Our First Time

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Imagine I kissed you deeply and passionately, gently biting your full lips then I lowered my kiss to your neck, and ran my fingers through your hair pulling it loose from your bun.

Then imagine I moved to your collar bone and nibbled it gently. While running my rough fingers over your shoulder and down your arms

Imagine my hands running back up your arms and gently removing the straps of your bra as I began kissing you on your mouth again I would reach behind you and unclasp it.

Removing it gently I would hold your bare skin to mine taking the time to enjoy the scent of you the warmth of your body pressed to mine.

I would take the moment to enjoy the feeling of your soft supple skin against my chest.

I would then lean back from the kiss to take an opportunity to admire you in all your perfection.

I would study the muscles of your neck and how they flow to your shoulders. The way your neck joins to your breast bone. The slider shape of your arms and how they lead to your delicate hands.

Taking one of them in my hand I would bring it to my mouth and kiss it gently I would admire the rise and fall of your breast as you breathed in and out.

Leaning you back against the bed I would kiss you softly on the lips, and start caressing the length of your body stopping to run my fingertips over your shoulders and down the center of your chest to your stomach.

Traveling over the curves of your body studying how you respond to my touch. Learning if you shiver with the delight of my touch or if you just sigh with ecstasy with pleasure.

Running my hand over your stomach I would trace the line of small silver hairs that lead to the button of your jeans.

With one arm bracing myself so as not to smother you beneath me I would use my hand to gently unclasp your pants sliding my hand between your skin and the soft lace of your panties.

Using my index finger I would gently massage the curve of your lips probing the wetness between your thighs.

Releasing my kiss on you I would lean up to look in your beautiful grey eyes as you climax.

As the wave of passion subsides from you I would reposition myself by your waist bursa yabancı escort and fully remove your pants and lacy panties.

Once again kissing your neck I would begin to slowly lower myself down the length of your body stopping to gently nibble on your nipples and trace your areola with my tongue.

Moving slowly down your stomach I would reposition your thighs to my shoulders and my hands under your succulent ass. Lifting you ever so slightly to bring your warmth to contact with my mouth I would begin to lick and nibble on your clit.

As you run your fingers through my hair holding my face against you I would ravel in your ecstasy as you climaxed again looking up your body to take in the marvelous sight of your chest heaving in recovery from the pure bliss I bestowed upon you.

I would then begin kissing back up your body watching the last waves of your most recent orgasm cycling through you paying attention to how you react to each gentle kiss or nibble I place on the masterpiece of your body.

With your legs spread before me and gently kissing your full lips, I would slide my length into you enjoying the sound of our bodies coming together with the whimpers you make as I enter you penetrating my mind and weakening my resolve.

As I began to gyrate my hips and thrust deeper into you I would watch your face as you reach another climax. Placing my hand on the outside of your calf I would bend your knee up and without separating from you we would rollover.

My length would fully enter you bringing you to the brink of another climax. This time I would tell you to slow your hips and enjoy the sensation of my body under you and me inside of you.

Using my hands I would guide your hips in the small circular motion I enjoy. Once I have you in rhythm with me I would begin pressing the palm of my hand into your box to massage you as I thrust.

I would take my other hand and fondle your beautiful breast looking into your eyes you would notice as my member began to pulsate with my coming release I would slip into pure bliss as I listened to you begin your biggest climax knowing that I was on the way bursa sınırsız escort to my sweet release you would beg me. “Cum with me cum with me” as we collapsed together I would hold you as we recovered wrapped in the sweet afterglow that could only be achieved after a perfect coupling.

The next morning you would wake to the smell of fresh coffee brewing and the sound of water running. Enjoying the feel of the Momme silk sheets and the warm sun on your skin as you stretch out I would enter the room to serve you breakfast and inform you I have prepared a hot bath in the master bathroom for you and I would be back later.

Passing a local clothes shop on the way to buy you a bouquet of flowers a small red dress with a slit running down the side would catch my eye. Having the girl behind the counter box it for you I would return to our apartment with it for you.

Imagen the soft feel of the fabric the way it holds to your body in an embrace, not unlike my own.

As I sit on the bed watching you make preparations for the evening ahead admiring the way the dress hugged all of your curves just right you would ask me if you should put your hair up or leave it down. Imagen my hand on your hip as I lifted the hair from your neck and gently kissed the side of it. Imagen the waves of pleasure emanating from the kiss and coursing throughout your body as I leaned into you.

I would tell you to put it up as I do enjoy the shape of your neck and how it flows unobstructed to your soft cleavage.

As we arrive at the restaurant the valet opens the passenger door and you clime out. As we approach the hostess I inform her we will be needing a table in the back.

After our meal and a few glasses of wine imagine my hand as I place it on your thigh through the slit in your dress. Imagen the feeling as my fings explored your inner thigh the way your breath would catch in your chest as I brushed my finger against your bare warmth. Without breaking our conversation I would gradually apply more pressure edging you closer and closer to the sweet release you desired. As the waitress approaches, I can see the pleading in your eyes for görükle escort me to bring you to full climax or to subside my spell on you for fear of being discovered.

Releasing some of the pressure I held against you I would order us a plate of strawberries to share.

Imagen my hand as I slowed my efforts even further and slowly began to remove my hand from between your thighs and picked up a strawberry. Imagen the taste of its juices and your warm nectar as they combine in your mouth.

Hand in hand we would leave the restaurant.

Wail in the car on our way back to the apartment you would place your hand on my knee slowly moving it up towards my crotch. Stopping just before you reach the head of my shaft you would smile at me with your tantalizing grey eyes tempting me to pull the car to the side of the road and just take you right there.

Back at the apartment, I would escort you to the back patio lit by the soft glow of the pool lights. We would stand in the cool night air breathing in the smell of the coming rain.

Pushing you toward the glass door Imagen the warmth of my hand as I brush an errant strand of hair from your cheek. Feel the sensation of my breath on your neck and the stubble of my beard as I lean in to kiss your neck. Feel my hands as I place them on your shoulders and slowly bring the straps of your dress down your arms.

Letting the dress slip over your breast and pool on the ground beneath your feet. You feel the sensation of the crisp night air as it nips at your bare flesh. I kiss you long and deep causing you to swoon towards me. Dropping to one knee I lift your leg and place it on my shoulder nestling my face between your thighs. Imagen the sensation of my tongue circling your clitoris and lapping your sweet nectar as you run your fingers through my hair as you climax. Releasing your thigh from my shoulder I would stand up and lift you into my arms.

Bringing you into the bedroom I would turn you to face the floor-length mirror standing behind you I would caress your breast. Imagine the sensation of my breath on your neck as I place my hands on your hips and pull myself into you. Bracing yourself with the wall you would push back in response to my thrust. Whimpering with pleasure as my girth enters you back and forth I keep eye contact with you in the mirror as you begin to achieve your release. Moaning in ecstasy as my climax reaches yours pushing you over the cliff of pleasure as I spill my seed into you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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