On the Loveseat Ch. 20

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Welcome back friendly Reader!

Jeremy and Jenny’s tale continues, now with the addition of Erin.

BTW- this chapter ended up going long, enjoy!


The future was looking so much better for me now!

Erin and I had become almost inseparable. At least while I was outside my house.

I hadn’t introduced her to my family, even though I had met her parents. They were nice and seemed to like me. If only they knew what I was doing with their daughter in their house while they were at work!

Mom questioned me about my girlfriend incessantly, trying to glean any information that she could.

I didn’t know why mom seemed to be so fixated on Erin. Except for the fact that I seemed to be keeping her a secret.

I mean, I wasn’t trying to. I just wasn’t so sure about my current girlfriend meeting my former flame; especially that she was also my mother! How bizarre is that?

Also, graduation was only six weeks away!

The import of that momentous event was weighing heavily on me. It felt like the future was barreling at me like a freight train and if I didn’t decide what I wanted to do soon, it would smash into me and leave me a broken wreck in its wake.

I was going to go to college. That was a surety. I just didn’t know which one yet.

My parents were getting very fidgety about my procrastination, almost to the point of deciding for me.

As Erin and I got more serious, I was almost certain that I would go to the local community college with her. I just hoped that if I did so that it wasn’t just to be with Erin and that I was just putting off making a decision for another two years.

As to Erin.

We were having sex four or five times a week. Usually at her house after school while her parents were gone. Also, in almost any other place that we had the opportunity. My car, her car, an almost deserted theater, even one of the school restrooms during lunch!

Every time was amazing with my redheaded sex fiend!

Erin was a dichotomy of shyness and boldness.

She would balk at initiating an encounter and then be reckless once we had begun, then the next day she’d be the opposite, pulling me behind a tree at the local park to give me a blowjob and then be as meek as a newborn deer when we were almost caught by a patrolman.

That Erin appeared so innocent on the outside, but that was such a sex-hungry vixen beneath her pure-seeming exterior. I would never forget the time I had with my mom and even as great as things were with Erin, nothing could ever top the sex I had had with Jenny. However, Erin was something that I could be open about, someone that I could show my friends. Mom might be a ten, but Erin was a nine point nine five!

Not that it was only just sex between Erin and me.

Even with as often as we were going at it, sex was only a small part of what was so great about her. We were like twins that had been separated at birth. We were so in sync with each other; we practically finished each other’s sentences. Even as cliché as that was. We weren’t just copies of each other though, we had enough varied interests that things were never dull for us, we always had something to say to each other. And we would spend hours doing so.

Erin was the first person, male or female, that I felt I could spend all day talking with and not miss having sex. Someone I could be stranded with on a deserted island and that we wouldn’t get tired of each other. Or kill each other for getting on our nerves!

How many people in the world could say that about another person?

We had only know each other for barely three weeks, so I knew it was too early to say that we would always be so comfortable together, but it felt like a hundred years already. A hundred great years.

Erin was beginning to make me a believer in her belief in us being destined to be together. But forever? I wasn’t a hundred percent sold yet.

Because I had a nagging feeling that I wasn’t done with mom yet.

And the fact that she might not be done with me yet either!

The past week I had begun to notice that mom seemed to be flirting with me.

At first, I just chalked it up to my lingering feelings for her and the desire to be with her again.

The more I thought over the things that had happened, and tried to think of any other possibility for her actions, the more I became sure that mom was trying to win me back.

Were things not working out with dad?

That wasn’t what it looked like to me.

The two of them were happier than I’d seen them in a very long time.

But if things were okay between my parents, then why was mom acting so strangely around me?

If it hadn’t been for the fact that things were so awesome with Erin, I would have jumped at the opportunity to get back with mom. Even with the pain she had caused. I had finally put those feelings behind me, burying the ache I had felt and now only looked back on that time with a fond reminiscence. It was the only way I could go on.

However, if mom did want me back, could matadorbet I resist her or refuse her?

Only the memory of the heartache she had caused, and would likely cause again, gave me the strength to resist mom’s wiles.

But if mom wanted to flirt with me, I could do the same back to her!

I had come home one school day after my almost regular stop at Erin’s house for some emergency sex. We were both horny, so it was an emergency!


I came home and I found mom in the living room seemingly waiting on me. Jojo and Johnny were in the backyard, and dad wasn’t home yet. Mom was wearing a pair of snug black slacks and an off-white blouse. What caused me to pause was that the blouse was unbuttoned down to her navel, revealing a large amount of her clearly braless breasts. I couldn’t help but stare at the expanse of skin.

“Jeremy! Don’t stare at my tits!” She reprimanded me, but in a tone that was more suggestive than reproof.

My eyes came up to meet her half-lidded emerald pools. She batted those eyes at me.

I had never known what that was until that moment.

She was practically inviting me to stare at her tits!

Moreover, that she had actually said tits. Not breasts, not chest, not down my top. No, tits!

She also made no motion to button up or to try to hide her creamy bosoms.

I just shook my head.

If I hadn’t been recently satiated with Erin, I might not have been responsible for my actions!

I came into the kitchen one evening to grab another drink. I almost walked right into the island counter as I stared at my mother.

Or rather, her ass!

She was bent over, but her knees were slightly angled, giving me the most perfect sight of her curvaceous hemispheres!

Well, almost perfect.

I had seen them bare right before I had shoved my dick between them!

“Oh, Jeremy. Just who I need.”


“Can you help me with my box?”

Huh? Her box?

Oh! She was trying to pick up a well-taped cardboard container.

“What’s in it?” I asked, but unable to look away from her posterior.

That she hadn’t moved made it obvious that she was so positioned just for my benefit.

“Just some dishes that I’m packing away.” Still motionless, as if frozen in an almost sexual position.

If not for her tan slacks stretched over her derrière, I could have slipped my cock right into her …

“Why are they on the floor?” The lack of blood in my brain impeded my thoughts.

“Can you help me? Or are you just going to keep staring at my ass?” Mom asked a bit petulantly.

Well, if she was going to make it look so appealing, then yes, I was going to stare!

“Uhh … Where do you want it?”

Mom then stood back upright. Her buttocks still looked just as inviting.

“Um. In the garage. Just move some of the Christmas decorations.” Mom stepped aside so I could pick up the box.

“Thank you Jeremy. It is handy having you around.”

I was sure the whole thing had been staged just to flaunt her ass at me!

Saturday morning I rose late as usual, especially with the late night I’d spent with Erin!

I guessed that dad was golfing and I’m sure my siblings were about somewhere.

Mom knocked on my door and before I could answer or even make myself presentable (not that she hadn’t seen everything before anyway!), she just walked in. I wouldn’t have thought anything about it, except that she wasn’t wearing her ragged old robe. No, she was clad only in one of the skimpy pieces of lingerie that we’d gotten that day we had gone shopping together. It was a caramel colored nightie with lace across her breasts that didn’t hide a damned thing. The hem was only a few inches below her waist, tantalizingly revealing a pair of similarly shaded satin panties.

I could only gawk at her as she paused just in my doorway.

“Johnny and Jojo already had breakfast and I wondered if you were going to come down and eat to or were just going to sleep all day.”

She said in the most motherly tone while looking like a sexy vision from any male’s fantasies!

I had an image of mom cooking breakfast while dressed as inappropriately as she was.

Or appropriately, depending on your appetite!

“Mom!” I croaked out.

“What, Jeremy?” She asked as if she didn’t know why I had my eyes bugging out.

“Do you go around the house dressed like that?” My eyes couldn’t meet hers. They were too busy travelling over her body.

“Am I wearing too much?” She spun in place. This caused the nightie to swirl up and reveal that the panties were actually a thong as her ass was exposed to my wide eyes.

“Mom!” I croaked again louder.

“Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes if you can … get up.” Her voice was the definition of sultry. She twirled again and left.

I was definitely up!

And urinating would be as difficult as hell!

Mom and dad were going out that Saturday evening, and as Erin had other plans with her own family, a matadorbet giriş cousin’s birthday, I believe, I was babysitting my siblings. However, they didn’t call it that. I was just spending time with them while our parents were gone.

Dad was in the shower when mom called out for me from her bedroom.

“Jeremy! Can you come help me?”

I thought nothing of it and walked down the hall to her closed door.

I had assumed that since she had called for me that it was okay to enter.

I opened the door and stepped in.

Mom was standing there in just a flowery skirt and a sexy satin purple bra with a lot of boob exposed. In each hand she was holding a blouse hung on a clothes hanger.

“Which one do you think looks better with this skirt? The blue one or the maroon one?” Mom waved each of the choices in front of her almost topless figure.

I stared.

She held each of the blouses before herself again.

“Come on Jeremy. Stop picturing me without the bra and help me choose.”

I hadn’t pictured her like that.

But I was after she had brought it up!

She also wasn’t wearing the skirt either!

“The blue one.” I stated.

She held that one over her chest.

“Are you sure?” Mom looked down at herself and the blouse.

“Yeah. You’d look great in either, but better in the blue.”

“Thanks honey. Now get out of her before your father gets out of the shower.”

I noticed that she stood there in her bra without any indication of donning the chosen top.

“Go!” Mom waved at me, shooing me away.

These were the more memorable incidents, but mom would talk suggestively with me as well, innuendo and double entendre filled her speech. She also made frequent slips of the tongue, but only in my presence, never with dad around, and were always of a sexual nature. She made allusions to blowjobs, or sexual positions, most that we had experienced with each other. This was on top of the way that she bent, stretched, or moved that showed off her fit figure in the most provocative ways.

Mom seemed to be taking pleasure in the ways that she was sexually teasing me.

Any of this was just to Erin’s benefit as anything that mom did, or said, that got me horny, or rather, hornier, would lead to the two of us having amazing sex. I mean, it was amazing without any incitement from my mother, but I was more eager to please my sex-hungry girlfriend because of mom’s teasing.

Little did Erin realize though.

She just thought that I was as constantly horny as she.

I was, but …

I was then in a new predicament.

I was having sex, great sex, incredible sex with Erin. Things were going great between us.

But I was beginning to have those old thoughts about mom again.

The thoughts that I was also having about Erin.

Thoughts that I got to act out on with my redhead nymphette.

Thoughts that I was having a hard time suppressing about mom. Jenny.

I wanted both women.

But I was only able to be with one of them.

Even as mom’s lewd words and deeds suggested otherwise.

Did she truly want to resume our illicit love affair?

Was dad not enough to satisfy her, even with their renewed efforts to do so?

Did mom really mean it when she had said she preferred me over my father?

Or was it just her jealousy returning?

Only not about her sister anymore, but now about me. Me being with Erin.

I kept up the friendly sexual banter and suggestive activities with mom, but under the assumption that that was all it was. Just innocent playing.

But what if mom did want me back?

I was with Erin now.

Could I have both of them?

Mom had had dad and me. More me than dad, much more of me really.

Would I be able to keep both women happy while keeping one in the dark about the other?

And that I couldn’t let Erin find out about mom and me.

For more reasons than just cheating on her!

This seemed like the universe was playing with me again.

Making me see things as they had been for mom not so long ago.

Torn between two lovers. Unable to choose between either of them.

This was all based on whether mom did want me once again.

What if she was just playing and not actually serious? I didn’t want to open myself to that pain again if she didn’t intend to act on her teasing.

I had to make mom reveal her intentions.

I could of course just ask her, but she could tell me whatever she wanted me to hear. As they say, actions speak louder than words. If mom and I had sex again, then there were no words that she could say that could deny that.

So I just had to get mom back into bed then.

The problem with that though, was that I was spending a lot of time in ‘bed’ with Erin.

And not just her bed either!

I had thought that it was just because mom and Aunt Jessica were at that stage in their lives that had made them so insatiable. Erin was eighteen. And she was just as voracious for sex as either of my older relatives had been. It seemed that she was practically all over me as soon as we got together. Not that I was complaining! Far from it. I was delirious.

Maybe girls weren’t as prim and proper and pure as I had been led to believe.

Maybe they were just as sex-crazed as I was.

If that was the case, why wasn’t everyone just going at it in the streets?




As I said before, Erin and I were having sex four or five times a week. Okay, maybe it was six.

We didn’t go to her house every day after school. Sometimes we couldn’t even make it that far. Sometimes we would have sex before we got to her house and then did so again when we arrived there.

Hey, we were teen-agers! That’s what we do!

We went to her indie club again; I never did learn the name of the place. If indeed, it even had one.

Hervè again gave me a warning look as we entered. This time Erin paid the cover charge. I still got the parking though.

There was once again sex afterwards.

But it wasn’t at the lake again; rather it was in my car in the parking lot.

We’d had our clothes half off before we even opened a car door.

I’m pretty sure the jagged-toothed lot attendant had peeped at us as we went at it too!

Anytime that we had any expectation of privacy for more than fifteen minutes Erin and I would be lip-locked, pulling clothing off, and smashing our genitals together. It would almost be embarrassing, if not so comical, or that we just were that horny to not care.

Erin did bring up, repeatedly, about meeting my family. I had met her parents so she expected to meet mine.

I didn’t mind if she met dad. Even Johnny and Jojo. I was sure Erin would love my sister, since she didn’t have any siblings of her own.

But my mother was another story.

Not that I didn’t want Erin to meet mom. But that she wasn’t just my mom was the problem.

I didn’t really want Erin to be introduced to the woman that had broken my heart.

I didn’t want mom to see the girl who had replaced her. In my heart. And in my pants.

I couldn’t keep avoiding it though. Otherwise, it would begin to look suspicious. Erin would wonder what was wrong with my family that I couldn’t let her see them.

I did tell Erin stories about my home life, anecdotes about the antics of my brother and/or sister, things that had happened to me growing up, places I had gone with my parents on vacations and such. So she had to think of us as normal.

Except for that one fact that she didn’t know.

That I had slept with my mother and had an affair with her.

‘Oh yeah Erin by the way, I’ve had sex with my mom. Many times.’

Not the kind of thing to tell your girlfriend.

Or anyone!

But then I got to thinking about it, and I realized that it was mom who was the one that I wanted to show off my nice, cute new girlfriend. For mom to meet the girl that I was now having sex with, to make mom jealous of what she was missing because she had ended our intimate escapades. Therefore, my mom could see whom she was up against if she was trying to win me back again.

My life was a very treacherous tightrope!

I thus invited Erin over for dinner one Saturday night. It was a momentous event but I tried to downplay it. It was just dinner.

Nevertheless, Erin was all excited at finally meeting my mom and dad. It was a big step in our relationship I guess.

My family was even more eager to meet my girlfriend.

Dad wanted to since he had never gotten to meet the last one, even though he didn’t realize that he slept next to her.

Jojo was thrilled because, even though she knew nothing about my previous predicament and had been disturbed by my near-recent depressed behavior, she already thought of Erin as a newly adopted big sister.

Johnny was the least thrilled of the family, as this was another girl. And if she took me away from the family, that left only him and Jojo.

Mom acted like she wanted to meet Erin, but as I could read mom better than almost anyone, I noticed that she seemed to be reticent about the dinner. Surely, she wanted to make a good impression as all mothers would, but that this was the girl with whom I’d been spending my time. Too much time, if I read mom’s attitude correctly. In addition, the girl that she knew I was sleeping with, the girl that wasn’t her.

I knew I could only sit back and watch what happened, and hope for the best.

I arranged with Erin that I would pick her up and bring her to my house. Erin was excited finally to see the side of me that I had been keeping her from seeing. We sat in my car in the driveway before we entered the house. I needed to brace myself for the forthcoming meeting.

“Are we sure we want to do this?” I asked Erin nervously.

She had worn a too-white loose pullover blouse and a pair of deep blue slacks. Her finely curled locks were held back with a plastic green hair band that contrasted with her auburn hair.

“I don’t know why you’re so worried. I’m sure I’ll love your family. You came out alright.” Erin took my hand and smiled at me encouragingly. Those blue depths boosted my resolve.

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