Oliver’s Aunt

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Newly turned eighteen year old Oliver had been invited to his Uncle Jeff and his Aunt Barbara’s home on the South Coast of England for two weeks during the school holidays before he left for university in the Autumn.

His parents didn’t think he was old enough to go away with his friends just yet and so his dad had asked his older brother, Jeff, if it was okay for Oliver to go down to stay as Jeff was on leave from work.

Jeff worked two months on and one month off for an oil company in the Middle East. He was a touch over six feet tall, forty six years old and solidly built. His wife Barbara was forty two, a very attractive tall busty brunette and she worked as a legal secretary for a firm of local solicitors. Both kept fit by running and going to the local gym They owned a large five bedroom house in Bournemouth, close to the town centre and the beach and it also had its own pool in the back garden.

For the first week all three of them toured around the area, picnics in the New Forest and boat trips out from Poole harbour as well strolling through Bournemouth and down to the pier.

On Saturday night his uncle received a phone call telling him he was needed to fly out to Qatar the next day as they were having a problem at one of their sites. He had to take the train from Bournemouth to London in the morning then fly to Qatar from Heathrow Airport.

‘Sorry Olly,’ his uncle said, ‘I should be home by Wednesday and we’ll carry on the holiday then but for now your aunt will have to entertain you when she gets in from work.’ Oliver saw a smile on his aunt’s lips so he smiled back.

On Sunday it was a really warm day so they decided to hang around the house, use the pool then eat outside at lunchtime.

Oliver’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when his aunt appeared wearing a tiny two piece wet look bikini, her long dark hair in a pony tail. He had on a pair of swim shorts and he was concerned he was going to get an erection. He quickly dived into the pool to cool down but when his aunt dived in then pulled herself out her bikini clung to her body causing Oliver’s cock to get harder. He excused himself saying he had to use the toilet and ran indoors.

Barbara smiled to herself as she knew what he was up to. All day he kept making furtive glances at his middle aged aunt when he thought she wasn’t looking. Barbara was looking though behind her sunglasses and made sure her young nephew enjoyed the view.

At dinner she decided to tease him more by changing into her white silk pajamas saying it was too warm for anything else. Oliver was like a little puppy around her, helping her lay the table and clear up.

After dinner they sat together on the sofa with Barbara stretched out and her legs over his lap. She could feel his gaziantep jigolo escort cock beneath her lower thighs and deliberately shifted about saying she was just getting comfortable.

It got so embarrassing for Oliver that he had to say he was tired, ran upstairs and wanked himself silly before falling asleep. Barbara knew what he was doing and felt so horny herself that she had three orgasms on her favourite vibrator before she could sleep.

The next day Oliver decided he would have a wander around the town, do a bit of window shopping and look at the girls although he kept thinking about his aunt in her black bikini. Suddenly his phone rang in his pocket.


‘Hello darling,’ purred his aunt calling from work. ‘A woman I work with in the office, Samantha, well it’s her birthday today and we’ve decided to go for an early meal at that pizza restaurant you like, La Lupa. You will come with us won’t you?’

‘Oh yes please,’ replied Oliver.

‘Good. Can you make your way back home for about four o’clock, jump in the shower and get ready? I’ll be in after five then we can go,’ she said. ‘Is that okay? Oh, you’ll need to use the shower in our en-suite as I’ve put some bleach down the one in the main bathroom.’

‘Okay sure,’ said Oliver.

At four o’clock he walked into his aunt’s bedroom and was really tempted to look through her pantie drawer but decided against it. He had his shower and was drying himself when he saw a pair of shiny black silk panties half hanging out of the dirty washing basket. Being inquisitive he opened the lid and found his aunt’s dirty underwear.

There were tan coloured silk stockings and a cream suspender belt alongside a pair of red satin panties. His cock got hard instantly.

Oliver went into his uncle and aunt’s bedroom with the stockings and panties and saw that he had plenty of time before his aunt got home so he laid on the bed with the stockings wrapped round his balls and with the black pair of panties covering his face he masturbated himself with the red ones.

He was so engrossed that he didn’t hear his aunt come home early from work until he heard her clear her throat.

‘Just what do you think you’re doing? Wait don’t answer that, I can see what you are doing,’ his aunt asked angrily.

She was dressed in a dark grey business suit with a cream silk blouse beneath a tight fitting jacket and a tight pencil skirt. With her long dark hair in a bun she looked formidable.

‘I..I..er I..’ stuttered Oliver.

‘You little pervert. Wait until your parents find out about this. What will Jeff say?’ she said.

‘Oh no, please don’t tell Aunt Barbara, please!’ he begged.

‘I have to. I can’t have gaziantep lezbiyen escort a deviant in my home using my underwear to gratify himself.’

‘Oh please Aunt Barbara. I’ll not do it again. Please. I’ll do anything you want if you just don’t tell anyone,’ said a crestfallen young man.

‘Right! Give me those panties,’ She took them from him and threw them on the floor. ‘Now the stockings.’

Oliver was naked on the bed with his hands covering his still hard cock.

‘Take those hands away and put them behind your head,’ said his aunt as she tied his wrists together with one stocking then used the other to secure them to the headboard. He was tied so tight he couldn’t move them.

Oliver was astounded at what his aunt did next. She took off her jacket and hung it over the bedroom chair then slowly unbuttoned her cream silk blouse and laid that on the chair also.

Oliver’s eyes were drawn to her huge breasts encased in her half cup black silk bra that pushed her breasts up. Then she unzipped her pencil skirt and tugged it down her hips revealing a broad black silk suspender belt that held up smoky grey silk stockings. She peeled down her black silk panties that she’d warn all day and bundled them up before pushing them into his mouth to gag him. Oliver could see her wet shaved pussy glistening.

She picked up her phone and took a couple of photographs of him trussed up by her stockings with her panties in his mouth and his hard, throbbing cock sticking straight up. She sent the photos via her phone to her friend Samantha.

Barbara sat down on the bed facing her young nephew and sexily crossed her legs, the nylon rasping together. She took hold of Oliver’s cock and slowly masturbated him

Oliver groaned as his aunt teased his cock. He gawped at her in her extremely sexy underwear.

Every time he felt himself about to cum she would ease off and kept on edging his cock very slowly.

Just then her phone rang and she saw it was from Samantha.

‘Hello darling,’ she answered.

‘What was that you’ve just sent me?’ asked Samantha.

Barbara went on to explain how she’d found her nephew in her bedroom, naked and masturbating with her panties. She went to explain that she was punishing him by playing with his naughty cock.

While the women chatted Aunt Barbara wanked him a little harder until Oliver grunted. ‘Oh dear, he’s just cum all over my hand,’ Barbara told her friend. ‘Why don’t you come over and we can play with him before we go and eat?’

Samantha readily agreed and said she would be over in half an hour. Barbara told her to let herself in as she was going in the shower and needed to change.

Aunt Barbara went into the gaziantep masaj salonları bathroom to get ready and twenty minutes later Oliver heard footsteps on the stairs. The bedroom door opened and in stepped a glamorous middle aged blonde lady in a figure hugging white dress.

‘Well,’ she said looking at the naked boy tied to the bed, ‘you must be Barbara’s naughty nephew.’ She too sat on the bed facing him and took hold of his cock. ‘Let’s see if we can get you nice and hard, shall we?’

She started to masturbate the groaning Oliver until his cock was hard and throbbing. ‘Mmmm, nice,’ she said as she lowered her mouth and took the head of his cock inside. Oliver nearly came then at what she was doing to him.

Suddenly she stood up and began to unfasten her dress. Underneath she was wearing a white silk bra with white silk suspender belt and stockings. After removing her white silk thong Samantha crawled up onto the bed and straddled the prone young boy, her large breasts swaying in front of his eyes. ‘Are you a virgin?’ Oliver nodded. ‘Well I’d better let your aunt do the honours when she’s ready for you.’

She edged further up his body placing a knee either side of his head until her pussy was inches from his face.

‘Have you ever eaten a woman before?’ she asked taking Barbara’s panties out of his mouth. Oliver shook his head, too scared to talk. ‘Oh well, you’ll have to learn,’ she said as she lowered herself over his face.

For the next twenty minutes she ordered him where, how and what to do with his mouth and tongue experiencing two orgasms as the young boy went about his task. She had just completed her third when the bathroom door opened and Oliver’s aunt walked in. He was speechless.

‘Wow, you look incredible, doesn’t she Naughty Nephew?’ exclaimed Samantha.

Aunt Barbara was wearing a shiny red PVC basque that pushed her large breasts up and almost out of the cups , complete with red fishnet stockings and red high heel shoes.

Oliver just nodded.

‘It arrived at the weekend and I was saving it for Jeff but this is an occasion too good to turn down,’ Barbara told her friend. ‘Is it my turn now?’ she asked.

‘Mmmm, enjoy yourself darling. He’s more than ready for you by the look of his throbbing cock,’ said Samantha.

Barbara looked at the terrified young boy and at his cock then walked over to him, bent down and kissed his deep on the lips.

‘You’re going to remember this forever,’ she said as she climbed on the bed and took hold of his cock before rubbing it between her pussy lips and sinking down on it. She had only moved up and down twice before Oliver grunted and came inside of her.

‘Don’t worry young man, we’ve all night if need be,’ she said as she rode his still hard cock to two orgasms before he shot inside her again.

‘Sam, why don’t you fuck him while I get changed. I’ll have him again when we get home. I’m ready for my pizza now!’ Barbara said walking towards the bathroom once more.

Looking back at Oliver she said, ‘you will be a good boy for auntie and do what you’re told, won’t you?’

Oliver groaned inwardly and nodded.

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