Original Angels Ch. 03

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A most incredible thing has happened. I’ve been contacted by some dedicated fans who have preserved my previous stories. So, in response to many requests, I can now edit and republish the works. There were 55 chapters in all. 9 of the first 13 were removed by Literotica for policy issues. It will take some time, but I intend to republish them all, the titles will all begin with the words ‘Original Angels’ followed by a (new) chapter number. The series includes erotic encounters, voyeurism, exhibitionism, incest, lesbian sex and other taboos. All characters are over the age of eighteen.

A Weekend With Three Angels by Rob in AZ ©


I pondered how to pack. What do you need to take for a weekend at a nudist park? I’d never thought about it before. I couldn’t think of leaving home without packing a bag. I decided that a pair of towels and my toiletry kit would probably suffice. And I took a fresh change of clothes just out of habit. It all fit into a small duffle and I threw it into the back of my car as I left to go pick up Trish.

She was just arriving home from work when I pulled into her driveway. We got out of our cars and she gave me a hug and a kiss. She held me tightly and I caressed her rear as we held our kiss and tasted each other. Then she took my hand and led me inside.

We were greeted at the door by two delightfully pretty young women. Trish introduced me right away to her daughters, Tracy and Teri. Both girls had their mother’s smile. And they both resembled her in stature. They weren’t skinny, but they were both rather flat chested. (a trait that turns me on immensely) They shared their mother’s creamy tan complexion and their eyes sparkled. They politely shook my hand and I detected a note of honesty and sincerity in them as our eyes met in those brief moments.

Trish shocked the hell out of me when she asked the girls, ‘Are you both all set to go?’

I hadn’t realized that the kids were coming with us. They both nodded their heads and pointed to their beach bags on the floor by the door.

‘OK, just let me grab my things and we’ll be on our way.’ Trish replied. She put her purse down and opened the refrigerator. She had already prepared a bag of food for the weekend. There was a cooler on the countertop and she put the food inside it.

“Rob can we stop on the way and pick up some drinks?’

‘Sure.’ I responded, having gotten over the shock of realizing that we were going to be a four person family on this naked weekend.

Once outside we decided to take my new Lincoln Navigator instead of Trish’s car. We stowed all of our bags and groceries in the back and climbed inside. I showed the girls how they could plug in their headsets and listen to their own music in the back seat. They thought that was pretty cool. (I was making points) We stopped at the grocery store as we left town and bought some soft drinks. Trish and I were pleased to discover that neither one of us liked alcoholic beverages. Having completed our shopping, we set out on the road.

The trip took just a little over an hour, about halfway down to Phoenix. We got off the highway and it was just a little further out into the countryside before we arrived at the resort. Trish showed her membership card at the gate and we proceeded to the check in desk. Tracy and Teri waited in the car while Trish and I went inside to register. It was just like checking into a motel except that the lady behind the front desk was naked. She was middle aged and not terribly attractive, but quite friendly. I filled out a guest registration card as required by their membership policy, and we left to go to our apartment.

We parked the car and took our things inside. Our accommodations were clean and well appointed. We had a two bedroom apartment with a galley style kitchen and two bathrooms. The master bathroom had a large Jacuzzi tub and over all I was quite impressed.

As soon as had we put away our things, the girls were asking when we could go to dinner. Trish told me that we had two options at the park for dining. There was a snack bar near the pool and there was a more upscale dining room in the main lodge. We all decided that the snack bar and a swim would be nice for tonight.

Tracy and Teri disappeared into their room and returned in a couple minutes without their clothes. I tried not to look at first, but then realized that they were far more comfortable without their clothes on, than I was, being in their naked presence. I knew I’d have to get over that pretty soon. Trish sensed my momentary discomfort and took off her clothes right there in the living room. Now was the moment of truth. I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. Looking for a place to hang it, I turned and walked into the bedroom and found a hanger. Trish came in while I was unbuttoning my jeans asked if I was doing ok.

I fixbet told her that I was just dealing with being in the presence of three beautiful naked young women. It was a new experience and although it might have been very exciting sexually, they were in fact helping me to feel rather comfortable. Trisha kissed me and assured me that we would have our own sexual excitement later, and that she was just so pleased that I was there with them. She and the girls loved to get away to this place as often as they could and she hoped that I would enjoy it as much as they do.

Tracy and Teri called to us and said they were leaving and would see us at the poolside snack bar. Trish said we’d be along in a few minutes. Standing there naked with her, I hugged her and kissed her passionately. Trish held my cock in her hand and it began to grow. She rubbed it against her belly and then pushed it down between her legs. It was getting stiff and we both realized that I couldn’t go outside in my present state. I felt Trish pushing me back onto the bed and I fell backwards while she continued to stroke me.

I looked into her eyes and she told me that she wanted to do something for me. I watched as she opened her mouth and inserted my throbbing dick. It was heavenly. She was better than any other I’d ever known. Her eyes were glued to mine as she stroked and licked and sucked me deep inside of her sensuous mouth. I ran my fingers through her hair and tugged gently on her earlobes. She was bobbing up and down and I was nearing my orgasm. I told her I was about to cum and she dove down harder, never letting me out of her mouth. As I shot the first spurt of cum she swallowed deeply and sucked even more. She kept it up until I was totally spent, and when she finally released me from her lips, she crawled up my body and kissed me. Her mouth opened wide and I could taste my own cum as our tongues danced together.

We laid there quietly kissing as our breathing returned to normal. I heard the front door open and close and then Teri was standing in the bedroom doorway. Her hair was wet and her body was dripping water. Her puffy little breasts were standing like tiny cones with little hard ends. Her pussy was completely bare. I wasn’t sure if she just hadn’t started to grow pubic hair yet, or if perhaps she shaved it like her mother. She looked very young and innocent as she stood and asked, ‘Are you guys gonna come and eat or should we just order something ourselves?’

Trish and I looked at her and Trish told her that we were just getting up now. She rolled off the bed and checked her face in the mirror. I got off too, feeling Teri’s eyes following me as I headed into the bathroom. I started to close the door and then decided to leave it open while I peed. I knew that they could hear the sound of my stream in the toilet and wondered if it had any effect on them. After I flushed and washed my hands I walked back into the bedroom. Teri was getting anxious and she reached for my hand and nearly dragged me out of the room. Trish laughed and told us to go ahead, that she’d be right behind. I liked having Teri’s hand in mine and we walked outside together.

She led me across the pathway to the pool area. As we walked she pointed out the other areas in the main recreation center. There was a volley ball court and croquet, and further off I could see a ball field. The pool deck was surrounded by shady palm trees and cactus. Plenty of chaises and deck chairs and tables with umbrellas.

Tracy was sitting on the edge of the pool talking to another girl who looked to be about her age. Teri and I walked over and joined them. Tracy introduced me to her friend, Carol. Carol was just a little more full figured that Tracy, but still showed all of those traits that teenagers possess as they go through puberty. Soft and sensual nipples on growing breasts and a light tuft of pubic hair over her nubile young pussy.

I stepped down into the pool partly to relax and cool off, and partly to cover myself. As I stood there making small talk with the girls I got my first good look at Tracy too. She was a slightly smaller and younger version of her mother. Her breasts were small but firm and her hips flared below her tiny waist. Her legs were strong and athletic and I couldn’t see any pubic hair at the base of her flat belly. Almost as if she sensed my curiosity Tracy put her foot up on the drain edge of the pool and pulled her knee up to her chin. This gave me a clear look at her clean young pussy. ‘Like mother, like daughters’ I thought to myself as Tracy exposed her youthful sex to my gazing eyes.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Trish approaching. She waved to another couple across the pool and then waded down the steps into the water to join me.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune. Here I was in a swimming pool chatting with fixbet giriş four beautiful naked young women, one of whom had just sucked me to an incredible orgasm and probably would be fucking me later tonight. I would have considered myself blessed just to be in the company of these women back at home, but what a kick to be naked with them as well!

‘Well, should we go and order dinner?’ Trish asked.

Teri spoke up immediately, ‘Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m starving!’

We all laughed and conceded that she had been made to wait long enough. Trish asked Carol if she wanted to join us and she accepted, saying that her parents had left the park to go to the shopping mall a few miles down the road. Tracy asked if Carol could spend the night with us, but Trish insisted that she get permission from her parents first.

We ordered salads and burgers and sat down at one of the large circular tables on the pool deck. While waiting for the food, Trish asked the girls about their day at school and whether they had done their homework before we left. They assured her that they had and even recounted the nature of the schoolwork they had worked on. I was impressed not only with the interest that Trish showed in her daughters’ schoolwork, but also with her understanding of what they were doing and her involvement in their lives. We talked about their friends and their teachers and by the time dinner arrived, I had a whole new perspective on school life and Tracy and Teri’s daily activities. I learned that both girls had taken a couple of years off from schooling during the divorce years.

Tracy was on the cheerleading squad and played basketball in the winter and ran track in the spring. She was also an avid swimmer. Teri was into gymnastics and hoped to be a cheerleader like her sister. Both girls got along well together. I never heard a cross word from either of them.

When we finished eating, Tracy asked if they could rent a movie for the night. Trish approved and the girls excused themselves to go to the office to pick one out. We decided to go for a walk around the grounds. Trish gave me an orientation and told me about how much she enjoys getting away with the girls and the freedom of nudism in the outdoors. She said that during the week they were homebound nudists. Her yard was sufficiently fenced that they could enjoy the sunshine at home too, but here they had more freedom and most importantly, more social activity. She promised me that tomorrow she would introduce me to several of her weekend friends. It seems that people come from all over the state and even from California and New Mexico to enjoy this park. I also learned that there were quite a few permanent residents and several seasonal ‘snowbirds’ as well.

I was thinking about how glad I was that I have such a private and secluded location for my home too. I was beginning to enjoy being nude, and of course, I was just plain thrilled to be with Trish. We held hands as we talked and wandered on the grounds. The sun set in the sky and as the moon rose and the stars began to twinkle, we found ourselves back at the pool area. There were voices coming from the hot tub and we strolled over to see who was there.

Trish recognized the two couples in the spa and they all waved and invited us to join them. Trish introduced them as John and Marsha and Kelly and Tom. I guessed them all to be in their mid forties. Kelly had red hair and sounded like the biggest partier in the group. We sat together in the tub for about a half hour just talking and laughing and enjoying each others’ company. At one point I thought I detected Kelly’s foot sliding up my leg. It was the closest thing to any sexual contact that I sensed in the whole time.

When we finally got out of the water, I got a closer look at all of them. John and Marsha were short but in good shape and Marsha had a bush that looked very natural and untrimmed. Tom looked like a body builder and Kelly was also very fit and her red pubic hair was neatly trimmed in the shape of a heart. Her pussy below was shaved clean and she had a gold ring pierced in her vulva on the right side. We all said goodnight and exchanged kisses on our cheeks, except for Kelly, who made a point of planting a brief kiss on my mouth. I wondered if she might be making a play for me. It was a little discomforting because I was feeling totally faithful to Trish, and had no desire to flirt with anyone else, at all.

We went our separate ways and found our way back to our apartment. When we walked in Tracy and Teri and Carol were all lying on a blanket on the floor watching TV. I gazed at their naked young bodies and flashed again on my incredible good fortune.

Trish offered to make some popcorn and the girls all said yes. I sat down in the chair next to the girls and since I had no interest in the movie, I watched them instead. My natural voyeuristic instincts were set free and I was able to observe every little detail of their trim young bodies. Carol appeared to be the most mature physically since she had fuller breasts and pubic hair. Tracy and Teri looked younger but also much prettier because they resembled their mother so much.

When the popcorn finished Trish brought in two bowls. One for the girls and the second for us. She surprised me by sitting across my lap and began feeding me popcorn. Every so often she would wiggle her hips and my cock slid into the crack of her rear and the warmth of her dampening pussy. It began to rise and stiffen. She alternated putting her buttery fingers in my mouth with short teasing kisses. Teri seemed to be the only one who noticed.

Tracy and Carol actually had their legs crossed together and were feeding popcorn to each other. When the movie ended it was a tear jerker and all three girls were wiping their eyes with tissue. Carol and Tracy were hugging each other and I noticed Teri had her hand between her legs. When Tracy pushed the button and ejected the dvd, Carol stood up and announced that she had to go home. Trish told her that if her parents said OK, she could spend the night with us tomorrow. Tracy stood up and walked with Carol to the door. From the corner of my eye I saw them hug and kiss each other on the lips as they said goodnight. It was very erotic and I felt another stir in my groin. Trish felt it too and wiggled her hips again.

Teri came over to the chair and cautiously whispered in her mother’s ear. I couldn’t hear what she said, but Trish answered, ‘Sure honey, come closer.’

She put her arm around Teri’s waist and then put her other hand between Teri’s legs. She turned her face to me and whispered in my ear, ‘Teri wants me to jill her. We do this for each other.’

I wasn’t sure if I heard her right but my confusion was clarified as Teri put her leg over the arm of the chair and Trish’s hand began to probe her little pussy. Teri’s hips started to rock back and forth and her breathing got heavier. She pressed her chest into Trish’s face and I could see Trish start to bite softly on her puffy little nipples. It was incredibly erotic and my cock was growing rapidly. Trish shifted a little more and I slipped into her pussy. Her hand and fingers were pushing rhythmically into Teri’s hot young hole and Teri was hugging her mother closely to her tiny little breast. Meanwhile Trish was rocking her hips and my cock was discreetly fucking her slippery wet cunt.

Teri started to whimper and then sigh loudly as she approached her climax.

‘Oh yes honey.’ Trish cooed. ‘Mmmm, that’s good. Yes’

Teri was humping her mom’s hand now. I couldn’t believe that this was all happening, but it was so hot and exciting, that as Teri reached her orgasm, I felt myself shooting up and into Trish’s hot hole. And Trish ground down harder as my warm cum flowed inside her, and I felt a rush of her warm fluid engulfing my cock. She moaned into Teri’s breast and they sighed together as we all came in unison. I was the one who tried to remain the quiet observer in this amazing encounter.

As Teri’s orgasm subsided, she hugged Trish and kissed her face and her ear.

‘Mmmm, thank you mom. I love you.’ She said softly.

‘I love you too honey.’ Trish answered and kissed her daughter on the lips. ‘Sleep sweet darling. Kiss your sister good night for me.’

‘I will mom.’ She said as she got off the arm of the chair. She put her arms around my neck and gave me a hug. ‘Goodnight Rob. It’s nice to have you here.’ Then she kissed my cheek and walked off to bed.

I started to speak but Trish put her lips on mine and gave me a long kiss. When we parted she put her hand to my mouth and together we licked her daughter’s juices from her fingers. We kissed again and finally I said, ‘Did that just really happen?’

Trish wiggled her ass again and my still hard cock throbbed inside of her.

‘That was the most erotic thing I have ever seen! Do you do that all the time?’

‘Well it was the first time that I ever did it to her while I was being fucked, if that’s what you mean. But yes, we have a very open and comfortable understanding of our sexual needs and I have always helped my girls to enjoy their bodies. I know that most people wouldn’t approve, but I believe it’s much healthier than suppressing those feelings and making it taboo. I don’t think it bothered you too much, did it?’ She ground her ass down on me again and I throbbed my last bit of cum inside of her.

‘God. It was amazing.’ I said. ‘It’s so wonderful to see how much love you have for your children and how much they obviously love you as well. And Trish, I love you too.’

I said it. It’s something that I hadn’t said to anyone since my grandmother died. It’s that little sentence that means so much when it’s saved for those very special, very honest moments, and this was one of them.

Trish hugged me. Then she kissed me.

‘I love you too.’

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