One Room Too Few Ch. 02

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All characters are 18+. Enjoy!


I shook my head as I opened the snapchat before walking into the condo that Mom, Rachel and I all share. My sister had just sent me a video snap of her legs spread wide on the bed and using her free hand to plunge her dildo in and out of her pussy with the caption Thinking of you. There is no sound, but it is clear that my sister is enjoying her alone time.

Just seeing this video makes my cock become semi-erect. God she’s hot I think, opening the door and walking inside.

“Hello?” Yells my sister from upstairs.

“Just me!” I call back, going to grab some food from the kitchen before I head upstairs.

As I walk up the steps, I listen for heavy breathing or any moans coming from our room that would indicate that Rachel is masturbating. Reaching the top of the steps, I see that the door is open only a small crack. I think back to the other day, the first time I caught my sister pleasuring herself. My phone seems to grow heavy in my pocket almost as if to express the guilt of still having the pictures of Rachel. Does she even know about them? I ask myself.

I slowly push the door open and gasp in surprise at what I see. Rachel is laying on the bed, her legs spread wide and some of her cum slowly dribbling out of her pussy lips. “I’ve been waiting for you!” She says with a smile.

I feel my cock harden at the sight of my naked sister, “Rachel… come on. Doing this once was bad enough, why do we have to do it a second time?”

Rachel gives me a seductive smile, “What’s a matter? Afraid of your own sister? If I remember the other day correctly, you seemed to have a lot of fun too.” She stands and begins to walk toward me, her hips swaying side to side before she reaches me and runs a hand from my sternum to my now fully erect cock.

She presses her bare breasts into my body, clearly teasing me. “You really want to do this?” I ask.

Rachel just gives me a smile and slips her hand inside of my pants, stroking my length through my underwear. “It really feels like you want this too.”

She’s right I think. Rachel had been more fun that my last girlfriend. I sigh, “If we do start having regular sex we need to make sure not to get caught.” I say.

Rachel smiles at me and uses her free hand to tug my pants down, “Don’t worry! I’m really good at not getting caught, especially after dealing with my bitchy roommate.”

“The one who never went anywhere?” I ask.

“That’s the one.” Rachel confirms, tugging my boxers down, revealing my hard cock, her hand grasping it just below the head.

“I guess as long as we don’t get caught by Mom…” I say, trailing off as my sister drops to her knees and licks the head of my cock. She begins to stroke my length while sucking my head, clearly enjoying doing so.

Rachel removes her mouth from my shaft, “You going to have all the fun?” She asks in a teasing voice.

I shake my head, “If you just follow me to the bed here…” I say, helping her up and tossing my shirt to the floor. I lay down on the middle of the bed, while Rachel climbs on top of me. She positions her pussy above my mouth and leans forward taking my cock into her mouth once again. I start to play with her delicate folds, spreading them with my fingers before licking her entrance with my tongue. I can taste a little of her sweet and forbidden cum left over from her masturbating earlier.

I slowly begin to rub her clit, while also licking her pussy, enjoying the taste of her juices. Rachel takes her mouth off of my cock for just long enough to let out a soft moan of pleasure. The two of us continue to enjoy the feeling of the other’s mouth. As I bring my sister to orgasm, she stops sucking me and begins to let out moans of pleasure. I continue to work my sister to orgasm, sometimes slipping my tongue just past her entrance.

Rachel’s moans become louder as she nears orgasm. Finally, I push her over the edge and she lets out a squeal of pleasure. I feel her thighs begin to quiver on either side of my face and slowly, her cum begins to drip out of her warm slit. I greedily lap up this forbidden fluid, enjoying the taste as well as the sound of bringing my sister to orgasm. As her orgasm subsides, Rachel lifts herself off of my face and moves down my torso, until she reaches my cock.

Grabbing my shaft, which is covered with her spit, my sister holds it still while slowly lowering her body until she is just above my cock. Rachel runs the head of my cock over her warm and wet slit for a few seconds. As she does so, she makes a mmmmhhhhh noise. “What? You starting to think this is a bad idea now?” I ask, teasing her.

Rachel looks over her shoulder at me with a smile on her face, “We still have a fairly long time until Mom comes home. Why would I want to rush this?”

She goes back to rubbing the head of my cock over her entrance. Some of her flowing juices begin to dribble onto my length, coating fixbet it. Finally, my sister sits up slightly and sinks down onto my cock, letting out a loud sigh as she does so. She begins to slowly bounce up and down on my cock, letting both of us enjoy the experience. I enjoy the warm, wet and forbidden feeling of being inside my own sister. As she does this, my sister lets out sighs or the occasional low moan of pleasure.

I reach out and caress the curve of her ass. It is a little soft, but clearly something Rachel is proud of. Feeling me do this, Rachel takes my whole length in her pussy and begins to grind on my cock. When she moves her body forward, her ass parts, giving me a glimpse of her small, pink asshole. I run my thumb over it and I can feel her shudder. Rachel reaches behind her back and grabs my wrist, gently tugging it away from her asshole and relocating it to the curve of her hip.

“Please don’t do that…” Rachel says. Before I can reply, she suddenly begins to ride much harder. Each bounce of her torso leaves just my head inside her before she slams back down onto my cock. Her moans become louder and more frequent, while her breathing becomes heavy.

As her moans become louder and her pussy wetter, I feel like I can’t hold off cumming any longer. “I’m gonna cum soon…” I moan.

Rachel gives no indication that she heard me and continues to ride me hard. Finally, she lets out a cry of pleasure as my sister cums. I feel her pussy clamp down on my cock, milking the cum out of me. Inside of her pussy, our cum mixes together and I can feel the warm mix of fluids begin to trickle down my length and out of my sister. Rachel sits up off of my, leaving my now soft cock dripping her natural lube and some cum.

As she kneels on the bed above me, her pussy begins to drool cum, which begins to run down her soft inner thighs. She smiles back at me. Breathlessly, my sister asks “Want to help me get cleaned up?”

I nod and stand up on the floor, helping her to her feet as well. I follow Rachel to the shower, admiring her sexy rear and the shiny mix of cum now covering her inner thighs. There are several strands connecting the fluid on her legs to her delicate lips. Rachel climbs into the shower, giving me a seductive smile and motioning with one finger for me to follow her. I step in and close the curtain behind us. Instead of turning the water on like I expected, Rachel looks at me.

“Feel my pussy!” Rachel orders. I wordlessly do, first rubbing my fingers over the outside. They become coated in warm cum. Then I slowly insert two fingers inside her. Not only is there cum inside her, but her juices are flowing like crazy.

“Your soaking wet!” I exclaim, twisting my fingers around inside her, giving her pussy a little tease.

Rachel looks at me with her intelligent green eyes, “You know how much having my little brother’s cum inside me turns me on?” She asks, slowly stroking my member.

I feel the blood begin to rush back into it, “Well now I know.” I say, leaning forward to kiss her on the lips. We start with a gentle kiss, however, as she strokes my length and I knead and squeeze her breasts, our mouths part. Soon, our tongues are exploring each other’s mouths.

We part for a second, staring into each other’s eyes. Rachel slowly strokes my hard member, some of her fluids still dripping off of it. Without breaking eye contact, Rachel guides the tip into her vagina. I sink inside, forcing the last of the cum out of her. This cum begins to drip down our legs and onto the shower floor. Rachel moves close to me, her hard nipples pressing into my body.

I begin to slip in and out of her wet pussy, making my sister moan in pleasure. As I fuck her, I begin to rub her ass, enjoying feeling it. Rachel reaches between us and rubs her clit and moans loudly. The two of us fuck in the shower, the warm cum from earlier dripping onto the floor and Rachel’s moans of pleasure filling the air. Her moans become louder as she nears orgasm, and once again, I push her over the edge.

I feel her pussy clamp down on my cock while her warm cum coating my length. I slow the pace of my thrusts and let Rachel enjoy her orgasm. I look at her pretty face and see it is contorted in pleasure. Her eyes are closed and her mouth is open into a circle as a series of squeaks comes out of her. As my sister begins to recover, she opens her eyes and has a lustful look in them. “Keep going…” Rachel begs me, staring into my eyes.

I smile back at her and once again begin to pump in and out of her. I start slowly, but after several seconds, Rachel begs, “Fuck me hard and fast! Like a slut!”

“Like a slut you say…” I reply before grabbing her hips to keep her in place. Rachel gives me an encouraging nod and smile. I begin to rapidly slide in and out of her, making her moan with pleasure. I feel myself about to cum again and thrust as far as I can into my sister’s cunt. Rachel lets out a cry of pleasure as rope fixbet giriş after rope of cum shoot inside her. Having came not too long before, this load is smaller than the first, but neither of us really care. As I cum, Rachel and I hold each other tightly, her perky breasts pressing into my chest. Both of us are breathing heavily and I can feel her rapid heartbeat.

Having finished my orgasm, I slide my drooling and limp cock from my sister. Rachel lets out a soft sigh as some of my cum follows my cock out, dripping down her already messy thighs. Some of it drips straight to the floor between her legs, but most of it coats her soft lips and thighs. Rachel and I pull apart, smiling at each other. Her hair is a disheveled mess and she has started to sweat, but she still looks very pretty.

Rachel gives me a smile, “Brother dearest, would you mind turning on the water? I’m a bit of a mess here.”

I laugh, “Yeah no problem. We probably should clean up quickly because Mom will be home soon.”

Rachel nods and sighs, “Unfortunately your right.” The two of us begin to quickly clean the sweat and cum off of our bodies. I leave the shower first, grabbing a towel to dry off with first and heading back to our room. After I’m dressed, Rachel comes in, drying herself off.

As she begins to dress, the front door opens and Mom calls up, “Hello? You two home?”

“In our room!” I call back, motioning for my sister to hurry up and get dressed. The sound of Mom’s footsteps coming up the stairs motivates Rachel to dress quickly, throwing a shirt on over her bra. As the door opens, Rachel sits down on her bed and begin to look at her phone, trying to act as naturally as possible. “What did you two do today?” Mom asks, looking between us.

Mom always looks pretty when she comes home from work. Her hips and probably d-cup breasts are shown off nicely by her outfit, which consists of fishnet stockings, a tight dress that goes to about her knees and a matching tight blouse. Despite being in her mid 40’s, Mom still looks like she is 37 or so.

Fuck! Does she know? I ask myself. Fortunately, Rachel says, “Not a whole lot. Just kind of hung out, the usual stuff. How was work?”

Mom shrugs, “Same thing as usual.” Mom goes on to tell us about her coworkers and how much she dislikes almost all of them. Thank god she didn’t figure it out… I think. Suddenly, I hear my name being called and snap out of my trance to see both Mom and Rachel looking at me.

“What was that? I wasn’t paying attention.” I say.

Mom rolls her eyes, “You never are. I just asked what you wanted for dinner. Your sister is going out, so it’s just you and me.”

“Oh. I don’t really care. Pizza maybe.” I answer.

Mom nods, “Alright. I’m going to go order in a few after I put my stuff down.” Mom leaves the room and the sound of her footsteps fades slightly as she walks downstairs, once again leaving Rachel and I alone in our room.

“Where are you going?” I ask.

Rachel looks up from her phone for just long enough to respond, “Out with a few old friends from high school.”

I nod, “Well, have fun.”

Rachel doesn’t look up from her phone this time, “You too.”

She wasn’t even paying attention to what I said. I think, wishing for once Rachel wasn’t addicted to her phone. After about 10 minutes, Rachel gets up to leave and the two of us say goodbye with a fairly affectionate hug. Since we started having sex, our hugs went from a simple embrace to her rubbing her hips on me, almost like she is grinding on me.

Rachel then walks out of the room and I hear her and Mom talking for a minute before Rachel leaves the condo. I head downstairs into the kitchen and find Mom watching the news on the small TV in there. The two of us begin to make small talk, drowning out more of the same talk of politicians and scandals. Finally, the pizza arrives, and Mom goes to pay for it while I get out plates. Mom comes back with the box and the two of us begin to eat. We eat in silence for almost the whole duration of the meal. As we begin to finish, Mom turns the TV off and turns to look at me.

“So, do you mind sharing a room with your sister?” Mom asks suddenly.

I shrug and finish the last bite of my pizza. Mom just looks at me, as if waiting for me to explain. I swallow then say, “It isn’t so bad. Rachel and I seem to be getting along much better now than we did when she still lived here full time.”

Mom nods, a serious expression on her face, “You sure that’s the only reason?”

“What?” I ask, feeling myself go pale. She must know… otherwise she wouldn’t have said anything.

Mom brushes a stray black hair out of her face, “Oh come on, did you expect me not to find out?”

“Notice what?” I ask, pretending to play dumb.

“Cut the shit and be straight with me! Yesterday when I got home, that room smelled like sex. I can’t picture either you or Rachel kicking the other out to get laid and the one who was kicked out not tell me. So that leaves me with only one conclusion, the two of you are sleeping together.” Mom says all this sounding oddly calm.

Fuck… I guess lying will only make things worse… I think before saying, “We did…”

Mom nods as if she was expecting this answer, “How many times?”

“Twice today and once yesterday.” Is my answer, my face going from pale to bright red in embarrassment.

Mom nods again, “Was this your first time?”

It is my turn to nod, “No. Why aren’t you mad at Rachel? She was the one who initiated this whole mess!” I yell the last part at Mom.

Mom just keeps a straight face, “I’m not mad at either of you Your sister is very open with me, told me about her first time and most of her sexual encounters, including you two yesterday. You on the other hand, don’t tell me anything.”

“So you’re okay with this?” I ask.

Mom sighs, “I don’t know if okay with it is the right word. You two are both adults and can make these decisions for yourselves.”

“So that’s it? You only wanted to tell me that you know Rachel and I… had sex?” I ask.

Mom shakes her head, “Not at all, just hearing your sister tell me about it really turned me on.”

“Where is this going?” I ask, feeling nervous all of the sudden.

Mom stands and walks over to me. I’ve never been afraid of the woman who gave birth to me and raised me until this moment. What is she doing? I ask myself. Mom starts to smile at me as she sits on my lap, facing me. She plants a kiss on my lips. Soon, the two of us begin to kiss passionately, hands beginning to explore the other’s body.

Holy shit! I can’t believe this is happening! I think as we part lips to take a breath. Mom smiles at me and grabs my hand. “Let’s go somewhere a bit more private.” She leads me upstairs, past Rachel and I’s bedroom to her own bedroom. Once we pass the door, Mom and I begin to kiss once again. My hands quickly begin to reach behind her and grope her large, soft ass. I feel a zipper and slowly slide it down, exposing her lacy pink panties to the air. Mom’s hands begin to gently rub my hard cock through my pants.

Our lips part once again and we both begin to lose our clothes. Mom tosses her blouse to the side while I drop my pants and boxers with one swift motion. With another, I lose my shirt as well. “It seems I’m a bit over dressed for the occasion!” Mom laughs, motioning to her matching bra and panties.

I smile at her and grab her hand, leading her to the bed, “Doesn’t matter to me.” Mom smiles back at me as she falls back onto the bed, spreading her legs wide. She reaches behind her back and unclasps her bra, giving it a toss to the side. Her large breasts are exposed, each topped with a large, pink nipple, both of which are visibly hard. Hesitating for a fraction of a second, I almost immediately begin to play with Mom’s breasts. I begin to knead them and pinch her nipples, causing Mom to look at me with lust in her eyes.

Mom grabs her panties and pulls them down her sexy thighs slightly. Her pussy looks wonderful. She has a mound with her soft inner lips poking out of her sexy outer ones. Above her slit, she has a small, well-groomed patch of black hair. I reach out and feel Mom’s pussy with a shaking hand. You’ve done this before, how different can your own Mom be? I ask myself. I pull her panties down all the way and begin to lap at her folds with my tongue.

To my surprise, Mom is already very wet and soon begins to let out soft moans of pleasure. I grab onto her hips and continue to work her entrance and clit with my tongue, occasionally pushing it inside her. Mom’s moans grow louder and finally she cums. She cries out in pleasure and her forbidden cum begins to flow out of her mound. I greedily lap it up, enjoying the taste.

Suddenly, I feel Mom’s hands nudging my head away from her. I look up and Mom is breathing heavily, her piercing green eyes staring into my own. “I need you inside me right now!” Her voice is full of lust.

I shift my head away from her pussy and walk on my knees in between her soft thighs. As I go to push my cock into her soft folds, Mom beats me too it, sliding herself towards me. Her drooling mound envelopes my cock and Mom lets out a groan of pleasure. I grab just above her hips and begin to slip in and out of her. “Oh fuck Mom… you’re so tight…” I groan.

As if to tease me further, Mom squeezes her muscles, clamping them down on my member buried inside her pussy. I begin to pick up speed and soon the two of us are breathing heavier, our grunts filling the air. Mom’s tight pussy hugs my cock, almost forcing me to cum. Mom’s breasts bounce wildly as we enjoy the new intimate feeling of pleasuring each other.

I soon feel myself about to cum, “I’m getting close Mom…” I gasp.

“On… my tits… baby… fuck…” Mom gasps out. I pull my cock out of her dripping mound and straddle her stomach. I stroke my length several times, my hand becoming coated in Mom’s natural lube. Finally, I groan and shoot my load. Several strands of cum shoot across her large, pink nipples and into the crevice between her soft orbs.

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