower detour. Atlanta sucked in everyone who wanted to head north like a black hole, drawing them closer and closer until it crushed them with inescapable gravity.

“It’s fine. I can wait. Until then,” Bekkah said, keeping her voice soft so as not to wake Susannah, “tell me about our new home. I saw the pictures, but you were there.”

“The landscape is beautiful. Stunning. The Cascades dominate the eastern sky, tall and covered in trees. The house is at the foot of Mount Baker, the third-tallest mountain in Washington. You can see it from Seattle.” In truth, the mountain’s proximity was a major draw for Samson. He’d always been drawn to the wilderness.

“Isn’t islahiye escort it an active volcano?” Bekkah sounded more curious than frightened.

“Yes, but only in the geological sense. It hasn’t erupted in a hundred and fifty years, and there’s no evidence it’ll change any time soon.” He’d done quite a bit of research on the subject before committing to the move. “In fact, it’s home to a big ski resort, though it’s on the opposite side of the mountain from us.”

“Ooh, I hadn’t thought of skiing!”

“Not while you’re pregnant.” Samson had to put his foot down. “Especially not on Mount Baker. Once you have the twins and they get old enough to leave with a caretaker, we can take some vacation time.”

“Spoilsport.” He could almost hear Bekkah’s pout. “By that time, I’ll be working on the next one.”

“We’ll see,” Samson said. He knew his daughter wanted more children, but the chances were very low after the first mating. “Anyway, there are trees everywhere. The area’s classified as a rainforest. Lots of firs, spruces, red cedars, and hemlocks. It’s thick with wildlife, too. I saw several deer, a grizzly bear, and an eagle.”

Bekkah snickered. “I bet the deer will get scarce with Moony and Sunny around.” Samson caught a hitch in Susannah’s breathing, indicating a return to wakefulness. She seemed content to remain cuddled against Bekkah for the moment, not that he could blame her. He knew from frequent experience how wonderful those plush boobs were as pillows.

“You’d be surprised. Even if we both take one a month, I expect we won’t make a dent in the local population. Most of their natural predators are getting ever scarcer.”

“Especially wolves.” Bekkah’s voice simmered with anger. She’d always been sensitive about the subject. “What about the house itself?” she asked, moving away from the hot-button topic.

“Well, you saw the pictures and the walkthrough video. Two stories with a cellar, all wood finishing except in the kitchen and bathrooms. Four beds, two and a half baths. The master bedroom and the smallest of the three others take up most of the upstairs, and there are two mid-sized bedrooms downstairs along with a modest kitchen and a big den.” Samson glanced over at his daughter. “I figured we could turn the second bedroom upstairs into a nursery so we don’t wake Susannah up stomping up and down the stairs to deal with the twins.”

“Mm.” Bekkah nodded her agreement. “And your office is upstairs too, right?”

“Yep. It has a gorgeous view of the valley.”

“What about the neighbors?”

Samson shook his head. “No direct neighbors. We’re out in the boonies, so the nearest house is half a mile away. My understanding is there aren’t many permanent residents.” Another thing he’d done his research on. “Most houses in the area are owned by landlords who rent them through Airbnb.”

“Good. Nice and quiet, but close enough to the big city to go shopping when the urge strikes.” Seattle was a couple hours away, so it’d need to be a day trip to be worthwhile. “Speaking of nice and quiet, it looks like the traffic’s died down.”

Indeed it had. Most of the Atlanta-area traffic was going the other way now, and they were finally doing a solid 75 miles per hour. “Yeah, the worst of it’s passed us now. We should make it through Nashville before lunch. I’d like to get past Kansas City before we stop for the night, but we’ll have to see.”

Samson started to ask his daughter why she was waiting for the road to clear. Then a small, feminine hand stroked across the front of his jeans and his breath caught in his throat. Nimble fingers found his zipper and tugged it down, then fished through his boxers to extract his cock. “I’m hungry,” Bekkah said from much closer than she’d been a few seconds ago. “I missed my protein shake this morning.”

“Darlin’–” A warm, wet tongue swirled around his tip, and Samson’s nascent protest died on his lips. He never expected Bekkah to be so brazen. He’d been working on getting her comfortable having sex around Susannah, but this was the closest they’d ever come to involving her directly.

“Shh, Daddy,” whispered Bekkah around his shaft. “Just keep driving and let me make us both feel good.” Her lips pressed a trail of tingling kisses down his shaft. Samson shifted in his seat, spreading his legs a little to give her better access. After a quick check of the passenger-side mirror, he merged over into the right-hand lane and eased off the gas. At least now, no truckers would get a free look up Bekkah’s skirt while she knelt on the bench with her ass facing the window.

Samson dropped his left hand from the steering wheel to his daughter’s head. He was torn between pushing her away and guiding her mouth down around his length. Moonshadow, of course, had no such dilemma. Best mate, he panted in Samson’s head with a mental tail-wag. islahiye escort bayan The damned mutt was addicted to blowjobs and would accept one from Bekkah anytime.

Of course, Samson wasn’t much better at turning her down, not once Bekkah got her hands and lips on him. A groan of pleasure welled up deep in his chest as her tongue lashed the bundle of nerves near his tip. She’d made a science out of turning him compliant to her advances by now.

A movement to his side drew a quick glance from Samson. Susannah sat up, her eyes open wide and fixed on his lap. Bekkah stretched across her, bounteous breasts pressed into the younger girl’s thighs. He forced his eyes to return to the road despite the tantalizing view of his daughter’s bare, round ass waving back and forth.

“Mm, nice and hard for me.” Bekkah’s hot breath washed over Samson’s cock. Her head shifted under his hand, lifting up, then gliding down as her mouth engulfed him. It took all Samson’s willpower to resist thrusting up to meet her. Heavenly wet heat slid several inches down his shaft before stopping.

“Fuck, Bekkah,” he managed through gritted teeth. Samson had been on the receiving end of dozens, maybe even hundreds, of blowjobs in his life, but never while driving. Adrenaline surged through his veins, driven by his hammering heart. The friction between his desire to give himself over to the pleasure of his daughter’s mouth and his need not to send them careening off the road drove him crazy.

Bekkah’s right hand wrapped around his manhood’s base and pumped in time with her head. Every third or fourth stroke, Samson felt his tip nudge against the back of her throat, but either the angle was bad or she was worried about the consequences because she didn’t press further. After another few quick strokes, Bekkah moaned around Samson’s dick and pulled off him with an audible pop.

“She’s touching me,” his daughter said in a voice so quiet he could barely hear her over the rattling engine. “Daddy, she’s touching me. Is it okay?” Samson’s eyes darted over to find Susannah’s right hand pushing Bekkah’s dress up her body and her left cupping a dangling breast. The younger girl didn’t notice either his gaze or Bekkah’s voice, seeming entranced by the sight and feel of the voluptuous woman across her lap.

“It’s fine, Darlin’. As long as she makes you feel good.” This was a breakthrough for both girls, and Samson made sure to encourage it. His long-term plans required them to be comfortable being intimate with each other.

“Back to work now,” he said, exerting a little pressure on the back of Bekkah’s head. Best to keep her distracted–he didn’t want to give her too long to think about it. Bekkah took him into her mouth again without hesitation. Little whimpers and moans joined the telltale slurps as Susannah explored her friend’s body.

“Good girl,” Samson said, aimed at Bekkah but also meant for Susannah. “Just like that. Nice and slow. We’re not in any rush.” The longer he could extend their shared intimacy, the better. And, well, there was something to be said for a long, luxurious blowjob, so it wasn’t like he was making a sacrifice.

“Ohhhm,” Bekkah moaned around Samson’s cock. A quick look revealed Susannah’s hand had made its way between his daughter’s thighs. The thick scent of Bekkah’s arousal filled the cabin, driven by the wet sounds of fingers delving deep into feminine folds. Underneath, Samson thought he could smell a second, fainter scent. Good.

“Oh, God, Daddy,” Bekkah said as she pulled back for a breath. “She’s got her fingers in me, Daddy.” Her voice’s breathless, confused-yet-ecstatic whine sent a surge of arousal down his spine and into his cock, stiffening him even further somehow.

“Does it feel good?” Samson asked. The answer was obvious, but he wanted to make her say it aloud.

“Uh-huh,” his daughter breathed out against his cock. “Ooh, yes. And she’s playing with my nipples. Daddy, you’re going to let her? I’m yours, Daddy.” Not hers was the clear implication. Bekkah’s right hand clenched and released in irregular spasms near his knee.

“As long as you’re not going behind my back, it’s okay, Darlin’. I want you to feel good.” Samson stroked his daughter’s hair in a familiar, soothing gesture. “Now stop questioning me and put those pretty lips of yours to better use.”

“Yes, Daddy. Mmm.” Again Bekkah directed his cock to her mouth and swallowed him. Samson grunted and wove his fingers into her hair. He hadn’t blown his load yet because of all the stops and starts, but it wouldn’t take much longer.

Bekkah’s left hand twisted and pumped his shaft while she sucked, licked, and kissed up and down around his head. She knew just how he liked it when she wasn’t deepthroating him and, despite Susannah distracting her, her tongue lashed across his sensitive skin in a way guaranteed escort islahiye to drive him over the cliff.

“Soon, Darlin’.” She picked up her pace, obscene moans and slurps coming from between her lips as she worked to bring him to orgasm. Drool dribbled down his shaft, providing lubrication for her hand, now almost flying up and down his length.

Bekkah pulled up and locked her lips around him just below his tip. Her wet, eager tongue swirled around him, back and forth, up and down. Samson could feel her arousal climbing alongside his. The golden ball of love representing Bekkah in the back of his head turned molten as she neared her own climax.

“Bekkah,” he growled, straining against the end. “Come for me, angel. Come on Anna’s hands, and make me fill your mouth.” He infused the directive with some authority and pushed it down the bond toward her. Bekkah’s right hand squeezed tight on his leg, and she squealed around his cock. The truck’s bench seat heaved as she bucked and came.

Rebekkah’s climax erupted like a volcano of pleasure in Samson’s mind. “Fuck, I’m coming,” he warned. He set his left foot against the truck’s floorboard and pushed against it, arching his hips off the bench seat. At the same time, he tightened his grip on his daughter’s hair and pulled her down onto him.

Even in the middle of her orgasm, Bekkah submitted to Samson’s treatment without a hint of hesitation or protest. Her lips parted to take him in, then closed tight around him. She sucked and swallowed his seed as it blasted in jet after jet against the back of her throat, making eager, needy little moans as she did. When the last spurt left him, Samson relaxed back down onto his seat and let go of Bekkah’s hair.

As always, Bekkah took her time washing his whole length with her tongue. When she finished, she tucked his softening shaft back into his boxers and re-fastened his zipper. “Thank you for breakfast, Daddy.”

“You’re welcome, angel. And what do you say to Susannah?” A startled sound came from his right. If he didn’t miss his guess, the younger werepanther was still caught up in the moment until he said her name.

“Thank you for making me come, Anna.”

“Um, uh,” was the other girl’s eloquent response.

“It doesn’t sound like she thinks you’re sincere, Darlin’. Why don’t you give her a kiss to make sure?”

“Yes, Daddy.” After making sure the road was clear, Samson turned his head to watch. Bekkah’s hand cupped Susannah’s cheek, turning the younger girl’s head with gentle pressure. Their lips met in a tentative kiss. It lasted a few seconds before Bekkah pulled back. “Like that?”

“What do you say, Susannah? I thought it was a little weak, but it’s up to you. Do you want me to get her to kiss you for real?” Samson was pretty sure he knew the real answer, but he didn’t expect her to admit it.

“Um, yes, I mean no, it’s fine. Um, you’re welcome, Bekkah.”

Ah, well. Progress was progress. “Alright, if you’re sure. Get your seatbelt back on, Bekkah. We’re getting close to Chattanooga, so the traffic will start picking up again soon.”

“Um, Mister Samson, sir?” A glance showed Susannah staring at her hands balled up in her lap.


“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have–It was unforgivable of me to interfere between you two. I’ll–“

Yeah, no, none of that. “It’s fine,” Samson said, cutting Susannah off before she could build up too much steam. “Next time, I’d appreciate it if you asked permission first. Given the circumstances, though, I can’t blame you. Bekkah was practically begging for it.”

“Next time?” Bekkah’s voice squeaked.

“Next time?” Susannah asked a fraction of a second later.

“Sure. I’m getting old.” The price for all a therianthrope’s gifts was a shortened lifespan. Both Samson’s parents died in their late fifties, and he doubted he’d last much longer. “I can’t keep up with Bekkah, and I know she’d take more from me if I could give it to her. If you girls want to play sometimes, I’m all for it.”

The engine was the only sound in the truck’s cabin for almost a minute. At last, Susannah said, “Um, in that case, you should know–“

“Your panther’s a guy? Yeah, Bekkah told me. It’s alright. You can’t get her any more pregnant than she already is.” In fact, it was flat-out impossible. Once a woman and a therianthrope mated, no other’s seed would catch in her. Unless and until Susannah and Bekkah decided to become mates themselves, there was no risk of the werepanther becoming a cuckoo bird and leaving her child in his nest.

“Of course, I expect you to respect Bekkah’s boundaries. If she says no, you stop.” He cast a stern glance Susannah’s way and was met with a glare of her own.

“Of course I will! Rape is evil. I’d never force her or anyone else.”

Samson patted her thigh in apology. “Sorry, I forgot.” He didn’t expect they’d end up sleeping together anytime soon, but he could prepare the fields and plant the seed where it could grow. There was still plenty of time.

“There’s a rest stop coming up in a couple of miles. We can stop there, have some fruit, go to the bathroom, and straighten up. Fifteen minutes, then we’ll be back on the road. Okay, girls?”

“Yes, sir,” they said together.

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