On The Couch

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It was a day like any other day, I woke up and my lovely lady and I went out on the back porch to drink our coffee. We sat with our coffee, enjoying the nice cool breeze of the spring morning, just enjoying small talk as we always do. We did a few things around the house, and then I took my shower, got ready for work, and set out for a day at the “office”.

At work my mind kept drifting to my lady, remembering the fun times we have had in the past and fantasizing of taking her….feeling her hands on my body, her lips against mine and on my body. The feel of her body responding to my touch. I begin to respond to the thoughts running through my head, the blood pulsing through my veins and my cock starts to stir with the excitement. The day ends, and I head home to be with the lady I love.

Arriving home, I find my lovely lady sitting in her chair looking as lovely as ever. I walk over to her, looking deep into her eyes, and hand her the rose I picked up on the way home. Leaning over her, our lips meet, and I taste her as her soft lips press against mine. Parting my lips as I run the tip of my tongue across her upper lip, I hear a gasp of pleasure come from her. I whisper against her lips telling her about some of the thoughts that had run through my mind earlier that day. Our kisses becoming deeper as our desire for each other grows.

Our breathing quickens, our voices become raspy as we whisper back and forth to each other, expressing our need and desire for each other. Our hands gliding over the others body, the electricity and sparks fly. My manhood has swollen to the point that if it isn’t released from its confines soon; it threatens to rip through my pants. Pulling away from her, I cup her face in my hands and tell her how very much I need her. Looking up at me from where she sits, she echoes my needs, and says, “….but first I have to feel your hard cock in my mouth” and starts to pull my clothes from my body.

Reaching up, she cups my face in her hands, her lips cover mine as she kisses me with a hunger I have never experienced with her before. Moans and sighs coming from us both as our lips press hard against each other, our tongues searching deep. Her lips break from mine as she move down my chest, her tongue circling my nipples and blows her warm breath across them, then moves on down. Her nails dragging down my chest and over my belly. She wraps her fingers around my throbbing thickness and lowers her head taking just the tip of my cock in her mouth.

Teasing the tip on my cock with her tongue and lips, her fingertips glide over my shaft. Pulling back, she looks up at me. Her big brown eyes telling of her love for me. Fingertips stroking along my shaft with a light touch, as the fingers of her other hand brush over my balls. My breath catching as I gasp and express how much I love the feel of her lips and hands on me “……..god that feels so good baby”

She lowers her head, kissing at the tip of my manhood, her tongue reaches out and circles the head. As she presses her head down over me, she lets my ridged shaft part her lips as I sink deeper and deeper into her warm abyss. I lean my head back, my eyes close, and I sigh with the pleasure that her warm mouth gives me. Reaching down, I run my fingers through her flowing blond hair, and down across her back. My hand brushes over her cheek, then lovingly swats pendik escort at her sweet ass, bringing a moan from deep within her.

Gently rubbing and caressing her ass, my hand moves further seeking out her silken mons. My fingers brush over her lips, with a feather like touch, sending shock waves rushing through her body. Moaning around my hardness, she takes me in deeper as if a new spark of hunger has been ignited within her. My finger sinks easily between her lips finding her sweet nectar. Getting my finger good and wet, I pull away from her, and sit back on my heels. Grasping my shaft in my hand, knowing the sight of me stroking drives her wild, I slowly stroke my hand up and down over my hard shaft a few times telling her “You are so hot, you make my cock so hard and feel so good”. I then trace my wet finger around sensitive head of my throbbing cock, and offer my manhood back to her “suck my hard cock some more and taste your own sweet juices on me”.

She reaches out with her hand allowing my shaft to rest in her palm and her fingers to cup my balls, her other hand on my chest as she pushes me back on the chair. Her fingers wrapping around the base of my manhood, I feel the heat of her hand radiating into me. Her head lowering to my cock, as she looks at me with a devilish grin on her face, and I know that she is getting ready to take me to heights untold.

Reaching out with her tongue, she starts to lick her sweet nectar from my head. She moans, licking her lips…….”Mmmmmmm so good!” She takes me into her mouth and starts to work her magic on me, her lips and hand moving up and down along my shaft in long slow strokes, knowing that it drives me wild. Sensing that my orgasm is near, she backs off, letting the wave subside.

The first wave, having subsided some, she takes me once again deep into her hot searching mouth and holds me there. Her tongue swirling around my head and brushing along the underside of my shaft. Drawing her lips up over my length to where only the head is still in her mouth, then back down, taking my full length into her mouth. My breathing becomes deep and labored as she continues her onslaught of pleasure.

My fingers wrapped in her hair guiding her and letting her know what I need. She uses every trick she knows (reaching up and pinching my nipples, brushing her finger tips across my balls, pressing her finger up against the underside of my balls, and varying the speed and pressure she applies to me) to bring me to the point of exploding, then backs off. Knowing that the sweet torture she has exerted over me, and the loving power she that she has exhibited, has greatly surpassed any words that could express her love for me.

She once again takes me to the brink and allows me to have my release. Her lips locked tightly around my shaft as wave after wave of pent up pearls of cum flood her mouth. My cries of ecstasy mix with her moans of satisfaction as her own body responds to my release as if she too were experiencing the orgasm.

Having recovered from the powerful orgasm, she and I sit together talking, as we often do, about what just happened. Our hands roaming over the others body enjoying the feel of the other. My fingers moving up under her breast, and circling around the outer edges. With each pass, I get closer and closer to her nipple, kartal escort which is starting to perk and grow harder, but never allow myself to touch it.

Then with my fingers spread wide around her heaving breast, I draw them up toward her nipple slowly with a light touch. The closer I get to her nipple the lighter my touch becomes to where I’m not even touching her anymore, but yet the sensation that was there makes her nipples fell alive with excitement. Her hand caresses my manhood, stroking it and bringing it back to life. Her hand becomes our focal point, as we both sit there and watch her hand glide over my shaft. On the up stroke her wrist twists slightly as my head disappears into her palm, then reappears again as her hand moves back down along my shaft.

Having had her fun in pleasing me, and me having been pleased by her, I place my hands on her shoulders and gently push her back, laying her down on the couch. I move over her, my lips covering hers as my tongue traces around her lips. Her tongue meets mine and they dance together, searching the others mouth. My hand caressing her face, feeling the softness of her skin. Moving up into her hair and around behind her head as we kiss deeply.

My fingers feathering down across her neck and down between her breasts. Pressing the palm of my hand against her skin and moving back up to cup her right breast. The soft skin giving under the pressure of my hand and fingers as I squeeze gently, bringing moans from her. My fingers brush across her erect nipples, flicking at it making her nipple grow harder and harder with her excitement.

Taking her nipple between my fingers, I pinch and pull at it. Her back arches as she moans with pleasure. Cupping her breast in my hand again, I lower my head, my lips covering her hard nipple. My tongue darts out against her nipple as I suck lightly on her, and gently squeeze her soft flesh. I let my teeth rest at the base of her erect nipple and drag them up over her, then pull at her nipple with my lips.

My hand moves on down her form as she lays below me…caressing her velvety soft skin as I move closer and closer to her womanhood. My fingers graze over her as my hand moves to her inner thigh, pinching at the sensitive skin and sending currents rushing to her inner depths. My middle finger brushes lightly over her lips, teasing her with my touch. A touch that can barely be felt, but yet enough to spark a deeper desire within her. She reaches down trying to press my finger into her.

I take both of her hands and move them above her head and hold them there with my free hand. With her hands out of the way, I go back to teasing her womanhood with the playful touch of my finger very lightly brushing over her lips. I tap at her with my fingers as she gasps and moans. Parting her lips, her little bud exposed to my touch. My finger brushes and flicks at her bud. Looking down at the vision of beauty as my fingers bring her to her first orgasm. I gaze into her eyes as her expression shows her pleasure as she cries out in pleasure.

Having had her first orgasm, my finger runs up and down between her lips, her juices flowing freely in her excited state. I press a finger into her feeling her heat as it sinks deeper and deeper into her. Her hands still held over her head, she looks into my eyes as my finger maltepe escort starts to rub against her spot. Her eyes seem to glaze over as her second orgasm builds from deep within her and she cries out……”Oh god baby that feels so good! I need to feel you inside of me”

Ignoring her pleas to be filled with my hardness, I release her hands and lower myself between her legs. Her scent fills my senses as I inhale her aroma. Lowering my mouth, I cover her sweet flower, my tongue running the length of her stopping at her bud. My tongue circles her bud before taking her into my mouth. My lips form an “O” around her clit as I start to massage her with my lips, pulling softly at her.

Her hands come down on each side of my head pulling me to her as her hips press up against my face. Taking her inner lips and bud between my lips, I pull at them lightly letting them slid between my lips then taking her in again. Her third orgasm builds fast and strong as it crashes over her…Her cries fill the room and her hips come up off the couch and press hard against my face, as I continue to devour her sweet tasting pussy.

Lifting my head from her sweet flower, looking into her eyes…her hands cupping my face as we smile at each other, I say “now I want to feel your hot wet lips around me” she answers with “Oh yes! I want to feel you hard cock deep inside of me.”

Kneeling on the floor between her legs, her gift before me looking so inviting, her voice ringing in my ears “fuck me with your hard cock, let me make it feel so good for you. Make my hot pussy feel so good.” Taking myself in my hand, I slap at her wet lips with my shaft, bringing sighs to her lips as she begs more for me to fill her. Pressing the head to her lips, and pushing forward little by little as my shaft parts her lips and sinks to the hilt. We both moan as our two bodies become one, the feel of her inner walls gripping at my hard shaft as it fills her.

Beginning a slow rhythm as my hard cock slides in and out of her. I press in, my hips tilt upward causing my shaft to press against her spot. Our sighs and moans mingle as one as her fourth orgasm washes over her. My tempo builds as yet another orgasm comes over her, her walls pulling and squeezing at my shaft.

Turning her over on her knees as she leans over the back of the couch, I stand behind her. My hard cock wet with her juices, I stroke it with my hand, and swat her cheek with my free hand. Placing the head of my shaft against her flower I press forward sinking deep inside of her. The familiar comfortable feeling of having her engulf me once again brings sighs of pleasure to me. Hands on her hips, I begin rocking my hips back and forth, watching as my cock slices effortlessly in and out of her.

Reaching an arm forward, I grab a fist full of hair, pulling her head back and to the side so I can see the expression on her face as she is over come again by a powerful orgasm. As my thrusts build in speed and power, my free hand slaps at her firm ass. The heat builds within her as her walls grip at my shaft willing it to explode deep inside of her. Our bodies filled with the pleasure we are giving each other, our soft moans and sighs grow into cries as we both reach our climax together

I fall against her back, my arms wrapped around her, as my seed spills from deep within me. Her head thrown back as she cums, covering my hard shaft with her hot juices. We both cry out loud with our final release and fall to the couch holding each other close as we come down from our high, totally satisfied with how the other has pleased and pleasured us. Both feeling a deeper and stronger love for the other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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