On the Beach Ch. 2

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This is from Cyndi’s point of view.

When I woke up the next morning Rick was heading out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. I watched his bear ass moving through the doorway and got up to follow him. I was thinking about setting him on the kitchen table and sucking his cock for breakfast. The thought of what we had seen last night on the beach, and then done both on the beach and back in our cabin had my juices flowing already. We had watched Leigh, the woman who had driven us to this beach house, suck and fuck a man on the beach the night before, and it inspired us to new levels of passion.

I smiled as I remembered laying on the bed with my head over the edge, taking Rick’s cock further into my mouth than it had ever been, sucking him like crazy until he shot his spunk down my throat. Before the night was over we had done it in every room in the cabin and in several ways we hadn’t tried in a while.

I got to the door between the kitchen and bedroom and heard Leigh’s voice in the living room. “Did you have a nice night last night?”

“Yes we did thank you,” Rick said.

“I thought you might have,” She said with a chuckle. “It looks like your thinking about your evening now.” I could see Rick standing in front of me and knew that his cock must be expanding at the thought of Leigh on her knees in front of her partner last night.

“Well, that and the view in front of me no,.” I heard Rick counter. From where I was standing I could see Leigh was at least topless and her dark brown nipples were beginning to stiffen.

“That is a nice view isn’t it,” I said and moved out beside Rick. “When did you know we were watching you last night Leigh?” I asked, looking her up and down and feeling my nipples begin to crinkle and grow hard. She was wearing a white thong, which stood out against her light brown skin, which was the color of coffee that was lightly creamed. I knew from last night that her pubic hair was trimmed into a mohawk shape, just as wide as her lips, but above her opening, leaving her pussy bare. “I heard you say something about the way I took Adam’s cock in my mouth, and I knew it was you and it was time to repay a favor.” “What favor is that?” I asked.

Leigh smiled, “When I was almost at the door yesterday I saw you walk into the living room wearing a garter and I knew you two were going to go at it so I slipped around the side of the house and watched you through the window. It was all I could do not to scream when I came with you. Then I heard you say something about wanting to do it in the ocean at sunset and decided to give you a show. I got there too early though. I wanted you to be in the water when we came up, but I guess it worked out okay.” “Yea it sure did” Rick said with a laugh. “I have to complement you on being able to keep quiet yesterday while you were watching us” Rick continued. “Cyndi never did learn how to cum quietly.”

“I grew up in a small house and started playing with myself when I was 13, after I caught my sister and her boyfriend fucking in her bedroom. She warned me that our parents could hear me if I got to loud. From then on I worked on being quiet when I came. When I started getting laid it was harder to control, but I got lots of practice.”

Rick and I both laughed. “Well at least you don’t control it all the time, ” I said, “You weren’t being very quiet on the beach last night.” “Well I didn’t want to be quiet then.”

By now the sexual tension in the air was so think you could cut it and I was wondering when the first step towards moving from talking in the living room to screwing in the bedroom was going to be made. I knew that I would to let Rick know that it was xslot okay. In the past I had been very strong in stating that we were monogamous in our marriage, but this beauty in front of me turned me on like never before, and I knew that t I wanted to have her in our bed.

Leigh motioned toward the refrigerator. “I put some fresh cut fruit in the fridge for you for breakfast, I thought that you might need something for quick energy.” “That sounds great Leigh, thank you.” I said as she moved to the refrigerator. “Would you like to join us?” I continued as I pulled the bowl of fruit out and set it on the table. “For breakfast or something else?” Leigh asked. “For breakfast” I said and paused. “Then we may see about anything else. But I do have one request for breakfast.” “What’s that?” Leigh asked. “You need to dress for the occasion.”

Leigh smiled and reached her thumbs into the side of her thong. She held them there for just a second teasing us both and then pulled down the bikini bottom. “Better?” she asked. “Much” Rick replied and motioned Leigh to a chair at the table, as she went to the cupboard and brought out three plates.

We sat down and started eating the fresh fruit. It wasn’t long before the juices from the fruit were running down the front of us. The added a nice shine to the two sets of breasts Rick was watching. Oddly enough during breakfast the conversation went more to small talk, getting to know one another a little better. This only added to the sexual tension in the room.

After a while we all had our fill of fruit and pushed back from the table. Now was time to take the bull by the horns so to speak. I looked at Leigh, “You mentioned joining us for something else before breakfast, did you have something specific in mind?” Leigh looked at me, “Well for one thing I’d love to taste your pussy.” I smiled and looked at my husband. “Rick would you put on some music and join us in the bedroom.” He headed for the stereo as Leigh and I walked to the bedroom. I knew Rick would pick a CD he had put together at home. It had a nice title, but for us it was music to screw by and just listening to it would get us hot.

I grabbed Leigh and told her what I wanted to do to her and to Rick. She smiled at the idea and we laid down on the bed our lips finding each other. It wasn’t the first time I had kissed a girl, but it was the first time I had ever kissed a naked one. The other time that was as far as it was going to go, and this time I knew we were going to go much farther. Leigh’s hand moved up to cup my breast, teasing my nipple. I started to moan as I heard Rick walk into the room. He started to join us on the bed, but we broke our kiss and both got up and moved to him.

Leigh kissed Rick, the first woman he had kissed, other than me in 8 years, and he wrapped his arms around her. Before the kiss could go any farther she broke away and guided him to the lounge chair that sat across from the bed. She gently pushed him down on to the chair and straddled him. Her mouth found Rick’s once again, as her hand found his throbbing cock. She grabbed Rick’s rigid shaft and rubbed it against the wet lips of her pussy. Rick started to reach for her breasts, and that’s when our plan went into effect. Leigh’s hand pushed Ricks hand back against the arm of the lounge. And I was waiting there with a silk scarf and before he could say anything his arm was tied to the chair, and very quickly the other arm was tied also.

“Okay Rick, now you can watch the show” I said with a smile. “This isn’t fair,” he said, not really meaning it. “You two get to have all the fun and I just get a major hard on and no relief.” “Oh you’ll get xslot Giriş relief all right, just not as soon as you want it.” Leigh said with a sly grin. “But here’s something to tide you over,” and as she said this she slid her finger deep inside her wet pussy. Then she took her finger and stuck it in my husband’s mouth, letting him taste the sweet nectar from deep inside her pussy. He tried to hold her finger in my mouth forever, put she pulled away. “Now as Cyndi said enjoy the show.”

We slowly moved to the bed, laying in such a way that Rick could see our fingers rubbing each other’s clit. Without speaking we fingered each other’s pussy as our mouth’s explored the other’s breasts. The feeling of Leigh’s mouth sucking my tit’s was driving me crazy. I could feel the juices flowing over her finger from my dripping love hole. I knew that I was going to have to come and come soon, and Leigh seemed to sense the same thing. She pushed me flat on the bed and her mouth descended to my hard nipples. Her finger continued to rub my cunt and I knew Rick could see my pink lips glistening with moisture. Leigh knew I was enjoying what she was doing to my nipples, but it was time she moved on. She kissed her way to my pussy, and I gasped as her tongue moved over my outer lips, parting them and sliding into my cunt, probing deeper than I thought a tongue could go. I raised my hips to take more of the fleshy invader inside of me, and looked over to my husband. The look of lust on his face was almost enough to make me come right then and there. His cock was standing straight and hard, pre come oozing out of his cock and down the shaft making it glisten. I smiled at him and licked my lips, which made him moan with desire. He was squirming on the lounge trying to get some relief, but I knew that he wasn’t getting any.

I reached down and grabbed Leigh’s leg and pulled it toward my head. “Put your pussy over my face” I said in a breathless voice. As much as I was enjoying Leigh’s tongue on me, I was dying to taste Leigh’s nectar. Leigh didn’t need to be told twice and her legs were quickly straddling my head, her dark sex positioned over my face. I parted her out lips with me finger, and looked at the dark, plum colored inner lips guarding her slippery passage. I slid my tongue as far into the dark opening in front of me, tasting the musky juices flowing from deep inside my new lover. I heard Leigh let out a low moan as my tongue began to explore her womanhood. “Oh God Rick her pussy tastes so good, now I know why you like to eat pussy so much.” Leigh said, and then returned her face to my clit. Her tongue began to flick it up and down and my hips started to buck up and down. Leigh had told me she had never been with a woman before, but from the way she was licking me I would have sworn she had eaten many women. I reached around Leigh’s ass and pulled her pussy down to my tongue. Both of us were having a hard time concentrating on the pleasure we were receiving, and the pleasure we were giving. I found Leigh’s clit and began to flick it the way Rick did mine when he was going down on me. “Ahh, ahhh Yessssss” I heard her start to cry out, her screams muffled as she tried to keep her mouth on my clit. “Oh God, I’m cumming” cried Leigh. I grabbed her clit in my mouth and began to suck on it, as hard as I dared. At the same time I felt my own orgasm raising in me as Leigh’s tongue returned to my clit and her long finger slid deep into my slippery twat. Suddenly I was cumming, and crying out while trying to hold onto Leigh’s clit. “Ummmmmmmm” I cried around the little nugget of flesh in my mouth.

Both of us were locked in the joy of orgasm, my arms pulling xslot Güncel Giriş Leigh’s pussy down to my mouth, her arms under my ass pulling my pussy tighter into her mouth, our cry’s of pleasure muffled by the clit our mouths were locked around. After a time we both let go and moved away from each other. I turned around and kissed Leigh, my tongue moving into her mouth before lips closed letting Rick get a good look at it, knowing it would make him even hotter than he was already. Her hand covered my firm breast, pinching the large pink nipple until it looked was hard as my dear husbands cock.

We broke the kiss and looked at Rick. “I need a cock, and I think he needs a place to put his.” Leigh said to me. “Would you mind if I went first?” I smiled and kissed Leigh again. “Not at all, besides, I want to lick his cum out of your pussy when your done.” Leigh laughed, “Sounds good to me.” With that she got up and moved over to my husband on the lounge. She straddled him and placed a nipple in his mouth. I watched Rick lick and suck the offering, raising his hips at the same time trying to get his rigid and neglected shaft into her dripping sex. “Not yet baby, not yet.” She pulled away from him, turned around and reached for his cock. “Are you ready for this” she said looking over her shoulder as she rubbed the head of his throbbing rod against her wet opening. “Oh yes” Rick said, “I’ve been ready”

Leigh slowly sank her tight pussy down on Rick’s rigid poll, “Um Cyndi, I know why you like this inside of you.” Rick groaned as her pussy completely swallowed his engorged cock. Leigh didn’t move at first, she just let him get used to the feeling of being inside of her. She leaned back against him so that her back was against his chest and turned her head so that he could kiss her. Their lips met, and her tongue slid into my husband’s mouth, exploring and teasing it. “I can taste you on her mouth” I heard Rick say to me, as he began to explore her lips and mouth with his tongue.

I loved the view of my husband’s throbbing fat cock stretching the dark passage my tongue had been exploring just moments before. “God baby I wonder if my cunt looks this good with your cock stuffed inside me.” I said to Rick, my fingers reaching between my legs to find my clit. Suddenly I was struck with an idea, I moved between Rick’s legs and ran my tongue from his balls up the shaft that was still showing and then onto Leigh’s spread pussy to her clit. They both gasped with pleasure as I repeated the movement, going down this time from the dark plum colored pussy to the white cock sticking into it. Leigh began to move her hips up and down on Rick’s cock, fucking him as I licked her pussy and his cock. When her pussy would go up I would cover the exposed shaft, licking the juices from it, and has she lowered it, I would put my tongue over her clit so that her moving hips rubbed her love button on my tongue. Leigh suddenly cried out “Ahhhhh god yes I’m cumming, fill my pussy Rick cum inside me.” She then slammed her self down on Rick’s cock and I could see her stomach moving in spasms as her orgasm over took her. Rick thrust his hips into a couple more times and cried out” Oh god I’m cumming”. I took the exposed part of his shaft into my mouth, feeling the throbbing as his cum pulsed up his shaft and into Leigh’s pussy. At the same time the feeling of Rick’s cock cumming pushed me over the edge and I sink two fingers deep into my pussy, fucking my self as my husbands cock fills my new lovers pussy.

At last Leigh collapsed against Rick her orgasm subsiding as his cock finally quit shooting cum. I had reached up and untied Rick’s arms at some point and I watched as he wrapped them around Leigh. “Wow that was incredible.” Leigh said. “Yea” was all Rick could manage. “Cyndi you have to let me do that to you.” Leigh said. “I plan to dear, I plan to.” I said with a grin. “But first there is something I want to do” …

To Be Continued…

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