One Night Love

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It was just about a quick night. Or so they thought.


Have fun with this little story of mine!



“Sammy? Well, what a surprise! What are you doing here?”

I knew that voice and turned around, a glass in my hand. A little redhead beamed at me. Who was that again? What was her…? Ah – right!

“Hey, Vanessa. Nice to see you again.”

I put an arm around her – the right one, balancing the drink in my left hand – and gave her kisses left and right. She had once been with Bruno, one of my best friends. She giggled, and I smelled the alcohol on her breath.

“How’s Linda?” she asked,

“Good, I guess,” I returned, taking a sip. “We parted, quite some time ago.”

“Oh.” She looked confused, then shook her head. “I hadn’t noticed.”

“You’d already broken up by then, you and Bruno.”

“Yeah, probably. It’s been two years now.”

She barely had to raise her voice. An hour ago, when I arrived, I had to shout for conversation. Now the electro-bass beats from the next room droned on a little less forcefully. Gerald had certainly invited all the neighbors, but after one o’clock in the morning you could never be sure if some neighborhood buzzkill wouldn´t call the cops.

She looked around and shrugged her shoulders. Bare shoulders. The red and white striped top with the spaghetti straps struggled to contain her full bosom. Vanessa was one of those girls who could best be described as “buxom.” Small and not fat, but not really slim either. Voluptuous, feminine shapes that somehow seemed too big for the body.

Very provocative, to some. But not my favourite. I’m more into the skinny ones. And I have no preference for red hair like so many others, anyway.

“How do you know Gerald?” she wanted to know, swaying her hips back and forth in groove with the bass drum.

“From college times,” I returned, letting my gaze roam over her head. Less people around now. “We had a few classes together. How about you?”

“By a friend.” She waved her hand in a ´it-doesn´t-matter´ way. “I just got here some minutes ago. Looks like the party’s almost over, though.”

“I get that impression, too,” I sighed. “What a bummer. There’s not much going on at the ‘Popocatépetl’ today, so I came here instead. Now what I am supposed to do with this evening that´s started?”

She laughed. A deep laugh, with a sort of coo in it. I blinked. Wait a minute — I knew that tone!

“Me too.” She yawned and stretched, showing off her breasts nicely. “I came here with a guy who invited me. But then we had an argue and he left.”

“Oh, and now you’re all alone?” I gave her a look of deepest regret. She laughed, again with that undertone. Her lipstick was a little smudged at one corner of her mouth. It didn’t matter. She had beautiful lips.

“Nah,” she giggled, winking at me. “Now I’m with you, right?”

“Right. Dancing?”

She nodded immediately and put her glass down.

We danced. The volume was just enough to hit the blood and to go straight to the legs. Or maybe we had just enough drinks. Vanessa tossed her hair back and forth in front of me. Deep red flames in the colorflashes from the improvised light organ above. She moved loosely, relaxed, always half a heartbeat behind the rhythm, as if letting it pull her along. This seemed strangely lascivious. Again and again our arms touched, and again and again she smiled at me from below. She resembled a mixture of a little girl and a vamp.

It may well be that I’m not one of the fast ones. But these signals I recognized. This was an invitation, right?

Hm – and me? Should I accept it? Actually, I just had enough of girls. Nothing against one night stands, but usually it didn´t work out that simple and noncommittal afterwards.

On the other hand — she was not my type, and vice versa was probably just as true. Best conditions, right? I was indeed hot. She was young and reasonably pretty, so why not?

Or have I overinterpreted something here? Was her supposed cuddliness only due to the alcohol that was singing in my veins? Or was this some kind of game?

Unexpectedly, I was overcome with displeasure. “Come on.” I put an arm around her and pulled her off the dance floor.” “I’ll buy you another drink.”

“Show-off!” she laughed, showing dazzling white teeth. “It’s all from Gerald, isn’t it?”

“Exactly. Makes it easy to offer a drink.”

She laughed again and willingly let herself be guided. I felt sweaty skin under my fingers. Her top left a stripe of skin above the red jeans, which highlighed the waist.

“A Caipibull for me.” She brushed her hair out of her face as we stood at the bar. Where ´bar´ meant a plain table full of bottles and glasses. I rummaged through the leftovers and found half-melted ice, pitu, lime slices, and a can of Red Bull. Normally this stuff grosses me out, but now it fit. I prepared two glasses and handed her one.

“Here’s to this evening!”, I declaimed theatrically, bumping amasya escort my drink against hers.

“It’s night already,” she winked, putting the glass to her lips without taking her eyes off me.

“To night, then.” I took a sip, feeling the excitement tickle under my sternum. I wanted to know, and I wanted to know right now. Preferably with the oldest of lines.

“Speaking of night,” I said in a chatty tone. “Are we going to my place or yours?”

She didn’t choke. No cinematic effect, or anything. But she squinted her eyes, put down the glass and fixed me. Damn it — overdone! I had screwed up. In a moment, she would throw a curse at my head and dissapear on the spot.

So what? What did I care about the whims of this woman? Just a distant acquaintance of mine, a casual party guest. I put on a thin smile and waited. But this felt like I was playing a role. The role of a stranger.

But – there! A miracle. A hesitant smile spread across her large, deliciously sensual mouth, and her eyelids went halfway down. If that wasn’t a bedroom look!

“Well, well,” she giggled, “I didn’t remember you being that direct.”

“One learns.” I shrugged, put the glass down, and put both hands around her waist. Pulling wasn’t even necessary. She moved closer on her own until we were touching. Soft pillows nestled against my ribs. Her sparkling eyes looked up at me. She had deep green pupils. The color of wine bottle bottoms.

“My place,” she murmured, clasping my upper arms. “I live just around the corner.”

“Perfect. Because I shouldn’t be driving anymore.”

All by ourselves we melted into an embrace and kissed. She tasted the way she felt: sweet and soft. The curves of her hips filled my grip, she clung to me, and her lips met mine with barely suppressed eagerness. I suspected she needed it as much as I did. My member swelled and tingled prettily as it pressed against her belly. She felt it and responded by rubbing against it and me.

All right, a spontaneous fuck then. Normally I like it when a girl is a little brittle, so real conquest work is due. Here and now, however, I found her easy concession as fitting as it was pleasurable. I slid a hand up her expansive ass and forced my tongue into her mouth.

“Mhmm,” she murmured, licking my lower lip. “Let’s get out of here.”

Not five minutes later she stalked up the staircase to her apartment, a suppressed giggle on her lips. I followed her and enjoyed the sight of her butt swinging left and right in front of me. She really had a big ass, but nicely shaped. The plump cheeks came out perfectly in the jeans. Likewise the thighs: rather stocky than elegant, but very feminine and quite attractive. I was beyond aesthetic quibbles anyway. I just needed something warm and soft and devoted under me.

“Come in,” she whispered on the third floor, fumbling with the lock. A soft click, and the door swung open. Light shone out; she obviously hadn’t turned it off when she left.

“Nice,” I commented after an initial sweeping glance around the appartement. She laughed up at me. The living room looked like a marauding horde had came through. Dishes from dinner were still on the coffee table, clothes hung over the back of the sofa – apparently the last selection before going out – and the monotony of the gray carpet was broken by scattered books, magazines, paper notes and a notebook computer.

“Don’t look like that.” She pulled a pout, but had to grin at that. “I just thought I’d come back alone. Otherwise, of course, I would have cleaned up.”

“Of course,” I nodded, eyeing a bra hanging on the radiator. “Maybe we should have gone to my place after all. Because my place is super hyper tidy. Always, as men do it!”

“Yeah sure, certainly. Who needs too much tidiness anyway? You better look over here.”

She waited until I directed my gaze at her. Then she stripped off the skimpy leather jacket and let it fall to the floor, where it remained as a half-erect figure. With a giggle, she slipped the top over her head and tossed it aside.

I grinned at her. The chaos actually gained a certain charm this way. The white bra she was wearing really shone against her tanned skin. Those were DDs, easily.

“Well, do you think I’m pretty?” she cooed, caressing her body with one hand.

“Sure do.” I stepped toward her.

“Liar.” She laughed, but didn’t seem angry. “Linda was just as petite as that blonde I saw you with at the town fair last year. Bruno told me that even in college you always went after the skinniest ones. So – why me, today?”

I stopped, confused. What did she expect from me? The truth, in the end? She eyed me as curiously as a researcher would examine his latest experiment. Again, anger welled up in me. I didn’t feel like playing games any longer. All right! The truth? She could have it.

“Because I met you.” I spread my arms. “You’re right. Normally you don’t fit my pattern of prey. But for a quick, spontaneous Saturday night fuck, it doesn’t amasya escort bayan really matter, right? I’m solo for now, and I am horny. Horny for you, just like that. Is this a crime?”

She was no longer smiling. Her green eyes scrutinized me, weighing. She nodded slowly.

“I noticed,” she said softly. “Thank you for being honest.”

“And what about you?”, I shot back, still upset. “Don’t tell me you’re hoping for the big love.”

“No. In fact, I never really liked you.” She pressed her lips together. “I always wondered why Linda got involved with such an arrogant jerk like you.”

“Oh, really?” I braced my hands on my hips. “What am I supposed to think of a woman jumping into bed with someone she doesn’t like at all?”

“You stupid idiot!” she hissed, a telltale glint in her eye. “Maybe you haven’t figured it out yet, but we girls can be just as horny. And then we just want to…”

She broke off, swallowed. Turned away. I stared at her back. A beautiful back, all smooth and even.

My anger collapsed. What a giant ass I was.

I stood behind her and took her upper arms. Soft upper arms, with a larger circumference than I was used to. I squeezed them gently, enjoying the unfamiliar sensation of soft compliance.

“I’m sorry, Vanessa,” I whispered. “I’m really being a dick. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

She remained stock-still for a few more seconds. Then she sighed and loosened up.

“It’s okay,” she said wearily. “What do I have to start deep conversation at this time of the day anyway?”

“Come here.” I turned her around and took her in my arms. She allowed it. I buried my face in her hair. Her scent surrounded me. Young and sweet, with a hint of sweat.

“I’m sorry,” I repeated. “Would you rather be alone? Do you want me to leave now?”

“No.” A strangled cry, almost a scream. She embraced me with frenetic strength. “Not alone.”

“Okay.” I rocked her back and forth like a child. The cloud of lechery was blown away. I felt sober and a little pathetic. And strangely tender, toward her. “We don’t have to make love if you don’t want to. We can cuddle or something…”

“Don’t give me that nonsense.” She looked up at me. Wetness glistened in the corners of her eyes, but a smile twitched around the corners of her mouth. “I want to. Why do you think you’re here?”

“Why, indeed?”, I inquired, my voice soft, brushing a strand of hair from her forehead.

“Because…” She hesitated and took a deep breath. “Because my boyfriend dumped me two weeks ago. Over a skinny blonde chick. And because I wanted to prove to myself that I was just as desirable, I guess. Even if I don’t fit the current ideal of beauty.”

“You are beautiful,” I murmured, and meant it. “You look great, Vanessa.”

She looked at me, still doubtful. I put a hand on the warm pillow of her left breast.

“You look great,” I repeated, squeezing. “I’m already dying to admire your beauty without any cover.”

That conjured up a smile to her face again. I had found the right tone with her, it seemed.

I stroked her bosom and found a bud under the smooth fabric of the bra. We looked at each other unblinkingly as I gently teased her. She swallowed and opened her lips. The nipple hardened and swelled towards me. Lust bubbled up. In me, in her, and between us. Suddenly we were both breathing faster.

“Is that good for you?”, I asked.

“Mmm.” She kissed me lightly. “Can you take the other one, too?”

So I grabbed for both breasts and felt the swelling forms, caressing, stroking the bare skin of both mounds above the hem of the bra. She did not take her eyes off me. I didn´t hide my arousal, neither in my gaze, nor in the pants. Sure, a small, sweet, firm tit was more my thing. But these big and soft hemispheres with huge nipples captivated me in a way all their own.

“I want to see them!”, I groaned out, curling my fingers into them, “Now.”

Vanessa sighed and nodded. “Come.”

With that, she took me by the hand and led me to the sofa. She pushed me in, right between the clothes, and swung herself on top of me, kneeling wide-legged. A kiss, hot and wet, with lots of tongue, then she straightened up bolt upright. The double balls floated right in front of my eyes.

“Open this,” she demanded. I grabbed around her, nestled the hook open. A textile sigh, and her forms sagged a little with gravity as the support gave way. She shook the thing off her shoulders, and her breasts dangled freely in front of me.

“Wow,” I nodded impressed, without hiding it. So wonderfully round and plump! With unusually large aureoles, dark, blotchy, and frayed at the edges. The nipples themselves stood out like little cones, also much more voluminous than average.

She clasped my head and leaned forward. My face sank into fragrant softness. I sniffed her, greedy and enraptured, and searched for the nipple with my lips, found it. She literally pushed it into my mouth.

“Yeah, suck on that,” she breathed.

I escort amasya looked up, into her face, and licked the plump bud with the tip of my tongue. She blinked and sighed. Her eyes were reminiscent of a bottomless lagoon, her red hair flowing like seaweed. Tenderly I embraced her bosom and pampered her in every way. I kissed, licked, nibbled. Lust veiled her gaze and moans interspersed her breaths.

I rubbed my teeth over the sensitive tips and probed under the bells, where they rested on the ribs and the skin felt especially soft. Into this sweaty crevice I thrust my tongue, and licked it across the breast with great wet strokes. Then I switched to the other side, which she immediately stretched towards me. She held very still and gasped louder and louder to herself. Only once did her abdomen involuntarily jerk forward when I sucked half a tit into my mouth as hard as I could.

Blissfully, I put a hand around her and felt her buttocks. This formed a perfect counterpoint, an equally prominent double bulge, just as soft, just as seductive. My fingers followed the seams of the jeans, finding tender flesh, arousing curves. I felt her tense the muscles in her thighs as I reached around it, just below the waist.

“Oh yes…” she whispered and pressed herself closer to me. I chewed on a swollen nipple and grabbed between her legs from behind, encountering heat under the fabric. She shifted her pelvis back and forth, rubbing against my thrusting fingertips.

With a suppressed sound, she yanked her tit out of my mouth and slid backwards, off the couch and suddently knelt in front of me. With an overexcited grin and flickering eyes, she lunged at my pants and tugged at the belt buckle. That was a little too fast for me, I would have liked to spoil her a bit more.

But I grinned back and lifted my ass out of the pillow. She growled like a she-wolf and tugged down my pants, barely unzipping them halfway. The underpants followed. My cock erupted and pointed at her, a speedometer needle of desire.

“Nice,” she commented, giggling. “You’re shaved.”

“Can’t stand hair on me these days. I like my private parts without the dark curls. It looks cleaner somehow, doesn’t it? I gladly take the hassle of f regular care for that.”

“Then you’ll probably like my kitty, too.” She winked at me. “It’s naked, too.”

I didn’t find the time for an answer. She hooked herself between my knees and a second later she took my stiff strap in her mouth. With a deep sigh, I leaned back and watched her suck me. She understood something about it, I saw and felt that immediately. With routine movements, she massaged the rod up and down with both hands, letting her lips and teeth play around the glans.

The tip of her tongue fluttered at the frenulum and caused a tingling sensation there that went through my marrow. I enjoyed the spectacle, as did the sight of the two breasts swaying beneath her, looking so pretty like udders.

“Slow down,” I moaned, forcing myself to relax my pelvic floor muscles. “Or else I’m going to cum in a minute.”

“So what?” She smiled like a witch as she chewed on me. “There are worse things.”

With that, she pushed herself higher, and she wedged my pole between her two pillows, which she pressed against each other for the purpose. Together with her breastbone, they formed a soft sheath. Vanessa gasped and went lower. My glans appeared red and shiny wet at her throat.

“Are you into breast fuck?” she wanted to know, making my device disappear.

“Not really,” I sighed, matching her movements. “But in this case, I’ll make an exception.”

“Oh, I feel honored.”

She propped her chin on the chest, and on the next thrust, she kissed the head of my penis. That looked insanely horny. I bucked higher, wanting to get into her mouth, but she just laughed and released her titty hug. Instead, she took my cock in her hand and stroked herself with it. This whipped me even higher, especially as she rubbed the tip over the hard nipples, back and forth, back and forth. As she did so, she had one hand around my testicles and was stroking me like you would stroke a cat’s throat.

“I’m about to cum!”, I roared chokingly as I felt the unmistakable tickle in my lower abdomen.

“Yes, cum all over me,” she urged, “go ahead, cum all over me, I like it.”

She squeezed her breasts together until the aureoles pointed at me like the double barrel of a shotgun and impaled them on my rod. The nipples tickled my hairless abdomen. Back, and again. Back, and again. The tickling spread, overflowed, swelled into a tidal wave, so good…


With a roar like a rutting deer, I reared back and thrust my cock in, somehow, somewhere, into soft, yielding fullness. It jolted through me like an electric shock. I closed my eyes, half out of it, hanging helplessly in the grip of that fierce, sugary, flowing orgasm. Again and again I shot off, squirted, gushed, laughed.


When I opened my eyes again, Vanessa was kneeling in front of me, decorated from chin to breasts with white-transparent smears. She winked at me with a triumphant grin and leaned forward. The warm pocket of her mouth nestled around my flagging hardness. Trembling, I poured the last, feeble spurts on her tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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