Oil of Roses Ch. 08

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Many thanks to Literotica author ‘englander1961’ for her help, editorial services, encouragement and a title much better than my original, which has elevated her to the status of House Goddess of Sexy Story Titles. Thanks to Sammi Scott, aka Titsy McYarn, the Cute at the Heart of the Abyss for her help and valuable critique. Thanks to Literotica author ‘KY ridgerunner’ for the stories that planted the idea in my head months ago.

After you’ve read this, if you have any inclination at all to comment, please do so, either by email or on the comment board… The best way for me to grow and improve as an author is to hear from the people who read my work.

I welcome constructive critiques and non-abusive comments. I will answer, in at least a semi-prompt manner, any email that comes with an email address.

If you feel you must respond in a hateful or angry fashion, you may put your head down upon your desk and do so, quietly to yourself, for as long as you feel it necessary. This story may not be copied to other sites without my permission.

If you have not read the earlier installment(s) of this tale, it would probably help you to make sense of this one if you did so.

* * * * *

Eddy Janak woke up in his recliner, the taste of beer and bile coating his tongue and throat like paste. On the television Jay Leno was making a joke about the President and the debacle in Iraq. Eddy wondered how many laughs Jay would get if an Iraqi suicide bomber blew him straight to hell. Eddy knew he’d laugh his ass off but he was strange that way. Be even funnier if Rumsfeld was with Leno when it happened.

He had to be at work at midnight for a special test of Digital Data Packaging, Inc.’s on-site security systems. He figured after he and the boys fucked them in the ass and left them crying like the littlest baboon, he’d have landed another contract worth a quarter mil for the big boys upstairs and they’d lay a bonus on him.

And he could go find a woman to fuck him over and take it with her when she left.


* * * * *

Benjamin Sapperstein walked in the front door of his home. He was finally back from Vegas and he was regretting it already. If he hadn’t had a consult with a very wealthy patient at the request of her very well-connected personal physician, he’d still be hip deep in pussy. Now it was home to the wounded looks and the cold bed.

He was puzzled though. When he’d called to tell her he’d be coming home, she’d answered her phone, seemed happy to hear from him, said she’d missed him.

That wasn’t like her. That wasn’t like her at all.

As he made his way past her bedroom, he heard noises, noises like he’d been hearing for bahis siteleri the past two weeks from the women he’d fucked. Sounds of passion, sounds of orgasm, sounds he hadn’t heard Margo make in almost 2 years. Opening the door a crack, he saw her.

His mind cataloged the things wrong with the picture; she was wearing a corset that left her tits bare – Margo wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something like that, she was watching a porno film of two women furiously tonguing each other’s cunts – Margo would never watch a film like that, there was a dildo sticking out of her ass – Margo wouldn’t even let him put a finger near her butt, she was straddling some sort of vibrating machine – Margo didn’t even own a vibrator. There was no way that was his wife.

But as he walked into the room and circled her, bringing her face into view, he saw that it was her. It was Margo.

“H-h-honey, is that you?”

“Oh Benjamin, you’re home!”

She raised herself up off the machine and he turned a little pale when he saw the size of what she’d been riding. As she turned to face him, he was struck by the change in her. She looked like the woman he’d married. She looked better than the woman he’d married. He could say that she looked like a woman he could be faithful to but he’d be joking… but it would be a lot more fun pretending he was faithful to her.

“Margo, what’s come over you?”

“Oh Benjamin, I had the most marvelous time when you were gone. I was taken by a lover, well, actually, I was seduced by two lovers, a beautiful man and the most luscious little sex kitten you’d ever beg to fuck and we had ever so much fun together and he took me from in front while she took me from behind with a strap-on and I loved every wonderfully nasty perverted thing we did together.”

Benjamin’s cock was like iron and he wanted Margo like he hadn’t wanted her in a long time. This was a side of his wife he’d never dreamed existed and the smell of her was about to drive him to his knees.

She moved like a serpent to him and caressed his face with her hands and then her arms as she clasped him to her bare breasts.

“And you know what Benjamin? Do you know what I realized?”

“That you really do love me?”

“No, not that, you silly piece of shit. I realized that I don’t want to be married to you and I won’t be married to you for too much longer. I realized that I hate the cosmetic surgery clinic and I’ve resigned already. I realized that no matter what you did or said there was no way I could ever forgive you for the hell you’ve put me through, so as my revenge, I decided to let you see what you’ll never have.”

“I’ll be fully moved out in the morning. Get out of my room you disgusting canlı bahis siteleri little fucktard.”

Benjamin staggered back. He couldn’t believe what was happening. He reached out and grabbed at her shoulder.

“You can’t do this to me!”

He was on his ass, the side of his face on fire, before he knew what had happened.

“Yes I can, and yes I have. The papers are on your bedside table. Sign them.”

The door to her room slamming behind him was the last he would see of Margo Wohler.

* * * * *

After a day of meetings, some for G he cupped her breasts in his hands, her firm mounds just slightly over-filling them, as his palms glided across her nipples they tightened further, their slightly darker shade calling his eyes as his hands returned to her hips. Briefly a vision of the slender, angular Angie filled his mind and he shivered with hate, not just for the hideous soul within but for the fashionably anorexic frame without as well. He felt his erection deflate even under the seductive ministrations of her talented cunt, and he quickly focused on more pleasant prospects.

Neither she nor their beloved Margo were physically ideal but the spirits within transformed them as surely as a muddled mass of colored silicon became the glory of a stained glass window when illuminated by the sun. They both were pretty to start with and were made beautiful by the loving souls inside them. For him to gaze up at her, riding him, her face bathed in joy, was for him to believe that there must be a God as such a divine creature could not spring purely from chance and evolution, but must be inspired by a higher aesthetic.

Harry stared into her brown eyes and lost himself. He could not imagine a day without seeing her. He could not imagine a day without loving her.

Their eyes on each other she quickened her pace, leaning forward to rub her clit against him. Her eyes widened as the sensations took her over the edge and she prostrated herself on him and clawed at his shoulders, her face flushing as she panted for breath as if in labor. Harry began to thrust his hips, rising into her and his own orgasm came shortly after, tears flowing from his eyes as he lost himself in the power of his body’s release and his love for her.

As they lay, her atop him, recovering from their exertions, Harry stoked her hair and wondered if he could get away with skipping work that day… no, he had a meeting about the De Freitas account, worth a lot to the firm.

“My beloved, I may be one of the bosses, but I’ve got to get there soon. Let me up so I can hit the shower.”

* * * * *

When Harry showed up late at the office, freshly showered and undeniably freshly fucked, canlı bahis he had gone from office to office, cubicle to cubicle begging someone to pretend to be him and make his excuses to Karen.

It was an old and familiar game and Karen’s heart soared to see it. He’d been back for two days and the change was perceptible in every facet of their operation, in every employee they had.

Karen had come to terms with the nature of their relationship in the very first year they were in business. She had the smarts and the education, probably 65-70% of every campaign was hers. But he had the spark. Most of the time, there was no idea, no concept for her to work on until he’d brought it to life. She could manage an office, organize a staff, plan a project, manage it, but Harry inspired it, lifted it, fueled it and drove it. He was the front man, the idea man, the jester, the piper and the fool.

She hadn’t realized how much she missed him, how much the entire company had missed him, until he was back.

The De Freitas meeting was at 2, they should be done by 3:30. Then she was going to leave and go home, set up the condo for a romantic dinner for two, have the dinner catered, eat and then make love to Patricia, who had come back to give her a second chance.

She wasn’t going to blow it this time, no matter what.

* * * * *

Eddy rolled over in bed and saw a shape under the sheets next to him. From the taste in his mouth he knew he’d gotten drunk enough to fuck a water buffalo and he was duly thankful he didn’t know where the zoo was. Still, he was frightened to pull down the sheet and look.

He did so anyway.

Well, she was far from being the worst thing he’d ever woken up next to. Still kind of attractive in an old motorcycle mama, rode-hard-and-put-away-wet-far-too-many-times kind of way and she wasn’t missing too many teeth.

Eddy shook his head. His life sucked.

He got up, his eyes shut against even the faint glimmers of light seeping around the cheap curtains. He stumbled into the bathroom and pissed. God, he was thankful he could do that in the dark.

Then he noticed the woman had hung her clothes up all over his bathroom, he could feel them all around him. He opened his eyes and realized he wasn’t in his apartment; he was in hers and had just peed in her closet.

He backed out of the closet and quietly gathered up his things, stopping only to put on his pants before he tried to find the front door. One too many mornings of a bunch of kids he’d never seen before and would never see again staring at his naked body had taught him ‘pants first always’.

His conscience got the better of him. He was amazed he still had one. He found the bathroom, grabbed some dirty towels from the floor, mopped up what piss he could find in the dark and dumped the towels in her little washer, put in soap and started it running. He sat down at the kitchen table and wrote her a note.

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