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Just a quick little tale of a major fuckup turning into a major fuck. Luckily in this fantasy land there is no such thing as an STD and no pregnancy occurs without being planned. Don’t believe my fiction, just enjoy!


“Let’s go over to my house where we can have some privacy,” Stacy said. “Then I can really suck your cock for you in comfort!”

“Works for me babe, you know I love how you suck me so good!”

“You’d better love it John or I might just have to go find some other cock to give pleasure to.”

“Oh no you don’t,” I said as I started my truck’s engine and headed for her house. “I know you could find plenty of guys willing to have you do them but you will have a hard time finding one as big as I am.

“You’re right honey and we both know it! God I just love swallowing your huge shaft to the root, I can cum just from doing that to you!”

Luckily the drive from the park was short as I pulled up in front of her house. There was a moving van blocking her driveway so I parked across the street and over one house. In no time we were inside her house in the kitchen.

Stacy wasted no time getting my shorts and boxers around my ankles and my eleven inch monster down her throat so she could lick my balls with her tongue. Damn she likes that more than I do and I fucking love it! She was really going to town on my cock while I dropped my head back and closed my eyes trying to concentrate on how good she was making my cock throb.

Instead my larger brain remembered something my dad had told me at least three times, “When a woman gives good head, don’t toss her out just because she isn’t ‘THE’ one for you!” He always meant my mom — his ex — when he said that. Well, Stacy probably wasn’t ‘THE’ one but damn could she suck cock! Her virginal pussy would soon take a good hard fucking too but she really liked blowing me….and she was damned good at it!

My parents had divorced when I was four and I seldom saw my mom even though we lived in the same town. Okay, it’s a huge city of several million but still, she could let me know she knows I’m alive just once in a while. Fuck her! Or as dad always says, ‘Good riddance to bad rubbish!’

Any way, both of us heard the crunch of tires on driveway pavement and Stacy quickly pulled back off of my fully engulfed cock and peaked out the window. “Shit, my dad’s home! And he’s got somebody with him!” She was pushing me towards the broom closet and even as she shoved me into it she said, “Stay here and BE QUIET!”

As she closed the door I quickly said, “My clothes!” as I had stepped easily out of them as she shoved me.

Stacy had already headed out of the room as she said, “I’m taking them to my room!” and then all was silent as I stood half naked in the broom closet. The dark tiny broom closet. Then I heard laughter as a couple entered the house through the kitchen door. After that I heard only the sounds of kissing along with moans from each of them as they really started to get it on.

A soft female voice purred, “Oh god yes, eat my pussy and get me ready for you! Oh fuck yeah!”

She continued urging him on even as I tried to decide if I had heard that voice before. It was slightly slurred — probably fixbet from a 3 martini lunch — and was well muffled from the closed door. Any way, I had started going soft but the soft sounds of sex coming through the door got my shaft back to full attention in no time.

Then I heard Stacy call out, “Dad! Is that you dad!? What are you doing home?” she was asking as her voice grew louder.

“Shit!” her father said, as the mystery woman gasped, “Oh fuck no! I was nearly there!”

Sounds of movement reached me even as he said, “Hide in here and BE QUIET!” Then the closet door opened slightly and closed half a second later. I only saw the back of her head (brunette) as she looked back at him and gasped, “My clothes!”

“I gottem!” he said with a muffled sound as if he was wiping the pussy juice from his face as he spoke.

I was trying to slide into the wall (impossible due to my huge hard on pointing out perpendicular to my body) only to have her move slightly and bump into me making her gasp “OH!”

“Shhhhhhhh!” Stacy’s dad said and quickly followed that with “Oh hi honey, I didn’t know you were home!” After that the two of them talked on and on about mundane things as they each tried to keep the other from noticing any sounds from the closet.

“Shhhh,” I softly said almost with Stacy’s dad, “we have to be quiet.”

Some sort of sound started coming from her lungs only to catch in her throat as her hand bumped my rock hard lance even as it poked into her stomach. “Holy shit!” she softly gasped as she gripped me at my base and then pulled along my full length. “Oh my god,” she softly groaned as she shoved her hand fully down my cock to its base and then slowly pulled it back until just my tip was held by her fingers. Very softly she said, “Holy fuck, that is one mighty fine cock you’ve got!”

Some how she managed to bend over and inhale a little over half of my shaft and then work her lips and tongue all over it. While trying to stifle my moans I tried my damnedest to figure out where I knew this voice from. The voices outside the door kept right on talking but I barely heard them as this mystery woman worked the first half of my shaft like a $1000 an hour hooker.

“Oh fuck!” I gasped almost softly when she suddenly shoved all the way down onto my cock and started fucking me with her throat. Christ she was better than Stacy and Stacy was incredible! No doubt Stacy’s mom would be pissed if she ever found out about this extra person in her husband’s life. Meanwhile the outside voices had paused at my gasp only to start up again, each of them much louder than before.

All too soon my cock was left behind as the woman managed to stand up while she wrapped her arms around my neck. “Help me,” she said very softly even as she lifted one leg up and wrapped it around my ass. I grabbed her and lifted as her other leg moved up and met her first one behind my ass. She wiggled her hips a bit and then I felt my tip slip into her gash just before she eased down about five inches. “Ooooooh god that’s so good!” she groaned as she stopped all movement for a moment.

“No shit,” I moaned as she finally lifted up about three inches and then eased back down until fixbet giriş all but two inches was inside of her.

“Holy fuck you’re HUGE!” she said softly but emphatically. “Oh god this feels so good!”

My hands helped lift her nearly all the way off of me and then I pulled HARD making her bottom out on my rock hard shaft. “Oh fuck yes,” she hissed through clenched teeth while her body went into over drive bucking wantonly on my piercing shaft.

Obviously Stacy’s dad was good at eating pussy as this woman was totally turned on and ready to cream all over me. In less than five minutes she kissed me fiercely while her pussy clamped super tight around my cock, her orgasm powering through her shaking body. She maintained her kiss while she came thus preventing too many loud sounds from escaping from our little dark lust nest, but still some were heard and both of the listeners stepped up their efforts at keeping the other from noticing the strange sounds from their hidden but none too quiet closeted lovers.

Her climax finally waned and her quivering body clung tightly to me as she softly groaned into my ear, “Damn was that a good one!” She took a couple deep breaths then still quite softly said, “I don’t know who you are but you sure as hell know how to fuck!” Even as she said that her hips slowly began moving on me as she pulled ¾ off of me then eased back down taking my granite hard slab back into her steaming hot pussy.

“Oh fuck yeah, that feels so good! Don’t stop stud, fuck me and make me cum again!” Our bodies were soon pounding against each other’s in our tiny dark love hovel while moans of pleasure emanated from each of us. She tightened her legs around my ass and our bodies slamming together started making slapping sounds.

“Shit!” I groaned followed by, “Quiet down…slow down.”

“Oh god no…I’m so close,” she begged into my ear. Her pussy clamped down onto me even tighter as she croaked out, “Ooo yes, I can feel you growing inside of me! Give it to me!” Suddenly her head flung back thumping hard against the wall as she screamed loudly, “OH FUCK ME…I’M CUMMING! OH GOD THERE IT IS! FILL ME WITH YOUR SPUNK! OH GOD I’M CUMMING SO HARD!”

I had tried to quiet her but then I got swept up in my own incredible orgasm as I began filling her pussy with seven hard and long ropes of cum. “Ohhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeeeeeeeesssssss,” I managed to groan out as my arms went into over drive hammering her relentlessly back onto me as I made her climax explode into screams once more.

I felt her body tense yet again as waves of pleasure powered through her body, she stopped kissing me and moved her face to my left where my shoulder met my neck. She clung to me spasming harshly as her hips continued working on and off of my pulsating lance. “OHGOD!” she cried out as her body jerked hard then smashed powerfully onto me. “FUCK!” she yelled as her hips pulled back ten inches before crashing back onto me.

Suddenly the door was flung open and Stacy and her dad stood there, both of them yelling something that I never heard, while the woman in my arms pushed her pussy off of me before croaking out, “CUMMING!” as she slammed back onto me. “OH GOD!” slam. “FUCK!” slam. “OH YES!” slam. Each cry was timed with her pussy pounding onto me driving my squirting cock fully into her. Never had I felt a pussy so tight as her tightness forced more of my sperm from its hanging source.

Her pace eventually slowed until she was moving her hips very slowly back and then fully onto me again. Her arms tightened around my neck as she kissed me below my ear. “John!” Stacy cried out simultaneously with her dad’s “Brenda!” I’m not sure what she thought but personally I thought ‘Brenda? That’s my mom’s name!’

Each of us pulled our heads back in alarm as I gawked into my mother’s eyes in shock! It was obvious she was equally stunned as she struggled to disengage from me and get down. All that she accomplished was to stimulate her all ready over sensitized pussy and power up her orgasm once more.

My mom was half way off of me when she screamed, “OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING AGAIN! OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING SO HARD!” About 5 seconds later she tripled her movements on me as she screamed, “GOD DAMN IT…FUCK ME YOU MOTHER FUCKER! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! OH MY GOD I’M STILL CUMMING!”

Her lips devoured my own as she silenced herself with a passion filled kiss, her tongue reaching fully into my mouth. Incredibly she somehow grew even tighter around me and my balls went for the gold as I began shooting her full of cum once more. “OH GOD I CAN FEEL IT! FEEL YOU CUMMING INSIDE OF ME! OH MY GOD IT’S SO GOOD! OH! OH! OH! FUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEE!” she once more screamed out before dropping limp into my hands, her pussy spasming around me while her slumped body breathed hard and fast.

I was trying to carry my mom out of the closet when I heard a questioning Stacy say, “Daddy?”

Before I could get my head or body turned around to see what was going on she gasped out “DADDY!” My eyes finally beheld the incredible sight of Stacy’s dad mauling her left tit with one hand while his right massaged her still moist pussy! “Oh Daddy! Oh god Daddy that feels so good!” she moaned as his fingers dug deep into her pussy.

Surprised by this turn of events I used my foot to pull out a kitchen chair and sort of dropped onto it in astonishment. All that managed to do was rekindle my mother’s fires as she moaned “Oh god you’re in me so deep! Oh John you shouldn’t have done that.” In spite of her words her hips lifted up and eased back down onto me three times before she looked into my eyes and said, “Okay son, I know we shouldn’t but you’ve already given me two huge loads.” After that she never said a word for over fifteen minutes while her legs and arms worked together to really give my rock hard cock one of its best fucks ever. Yes…I mean EVER! Not just up till then, but before or after that day….EVER!

About a minute after she started moving on me in earnest I looked to my side and watched as Stacy gave up her virginity to her dad’s 8 inch prick. I thought to myself, ‘Oh well, hopefully there will be other cherries for my salami to puncture,’ before I began using my hands to help my mother fuck me in the chair next to the table on which Stacy was being deflowered by her dad.

The rest of the afternoon was one of the best and wildest fuck sessions I have ever been a participant in as Stacy’s dad and I fucked both of them several times that afternoon. I must say that we were all totally fucked out before Stacy’s mom left her work place and headed for home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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