One House, Two Families Ch. 02

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This story will feature MILFs and daughters with big tits along with sons with big dicks – – it’ll probably be light on plot, heavy on the sex and definitely not to be taken seriously. If that isn’t what you’re after, then just move along.

As always, everyone is 18 or over.

† † † † †

Amy stepped into the room she was now sharing with her cousin Lisa, her mind in a whirl. While brushing her teeth in the bathroom, she’d just watched through the window as her twin brother Pete received a blowjob from their own mother. She’d suspected for some time that Pete had the hots for both her and their mom – – and she could understand that as they were both slim and stacked with big, firm butts – – and that he wanted to fool around with them, but she’d never thought it would be anything more than a horny, 18 year old boy’s dream.

And the size of his cock! Even from a distance, looking through the bathroom window and down into the guest house that their mom was now living in, Amy could see he was hung like a horse.

“Hey Ames,” Lisa said, looking up from her laptop. “Which side of the bed do you want?”

Amy, her mother and brother had been forced by the financial crisis to move in with Amy’s aunt Tricia – – her mom’s twin sister – – and her two twins, Lisa and Craig – – twins ran in the family – – and as a consequence, she and Lisa were not only sharing a room, they were sharing a bed. Tricia and Lisa had swapped beds, Tricia taking Lisa’s single, allowing the girls to share her old double that, since her husband had died three years before, she’d always found too big.

“I don’t mind,” Amy said, climbing on to the bed. “This side, I guess.”

“You okay?” Lisa asked. “You seem a bit out of it.”

“Just going to be a bit weird, all of us living here, I guess,” Amy said, covering up the fact that she was actually still thinking about her brother and her mother.

“It’ll be great,” Lisa said happily, leaning over and giving her cousin a hug. They both wore pyjama bottoms and vest tops, their big tits – – something else that ran in the family – – squashing together briefly. She sat back and looked at the time on her laptop as the clock approached eleven. “Amy? I’ve kinda got a favour to ask,” she said. “Can you keep a secret?”

“Sure, what is it?” Amy said.

Lisa blushed a little. “I’ve been running a webcam show for the last couple of months,” she said.

“A webcam show?” Amy asked with a smile. “You been showing those big titties of yours on the net?” she laughed. “Does your mom know?”

Lisa laughed with her. “No, she’d probably have a fit if she did. But you know what they say,” she said, hefting her big tits in both hands, “use what you got to get ahead, right?” she said. “Now you, Pete and auntie Janine have moved in, though, I was going to do one last show and then close it down. Trouble is, I got the dates wrong – – I thought you were moving in tomorrow so planned the last show for tonight. In about two minutes.”

“So what, you’re just going to whip your top off in front of me?” Amy asked, laughing. “Go ahead, it’s not like we haven’t changed with each other when we’ve been to the beach or whatever.”

Lisa shrugged. “It’s a bit more than just stripping off,” she said, blushing again.

They looked at each other for a moment or two, Amy starting to realise what her cousin was implying. Just then Lisa’s laptop pinged.

“There he is, right on schedule,” she said.


“BigMan31,” she said. “My most regular viewer. I think he missed my first one but hasn’t missed one since, and he’s always first to log in. He never comments, though, just watches.” The laptop pinged again, and again, and again as more and more viewers joined the session.

>>You there?<< Angel_Fucker typed.

“Looks like they’re waiting for me,” Lisa said.

“Can they hear you?” Amy asked.

“No, it’s a chat window only.” She smiled and shrugged. “I really should join the session – – they’re paying for it, after all. I don’t mind if you want to leave for a while.”

Amy smiled and sat at the other end of the bed, facing her cousin but behind the laptop so she couldn’t be seen by the webcam.

“You go ahead,” she said, reaching for a book from the floor. “I’ll just sit quietly and read.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want things to get weird between us.”

As weird as my mother blowing my brother? Amy thought.

The laptop pinged again and again.

>>Were R U babe????<< G0LDM3MB3R1977 typed.

“Go ahead,” Amy said again. “Your public awaits.”

Lisa turned to the laptop and switched on the webcam, joining the session where her fans were waiting for her. She waved at the screen and typed >>Hello boys. Ready for my last show?<<

There were a flurry of answers, all of them asking her not to quit.

>>Sorry boys>Things have changed, I’ve gotta quit.>So what should I do first?<<

>>TITS!!!!!!<< G0LDM3MB3R1977 typed.

>>get your tits out<< TTLuvvrr typed which matadorbet was quickly followed by others demanding the same thing.

“You’re so predictable,” she said with a smile, blowing them another kiss. Looking into the camera the whole time, she cupped her huge tits and groped at them, squashing them together then against her chest, making them bulge and balloon out the side of her vest. “You like my big titties, don’t you?” she said slowly, letting her fans lip read her words as she leaned forward slightly and pulled down the neckline of her vest, displaying her deep, dark cleavage. “You wanna see them, huh?”

She glanced across at Amy and smiled when she saw her still holding her book, but watching at the same time. She turned back to the camera.

“Yeah, you want to see them, don’t you?” she asked, hooking her thumbs into the arm holes of her vest and pulling the fabric forwards and inwards, stretching the holes wider and wider until her huge tits popped through them, her small pink nipples hard and erect. “Well there they are, boys,” she said, cupping them and holding them together, her vest trapped in her cleavage.

She leaned forward, her big jugs hanging down. >>Now what?<< she typed before sitting back up and playing with her tits as the answers came in.

>>Suck em!!!!!<< G0LDM3MB3R1977 typed.

>>Kiss thos big fukin tits!<< gr@mp@joe typed.

She grinned as she read the responses then looked over at Amy who had put her book down and was staring at her. Slowly, still looking at her cousin, Lisa took one of her huge tits in both hands and lifted it up, bending her head and licking at her nipple before sucking on it gently. Releasing her tit, she then did the same with the other one, this time looking into the camera.

“Like that boys?” she said, licking at the tops of her own tits, holding them both up for her fans. She took hold of the bottom of her vest and pulled it up over her head, leaving her topless.

>>Perfect fucking tits!<< KingQ typed.

>>wish i had dem big tits in my face<< fergus184 typed.

Lisa quickly leaned forward and typed >>Only in your face?<<

>>rapped round my cock girl 8-O!!! LOL!!!<< fergus184 replied.

>>What now boys?<< Lisa typed.

>>get naked!!!<< G0LDM3MB3R1977 typed quickly.

>>Show us that ass! :D<< blacklayce typed.

Lisa jumped up off the bed, turning the laptop to face her, then turned around, pointing her ass at the camera as she took hold of her pajamas and slowly started moving them down. Unseen by her fans because of the angle, she looked over at Amy again who was watching her.

“They want me to get naked, Ames,” she said, gyrating her hips. “They’ll probably want me to do more after that. You okay – – sitting there – – watching me?”

“Yeah,” Amy said quietly. “You look nice,” she said, aware of how hard her own nipples were and how hot and wet her pussy was.

“Just nice?” Lisa said, inching her pajamas lower, revealing the smooth, pale upper slopes of her firm, round ass.

Amy smiled at her cousin. “You look real sexy,” she said, making Lisa smile.

“Good – – that’s what I was going for,” she said, pushing her pajamas down and on to the floor, wiggling her ass at the camera. Her fans – – and Amy – – watched as she grabbed her butt cheeks and moulded them as she had her tits, pushing them together and thrusting them towards the laptop. After a moment, she turned around, hands covering her now naked pussy, and climbed on to the bed, laying on her front, her huge tits squashing against the covers.

>>Like that boys?>What next?<<

>>Show your pussy<< drbt typed.

>>finger your pysst!!<< G0LDM3MB3R1977 typed quickly, hitting the wrong keys.

“You wanna see my pussy?” she asked the fans before looking over at Amy. “This is where it gets a little X-rated, Ames,” she said. “Last chance to back out.”

Amy couldn’t say anything. She’d never seen another girl like this in the flesh – – she’d watched a fair share of porno and loved seeing other people fucking – – but apart from her boyfriends, she’d never been with a naked person in a sexual situation before.

Lisa took her silence for assent and sat back up, her back against the headboard of the bed, and pulled her knees up before slowly, teasingly, opening her legs wider and wider, her knees falling to the side, her feet moving apart until her naked, shaved, glistening wet pussy was revealed to the camera. And Amy.

>>Yur so fucking beutiful!<< B00BL0VER typed.

>>finger your pussy!<< G0LDM3MB3R1977 typed, this time managing to spell it correctly.

Lisa cupped one of her huge tits in one hand, the other slowly moving down her flat belly to her waiting pussy. She stroked her hot, wet lips, sighing as she eased a finger inside herself before dragging the digit back up to gently rub at her clit, repeating the move, spreading her juices over her twat. She slid down the bed a little so that her pussy was pointed directly matadorbet giriş at the camera and slipped another finger inside her cunt, the slick, wet sounds of her finger fucking and her sighs filling the room. She flicked her gaze from the laptop to Amy and grinned as she saw her cousin’s hand working inside her pajamas as she stared at her.

Lisa turned back to the laptop and used two fingers to spread her pussy wide, lifting her tit up and sucking on her nipple again as she went back to fingering her twat.

>>Taste your pussy!<< Angel_Fucker typed.

>>DILDO! NOW!!<< CoxMan typed.

With another quick glance at Amy, Lisa leaned over to her bedside drawers, opened one and pulled out a large, black, double ended dildo, moulded to look like a thick, veiny cock. She waved it playfully at the camera before sliding it between her tits, using her upper arms to squash her boobs together as she tit-fucked them.

>>Wish that was my cock!!!!<< G0LDM3MB3R1977 typed.

Lisa moved the dildo down and, using one hand to spread her lips again, eased the fake cock inside her pussy, groaning as she did so.

“Mmmmm, fuck that feels good,” she sighed. Again, she glanced over at Amy and smiled as she saw her cousin now had both hands down the front of her pajamas and was obviously fingering her own pussy while she watched Lisa work the big dildo deeper into her pussy. Lisa began moving it in and out, fucking herself with the thick black cock with one hand, the other returning to her big tits, pinching her nipples.

She stopped suddenly, easing the dildo from her pussy and holding it up in front of her face in surprise as she looked at the screen.

“What is it?” Amy asked.

“BigMan31 – – he’s posted a question for the first time ever.”

“What’s it say?”

Lisa smiled. “He asks Who do you keep looking at?” She grinned at her cousin. “Should I tell them?”

>>Is someone else there???<< G0LDM3MB3R1977 typed.

>>you got anothe babe there!<< gr@mp@joe typed.

>>Dude or a chick???!! Pls be a chick!!<< B00BL0VER typed.

>>Have you got a friend with you?<< Qball typed.

“Shit, they’re all asking now,” Lisa said. “Want to come say hello?”

Amy paused for a moment before taking her hands out of her pajamas and heading up the bed, sitting next to her naked cousin and waving at the laptop.

Lisa leaned forward and typed >>This is my friend Amy. Be nice, boys as she’s never done this before.<<

>>Holy shit AMY YOUR STUNNING!!!!<< G0LDM3MB3R1977 typed.

>>Show us your tits! Please!>They look as big as Lisas!!!<<

>>Are you going to do a les show?!<< Angel_Fucker asked.

>>Amy, would you please taste the dildo Lisa was using?<< Qball typed.

“Qball’s another regular – – he’s so polite,” Lisa laughed gently. She looked from her cousin to the dildo that still glistened with her juices and back. “Want to?” she asked quietly.

Amy paused for a moment before she smiled and stuck out her tongue. Lisa moved the thick black dildo closer to her, the pair of them staring at each other as it got closer and closer until Amy’s tongue lapped at the rubber cock, gently at first then with longer, more purposeful licks. Lisa moved in on the opposite side and her fans watched as both busty girls licked Lisa’s juices from the thick dildo, their tongues moving up to the big, flared knob until they met. They kissed around it, lips sliding over the rubber until Amy reached up and moved it out of the way, the two cousins kissing, tongues darting into each other’s mouths.


>>fuck im gunna cum!!!<< gr@mp@joe typed.

>>Twogirls making out! I’m in fucking heavn!!!!<< blacklayce typed.

“Mmmm, this is nice,” Lisa murmured as she kissed Amy.

“Just nice?” Amy asked with a laugh.

“Okay, it’s really sexy,” she said before kissing her deeply. “How far you wanna go with this, Ames?” she said, breaking the kiss.

“I haven’t had sex since me and my boyfriend broke up two months ago,” Amy said. “And watching you has got me really horny.” That and watching my mother blow my brother earlier, she thought. “So I could really do with a good fuck.”

Lisa kissed her and leaned forward to the laptop again. >>Want to see me and Amy get naked and fuck for the very first time?!!<< she typed.

>>DOO ITTTT!!!!<< G0LDM3MB3R1977 typed.

>>Do that and I marry you girl<< fergus184 typed.

>>I’d love to see you both use that dildo.<< Qball typed.

“Looks like the boys are up for it,” Lisa said as she knelt up behind Amy, reached round and took hold of the bottom of her vest top. “Are you sure about this, Ames?” she asked, making sure Amy was facing the laptop.

“Do it,” Amy said, turning her head and kissing her cousin again. “I want you to strip me naked and fuck me with that big dildo of yours.”

Lisa slowly pulled Amy’s top up, taking a moment to cup and fondle her cousin’s huge tits, before she pulled it over her head and threw it to one side.

“God, you’ve got huge fucking tits,” she said, taking hold of them and pinching Amy’s small, hard nipples. “They feel fantastic – – so firm and smooth.”

“Let me taste them,” Amy said, bending her head as Lisa lifted her tits up for her, watching as Amy sucked on her own nipples for a moment.

>>FUCK YEAAAAHHHH!!!<< G0LDM3MB3R1977 typed.

>>Suck the other one Lisa!<< B00BL0VER typed.

Lisa moved round to the front of Amy and kissed and licked at her cousin’s tit, sucking on her nipple, grinning with a mouthful of tit as she heard Amy moan. At the same time, she reached for the waistband of Amy’s pajamas and began pushing them down her hips. They let her boobs go and Amy sat back, bringing her legs up and together so that she and Lisa could get rid of her pajamas, leaving her naked. Amy smiled at the lap top as she moved her legs down and apart, revealing her shaved pussy lips and the small, trimmed landing strip above them.

“Damn, Ames, you’re a natural,” Lisa said, watching as Amy stared into the camera and eased two fingers into her sopping wet pussy.

>>Eath that pussy!<< gr@mp@joe typed.


>>girl girl action now!!!!!<< CoxMan typed.

Lisa picked up the double ended dildo again and sucked on one of the big, bulbous knobs, holding the other end up to Amy who eagerly sucked and licked at it.

“Want this in you?” Lisa asked.

“Yeah – – put it in me,” Amy said, spreading her legs wide. Lisa slid down her body, kissing her tits and her belly before resting her head on her thigh and looking up at her, raising her eyebrows and licking her lips. Amy smiled at her. “You want to eat me first, Lise?” she asked. “Go ahead – – lick my pussy.”

Lisa leaned in and licked gently at her cousin’s pussy lips, reaching up and spreading them with fingers so that she could slip her tongue between the hot, wet folds of her cunt. She eased her fingers in and out of her cousin’s pussy, moving her tongue up to slide over the hard nubbin of her clit as she finger fucked her with long slow strokes.

“Aaahhhhh God – – fuck that’s good – – mmmmnnn,” Amy sighed as Lisa ate her out.

>>dam girl!! eat that pussy!!!<< fergus184 typed.

>>You cant quit now!!<< KingQ typed.

“Oh fuck – – fuck, Lise – – aahahhhhhh – – so fucking good,” Amy sighed, running her hand through her cousin’s hair as she continued tonguing and fingering her twat. “Oh shit – – gonna make me cum,” she groaned, her cousin’s fingers and tongue, combined with the knowledge that dozens of men were watching her having her first lesbian sex, triggering her orgasm. Lisa simply clamped her mouth on Amy’s pussy and continued fingering her, picking up the pace, using her thumb to rub at her clit as she came, her pussy muscles contracting around Lisa’s fingers.

Lisa reached for the big dildo again and eased one end of it into her cousin’s pussy, the thick rubber cock sliding deep into her cunt, making her moan as she was fucked. After giving her a few thrusts, she sat up and straddled Amy so they were tit to tit and fed the other end of the dildo into her own pussy. They rocked back and fore as they kissed, sliding the rubber dick in and out of their twats, fucking each other as best they could – – Lisa knew that they wouldn’t get much penetration, but the view the fans were getting would be great.

“Lisa,” Amy moaned, “Can I – – can I eat your pussy?”

Lisa smiled at her cousin. “You ever eaten a girl before?” Amy shook her head. “Then I’m glad to be your first.”

She lifted herself up, the big dildo slipping from her pussy, and stood above Amy, spreading her legs and lowering her bald, naked pussy down on to Amy’s waiting mouth. Amy’s tongue darted over her wet lips, tentatively at first but then with more enthusiasm, sucking and licking at her cousin’s cunt hole, easing two fingers into her pussy at the same time. With her other hand she took hold of the dildo that was still embedded in her own snatch and continued fucking herself.

>>EAT THAT PUSSY AMY!!!!<< G0LDM3MB3R1977 typed.

>>I LUV YOU TOO GIRLS!!<< B00BL0VER typed.

Aware of the show they were putting on, Lisa reached behind herself and pulled her ass cheeks apart as Amy continued eating and fingering her, and pushed a finger into her asshole, working it in and out. Amy felt it through the membrane that separated Lisa’s pussy and ass and moved a finger back, sliding it up Lisa’s asshole alongside her own.

“Uuhggnnnnn, fuck yeah,” Lisa hissed. “Do my ass, too.”

Amy worked her fingers deeper into Lisa’s pussy and asshole at the same time, sliding them back and fore in time with the fucking she was giving herself with the dildo, her tongue lapping at Lisa’s clit. She’d never been with another girl before but she’d thought about it more than once and the fact that it was her own cousin she was fucking made it even more exciting. After watching her mother and brother commit incest earlier that evening, she had no qualms about it and – – as she fucked and sucked her cousin – – she wondered if her mother would taste as good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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