One Tease Too Many

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Helen stood in the window of her summer cottage looking down at the beach below. Her husband Mike was laying on his side beside the bikini-clad Susan, her close friend stretched out face down on a blanket. Mike was taking his time applying sunscreen to her back and legs.

She sensed Art, Susan’s hubby, move in behind her and place his hands on her waist, pulling her back towards him. He leaned over her shoulder and said, “Are they behaving themselves?”

Helen smiled and said, “Oh yes, much as they would like to not behave, they are only teasing each other. I doubt that they will do more without us.”

Art ran his hands up her sides, “Is there any chance that you and I will take that first step and give them a green light?”

Helen replied, “I don’t know. We don’t want to give in if it threatens our marriages or our friendship. Don’t you agree?”

Art did not respond but muttered, “Look at the buggar, undoing the strings on her top to apply more lotion, what a lame excuse!”

Down on the beach Susan had raised herself up on her elbows and her big tits were dangling freely below. Art laughed, “She is such a damn tease; she has been using those tits for attention all of her life!”

Helen settled back into Art’s arms and closed her eyes as he moved his hands to cover her breasts. She said huskily, “They are lovely aren’t they. I always wished my breasts were larger, but this is all I have.”

Art’s hands closed on her tits, and thumbed her nipples through the cloth of her bikini top. “Helen, you have beautiful tits and I want to make love to them and to you someday.”

The four of them had been friends for years and in fact Helen and Susan had been raised together. Their husbands worked for the same company and had become pals because of their wives relationship. As their respective families had grown up and left home, the four of them had become closer.

They met several times a week, attended social functions, golfed and vacationed together. The women spent hours on the telephone. Their group affection had evolved into erotic interplay and the possibility of trading mates permeated their thought.

Susan was the most outgoing personality in the group, friendly and gregarious while her husband Art was reserved and thoughtful. Helen was a controlling woman, thoughtful and decisive, while her husband Mike was excitable and animated, crashing into new experiences with little thought for consequences.

Art had grown very fond of Helen. He liked her calm and resolute manner as well as her slim appearance, pale blue eyes framed by jet-black hair streaked with gray. It increased his confidence to realize that such a formidable and beautiful woman found him desirable. He pulled her more tightly to him as she turned her head for a soft lingering kiss.

Down at the beach Susan reached over to Mike’s crotch. Mike was partially turned away from the view of the pair in the cottage but they thought it was probable that she was teasing his cock. She raised herself up and one big tit swung free, exposing the large brown aureole.

Art closed his hand more firmly on Helen’s tits and murmured, “Oh that slut of a wife of mine. She is such a tease.”

Helen pushed her butt back against his hardening cock and said, “She has the equipment to do it.” They laughed.

The cottage was protected from the view of other cottages by thick bush, and could only be seen from the lake. In fact it was only accessible by water. A sauna was situated on a rock outcrop at one end of their beach. One could exit and jump directly into the lake still steaming from the heat.

The four of them entered the hut that evening wearing bathing suits and carrying robes. They all enjoyed the relaxation of a sauna and it had become a ritual to take one each visit.

The hut could seat six people comfortably so there was sufficient room for the four of them to move around freely. The two men sat on the higher bench where the heat was concentrated. The ladies settled down on the lower bench.

They sat without speaking, sipping wine and soaking up the heat. There is something surreal about the inside of a hot sauna, all so very quiet and steamy.

Susan suddenly stood up and stripped off her bikini. She looked defiantly up at Art, lifted her tits in his direction and sat back down beside Helen. They laughed at her boldness, as strangely enough despite their closeness, they had never been totally mobil porno naked in front of each other.

Mike almost shouted “no” when Helen stood up slowly, turned away from them and untied her bra and bottoms and demurely stepped out of them. Mike lowered his outstretched hand as Helen’s eyes smiled a “mind your business” look in his direction. She settled beside Susan and lifted her wine glass to her lips.

Art moved to the floor and retrieved a small bucket of cold water, threw some on the hot rocks and then poured a little over the ladies heads to cool them. They were both smiling at the tent in his bathing suit and more so when he pushed it to the floor. He deliberately brushed his cock against Susan’s shoulder as he returned to the upper bench.

Mike seemed reluctant to join in the strip. It seemed strange for such a normally bold and demonstrative man. Susan was sitting below him and turned and looked at him with a smile. “C’mon Mike, let’s see it, what are you hiding?”

Mike shrugged and with a grin pulled his suit off and tossed it over the ladies heads. Susan sat frozen looking at his fully erect cock, the knob giving the impression of a pending explosion. She licked her lips involuntarily, eliciting a guffaw from her husband Art.

Helen interrupted the silence, “Methinks it is time for a cold dip.”

They filed out quickly into the cool night air and leaped into the chest high water. Although it was dark they could make each other out in the pale moonlight. Helen moved invitingly close to Art. He pulled her to him; her nipples brushed his chest just below the water level. They kissed and she felt his bare cock against her leg.

Art whispered in her ear, “I can’t believe that I am standing naked with you.”

Susan claimed Mike and used her hand to grab his cock and tuck it between her legs. He lifted her tits and rubbed them on his chest. He whispered, “Your nipples are really hard.”

She put her mouth near his ear and murmured, “So is your cock. Mike, I want you.”

That night the sounds of sex filled the cottage. But Helen had seen to it that it was confined to sex between partners.

She realized that she was like the little Dutch boy holding his finger in the dyke. Up to this point she had justified restraint based on an unspoken concern that her husband would not be able to deal with her being laid by another man. But now that thought was being buried in her mind by the mounting desire she now felt towards Art. Her nipples cramped when she thought of being in bed with him.

She was pretty certain that events would soon take over and that her husband would have to deal with the aftermath of infidelity on both of their parts.

A week later they were all together once more. They went out to a fine restaurant, drank too much wine, danced and laughed and played around. They returned to Mike and Helen’s house for a nightcap. After a few drinks it was decided that Susan and Art should not risk driving home and would stay the night.

Susan and Mike danced to a soft ballad, their bodies grinding together like teenagers on the make. It was all tits and cock accompanied by tongue filled kisses.

Helen pulled Art into the kitchen. She said, “I am going to tell them that I am tired and going to bed. You wait about ten minutes and then come upstairs. We’ll take it from there.”

Art moved his hands up under the back of her skirt and along her bare legs to her ass. “Sweet damn Helen, does this mean I’m getting some pussy tonight?”

She smiled, “That all depends.” She slipped her tongue into his mouth.

Mike and Susan were so focused on each other that they barely acknowledged that the others were going to bed. Mike sat on the couch and lifted a glass of wine to his lips, his eyes fastened on Susan who was doing a provocative version of Flamenco. Her skirt swirled as she twisted and turned. She lifted it higher and higher until he could see her panties up to the waistband.

“Do you like my body Mike? I love having your eyes on me.” She opened her blouse and exposed her tits bursting out of the bra. She reached behind her back and released them. Mike rubbed his aching cock as she continued to sway in front of him.

“I got so excited when you looked at my tits on the beach and in the sauna last week. I imagined you fondling and sucking on them.”

Mike lay back into the corner of the couch fully aroused, as Susan continued alman porno to provoke him. She pulled her panties off and tossed them at Mike’s head. He rubbed them on his face and mouth as she lifted her skirt to show her pussy.

She swayed slowly now, her eyes burning into Mike’s. “Do you like my pussy Mike? It is burning for you. Take your cock out Mike. Let me see it again. It looked so fucking delicious last week.”

Mike opened his fly and pushed his shorts down enough for his cock to release. He sat upright as Susan came closer, moving her legs each side of his knees. She hitched the skirt up around her hips. Mike could see her pussy lips hanging below her trimmed bush. He reached out and ran his fingers back along her seeping wet slit and then up inside her, two knuckles deep.

“Ah my God,” she groaned. “Do you like my cunt Mike? Don’t you want to fuck it Mike?”

“I love your cunt Susan, and I am going to fuck it.”

Helen changed into a robe and met Art as he arrived upstairs. They embraced, pressing their bodies together while their mouths engaged in a full-tongued kiss. Art’s hands roamed smoothly down her back to her ass and back up her sides. She rubbed her mound against his stiff cock.

“Is this it Helen? Are we going to go to bed? They won’t even know that we have left the room; they are so into each other. I am dying to fuck you. I have wanted you for years.”

They kissed passionately before Helen said, “Matters are getting hotter downstairs. I’ll go down first, and you follow a minute later. Act surprised at what I expect you will see.”

Susan had settled down on Mike’s cock, with her knees planted each side of his hips. Mike groaned, “Yes I love your cunt.”

Susan’s big tits were resting on Mike’s shoulders as she slid her cunt up and down on his cock. Mike’s hands were pulling a tugging at her ass. They were completely lost in each other as they fucked.

Suddenly Susan’s body froze. She was looking at Helen standing at the base of the stairs with a shocked look on her face. Then Art appeared behind her and looked just as concerned.

Helen approached the couch from behind Mike. She could only see the back of Mike’s head and his legs stretched out the other side of Susan’s ass. Helen said, “Do you love her cunt as much as you love mine my love?” She kissed the top of Mike’s head.

Then she smiled and leaned in to kiss Susan on the lips and said, “Enjoy yourself my sweet, Art and I are going upstairs to chat. We will see you two in the morning.”

Art was now standing beside Helen, his hand holding her ass as he kissed his wife. And then they were gone.

Mike and Susan had not moved. His softening cock was still buried in her. It started to recover when Susan’s pussy began to pulse and squeeze again.

“Let’s do this right Susan.” They stood up and stripped naked. The recent interruption was totally forgotten and the lust for each other had returned in full fire. She lay back in the corner of the sofa with her feet still on the floor. Mike moved between her legs, lifted her ankles to his hips and pulled her ass to him and jammed his cock back in her.

Upstairs Helen stood beside her bed and dropped the robe to the floor. Art undressed and stood in front of her. Their bodies were barely touching, mouths inches apart, hands at their sides as they allowed their need to intensify. Her nipples brushed his chest as they kissed. Her arms went around his neck and he held her at the waist.

Helen pushed her hips ahead against his, her mound thrust forward seeking his upright shaft. He ran his fingertips down her back bone to her butt, spread his hands to cup her cheeks and pulled her to him.

“A taste of you Helen, my tongue is trembling at the thought.” She sat down on the side of the bed as he kneeled between her legs. He raised them over his shoulders and buried his face in her pussy. Helen smiled and leaned back on her hands as he pleasured her. His lips and tongue worked incessantly to find her erotic centers. She arched upwards as his lips found her clit and sucked it gently.

“Now me Art, let me do you,” she said as she pulled him out from between her legs and sat on the side of the bed. He stood and eased his purple knob to her lips. He closed his eyes as she licked it. She held the cock in one hand and licked the length of the shaft before moving her lips tight around his knob. Her lips slid alexis texas porno down until the knob touched the back of her throat. He swayed in front of her enjoying the wonderful sensation as her soft hands caressed his balls.

She lay back on the bed squirming to get to the pillow; her eyes half closed and with no other thought than that of the world they had just entered. The restraint that she had imposed on all four of them had filled her with a deep yearning to be laid by this man, and now she was going to relax and enjoy it all.

Helen and Art preferred extended foreplay, endless kissing, touching and teasing until nerve ends screamed for release.

He lay on his side and leaned in over her. They fixed their eyes on each other as his hands and fingers explored every part of her. He fondled each breast as his mouth moved from her neck to her ears to her eyes and then to the corners of her lips.

She could feel the heat of his hand as he lowered it along her belly and then hovered it over her bush, teasing the ends of her pubic hair until she found herself lifting her hips up to rub her aching pussy against the hot palm. He ran his fingers along the V of her belly and legs.

Her legs spread in surrender as he caressed her from her calf, to beneath the knee and up along her inner thigh. She could feel his hard cock rub her hip and side, moist pre-cum wetting her skin.

She took in her breath as his fingers parted her slit and traced along it, from her butt hole to bush. Her back arched as he slid two fingers easily into her cunt, capturing her clit between them as he slipped them in and out. Helen’s body was vibrating.

He crawled up over her, his cock brushing her knees, thighs and hips as he kissed and stroked her. He nuzzled and kissed the tips of the nipples, licked underneath her breasts, sucked the nipples and rubbed his cock everywhere but on her pussy.

His cock finally slipped up along her inner thighs, the knob probing at her slit. She raised her hips in anticipation of a thrust that did not come. He slipped his tongue fully into her mouth and just as she reacted to that his cock entered her and he stroked her five or six times. She adjusted to that and started to get in his rhythm when he abruptly pulled his cock out and rubbed it up along her bush and belly.

“Ah God, don’t stop like that,” she moaned.

“Why not, don’t you like to play and fuck at the same time?”

He grasped her hands and pinned them up beside her head and worked his cock back into her. He began fucking again, this time taking nine or ten deep thrusts. Helen was beside herself, this was it she thought, and we are going to cum. But once more he pulled his cock right out of her and rubbed it through her bush and along her belly. She could feel the sticky mess that he was making but cared not.

“Art for God’s sake, get it back in me,” she demanded.

He murmured, “I want to taste your pussy again, I love to go down on a half fucked pussy. Let me lick it again Helen.”

“Oh no, no,” she groaned, “Keep your cock in me please.”

He did not comply as he slipped down the bed, lifted her legs and applied his thick tongue to her engorged cunt. He sucked on her clit and then pulled and sucked at her outer lips.

He was in her again, this time with slow grinding strokes, rubbing the shaft on each wall of the pussy. He stopped again, but did not pull out of her. Helen sounded angry, “Don’t pull out again, I need to cum.”

She dug her fingernails into his ass, hooked her heels into the back of his thighs and clamped on him until she finally got off. Her entire body jerked and trembled.

The next morning Helen was in the kitchen brewing coffee when Susan walked in. Helen smiled at her as they embraced. “Good morning Sue, was your night with my hubby all you had hoped?”

Susan seemed quite relaxed perhaps realizing that although she believed that she had instigated last night’s events, the others had been as willing as she had been. “Yes, he was great but insatiable, my pussy is sore. How did mine behave?”

“He was just lovely as I knew he would be. We enjoyed our night together, he is very gentle and, ahem, thorough.”

Susan raised her eyes to the ceiling and said, “He takes forever sometimes.”

They hugged again and Susan whispered, “We are such bitches aren’t we.”

They laughed at that and then “Have you showered?” asked Susan.

“No, maybe we should do that before our men show up. I have always wanted to shower with you and your big tits Sue. There is a nice big shower stall in the play room down stairs,” Helen whispered.

“What the hell,” said Susan, “In for a penny, in for a pound.”

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