Our Boys

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NOTE: There is a small amount of incest in this chapter, hence the category. Everyone having sex is 18+

NOTE: Super huge thanks to soul71, thank you for your editing and story ideas, without him this would’ve been shuffled into file 13.

NOTE: This story is set in but does not yet involve characters from the Porn Star Family universe, created by soul71, follow on chapters will.

John Grey stood in front of his bathroom mirror. His grey eyes studied his six foot tall form as he sighed running his hand through his brown hair. At the age of forty-five he had thought his days of running all over the country were over. Yet that wasn’t the case knowing that it was going to be a long three weeks away from home due to his co-worker being fired, and him having to cover the area the man was in charge of. However, what worried him was his wife’s high libido, and that she would seek out some strange man while he was away. He knew he had to do something. He had to make sure there was a way for his wife to get her fix while he was away and with someone he trusted.

“Jeff?” John’s voice floated into his son’s room as he stood in Jeff’s bedroom door. “I need a favor of you,” John stated stepping into his son’s room, watching how Jeff laid the book he was reading on his chest while he laid on his bed. His eyes running over his son’s swimmer’s body, keeping his smirk hidden that Jeff was all most a copy of himself, except for the light brown hair and weighing two hundred and ten pounds – ten pounds heavier than he was.

“What’s up Dad?” Jeff asked, perplexed at what his father could want from him.

“I need you to fill in while I’m gone,” John said, closing the door as he stepped into the room.

“O-okay?” Jeff said drawing out the word. A little perturbed at his father’s demeanor. “What do you mean: fill in for you?”

“I’m worried your mother will cheat on me now that I’ll pretty much be gone for the better part of every month, so I was wondering if you would take care of her in my place.”

“What?! Have you gone insane?!” Jeff just couldn’t believe what his father was asking of him. “That’s incest!” Jeff whispered low. While in the back of his mind he really wanted his sister more than his mother. Not that his mother wasn’t attractive or anything like that, it was just every time he saw his little sister his heart would flutter and his body would grow nervous wondering if Laura ever caught him gazing at her like no brother should.

“I know son,” John sighed sinking down onto his son’s bed. “But I really think your mother would cheat on me, yet if it’s you son. A man I know, a man I trust to entrust my beloved wife to. Then I’d be okay with you taking care of her needs in my absence,” he said, looking over at his son. “Plus I’ve seen how you look at your sister, so I know this is a line you’d be willing to cross,” a coy smirk rose along his lips, “but you can’t have Laura until I do. So what do you say?”

“I don’t know Dad,” Jeff muttered, feeling his face heat in embarrassment that his father knew what he wanted to do to his little sister.

“Trust me son, your mom can put all those girls you bring here to shame,” John said, trying to sweeten the pot.

“I’ll have to think about it,” Jeff said, looking down at his book, trying not to picture his mother naked, how she would look as she rode his cock. The way she would moan as he took her from behind.

“Well, you have three days to decide, that’s when I have to leave,” John said, patting his son’s leg. Rising from the bed, leaving his son to ponder on what he had just asked. He had another hurdle to leap, and this one might just kill him.

“Sweetheart?” John called out as he walked down the hall calling for his wife.

“In here!” Amy called back from the spare room they turned into an office. So she could stay home while John was on the road. Her reddish-blonde hair bounced against her chest. Her hazel eyes scanned the report the head office just sent her. While working from home gave her time to take care of her family, it also allowed her to keep her body in shape. Plus it helped fuel her high sex drive that her husband had no problem keeping up with. It was one of the reasons she married him. Her 36C breasts bounced unhindered by a bra; she saw no reason to wear one while in the privacy of her home, as her pencil thumped against the desk.

“I got some bad news Amy,” John said, closing the door so their conversation couldn’t be heard from across the house.

“What’s that? You hoping to get some strange next week?” Amy teased.

“Paul got fired and I have to cover his territory until a replacement can be found to take over,” John said, ripping off the Band-Aid as he sank into the chair from across his wife.

“What?!” Amy’s head shot up; her eyes went wide knowing how horny she would be until he got back.

“Hear me out babe,” John said, raising his hands.

“Alright.” Amy leaned back in her chair wondering what else her husband was about to drop in her lap.

“I know you; I know tuzla escort how you are,” John said, with a sly grin. “I know in that head of yours that you are right now wondering how you’re going to get your fix while I’m gone.”

“Guilty,” Amy muttered to herself.

“So I went ahead and thought of a solution to our problem.”

“Oh?!” Amy arched an eyebrow curious as to what he was about to propose. “And just what could that be John?”

“That Jeff fill in for me,” John said, laying it all out for his wife. Trying not to smile when she used the same words his son had just used.

“Is this some way for you just to fuck whomever you meet when you’re out on the road?” Amy asked, annoyed. She couldn’t believe John had just told her he was okay with their own son fucking her.

“What, no! While that could happen, but that’s not why I suggest this sweetheart. I know even now you’re thinking about sex. Twenty years of marriage I know that very well,” John said, smiling at his wife as her cheeks blushed. “But I also don’t want you combing the streets for someone to take to our bed, and I definitely don’t want you catching something from some strange man. And I trust our son, he’s the only man I can entrust your safety to while I’m gone.”

“You still haven’t answered the question,” Amy said, narrowing her eyes at her husband, while trying to ignore how her cunt was starting to awaken at what John was proposing.

“I’ll admit I do want to take Laura’s virginity,” John begrudgingly admitted out loud.

“What?!” Amy roared.

Jeff and Laura turned in their seats on the couch, that sat in the living room, as they heard their mother’s voice screaming at their father. Each whispering to each other if they knew what that was all about. Jeff shook his head, trying to keep his eyes from ogling his sister’s athletic body. Trying to keep his eyes off Laura’s 32B breasts. Tried not to notice how that cloth barrier did little to hide how he could note the shape of her button sized nipples. Tried to ignore how lovely her shampoo smelled that came off her strawberry-blond hair. Quickly turning his attention back to the TV when he felt himself getting hard. He didn’t need his sister to know what kind of freak he was. Still the favor his father had asked him weighed on his mind.


The next day…

Amy sat on the edge of their marital bed. After having calmed down later that night when her mind wouldn’t let go of what they talked about. More like she screamed and John talked in that rational tone of his. Still why couldn’t she get the thought of having sex with Jeff out of her mind?

“Tell me John what is really going on?” Amy whispered

“Just what I said Amy… I don’t want you going to bars and picking up strangers because you’re sexually frustrated that I’m not there,” John said, as he was sorting what clothes to take on his trip.

“I’m sorry baby, I let my emotions get the better of me. It won’t happen again,” Amy said, apologetically.

“It’s okay, you got upset by what was said yesterday. I understand that,” John replied. Yet in the back of his mind wondering what she meant by: “It won’t happen again.”

Amy chewed on her lip wondering if John knew of the threesome she had with two other men when he was on one of his business trips last summer. She was sure this was why he was so adamant that she sleep with their son.

“Amy? What did you mean when you said it won’t happen again?” John asked, worriedly. “It was about you getting mad at me right?”

“Shit?!” Amy cursed to herself. Looking down at the floor knowing she had let it slip. Hating herself when it appeared that John was just worried that she would get hurt or worse while he was gone. Her guilt had been eating at her ever since she had stepped out of their marriage. “John you remember last summer when I was avoiding you?”


“The reason I was avoiding you is because of the guilt I had for what happened the first week you were gone,” Amy informed him.

“How bad is it, Amy?” John asked, his body chilled, his heart stopped waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“I was invited to a party the third day you were gone; it was nothing fancy, just jeans and a t-shirt type of party. If you remember when you were home that time we didn’t get much ‘us’ time because it just happens that way occasionally,” Amy said, peering out the corner of her eye seeing his nod. “At the party I met this young man and his friend, I got a little tipsy and was already horny and frustrated… long story short… they double penetrated me and I let them. They came so much inside my ass, pussy, and mouth. Repeatedly, pretty much all night long,” she said, raising her head seeing tears stream down her husband’s cheeks.

“You say that without a hint of remorse. As if you’re damn proud of what you did,” John said, trying to catch his breath.

“I am sorry John! Sorry for what I did to you! Sorry for pushing you away, sorry for it all! The guilt is why I pushed you away when you got home. The guilt tuzla escort bayan is why it never happened again. I couldn’t stand the guilt after it happened. I can barely stand it now!” Amy said nearly shouting, tears running down her cheeks. “Especially seeing you cry! I’ve made my own husband cry! I’m so, so sorry for what I did…” Stopping when she saw his shirt falling from his hands. Running to him only to have him push her aside. Falling to her knees knowing she has lost him, her face falling into her hands… body-wracking sobs sounded out in their bedroom. Hearing the door close as John left her to her woes. Laying on her bed, totally distraught over what she has done to her husband and her family.


Having cried herself to sleep, Amy jolts awake upon hearing the front door closing. Looking at the clock beside her bed knowing her children must be home from wherever they went. Dragging herself out of bed, walking into her bathroom to wash the residue of her tears from her skin. Running her brush through her hair, not liking the woman she has become staring back at her as she did. With a sigh, laying it down onto the counter, smacking her cheeks putting on a brave face before venturing out to see how her children’s day was. Walking into the living room, seeing Jeff channel surfing for something to watch, as Laura walked in from the kitchen with a tray of snacks to nibble on when they found something interesting to watch.

“Have you seen your dad?” Amy asked, no one in particular.

“He’s sitting at the dining table, drinking a beer,” Laura said, popping a grape into her mouth.

Amy’s eyes shoot wide open as she rushed to the dining room entry. She pauses, there he is! Her husband, the man she has destroyed by her cheating. He smiles at her. She is confused now. She can’t figure out why he isn’t ranting and raving all over the house about what she did.

“A beer…?” John offers, holding one out to her. He happily opens it for her as she reaches to accept his offer.

“Are you ok?” She asks. Not sure what is going on.

“Perfect.” John replies.

“Why aren’t you ranting and raving at me for what I did, John? I did a terrible thing to you and our family.” Amy asks, wondering just what is going on.

“Amy, sweetheart…” John starts then draws a deep breath, releasing it slowly before he continues. “I would be a hypocrite if I was mad at you right now. I had a lapse 5 years ago when I spent 2 hours with a woman during one of my trips. Turned out she was a plant by the client company to get me to lower our prices. So, to answer your question as to why I’m not ‘ranting and raving’ I have no leg to stand on. As for what you did last summer…” he shrugs his shoulders, “I am ok with it. Will you please release that guilt you’ve been carrying around?” He asks her, hoping she won’t blow up at him for what he did all that time ago.

Amy just stares at him, not sure what to think at that moment. Then her brain kick starts itself back to functioning, sort of. A small smile plays on her lips. She is finally able to process everything he said and she realizes she has been so upset for nothing.

“Honey, what did you mean when you said she was a plant by the client company to get you to lower the price for them?” Amy asks, wanting to know what he meant by that.

John looks at her and sees, in her eyes, she is simply curious. He draws another breath and begins, “It’s kind of long and a lot of convoluted, so bear with me, ok?” Seeing her nod, he continues, “Having just completed fifteen hours of negotiations, along with the previous two days, I headed back to my room to rest and recuperate. When I walked in there she was; stark raving naked, lying on my bed, looking sexy as hell. It was the middle of my second week out and I was feeling it bad, but I controlled myself and simply told her to get the fuck out! Of course, she didn’t. Said she had already been paid to spend the night with me. That pissed me off a bit, those jokers thinking they could pay a hooker to spend the night with me so I would go easy on them the next day! Anyway, I told her to put a robe on and just started talking to her. It was a nice change of pace to have someone to talk to who wasn’t trying to get me to lower the prices, if you know what I mean?” Amy smiled and nodded. She knew he was telling her the truth just by the look in his eye.

“Turns out she was a grad student working he way through college. She asked me what I did, I told her. I asked her what she was studying she told me botany. We got into a discussion of where she would be able to use that kind of degree and she said she was specifically interested in marine botany and she would be able to get work at any sea aquarium in the country. I told her I thought that would be a pretty cool job to have; spending your days on or in the ocean. Anyway, at some point she had undone my zipper, pulled my dick out and was stoking it. I told her to stop and she said ‘If I don’t suck your dick they will know. Personally I don’t care if you lower the prices escort tuzla on whatever it is they want or not, so far as I’m concerned you should fucking double it. They are a tea-total bunch of assholes!’ I made her stop and told her I wouldn’t cheat on you, no matter what.” John paused and looked at Amy. She still had her smile so he continued.

“Now the strange part, I think. I asked her how they would know if she sucked my dick or not and she told me they were waiting for her in the lobby to take her back to her apartment, which they paid for. So I compromised with her… I jacked off in her mouth and she got her semen-scented breath. She got dressed and I put on a robe, grabbed my key card and went down in the elevator with her. Sure enough there were two men waiting for her. I was stunned. She gave me a little peck on the lips and they whisked her off.” He felt like he had run a marathon after having told Amy all that. Amy looked at me, I wondered what she was going to say…

“So, you didn’t fuck her? You didn’t eat her pussy? The only thing you did was jack off into her mouth? You expect me to believe your dick never entered her mouth?” She asked, clearly perturbed at what I had recounted.

“The only part of me that touched her was my cum. Some landed on her face and some went into her mouth. Tha…” John stopped talking as the children walked into the room.

“Are you getting a divorce?” Laura asked them, tears in her eyes.

John and Amy sat there, utterly stunned. They could only stare at their kids.

“Well, are you?” Jeff asked.

John, finally able to re-engage his brain told them, in no uncertain terms, it was a private conversation between their mother and him.

Both of the kids had a different take on things though. “We have a right to know if you are divorcing. We will be affected by it also.” Laura said. Not backing down one iota. “We also heard your explosion last night mom, even though we didn’t know what it was about. And your total confession today was quite hard to not hear since your door was open and you weren’t exactly being quiet about it.” She said, still trying to hold her tears back.

“There was a power outage at the mall today and they closed early because of it. Turns out a car crashed into a substation or something that caused it; heard it on the car radio on the way home. But, anyway, we also just heard what you told mom, we were just around the corner you know.” Jeff told them, wondering if they really were going to get a divorce.

John looked at Amy. Amy looked at John. And they nodded to each other.

“What my explosion was about last night was what your father and I were talking about before our confessions. He is…” She was cut off by her son.

“Mom, what is this party you said you were at last summer? I don’t remember there being any party that you went to.” Jeff inquired, he had been wracking his brain to come up with what she was talking about.

“It was a party put on by Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Johnson. Your friend’s mothers.” Amy told him, seeing the look in his eyes and wondering why he was getting so angry.

“Let me guess, there were only a few people there as all the others said they couldn’t make it?” Jeff asked.

“Now that you mention it, yes, that’s what they said at least.” Amy replied. Seeing more anger building in her son’s eyes. Enough so she was getting scared.

“And the two men you met, were they around my age but looked older than me? Maybe a few wrinkles that made no sense when you saw them?” He asked.

Trying to remember what the two men looked like she realized she had questioned the wrinkles at the time she saw them. “Yes, I do remember wrinkles that looked out of place on them.” She responded. Jeff’s fists were clenched tightly. A look of pure hate in his eyes.

“They weren’t my friends mom!” Jeff detonated. “They were bullies, always trying to fight me, making fun of me and shit. I never really let what they were doing bother me because I was stronger and tougher than them. But now… this?!” His eyes shot wide open. “FUCK ME!” He yelled. “No wonder they’ve been giving me dirty, nasty smirks every time I run into them around town. It’s because they fucked you! Apparently, multiple times?!” Jeff realized he was really pissed at his mother and got up and stormed out the room. He had to get away from her before he did or said something he would regret.

His mother broke down in fresh rears as she realized just how truly she had hurt her family with her selfish act. Finally realizing she had hurt her son so badly he might never speak to her again. She now realized it would have been worse if they had actually been her son’s friends. ‘Fuck them! Fuck those boys for using me to hurt my son when all through school they had failed’ she thought, ‘and fuck the bitches that invited me to that party in the first place. fuck those bitches, when I see them I’m going to… hmm’ an idea had formed in her mind and she was looking at it to see if it would work… not fuck those boys; fuck those boy’s mothers!’ she thought. Amy started formulating a plan as she sat at the table with John and Laura looking at her, both of them wondering why she was smiling with tears still running down her cheeks.

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