Opening Up Jaime

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I had been working in an office suite, sharing space with a group of other professionals. We shared a copy machine, fax, etc., in addition to the office space. We also had one receptionist who answered the phones for all of the various businesses within our suite. Our longtime receptionist left us to take a better paying job, and the next day the leaseholder of the office space hired a 20 year old college student to answer the phones.

“Jaime” was tall (about 5′ 10″), with long lovely legs, and an angelic face framed by golden blonde hair. She was the quintessential “California girl”. Being only in my late 20’s, I was the youngest “boss” in the office, so Jaime felt most comfortable talking to me about issues in the office. Our business discussions soon turned to chats about a wide variety of subjects, and before I knew it, Jaime was confiding her secrets with me.

It was more like a brother-sister relationship with Jaime confiding in me about her boyfriend and the issues they had. One of the biggest issues was the fact that Jaime was a virgin and her boyfriend was pressuring her to have sex. Jaime confided to me that although she wanted to have sex, her boyfriend was making such a big deal about it that she was beginning to stress about being “good” at sex. She didn’t want to disappoint her boyfriend for fear that he would leave her for another guy.

I tried to console her by telling her that she shouldn’t stress because it would come naturally to her, and that if her boyfriend dumped her then he wasn’t worth dating to begin with. My counseling did almost no good at all as Jaime became more and more stressed about having sex with her boyfriend.

This went on for about 3 months and eventually, Jaime’s boyfriend dumped her. She was despondent about it, and would come into my office on every one of her breaks to talk to me about her (now) ex-boyfriend. He had dumped her the week after her 21st birthday, according to Jaime, because she wouldn’t have sex with him on her birthday. She told me that she really wanted to have sex with him, but was so scared that she wouldn’t be any good.

It was now summer time, and one of my favorite bars was located on the river in our city. I would go down there on weekends for a few beers and to check out all the honeys water-skiing on the river. One Saturday afternoon I was hanging out with my buddies on the deck of the bar when in walked Jaime with a couple of her girlfriends. I thought she would avoid me because she didn’t want her friends to see her talking to her “boss”, so I was surprised when she waved to me and motioned for me to come over to her table.

Jaime introduced me to her friends and we made small talk for a couple of minutes. As I walked away to rejoin my buddies, I tracked down the girls’ waitress and paid for their next round of drinks. I continued hanging out with my friends, but every once in a while I would hear laughter from Jaime’s table and whenever I turned to look, they would huddle together conspiratorially and glance at me out of the corners of their eyes.

It was close to 7:30 and the sun was going down. I was standing at the railing of the deck watching the sunset when I noticed someone standing next to me. It was Jaime; she was standing right next to me staring at the sunset as well. I could tell by the way she was swaying that she had more drinks than she was used to, and from the way her voice slurred I could tell she didn’t need any more. I put my arm around her shoulder to steady her, and she slipped an arm around my waist. As we stood there watching the sunset and chatting she was stroking my waist with her hand and resting her head on my shoulder.

After a minute or two of this, I asked Jaime where her friends were, and she told me that they had left. She said she told them she would get a ride home with me. I didn’t think much of it at the time because I knew Jaime still lived with her parents and I knew that in general we only lived a few miles apart.

I told Jaime I thought it was time she got home, and that I was heading home myself. I said good-bye to my buddies and began walking with Jaime toward the parking lot. She was giggling about every little thing and had such a smile on her face; she looked beautiful. We got in my SUV and I headed in the direction of the area where I thought Jaime lived. The whole drive we were chatting just as we did in the office, and I was thinking about what I was going to make for dinner that night.

When I got close to the area Kadıköy Escort where Jaime lived I asked her for directions on how to get to her house. Jaime refused, and said that she wanted to see my house. I knew how stubborn she could be sometimes, and in conjunction with the alcohol she drank, I figured it would be just a quick detour. I made her promise me that after I showed her my house she would let me drive her home, and she agreed.

I pulled into my garage and let Jaime into my house through the kitchen. She sprang past me and practically ran around my house looking into all the rooms before returning to the living room and plopping down onto the couch.

“You have a really cool house”, she said, “but it needs a woman’s touch”.

“I know”, I agreed, “but there’s no woman in my life right now, so that will have to wait”.

“Do you have anything to drink?” she asked, and I told her that I had some bottled water or diet soda.

“Water will be fine” she said, and I walked to the kitchen to retrieve a bottle for each of us.

When I returned, Jaime was reclining on the couch and I was pretty certain she had undone a button or two on her blouse, but I couldn’t be certain. I handed her a bottle of water and sat down on the other end of the couch.

We chatted for a minute or two, and then Jaime said “can I ask you a favor?”

“Sure” I said, thinking she might want some more advice, or at most to borrow a few bucks as a struggling college student.

“Will you teach me how to have sex?”

I couldn’t believe those words came out of her mouth. I think my jaw must have dropped to the floor as I struggled to comprehend what she had just said. I came up with a list of half-hearted excuses to demur to her request, all the while hoping to actually make love to this beautiful creature.

She scooted close to me on the couch, and leaned in and whispered in my ear “please, do make me beg for it. I’m not leaving until we do it”.

My head was spinning, I couldn’t think of any more excuses, so I just let my hormones take over and I leaned toward her and kissed her luscious lips. Her lips were so soft, and her skin so smooth, I felt as if I might swoon myself. Although she hadn’t had intercourse yet, it was clear that she’d spent a lot of time kissing.

She was a tremendous kisser. Her tongue would lightly flick in and out of my open mouth, and her lips were amazingly moist. She pawed at my chest, trying to undo the buttons on my shirt as we sat facing each other on the couch, our lips locked together. My head began to clear, and I knew I was already past the point of no return, so if I were going to do this, I was going to do it right.

I stood up, took Jaime by the hand and lead her to my bedroom. I sat her down on the bed and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. I stepped away, and turned on the stereo in my room so that the soft sound of jazz music filled the air. I lit a few candles that I had strategically positioned around the room, and then returned to the bed. I unbuttoned the remaining few buttons of Jaime’s blouse and helped her out of it before turning my attention back to her soft skin.

I kissed her neck and her shoulders as I stroked her legs below her denim skirt. Jaime was wearing a sheer black bra that barely concealed her tiny breasts. Although her cup size couldn’t have been more than an A, she had beautiful breasts. She had small pink areolas with large protruding nipples.

Her bra snapped in the front, and I quickly removed it and traced my tongue from her neck, down across her collarbone to her sternum, and then down her sternum to her breasts. I gently squeezed one nipple between my thumb and forefinger while I encircled the other with my lips, lightly flicking the tip of it with my tongue. This drew a gasp from Jaime and she leaned her head back and pulled my head hard against her chest.

I continued to kiss my way down her body as I laid her back on the bed. I slid her skirt off, revealing a pair of sheer black thong underwear. I could see through the panties that Jaime’s bush was neatly trimmed and that she was already getting wet. I took the string of her panties at the hip between my teeth, and pulled her panties off, so that she was lying before me, completely naked on my bed.

I stood at the edge of the bed for a moment, trying to commit that picture of beauty to my memory. Jaime was beginning to feel self-conscious as she covered her breasts with one hand under Ataşehir Escort the power of my stare. I moved onto the bed and began kissing my way up her long, lovely legs. I paid particular attention to the backs of her knees and to her inner thighs before moving further between her legs.

“Have you ever let a boy lick your pussy before?” I asked.

She just shook her head no as I blew warm air across her slit.

“It’s important that you let me know what you like and what you don’t like”, I said, “as I have learned that not every woman responds the same way to oral stimulation.”

“Okay” she gasped as I brushed my face close to her wetness.

I slowly licked up and down her outer lips to begin, before letting my tongue a little deeper into her love canal. Although she wasn’t speaking, I could tell Jaime was enjoying the sensations as her breathing became shallow and her hips would jerk and twitch in response to my touch. She was very wet and I slid one finger into her sopping pussy and as I did, Jaime tensed for just a moment before relaxing again as she became accustomed to the feeling of something inside of her snatch.

With my other hand I pulled back the hood from her clit and began softly licking at it, which drew an immediate reaction from Jaime. It looked as if she had been poked with an electric cattle prod as she bounced her hips up off the bed. I was taken aback and asked her if she were okay.

“Mm-hmm” she muttered…”don’t stop now” she panted, and I went back to work on her clit.

Each time I licked her clit she jerked her hips upward in a reflexive manner. When I sucked her clit between my lips, I had to remove my finger from her pussy to help hold down her hips as she began bucking wildly.

I continued sucking on her clit and flicking it with the tip of my tongue as Jaime exhaled “yes, yes, yes” rhythmically to my tongue-lashings.

Jaime began to make a guttural sound deep in her throat and her body tensed, her hands digging into the mattress and her heels pounding, as she came in a gush all over my mouth and into my goatee. She was breathing hard as I kissed my way up her body and lay myself next to her while she caught her breath.

“That was fantastic!” she exclaimed between gasps for air.

“That’s only the beginning”, I explained. “Now it’s your turn to learn to please a man”. “Have you ever given a blowjob?” I asked.

“Not really” was her reply.

“What do you mean, ‘not really'”?, was my puzzled response. “Well, there was this one time that I tried to, but I didn’t go through with it I don’t think. Jim took his pants down and was pushing my head toward his ‘thing’, and my lips brushed against the top of it and I may have licked it once, but I didn’t put it in my mouth” was the story she told.

“It’s time you learned to take it in your mouth” I said.

I directed Jaime to move down the bed and between my legs. “Now start by licking my balls” I said.

Without hesitation she went right to work. She had a great tongue, and my already hard cock was bobbing with the beat of my heart.

“Lick up and down the shaft” I commanded, “hold my balls gently in one hand while you lick my dick”. Jaime was now licking my cock as she softly squeezed my balls.

“Take the tip of my dick into your mouth as if it were a lollypop, and with your other hand slowly stroke up and down the shaft” I explained.

She did everything I asked without skipping a beat. “As you slide your hand down the shaft, move my cock deeper into your mouth, but be careful not to scrape your teeth on my dick. Keep up the saliva, and move your tongue around my dick as you move your head up and down”.

Before I knew it, Jaime was sucking my cock like an old pro. I brushed her hair away from her face so I could see her eyes as she sucked my dick, and it looked as if she had the biggest smile on her face as she sucked and stroked my dick to its full proportion. I could feel my balls tightening, but I didn’t want to cum in her mouth…just yet.

“Okay, turn your body this way, so that your ass is by my head. You’ve heard of ’69’, haven’t you” I asked.

“Mmm-hmm” was her only response.

“Once we’re in position, go back to what you were doing before, but this time just with your mouth”.

She hiked one leg over my chest and squatted down so that her nice round ass cheeks were resting above my forehead and her dripping cunt was just above my nose. I arched my neck Maltepe Escort a little and began lapping at her pussy as she plunged my cock back into her mouth. She was wiggling her hips as I licked and sucked on her lips and flicked my tongue across her clit, getting her pussy nice and juicy wet. She was getting so good at sucking cock that without even using her hands I could feel my orgasm building, so I lifted her up off of me and laid her down next to me on the bed.

“Why did you stop? It was feeling sooo good” Jaime exclaimed.

I explained to her that it was now time for the “main event”. I told her that it might hurt at first, but that she would be in a position to control the tempo.

I laid on my back, and directed her to get on top of me so that she could lower herself onto my shaft as slowly as she liked, using gravity to help ease the plunge. I held my cock erect and she had its tip brushing against her lips when she suddenly stopped. I could tell that she was nervous, so I placed my hands on her ass and told her I would help hold her and that we’d go very slowly.

She just shook her head once, took a deep breath and lowered herself ever so slowly letting my mushroom head spread her open one centimeter at a time. She was biting her lip as she allowed my cock inside of her and was tensing her muscles making matters somewhat worse. I told her to relax and breath and it would be easier.

She said “okay” and let out a deep breath and let the whole head of my cock slide inside.

She let out a little gasp and held her position as she became accustomed to the feeling for a moment or two, and then began to lower herself more quickly until she was fully impaled on my shaft. Once she had reached bottom, she leaned forward with her face next to mine breathing heavily in my ear.

“It’s okay, just rest, get used to the feeling” I told her.

After a minute or two I began to move my hips slowly in a circular motion, which ground her clit against my pubis. Jaime began moaning softly and began moving her hips in rhythm with mine. She started sliding back and forth on my cock as she leaned over my chest, allowing me to suck on her erect nipples as she ground her clit against me, building her toward another orgasm.

I could hear her breathing coming in ragged gasps, as I clasped her ass cheeks in my hands and drove her back and forth on my rod faster and faster. She was moaning and making those guttural noises again, signaling to me that she was about to have another orgasm. She rocked back and forth two more times, and her body tensed and she let out a scream as she came all over my cock, then collapsed upon my chest, breathing heavily as her body continued to shake in the aftermath of her orgasm.

“I’ve never felt anything like that before” was all she could say as she tried to regain her senses.

“I can still feel you inside of me” she said after a minute or two.

“Yes, we’re not quite through yet; you must give as much as you receive” I told her.

She surprised me again by asking “will you do me doggie style? I’ve heard people talk about it, and I want to try it. If it’s okay with you” she said.

Believe me, it was more than “okay” with me. She rolled off of me, and I bent her forward and positioned myself between her lovely ass cheeks. Her pussy was still wet, so I slipped my cock in without much difficulty. I used long slow strokes at first, but my patience was running thin, and my arousal was growing with each stroke. Without any direction from me, Jaime began moving her hips to meet my thrusts.

She looked back over her shoulder and said “this is just like dancing, right?”

All I could do at that point was to grunt “uh-huh” as I began to pound her pussy faster and faster. My hands were on her hips allowing me to drive deeper and deeper into her pussy as Jaime began to moan with each thrust I made into her formerly virgin snatch. I could feel her muscles tightening again and knew she was about to cum for the third time, and this just sent me over the edge, and I busted my nut in her sweet, tight pussy just as she came again, our juices mixing together and eventually dribbling out of her little hole.

We lay together for a while, trying to catch our breath, before Jaime broke the silence. “That was fun! I don’t know why I was so nervous. It really did seem to come naturally” she said.

I agreed, but said there was a lot more that she could learn. She rolled over and kissed me on the lips and asked if I was still willing to be her teacher.

“Of course, any time you’d like” I said.

“Well then, how ’bout right now” she said with a wink as she reached for my cock.

Lesson No. 2 to follow shortly, if you all like this one…

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