Oscar Botha Gets Restless

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Oscar Botha, the Chief Executive Officer of Rhino Industries, headquartered in Hawksville in the U.S. was exhausted after his busy trip to the U.K. and Europe. This was not like him. He loved the ‘cut and thrust’ of business and the accompanying lifestyle of the seduction of bedding anyone he took a shine to, especially the young white wives of Hawksville.

His twenty-one-year-old Swedish bombshell of a girlfriend had started to bore him with her clingy nature. He thought to himself that any man would give anything to be with the gorgeous Ingrid, but he needed something more. He needed his freedom back. He remembered feeling the same way about Janice when he lived with her and her wimpy husband, Herbert. It was time to move on.

He remembered Clarissa kissing him at the Miller girl’s wedding, and the shock it caused him to realise that the powerful President of the Confederacy Country Club found him attractive and clearly was sending him a message as her mouth opened for him to French kiss in front of hundreds of onlookers. It excited him no end when he cupped the perfect, full firm breasts of the older woman.

She looked far younger than her forty-something years. He had seen how all the male directors at the Board meetings of the Country Club ogled her.

He also remembered Ingrid’s dismay at his ‘infidelity’!

Heavens, he laughed to himself – what about his wives back in Africa? Was it because Ingrid was holding his cock in the Chapel and felt it swell to full hard erection as he kissed Clarissa? Well, he smiled, that was probably the reason. He would never understand white women in this country!

He must find something for the 21-year-old Swedish girl to do with her time other than trailing around behind him like a lost puppy. He thought about possibly contacting Bishop Erasmus at The Church of The Black Staff and ask him if he had a role for the blonde. The Bishop was keen on very young white girls and would find a creative solution.

Then he had a second thought.

Why waste such an immense sexual talent on the priests of The Church of the Black Staff? Surely those horny men of the cloth would delight in taking turns with his wonderful morsel of a girl until she was useless to do anything else. He had seen it before when the Bishop took the youngest white parishioners, both boys and girls, downstairs and gave them his blessings while they were mesmerized by the Rhino TV.

As the great leader of Rhino Industries, he could certainly do better than that!

As he was lost in thought, Ingrid made her way back into the bedroom. She was a sight to behold, her full dark nipples clearly evident through the pink babydoll top. He thought ‘she still looks sixteen for heaven’s sake’, a very full very busty sixteen – but sixteen nonetheless, and with a little creativity in her dress could easily make her pass for younger still. His cock hardened at the thought.

Many of the visiting older black executives enjoyed young white girls. As well, Rhino customers and potential customers could be exposed to her immense beauty and charms. She would make a lovely ‘deal-closer’ for the corporation. He could remember dozens of black customers who, after a night of debauchery in the Rhino nightclub with the young high school graduates dressed in revealing slave outfits, were only too happy to sign long-term contracts with the progressive electronic supplier. Ingrid would be a busy girl indeed once it was known she was ‘available’. Oscar had no regrets. It was time for him to enjoys the fruits of his labours with other young white wives or eager available students.

Heavens, he had totally ignored the new Business College even though Ma’Bill had told him about his exploits lecturing there.

Ingrid approached the bed and said

“Oh, Oscar I am sorry you are so tired but I am horny this morning and I need your loving, it has been nearly a week since you have touched me.”

“My darling. I must insist you return to calling me either Mr Botha or ‘Master’ from now on.”

She stammered with the cold tone in his voice.

“What have I done? I will do anything to make it up to you.”

“I have decided that you need more direction in your life, young lady. I am feeling that you should be made available to other black lovers.”

She flushed with embarrassment. “But I love you, Osc, er, um, I mean Master, I love you.” Tears welled up in her pretty eyes threatening to make her mascara run.

“I love my wives in Africa, they have borne me many sons, big strong and black like me. I love you too but I feel that you should be shared. At the wedding last week did you not notice that Devon, Maggie Miller’s brand new husband, took her upstairs to fuck her in her wedding dress, and afterwards encouraged two of his groomsmen to both fuck her as well? She clearly loved it and she had an amazing wedding.”

Ingrid was speechless.

Oscar continued:

“And did you notice that Ma’Bill, a very senior executive with Rhino had 18-year-old Denise, kilis escort the stunning maid of honour and Delores, who was just married a few weeks earlier, and whom Ma’Bill had just met at the new members’ reception that we attended at the golf club, both in his pew with him, while his wife watched quietly?

“He told me later that he had fucked Denise when she came into the Rhino Store to buy bridesmaid dresses, and that he had fucked Delores the very night they met. After the wedding, he took them both into his bed. Together.

“That is the black man’s way of love.”

Ingrid wailed “But how are you going to share me, Master?”

“Oh, my dear, I’m not going to share you.

“You are going to report to Lucy at the nightclub. As you know she is the senior hostess, and at just twenty-three has been a loyal and wonderful employee. You may recall she entertained your father by sucking his cock on your first visit.”

Oscar did not add that Ingrid had enthusiastically participated in that session as well.

” I…I…I don’t know what to say.” she murmured, but she flushed with embarrassment to understand that he had been told about her incident with her father, even if she barely recalled anything untoward happening.

“For now, hurry over here and take my cock in your mouth and talk dirty to me. Say the things you will say when you are sucking the black cock of one of my customers whom Lucy has sent you to see. You are to be dressed in your slave outfit with the diamond slave collar I gave you.

“You must have known the significance of that gift, that there would be an accounting, that you would get to serve me as your lord and master. However, I stress it is your choice. If you decline I will send you home and you can explain to your father why his very influential deal with Rhino is being cancelled. Are you willing to stay, or do you wish to go?”

Ingrid answered in a low voice as she took off her silk top,

“I will stay Master. I will stay and do your bidding. I will do anything.”

He pulled his boxers down and she took his thickening cock in her mouth, rubbing it against her sensitive full breasts, her nipples engorged and aroused, her lips stretched to accommodate his girth. He liked to watch her like this. Her long blonde hair spilt over his black loins. He had no doubt that in the coming days and weeks, word would spread like wildfire that Ingrid had a new assignment, and that she was no longer just his protected girlfriend out of reach of other lovers, male and female alike.

She would make a very popular hostess, and he had no doubt that if she was wise her bank account would increase substantially as the black executives showered her with big tips.

As CEO he was not supposed to encourage such gifts, or even know about them, but as CEO he delighted in knowing everything. He might need the information at some point.

First, he would call Lucy and explain what he wanted. Lucy was creative and would teach Ingrid well and use her talents and looks to everyone’s advantage. He smiled as he thought about Lucy bedding Ingrid, where her education would undoubtedly begin,

Then he would call Clarissa and invite her to meet with him. His cock was like a steel rod thinking about seducing the aloof, sexy, busty older woman. It would be a delightful challenge to outwit her rich husband, and as he suspected, her handsome young black lover.

Ingrid thought the massive erection was for her and redoubled her efforts to have him cum in her mouth.

Deep in thought, Oscar had already moved on.


Maxwell looked out of the window from his First Class seat on the glowing huge expanse of New York City. The flight attendant produced a nice Oregon pinot noir, his favourite. He admired her lovely face. She was of mixed race, likely, he thought, originally from one of the Islands in the Caribbean.

He openly stared at her full breasts in a crisp white blouse the cut of which emphasized them. She had removed her formal jacket and in so doing thrust her chest out smiling invitingly at him. God, she was stunning, he thought. There were only a few other passengers for her to serve in First Class. He planned to get to know her better when she was not quite so busy.

He was delighted to make the earlier flight, as he hated long waits in boring airports. He would be getting home a few hours earlier than planned, and on purpose had not advised Clarissa of the change. He wanted to surprise her.

He sat back and relaxed. Again he recalled the night of the new members’ party at the CCC where his lovely wife was President. That night he had lots of wine, but not as much as he let on. He clearly remembered Igoro the young African orphan who lived with them helping him upstairs and getting him ready for bed, and Clarissa giving him his medication. Then he remembered Igoro, standing behind his wife and unzipping her pretty red dress, his black hands resting on her milky white shoulders, kırıkkale escort and her looking up into his face and smiling. At the time he thought that was a sweet thing to do by the boy who they both looked upon as a special son. He had fallen asleep and woke up several hours later when he needed to relieve himself.

His wife was not beside him

Thinking she was in the bathroom he padded silently towards the night light. He heard her moan. It sounded like she said ‘Oooh God.’ He thought maybe she had fallen. Dear heavens, he thought, is she hurt?

She was not in the bathroom, he went into the hall where he saw the door open and the bedside light on in Igoro’s room. When he reached the doorway he stood as silent as a mouse, his mouth gaping open at the sight.

His beautiful wife Clarrisa was moaning uncontrollably. She was facing the bottom of the bed, sitting, mounted on the huge black cock of her twenty-year-old lover. As she rose and fell, he matched her movements perfectly and thrust his hard cock deep into Maxwell’s wife with an expert screwing motion. It was clear she was loving it as she had a facecloth in her mouth trying to stifle her screams of extreme, intense pleasure.

Maxwell had never seen anything as erotic in his entire life. Rather than being upset, he felt himself getting hard. How could that be? He had not had a proper erection in years and Clarissa had kindly resorted to pleasuring his semi-soft small cock with her hand and occasionally her mouth as a treat for him.

Igoro suddenly spoke: “Oh my God, mother, don’t stop fucking me, oh please don’t stop, oh fuck, oh mother you know what I want oh God, I’m cumming.”

Maxwell melted into the hall and retraced his steps quickly, his cock as big and hard as when he was twenty years old himself.

Why did that happen? He was confused. Did he really see his beautiful wife with the boys’ black cock inside her, his black hands holding her perfect big white breasts, her riding him like a bucking bronco, her screaming his name the sound muffled by the facecloth? Or was it a dream? A nightmare?

No. He was back in bed and she was not beside him. It was not a dream. His mind was spinning. He was not mad at her. He was trained as a CEO. It was time to let his leadership ability come to the fore. Think. Think is what you do in a crisis. The facts: His wife had taken a black lover. He was 25 years younger than her. They both had been ultra discrete. Tonight was not their first time together. Far from it. They had protected his reputation. Neither of them had seen him. He knew about their affair. They did not know he knew. Those were the facts. Don’t say anything you will regret. Think. She was happier than he had seen her in years. Don’t be a hypocrite. You had many lovers on the road as a young married man. Do not do anything you would regret.

Somehow he got back to sleep and was up early the next day as a short business trip was scheduled to New York. Igoro was out early to attend university and Clarissa happily admonished him for ‘drinking too much last night’.

He smiled at her and apologised.

The lovely flight attendant roused him from his deep thoughts and offered him more of the excellent pinot. God, she was gorgeous.

Maxwell flirted with her “So let me guess where you are from.” She replied in kind laughing “I suppose you won’t believe St. Louis?” “No, my guess is Barbados.” “Incorrect: I was born in Trinidad and Tobago.” “Of course, where the most beautiful women in the world come from.” “I am honoured you think that sir, you are most kind.”

She moved on to help the few other passengers.

Maxwell admonished himself. Of course, she was from Trinidad. There the world’s black, white and Asian races had mixed for a hundred years if not more, With spectacular results in the female population of all ages.

He also admonished himself for openly flirting when he had a wonderful loving wife at home. But he reminded himself, that’s what most men did. He formed a plan for when he got home.

It was time for the meal to be served. ‘Cherie-Ann’ was embroidered on her flight attendant’s apron in a tasteful script. As she bent over to place his tray in front of him he could see that she had unbuttoned a few of the top buttons on her white blouse. The apron was loose and she gave him an eyeful of beautiful cleavage. Maxwell could feel his cock stirring again.

As the flight neared their destination he wrote his private secret email address on an envelope he had in his briefcase and put a few one hundred dollar bills in it. He didn’t bother to count how many.

He had decided to surprise Clarissa with his early arrival but then thought better of it. As the limo dropped him in his driveway he noted all three of their cars were at home.

Maxwell made his way quietly into the kitchen, which overlooked the pool.

Clarissa was kneeling on the pool deck on two fluffy towels carefully folded to offer comfort kırklareli escort from the hard marble surface. Igoro was sitting back in a lounger, naked from the waist down as Clarissa gently stroked his big black cock. She was wearing a tiny white bikini which barely covered her nipples. She reached over to a small table and took a pretty yellow ribbon to tie back her long blonde hair. Her arms up behind her head caused her gorgeous breasts to stand up and out for Igoro’s benefit.

His eyes were locked on her magnificent orbs. She took the time to tie a pretty bow in her loose ponytail. Igoro was fully erect, his cock twitching as in anticipated being sucked and licked by his older white lover. He could never get enough of her, and she of him.

She reached out and her manicured nails gently trailed up and down the boy’s cock, her mouth open and watering, she licked around the cockhead the saliva from her mouth running freely over his glistening member. Her wedding rings glistening in the late afternoon sunlight as she stroked and sucked. He moaned loudly. There was no one to hear them.

Or so they thought. Maxwell was in their kitchen watching intensely.

He was planning to talk to them after dinner. But he changed his mind. He called her cell phone.

With her right hand still stroking Igoro’s cock, she answered with her left hand.

“Hello darling, I wasn’t expecting you.”

“Yes, sweetie I caught an earlier flight and am on my way home just now. Thought I’d surprise you.”

“That’s wonderful, Igoro and I are out back by the pool, why don’t you join us?”

She leaned over and licked his erect cock. Smiling at her lover wickedly, she moved her free hand down to cup his big testicles.

“OK, I will be a few more minutes, probably ten, and then I’ll go upstairs and change and join you.”

“I can’t wait, darling, we went shopping today and Igoro and I went to the Rhino Centre and he bought me a special new bikini which I am wearing right now. It is very naughty but I can’t think of a nicer present to wear for my two very special men.”

“Love you, bye.” “I love you too Maxwell, bye”

Igoro said, “We should stop this now and compose ourselves.”

“We have ten minutes.” She replied. “Lay back, I want to finish what I started, I want you to cum in my mouth and all over my breasts, then I want you to rub the cum all over my chest so my husband can see it glistening in this little bikini, he will love it.”

She slapped his erect penis. She sucked like a woman possessed. Her husband could not take his eyes off the scene. He put his phone up and hit ‘video.’

Her hand flew up and down harder and faster. “Call me mother.”

“Yes, mother yes, make me cum on you, make me cum in your mouth so you can kiss your husband with your mouth open and he can taste it. Don’t swallow all of it keep some mother, yes, yes fuck yes suck it, suck it harder, don’t stop don’t stop.”

Maxwell missed the cum scene as he hurried upstairs to change into his bathing suit.

He took his time and unpacked everything as he always did. Clarissa did not like to pick up after him. When the room was perfect, as she liked it, he went downstairs, He assumed correctly they would be dressed and ready to greet him He casually poured himself a beer and joined his wife and her lover beside the pool.

Clarissa got up and strutted over to her husband, her big glistening breasts swaying with each step. She put her arms around his neck and french kissed him with Igoro’s cum still in her wet mouth, their tongues lashed at each other as he tasted the pungent semen in his wife’s mouth. He smelled the semen on her chest. He was aroused at the smell, the taste and the hunger and lust in her eyes.

The bikini was minuscule, something slutty teenagers would wear. The top barely covered her nipples which were long and swollen. Her pussy was similarly ‘covered’ by a triangular strip of white cloth, her pussy lips clearly outlined, a thong split her rear end hardly covering her pert rosebud of an anal opening.

“Good heavens my darling, I am amazed you would wear such a tiny bikini.”

“Darling, Igoro insisted on taking me to the Rhino Store. You should see the array of sexy ladies’ clothing. I have decided I have been far too conservative!”

Maxwell laughed “Well, I don’t suggest you wear that to your Board meetings at the Club.” They all laughed.

Igoro stood to greet Maxwell who could not help noticing the bulge in his tight white swimsuit. Even flaccid his cock was evidently wonderfully large. God, he thought, why am I staring at my wife’s lover’s black cock, and why is that making me hard again?

As they sat and enjoyed their drinks, Maxwell said he wanted to explain something and he asked not to be interrupted :

“I have several confessions to make, and I would ask for you both to withhold any comments until I am finished.”

They both murmured their agreement and both wondered what was coming.

“My first confession is one I knew I would have to face when I married a beautiful 22-year-old when I was in my forties. I knew that when she was in her forties I would be too old to sexually satisfy her in the manner which she deserved and needed. This is now the case. And I am sorry indeed that I can no longer perform.

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