On Display: A Mannequin Fetish Ch. 02

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Michelle was a model employee at Vivienne’s Boutique and had worked her way up to assistant manager. She enjoyed the store discounts, especially the new lines of clothing and arrivals for each season. It was easier to stay in fashion, and she didn’t have to spend as much of the money given to her by her parents, who strictly forbade her to work during her studies, which she hid successfully. It had been just over one year since she began, and working her way up had given Michelle a new level of confidence. She also regularly visited the gym to exercise and took up yoga classes to accentuate her already firm, curvy body, keeping herself in immaculate shape and eating a healthy, balanced diet. Her grades were above average as usual. Life was going very well for Michelle indeed.

At the beginning of her job at the boutique, Nathan became an intense fixture in Michelle’s sex life, though in recent months, his visits dropped in frequency. In fact, he rarely dropped by at all and stopped altogether it seemed. While Michelle often found his dominance intense and severe at times, she longed for his return. Another month went by and no sign of Nathan. Michelle’s hair had grown from the well manicured short, inverted bob to a more conservative shoulder length style. She grew impatient of his return and decided to change her style into a more longer layered look with a trip to a new salon in the mall. The stylist was kind and suggested some low lights of chestnut against her golden locks. Michelle gladly accepted the change. It was time to move on, she thought.

With an increase in sales as a result of successful promotions and a great selection of fashion, Michelle was instructed to hire someone to help with the displays. After reviewing a pile of resumes, she short listed the best qualified candidates, narrowing it down to two people: her roommate Andy and a first year student, Lacey. It was a difficult decision to make. She thought about offering the job to Andy, as she knew him well and trusted his sense of style. Lacey, however, was a great option too, as she was a student of fashion. Michelle had an idea: she would hire Lacey part time on weekends, and give the hours during the week to Andy. This seemed like the best solution, and it worked out well. Within two months, the three employees were a fantastic team, communicating their ideas, keeping things innovative and bringing in lots of revenue. Sometimes they worked all together, collaborating their talents into great marketing ideas. Vivienne’s Boutique was quickly becoming the hottest place to shop in the mall.

During the week, Mondays and Tuesdays were usually slower as a rule, allowing the staff to socialize and rearrange the displays if need be. Lacey was in the store with Michelle at the time. She was petite with long wavy black hair to her waist, always walking cheerfully with a skip and smiling constantly. Her eyes were chestnut and she had a nice even bronze tan. Lacey’s flare for fashion impressed Michelle so much that she left a lot of the decisions up to her and Andy, freeing her time to supervise the sales staff during the store’s busier hours.

One day Andy and Lacey were discussing the appearance of the mannequins. As useful as they were in displaying all of the newest trends, their short bob hairstyles had become “old news”, as Andy put it…

“You know..,” he began. “We should think about changing their hairstyles, it really doesn’t suit them anymore. What do you think?”

“Great idea,” Michelle replied quickly. “Now that you mention it, they are tiring to look at. Maybe they could use new wigs…or a different hat.”

“I saw some very nice wigs on sale at a nearby shop,” Lacey offered. “I could pick up a couple of them if you’d like to try something different…maybe a curly wig or a longer hair wig?”

Michelle and Andy both nodded in agreement. That afternoon, new wigs were purchased. The mannequins now sported a new look: one with should length blond curls, the second one with jet black long hair with blunt bangs, and the third wore a shaggy chin length bob. They were also fitted with new spring fashions to complete their look: lilac, white and mint green sleeveless dresses that flared out at their knees, and wedge heels to match each colour. It was a productive day in the store. When it was time to close up, Andy made a suggestion.

“Hey, how about the three of us grab some drinks on the way home?” he asked. “I want to try something new with my hair. I bought some pomade.”

“Oh wow, that would be fun,” said Michelle, thinking of how she hadn’t played with her hair on her own, or under Nathan’s instructions for some time. She then continued with another suggestion: “I’d like to try some of it too, what is it, exactly?”

“It’s like a grease, but it’s the vegetarian kind, without the animal fats they used in making it years ago,” Andy explained, while running his fingers through thick dark brown hair. “I was thinking…of sporting ankara eve gelen escort a pompadour, what do you think?” He smiled shyly.

“A nice vintage look!” exclaimed Lacey enthusiastically. “I love it! Hey, let’s close up and do it right here in the store. Do you have it with you? We’ll bring the drinks back here, it will be fun.”

“I don’t know about that…,” began Michelle, concerned about how they might get caught.

“Aw come on Michelle, once they turn off the main areas of the mall, no one even cares if we’re here, plus you’re in charge until Cecilia returns from her vacation next month, remember?” Andy had a good point. They could drink some wine in the back of the store, apply their hair products and even try on some clothes if they wanted to…and no one would know.

“Oh alright, but we have to be quiet, or I’m going to get in deep shit,” Michelle said, rolling her eyes. They all laughed. It was going to be a fun evening.

The wine store was open for ten more minutes, so Michelle decided to grab a bottle of red. Andy dashed out to his car in the parking garage to retrieve the pomade he had purchased. Lacey closed up the store. The three friends returned to the back of the store to pour the drinks and open up the can of pomade.

“It’s going to make your hair shiny, you know,” giggled Lacey. “Can I apply it for you?” Andy felt nervous about having Lacey touch his hair, along with a tingling sensation. This was going to be more fun than he thought.

“Um…ok sure Lacey,” he replied. “Would you like me to sit down?” Michelle grabbed a chair from behind the service counter and positioned it in front of Lacey’s eager hands, now covered in pomade. She was grinning ear to ear with excitement. As Andy sat down slowly, Michelle could see a protrusion in his trousers, which grew and pulsated more as Lacey began to carefully, deliberately stroke and smooth her hands over his longer hair on top, tousling it, coating it, and massaging his scalp. He closed his eyes and let out a moan…

Michelle’s eyes quickly darted from her two employees to the front window of the store, where a shadowy figure appeared. Since it was closing time, she expected that security might be checking in to make sure everything was ok, so she quickly smiled and waved a sign of approval, expecting them to leave. The figure now moved over to stand in front of the mannequins and pasted both palms flat against the glass. Heavy breathing from this mysterious person fogged the glass so much that it annoyed Michelle, having just had the windows of the store professionally cleaned the day before.

“Hey!” she yelled, promptly making her way to the front of the store. As she approached the front door, she stopped abruptly when she saw who it was. It was Nathan.

Michelle was initially hesitant to open the entrance, though her curiosity was so strong that she couldn’t resist. Andy and Lacey were quickly getting acquainted in a new and enjoyable manner, that they didn’t pay attention to Michelle’s absence from the back room area. Unlocking the door, Michelle saw her hands shaking and felt a tension surface that was all too familiar with the return of her estranged lover. Upon opening the door, she fixed his stare with hers, noticing that he hadn’t changed his appearance, looking as handsome and as confident as she remembered.

“May I come in?” he asked in a gentle tone, approaching her as to motion that she move aside to make room for his entrance. “Thank you,” he added.

“Wh-where have you been?” Michelle stammered, shocked by her own shaky questioning of him. With his back now turned to her, he began to speak, as if he did not want to look at her while he explained himself.

“I had some family matters to attend to, which took me away for some time. It was not my intention to leave, and I wasn’t sure when or if I was returning. The situation has been taken care of, so here I am.” It was not a satisfactory reason, in Michelle’s opinion, though she did not protest. He did not continue with the explanation, and instead slowly turned to face Michelle.

“You’ve done well here, haven’t you?” he said smiling. “A promotion. New employees to work and serve you as needed. Very nice.” She was growing uneasy and yet feeling strangely aroused at the same time. “I’ve been back in town for a week now, and have observed the three of you from afar…it seems things have really changed, haven’t they?” He then turned to nod towards the three mannequins, now dimly lit by the security lights in the mall. Nathan followed the light coming from the back room of the store to where Andy and Lacey were now kissing and smearing each other in pomade. Lacey had taken off her lavender blouse and was in the process of unclasping her bra from behind, straddling a naked Andy, whose big, strong hands were buried deep in the thick dark waves of her hair. The two of them were heavily in the throes of passion and gaziosmanpaşa escort not too concerned with being interrupted either…

Nathan smiled at them. It aroused him to see such an exhibition and he was ready to indulge his desires right then. He grabbed Michelle at that moment, staring at her and pasting a sly smile across his face.

“It’s time we got back into the routine again,” he began. She flinched back as a reflex, but he held on firm to her arms at their sides. “You have really changed your look, now, haven’t you?”

“Y-yes I have…” she began to explain. “You were gone for some time, so I de-” A strong finger was pressed against her lips to quiet her instantly. Andy and Lacey quickly glanced over to smile, then made their way into one of the change rooms, leaving all of their clothes behind…

“This hair…” he began. “It’s not the way I like it anymore.” A frown replaced his smile. This wasn’t what Michelle was hoping for. He continued: “We made you like one of the mannequins, remember that? With that cute bobbed hair cut…but look at what you’ve done!” His voice grew loud, and this made Michelle stiffen in his grip, and he wasn’t letting her go…

“I can explain…”

“No need to,” he stated firmly. “I understand. We’ve been apart for a while. The mannequins became boring, so they were updated….and so were you.” Then he spoke of what she was both anticipating and dreading at the same time: “It’s time to change you back to the way I want you.”

As if to punctuate the last sentence, Nathan pulled off her top, a thin, white cotton knit shirt, lifting it right over her head and onto the floor. He then produced a pair of scissors from what appeared to be a small black suitcase with a side opening. Gasping at the sight of them, Michelle’s eyes grew wide as he slid the metal under the straps of her ivory bra, sending it to the carpet below. Her skirt was a pale peach colour, just above the knee, and made of a light cotton material. Nathan followed the blade of the scissors down Michelle’s chest carefully, letting her relish the cold sensation of the metal against her soft skin. As they traveled south, he opened the blades to slice through the skirt and thong panties underneath, as they were discarded along with the bra and shirt below. Michelle moaned at the sensation, feeling moist as he exposed her. She stood naked before him.

With one arm, Nathan reached up to grab Michelle’s grown hair, now reaching her shoulders, twisting it and using it like a reign to guide her to the front of the store. Her bare feet against the piles of the display floor, made her wince as they walked up the steps to meet the mannequins. Nathan positioned her in front of the one with the jet black hair and blunt bangs. He pulled her hair back so that she was face to face with the mannequin. With a slight of hand, he produced the shears once again, slipping them around the shoulder length raven hair and snipping it off quickly all around to chin length. Michelle was held firmly with his other hand, forced to watch the severing of the new wig to a blunt bob with bangs. Nathan turned to Michelle and smiled wildly.

“That’s more like it,” he said, reviewing his job. “It’s a little uneven, but yours won’t be.” They stepped down from the platform and over to the service counter. Michelle remembered that the chair behind it was taken to the back for Andy and Lacey, who could now be heard banging loudly against the partitions of the change room cubicle. The muffling sounds of their ecstasy could be heard too. Still being guided by her hair tautly pulled, Michelle was taken to the back and sat on the chair. Nathan pulled out his camera and sat it on a nearby table, next to the pomade. He retrieved the scissors again, watching Michelle quiver in suspense. There would be no mirror in front of her this time, he decided. She would be at his mercy once again.

The opening of the shears was loud and done slowly. Michelle closed her eyes and began to feel the tug on her hair tighten even more. As the blades engulfed her tresses, deliberately and slowly, Nathan opened and closed the scissors, slowly slicing off all of her hair at her chin from right to left. She then felt the tension release as her severed hair fell to the floor. Nathan placed the scissors on the table and pulled out a brush. He proceeded to pull forward hair in front of Michelle’s face, carefully making sure it was even, then with the scissors in hand once again, he slid them half an inch above her eyebrows and cut a blunt fringe to match her new bob. Michelle now sported the same style as the bobbed mannequin in the display.

“I like this much, much better,” Nathan chimed. He took a step back to admire his work. Michelle looked up at him, feeling relieved that he took her only to a blunt bob this time, without any clippers…though she secretly longed for them. Nathan took his time walking around the chair, observing gölbaşı escort the freshly bobbed and naked Michelle now reaching between her legs to feel the moistening that grew there. She moaned as he circled her, and he responded with a growing erection. It was then that he glanced back at the table, where the pomade, scissors and brush were.

“Pomade, huh? You want to play with that?” Nathan asked. Michelle’s closed eyes half opened to respond. When she didn’t answer right away, he grew impatient. “Well?”

“Yes, Andy and Lacey…they were playing with it…” Michelle began, trying to relax and enjoy her arousal.

“Let’s have some fun with the pomade, shall we?” Nathan suggested. Michelle liked this playful idea, and nodded quickly. Reaching into the jar, Nathan scooped a handful of the substance, equally applying it to both hands and began to run it through Michelle’s hair, beginning with the very front, pushing her freshly cut fringe back, slicking it against the rest of her hair and running his fingers through all of her hair, stroking her scalp on the way to her nape. He repeated this procedure, making sure all of the hair was firmly slicked back, pushing back more hair behind each ear, joining it with the rest of her shiny, dark blond bob. She closed her eyes again and smiled. Michelle was close to orgasm. As he finished, Nathan stood in front of her once again, surveying his work. He leaned forward to cup Michelle’s head in his hands, bringing her to his face and kissed her. His tongue briefly pushed through her lips, thrusting into her mouth…then he pulled back and took her hands, lifting her out of the chair.

“Let’s have a good look at you in the mirror,” he said. Taking her through the store, he guided her to a full length mirror where she could see just how shiny and tightly slicked back her hair was, exposing her now bigger eyes and exposed ears, framed by the now glossy, sleek dark golden hair that remained, glistening with pomade. Michelle smiled weakly, hoping this would please her lover. He stood behind her, glaring at their reflection in the full length mirror, now leaning slightly to plant supple kisses on her neck and shoulders. Andy and Lacey could be heard still, though they had seemingly reached a climax and their sounds of pleasure mellowed somewhat.

Nathan unexpectedly released his tongue, bathing now where he placed those kisses…down her nape, neck, right shoulder and bare arm. Michelle moaned softly and closed her eyes, as he continued, now moving in front of her and circling the rim and lobe of her left ear, barely touched by the shiny slicked tresses, making her quiver in delight. In seeing her relax, Nathan knew he would have her as he pleased; she would submit to whatever he had planned….and he wasn’t finished yet.

Andy and Lacey unexpectedly interrupted the two lovers when they appeared briefly, now fully clothed and ready to head out for a night at the pub. The sight of Nathan and Michelle caused them to grin, knowing they weren’t the only ones being naughty after store hours. As they exited, they waved excitedly, leaving with a sprint in their walk. “Come join us at the pub later, you two,” Andy said, with a wink. Nathan was now left alone with Michelle.

In a darkened store, Nathan opened his brief case, producing a camera and positioned it in front of them as he did months before, on the service counter. Michelle, feeling a bit uneasy, backed away from him as he approached her again. He then reached out to grip her arms firmly, sliding his strong hands down to her hands, and bringing her to him, closer and tighter within his grasp. He remained fully clothed still, while Michelle was completely bare. This was a huge turn on for him, having her exposed in this way.

“Don’t be bashful, Michelle,” he said carefully. “The camera will capture your beautiful body, so that I have something to watch later. I did miss you when I was away. Life is unexpected. If I should have to leave again, I wish to have you recorded for my pleasure.” This concerned Michelle, as she was just getting used to his return, though his strong, forceful manner both frightened and aroused her deeply at the same time. She wanted to comply with his demands, and this, he knew, would override any hesitation she would have.

The dim, florescent glow of the camera light was adjusted to record Michelle’s curves, quivers and self-pleasuring of her loins that resulted from Nathan’s strong strokes of the tongue, and light nibbling of her erogenous zones. The light from the back room leaked through, outlining the movements of them both. After what seemed like a while, Nathan unexpectedly and firmly positioned his arms at Michelle’s sides again, taking her back from him and stared at her seriously.

“You know what?” he said, flashing a quick smile, keeping his eyes fixed on hers.

“Yes?” she begged softly, afraid of what he would say, yet eager to know. He turned her around slowly, away from the mirror, and towards the mannequins once again. The camera was capturing all of this in its view, just as Nathan had planned.

“You see…,” he began. “I really liked the mannequins before I left here. The way they had their hair so brutally chopped into those short bobs. Do you remember that?”

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