Our Family Sex Club Pt. 03

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Chapter 3 – Daisy Mae

The morning after my wedding I woke up with a sore you know what and the feeling that I was like a time traveler who had been transported to someplace strange and exotic. I felt excited and a little surprised that I wasn’t unhappy over my life being turned upside down, not even embarrassed out of mind that my whole family had fucked me. I’m using the word “fuck” in a broad sense to include what the women did at the reception when they had their turns. Mom went first, during the “Mother of the bride toast”.

“Well, we’ll see about that,” I said to myself about not being unhappy, and I got out of bed, did the bathroom thing, and went downstairs for breakfast. Usually I put clothes on for that but since I was now a sex person I guessed it wouldn’t be inappropriate to show up only in panties and a pink jersey with a picture of a Teddy bear that had a wide face with a drooling mouth and eyes where your nipples poked out. It was one of my wedding presents and I had slept in it.

My parents and grandparents were in the kitchen, and it was obvious they had been waiting for me. I honestly didn’t feel like having more sex right then, not another drop, and I kicked myself for wearing what I was wearing. I needn’t have been concerned.

“Sit down, Elle. We need to explain a few things,” Mom said.

Well, basically the explanation was that my life was back to normal, sort of, sort of. Our family has six orgies a year plus special events like my wedding, and I would be required to go to those and have sex like mad at them in accordance with my wedding vows, but otherwise I could be my own boss where sex was concerned provided I always let at least one of my parents know before I had sex with any of our other relatives and that I would be careful about keeping my incest private.

As far as our house was concerned, I should try not to be a slut. Those weren’t my mother’s exact words but that was the idea. She did all the talking. My grandparents and Daddy looked like they had been lectured to before I got there, and I’m pretty sure they had been, and it was all because my mother was worried about me and Daddy. That worry might have been in the back of her mind where it wouldn’t bother her too much once they decided to bring me into their sex club but now the worry was in the front of her mind because she had found out at the wedding that my cousin, Mary Jane, who is 20, was sharing the bedroom with my uncle Henry, her father, while her mother, my aunt June, had been kicked out and was sleeping in the guest room. Mom wasn’t going to let that happen to her if she could help it.

Well, I didn’t plan on trying to replace her with Daddy anyway. I wasn’t that mean a person….yet. Plus, I wouldn’t have many chances to try stealing Daddy away from her even if I wanted to because he is away a lot on his business trips. He was even going on one that afternoon and we wouldn’t see him again for another week. As for my grandparents, they would be moving out and into an apartment in a couple of days to prevent Grandpa from continuing to be a bad influence on me. Anyway, that’s how I interpreted Grandpa and Grandma having to leave and, sure enough, they were gone by the end of the week. So it was just Mom and me most of the time and for a while things really did settle down. I was still in school for the last month until I graduated and there was lots of stuff to do about that, including finals and especially including the Senior Costume Dance which is what the next part of my story will be about.

The Senior Costume Dance was different from the Senior Ball. It was a tradition at our school. Kids dressed up for the dance as historical figures. If you had a history course, like I did, you came to school in your costume one day during the week before the dance and gave a talk in your history class about the character you were being, and that was part of your grade for the course. The characters who got picked could be real life characters or fictional characters as long there was something historical about them. The boys naturally had lots more good choices than the girls had.

Mom suggested I be Eleanor Roosevelt or Queen Victoria or Clara Barton who was a famous war nurse but I decided to be Daisy Mae. She was Grandma’s suggestion. I had never heard of Daisy Mae who was a comic strip character and a real sexy one way back when Grandma was growing up. Grandpa has a comic book collection and Daisy Mae was in some of the comic books that Grandma showed me. Daisy Mae was like a pioneer in the sexual revolution that happened during her years on her comic strip, Grandma informed me. The sexual revolution was when young people started having sex without worrying about it so much, like kids do today. Before then everyone worried about it all the time. Daisy Mae didn’t have any actual sex because you couldn’t put that in a comic strip. She was a symbol of sex, being what you would call a “total piece of ass.” I could see why Daisy Mae, and what she represented, was important kahramanmaraş escort in our American history.

I just loved the costume! Daisy Mae wore a tiny tight skirt that had been a longer skirt but had been cut short with scissors and because of that it was jagged at the hem; also it barely covered her panties. The part of her outfit I liked best, however, was her top which was this polka dot off shoulder, sleeveless blouse that had a scooped neck for showing off Daisy Mae’s tits. Daisy Mae was blonde like me and she had a great body and great legs. Grandma said I had the right looks for being Daisy Mae and that it would be a shame to be Eleanor Roosevelt when I could be a Daisy Mae for everyone to enjoy and think about fucking if they wanted to think about me that way. I had to agree with her.

So Grandma made me a Daisy Mae outfit on her sewing machine. I looked pretty sexy in it if I do say so. Grandma thought so also. So did the guys in this pickup truck who came along the first time I went outdoors wearing it. I was giving my costume a tryout to see how I felt going out in public in it. The skirt was navy blue and beneath it I had on pink panties you could almost see and if you did happen to see them because of a breeze blowing my skirt up, or whatever, I felt the pink color would go good with the navy blue. My blouse was white with big red polka dots. My tits are not as big as Daisy Mae’s tits but they’re nice, people like them. My hair was brushed down like Daisy Mae wore hers and it is blond like hers, like I said, only not as light blonde, I don’t think. I had on lipstick to be as sexy looking as I could, like Daisy Mae always was.

Anyway, I had been out walking down the sidewalk for like thirty seconds when the pickup truck came by and slowed down to the same speed I was walking and the guy in the passenger seat hollered out the window for me to get in so they could give me a ride. I said no thanks and kept walking. The guy asked me again and I said no again. He asked me a third time. I was starting to get mad and I told him I knew what kind of a ride they wanted to give me. Then he called me a “bitch” and told me I was “asking for it” the way I was dressed and that he was “in a mind” to give it to me. Then the truck stopped and the guy got out. Before I could get away, he grabbed my arm and just then this car pulled up behind the truck and beeped its horn, and guess who got out of the car?

Grandpa. He was with four guys from his bowling team. They were on the way to the bowling alley when they saw me. Grandpa knew right away it was me because Grandma had told him about my Daisy Mae costume. Anyway, I guess the pickup truck guy decided he and his pal better get out of there because that’s what they did. The truck zoomed off.

“Wow, thanks Grandpa,” I said. “You guys probably saved me.”

The other four old guys in the car were peering out the windows at me. I could tell they thought I was cute. Two of them got out of the car and came up beside Grandpa, who introduced them to me. Their names were Martin and Jeff. The others guys still in the car were Joe and Anthony. We waved to each other. Well, Martin and Jeff and Grandpa talked about me being Daisy Mae, saying what a treat it was to see a young person like myself bringing back the past this way, and that made me start getting big ideas like I often do, unfortunately, especially because of how I was reminding them of the days of their youths at the beginning of the sexual revolution, days that were now ancient history for them, which they must have been sad about, and also being grateful to them for probably saving me from being raped, and right in the middle of one of their nice comments about me I blurted,

“Grandpa, do you guys want to fuck me?”

The answer to my question was yes.

So instead of going to the bowling alley, the car turned around with me in it. Grandpa drove us to the nature park. On the way there, I sat in the back seat between Martin and Anthony. The other guys were in the front seat with Grandpa.

“Daisy Mae, would it be all right if we had a little hanky panky on the way?,” Martin said.

He was very sweet and polite the way he said it so I said, “yes, that would be all right, Martin”. Then Martin lifted up my skirt and put one of his old wrinkled hands between my legs. I wondered what Anthony was going to do. Anthony watched is all. Jeff and Joe in the front seat turned around and they watched too.

“Oh these are such nice panties, Daisy Mae. We wouldn’t them to get all wrinkled or anything now would we?,” Martin said.

“Oh, no, Martin, I wouldn’t want my panties to get all wrinkled,” I said.

I lifted up and Martin pulled my panties down my legs. I kicked off my sandals and then Martin took my panties all the way off. He folded them and put them on a kind of shelf the car had behind the back seat. It was an old car, I don’t know what kind. The guys looked at my cunt and I looked at them, kapalı gaziantep escort feeling warm and sexy. I was happy to be pleasing them after how nice they had been to me but also because it seemed like going back in time for Daisy Mae and the sexual revolution so there was a historical perspective to consider.

Joe coughed and said, “Um, Martin, do you suppose that while Daisy Mae is showing us her beautiful vagina she would be agreeable to raising her blouse so we might see her breasts?”

This guy was even more polite than Martin. “I can answer that, Joe,” I said. “Daisy Mae will pull up her blouse, no problem, and if you want you can say tits instead of breasts and you can say cunt instead of vagina. Daisy Mae wouldn’t mind if you used naughty words. She likes naughty words herself.”

The guys all laughed, Grandpa, too, and while they did, I pulled up my blouse.

“Mmmmm,” Joe said. “I think Daisy Mae is hot little piece of ass who feels like getting her brains fucked out and is going to!”

“Oh, Joe, I guess you got the message,” I laughed.

“Joe got both messages, honey,” he said back at me. He meant the message about talking naughty plus the one I was giving them by pulling up my blouse and showing them my cunt.

As we approached the park I got my outfit back doing its job except for the panties which I decided to forget about until afterward. I left them on that shelf. We turned in at the entrance drive and Grandpa stopped and paid the guy at the booth who have us a look. We sat there quiet as mice, looking straight ahead. The guy took his time while I wondered what was going through his mind about us but then the gate opened and in we went. There were a bunch of drives to different small parking areas in the forward sections of the park which for the most part is a big nature preserve. We drove to one of the lots and parked. Only a couple of other cars were in sight and no people. Grandpa had beach stuff in the trunk, a blanket and a couple of beach towels, and the guys took those and we trooped to a path at the back of the parking lot which we followed a little ways through a swampy woods, then some regular woods and finally to a small field where Grandpa said we would stop. No one was around and the only sounds you heard were birds. By this time I was very nervous and upset over what I had gotten myself into. Martin and Anthony seemed nervous like me. Joe and Jeff and Grandpa, however, were raring to go according to the looks they kept giving me and the bulges you saw in their pants.

The guys spread out the blanket and put the towels right next to it.

“Take ’em off, Elle,” Grandpa said.

“Grandpa, you mean take ’em off, Daisy Mae,” I corrected him.

He grinned. “You mean, Mister, take ’em off Daisy Mae,” he corrected me.

I laughed because he was right. If I wasn’t being Elle, he didn’t have to be Grandpa. I said it again, the way he told me to.

“You guys go first,” I said.

They agreed. Off came all their pants and shoes and underpants, also shirts, everything except their undershirts. They sat down, five old guys in a row with their cocks sticking up and none of them having a problem in that department. I got more nervous than before seeing all those cocks lined up for me. Grandpa was at one end of the row and he waved me to the other end. Since these guys were his buddies he would let them fuck his granddaughter first.

It was my turn to undress. “I don’t want to get my costume dirty so I think I will take everything off if that’s okay,” I said. They said it was okay.

I stripped and folded my blouse and skirt and put them on the back of the blanket, then I stood in front of the guys for like a minute while they stared letting their cocks get ready for me. Now that my big moment was here my nervousness went away, like you hear about it doing for actresses when the curtain finally opens and they go out on the stage to speak their first lines of the play.

“Come here, sugar,” Joe ordered. He was the first guy in the lap line.

I smiled at him. I like it when a guy orders me to do something I already am planning to do. And these five guys were all nice and very cute for being so old. I was also impressed by the hard cocks, and pretty big ones, they had for guys their ages.

“Okay, Joe,” I said. I straddled him on my knees and took his cock in my hand. I was facing him so he could see my tits if he wanted while he fucked me. I planned on having them all fuck me like that, so they could see my tits I mean. My cunt tingled and itched. I was as ready for what we were about to do as they were. I pointed Joe’s cock at me and unfolded my legs so that when I settled on Joe’s lap his cock went in me all the way and his scraggly hair down there was mashing against my silky blond strands.

“Oh gosh,” I said.

Joe put his hands on my lips and lifted me. He let me down and lifted me again. I began helping him with that. I kaliteli gaziantep escort moved up and down on him the way he wanted and the way I wanted. My tits

bobbed in front of his face and while he fucked me he pulled me closer and sucked my nipples part of the time, one, then the other. I heard myself ooooing and oohhhing and I was conscious of the other guys, including Grandpa, watching me get fucked, and that made it even better, even hotter. Pretty soon I had an orgasm, my first one of a bunch of them I would be having with these “senior citizens”. Joe had his orgasm right after mine, a hot explosion when I was riding him the way those pickup guys had wanted me to ride them. Knowing it was Joe I was riding instead of those guys made me happy. Of course the orgasm made me happy, too.

I finally rolled off Joe and lay on my back at the front of the blanket panting away. The guys brought up their knees to make room for me. While I was getting my breath back along with my brains, Grandpa cleaned me up with one of the towels. Then he went back with it and sat on it, and I got myself together for the next guy who was Anthony.

I smiled at him. “Hi Anthony.’

“Hi Daisy Mae.”

Anthony had the biggest dick of the group. Before my incest wedding and the huge number of cocks I had become acquainted with at that event I would have worried about the size of Anthony’s dick. I wasn’t worried now. The bigger the better, up to a point anyway, was how I was getting to see things, and Anthony got me excited.

He held me with his strong arms and fucked me hard and after him Martin fucked me and after him Jeff fucked me and they all did a good job, exactly what a girl would hope for, giving me orgasms over and over as well as excellent fillings of their cum. I had a great time, until I got to Grandpa, that is.

“Get me goin with that hot mouth,” Grandpa said.

“Hmmm, Grandpa, I mean hmmm, Mister, I can see you are ready right now.”

“Suck it, Daisy Mae. Don’t argue,” he said, in kind of a mean tone.

He was only teasing me, I thought, so I said okay and I knelt in front of him and dipped my head and his cock went in my mouth. My head bobbed instead of my tits bobbing for a change. I wondered if Grandpa was going to cum in my mouth, instead of fucking me. I wouldn’t mind if he did. I would even show him and the other guys what a good swallower I am. But Grandpa stopped me.

“Turn around. I’m going fuck you in your other fuck hole,” he said.

I wiped my mouth and told him no, I was sorry but I didn’t want to be fucked there and that he even knew that about me.

Grandpa said he was sorry himself, but he was going to fuck me there whether I liked it or not so I might as well get used to the idea.

“And don’t tell me you don’t like it, Elle. I saw what happened at the wedding. Turn yourself over.”

He meant at the reception when I was having sex right and left. Everyone was, but especially me, it seemed. Sometimes I was having sex with two or three people at once. It put me into a kind of daze. I couldn’t remember everything that happened. I think I might have passed out a couple of times it was so overwhelming. I remembered having tingling sensations that could only be explained by what Grandpa was saying but I refused to believe him when I said I liked being fucked there. I didn’t like the idea one bit.

I put my chin up and I wrapped my arms around myself, not letting them see my boobs any longer if they still wanted to, and told Grandpa I would not turn myself over and also that I was disappointed in his behavior. But Grandpa was mad at me or he was pretending tgat he was as his excuse. He told me in a cross voice that it was my fault he and Grandma had to move out into a crummy apartment and after he said it he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me. I landed on my back, half in the dry grass. The next thing I knew the other guys were helping Grandpa. I couldn’t tell whose hands were whose. I got turned over, with my face in the grass, and then Grandpa was on top of me while the other guys held me for him, and Grandpa did what he wanted.

I don’t even want to talk about it. However, if I’m going to be honest in making my report I have to say that Grandpa and the other guys told me after it was over that I yelled and kicked at first and then I didn’t and then I moaned like it was great and had a nice time the rest of the way though they weren’t sure if I had an orgasm. I’m sure I didn’t! However, I don’t actually remember what happened so I can’t deny I made it appear to them that it wasn’t that bad, and it makes me wonder if I have problem with my brain. Twice, apparently, I have been screwed in my bottom and both times my memory decided it was time for a vacation.

Anyway, I didn’t admit what they claimed, and I refused to talk them. Martin suggested hanging around to see if they could get their hardons back and have another round with me. I shook my head no. The other guys also said no, agreeing with Jeff who said it was no use unless they wanted to a wait a week, so we got dressed and went back to the car. I gave them the silent treatment on the way home. As far as I was concerned they weren’t any better than the guys in the pickup truck. They were worse in fact because they had actually forced me and it was too bad because until then I had been enjoying being a young girl for them.

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