Our First Time Sharing in Cabo Ch. 06a

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Big Dicks

December 28 — Day 6

“Oh, my. Good Morning to you too.” Kathy said as she came down from her orgasm. I worked her up by eating her pussy as she awoke.

“Good Morning,” I said. “we should go work out.”

“Give me a few minutes,” she said. She turned over and I spooned her.

We went to work out about a half hour of cuddling, but I was distracted. I was enjoying being with Kathy. I missed my wife a lot. I also missed one on one sex with Cheryl. Then there were Sarah, Jennifer and Jackie. Sarah was fun and exciting and wanted more, I could tell. Jennifer was beautiful, but I had just been with her last night, so I didn’t worry about her too much. Then there was Jackie who liked slow love making and was tantalizingly tall, but it was also tough to decide how much she liked me. I decided to take a pulse around the gym. The only ones there were Marti, Cheryl, Kathy and I. Brian and Jackie showed up a little later.

Marti wanted to be with me, but didn’t want Pete to be alone. She is a giver, and she was thinking of Pete before herself. I asked if she’d regret spending our last couple of days in Cabo largely with someone else. She said that she might, but that we could always come to Cabo again, but she wouldn’t likely have another trip to Cabo with Pete. That surprised me a little. I wasn’t hurt because that logic would fit her. I also thought the same thing about Kathy, but wasn’t sure if I was just being selfish. Marti also said that if the others wanted to be with their own partner (Pete and Kathy not really being partners, but they did start together), that was good with her too and that being with her big man would be a pleasure.

Cheryl said that she would really like to spend the night with me, but any time with me alone would be OK too. She saw that I had a special relationship with Kathy, but that she did still feel a bit like Kathy had invaded her time with me. When she first met me, she felt like I was a guy that she could spend most of the week with me. She and Chuck hadn’t decided ahead of time, but when she met me, she even thought maybe she could spend the whole week with me instead of with Chuck. When Chuck met Marti, he felt the same way. I guess we should have talked about this sooner. For now, I told her that I’d talk to Marti and make sure she understood how Chuck and Cheryl felt.

Then I went back to Kathy. Kathy was waiting to hear the results of my conversations. I told her what Marti said and she was happy. Then I told her about the conversation with Cheryl. I didn’t tell her all of what Cheryl said about Kathy invading the relationship, but just that Cheryl felt as if the past couple of days she didn’t get enough time with me. Kathy understood. I told her that Chuck also told Cheryl that he’d like to spend a night with Marti and that Cheryl would like to spend a night with me. Kathy understood. She did like Pete and so she’d be more than willing to give up some time with me, especially after this morning. She smiled.

So, I circled back to Marti and she liked the plan. As much as she liked Brian, she liked Chuck as well. She also said that Chuck’s stamina would match hers better than Pete’s. Her biggest fear is that Chuck wouldn’t let her sleep. I laughed. I told her, we’d just inform Pete and if he didn’t like it, we’d let Kathy choose where she wanted to join in.

I finished my workout and went over to say good morning to Brian. He was lifting weights after his warm up. I mostly just was going to say hello and get ready for breakfast. He asked what we were doing today. I gave him a run down of the one sightseeing trip we had planned. He told me that Jackie really wanted something from me and that he had agreed to it. I asked what that something was and could see Jackie was looking at us in the mirror as she did some squats. Oh my god those long legs and squatting. I had not noticed her ass before, but I did now. I turned back to Brian and he said that Jackie had told her how much she enjoyed her time with me and he wanted to watch. I looked over at Jackie and she was now doing straight leg kick backs with an exercise band. Yes, she had a great ass to go along with those long legs.

He explained that sometimes he gets too concerned with his own pleasure and Jackie wanted Brian to watch someone with more experience. He wondered if I would mind. Jackie now had her shoulders on a bench and a weight plate on her hips and she was doing hip thrusts. I wanted to take her right there.

Without taking my eyes off of Jackie, I said that I would be happy to. There is one more thing, Brian told me. Jackie wants to see you and me suck each other’s cocks. I looked at Brian. He was a little cocky, but a pretty nice guy. After sucking Chuck’s cock, I certainly wasn’t opposed to it, especially if it meant I got to spend some quality time with Jackie. I was still watching her do her hip thrusts and I think I would have agreed to about anything. I asked him what he and Jackie were doing right after their workout. He said probably just breakfast ümraniye escort and then meeting up with the others for some time at the pool before their afternoon activities. I suggested that we have breakfast in their room. He smiled. Jackie walked toward us and I knew that I had made the right decision. So, she asked, “are we on?”

I said “yes, right after you finished working out.”

She said, “I guess I’d better finish up quick. Could one of you spot me on some bench press?”

I agreed to so Brian could finish his work out.

I took a quick detour to tell my ladies what I was up to. Marti smiled and said that it was nice to see her man was in demand. The other ladies looked a little disappointed, but I assured them that they’d get their chance at this old guy. Kathy said that I was a young guy to her. I guess it was a matter of perspective.

I spotted Jackie and watched her chest move and the look of determination on her face. I looked down at her tall long body. I looked forward to this experience, to having her alone with her husband, which I guess isn’t really alone.

We finished at the bench and she did some overhead presses. I coached her on form, but overall she had good technique. I suggested she try something lighter to focus on technique for a set or two. Then we moved her heavier. I began touching her lightly every chance I got and I held her triceps to emphasize good form. We went a little heavier and I helped her get the weights from the rack and to her shoulders. I looked into her eyes and gave her my best, I want you look. She finished that set and said that she was ready. She kissed me, and grabbed my hand. She walked me to her room. Brian had already left.

He had already ordered room service so breakfast would be there within the half hour or so. Jackie started to shower and I asked her where she was going. She said she didn’t want me to have to kiss a sweaty woman and I insisted that I loved sweaty women.

I kissed her cheeks and then licked and kissed her neck while massaging her small breasts. I nibbled on her neck. We tangled tongues as I pulled her sports bra over her head. I returned to her neck to capture any sweat that I had missed. I worked slowly across her chest and then kissed and licked into her cleavage. I licked between her breasts and then under her breasts and my nose drank in her scent.

I took her full left breast captive in my mouth as I sucked the sweat from her tit and nibbled her nipple. I then did the same to the right breast. I moved forward and rubbed my sweaty chest on hers, then I licked my sweat off of her tits. I turned her around and massaged her tits as I kissed between her shoulder blades, trying to taste as much of her sweat as I could and trying to be romantic and sexy at the same time. I knelt down as I lapped up her lower back and began to pull down her tight workout shorts. I worked them down off of her legs. I held them at her things long enough to kiss her ass cheeks and then lick in between them. Jackie wiggled her ass into my face as I did it.

I wrestled the shorts off her legs and she stepped out of them. I moved back up to work on the backs of her legs. Then I lay her down on the bed and crawled up to work on her stomach. I licked a little pool of sweat out of her innie belly button. Then there in front of me was her mound and I moved so I could put my tongue between her labia. I also got my nose as close as I could to smell the mix of the sweat with her pussy juices, which were clearly flowing by now. I teased enough to get the sweat and for her to moan as I left to kiss down her thighs. I finally got to her feet and I worshipped them by licking and kissing and rubbing. I would massage one foot deeply as I kissed the other. At least, I nibbled and licked each toe into my mouth.

When I looked up, her head was back and her eyes were closed. I wasn’t sure if I had put her to sleep, but then she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“Let me undress you,” she said. I asked her if she wanted me to take a shower first. She was not as comfortable with my sweatiness as I was with hers.

“Yes, let’s,” she said. Jackie removed my clothes and gave my chest and dick some nibbles as she took them off. I had forgotten that Brian was watching. He was sitting in one of the chairs. He was rubbing his dick from the outside of his shorts. We walked toward the bathroom to shower.

“Hey, hon, please come watch,” Jackie said. Brian got out of the chair and followed us.

Jackie and I soaped each other and washed each other. I sucked on Jackie’s breasts again. She leaned back against the shower wall and closed her eyes. I held onto her hips as I leaned in and kissed her.

“That’s so nice,” she said. She almost went limp and I held her lower back to give her some added support.

I reached down to finger her pussy and massaged her clit while I kissed her neck.

“Oh, yeah, that’s great. Your finger feels so good. That’s it.”

I kissed her pendik escort breasts again, still working her clit.

“Oh, yes, suck my tits. Oh, my pussy is about to burst. Keep that up. A little faster, yes, yes. That’s perfect. Yes, that’s…per…fect…ah…ah…ahhhhhhhh.” I let her reach orgasm with the warm water coming down upon us. I continued to hold her up as she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

I turned her around to wash her back while letting her come down from her orgasm, I leaned her forward into the wall. I massaged her back as I washed and she placed her hands against the wall. I then washed her ass and crouched down to wash her legs, again teasing the tops of her thighs around her pussy. I put down the soap and gripped her hips and moved in close to her. I then rubbed my cock against her ass from behind until I was hard.

“oh, god, that feels good. Fuck me now.”

I entered Jackie from behind with her still leaning her hands against the shower wall.

“Oh,” she said. “Yes, that cock feels good. Thank you.”

I trapped her against the shower wall with her right cheek resting gently against the shower wall. Jackie tried to brace herself. I began slow strokes in and out of her pussy. She had to bend her knees a little so I could stay in her given our height difference.

I didn’t want to cum yet, but I did want to get her hotter and to show off for Brian. I put one hand on her hip to pull her toward me and the other was rubbing and pinching her left tit.

“oh, yes, you really know how to treat a girl.”

“I love fucking you Jackie. Your pussy feels so good wrapped around my cock.”

She squeezed her pussy muscles harder on my erect member.

“Oh, yes, squeeze my cock.” I said.

“Oh, I love your cock. Keep fucking me. I wish this never had to stop. Oh, yes, pinch that nipple. Pinch it. Yes, like that.”

I then switched hands so I was pulling her hips to me with my left hand and rubbing her right tit.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she said. “That feels so good on my tits. Keep squeezing my tit.”

“I love your tits, they’re so cute and round.”

“Thank you. Thank you.” She said.

“and I love the way your pussy feels. It’s so wet. Can you squeeze my cock harder?” I teased.

I felt a little extra squeeze from her pussy. It felt so good.

“yes,” she said. “how was that?”

“I love that.”

“Oh, I love it too, oh, oh, rub my clit. Please rub my pussy.”

I took my hand from her tit and worked her clit again.

“Oh, yes, that’s it. Yes.”

“You like that?” I asked rhetorically.

“Oh, yes, I love it. Yes. Yes.”

I continued to fuck her at a moderate pace and rub her clit. Her hips gyrated back to me. She squeezed my cock again.

“yes, Jackie, that’s great. You have a great ass. I love your little tight ass.”

“Oh, god. It’s happening again, keep rubbing my pussy. Keep fucking me. Don’t stop.”

I didn’t stop. I sped up a little with my thrusting and a lot with circling her clit with my middle finger.

“oh, yes, yes, yes, that’ it, yes, right there, right there, don’t stop, don’t…” her voice trailed off as she reached orgasm again.

Knowing I was getting close to cumming, I stopped thrusting and Jackie turned her head around.

“No. keep fucking me. Don’t stop. I love it.”

I told her to wait till we get to bed. She was temporarily disappointed.

We dried off and I led her back to the bedroom. Before I could make a move, she had kneeled before me and kissed my lower stomach and the insides of my thighs before taking my cock into her mouth. I placed my hands on the back of her head. She motioned Brian over closer. She used one hand to pull down the front of his shorts and pulled his cock out. She began stroking his cock while sucking mine. She turned and began sucking his cock while still stroking mine. She was clearly trying not for me to cum yet, but she sucked Brian until he came in her mouth.

Still holding my cock, she stood up and kissed me. She still had most of Brian’s cum in her mouth and swirled it around my mouth with me, we both swallowed. I thought I was teaching them. I guess she had some tricks up her sleeve as well.

She then moved me toward the bed, dragging me by my cock and crawled on top of me. She put my cock in her pussy and slid down on me. She began slowly and I rocked with her. I let her take the lead. She looked into my eyes and said, “God, I love your cock. It’s bigger than Brian’s.”

I wasn’t sure if she forgot that Brian was in the room or if she did it intentionally.

“I love your pussy,” I said. “It’s so warm and tight and you squeeze my cock so good.”

Soon her head was back and her eyes were closed and she was grinding faster on my cock.

“Oh, I do love this cock. Oh. I want you to cum inside me.”

After all of this attention, that wasn’t going to be difficult. We stayed like this for a while, then she switched to reverse cowgirl bostancı escort and I could tell she was rubbing her clit. She wanted this to be all about her and I let it be. Not to mention that in reverse cowgirl I got to admire that skinny but firm perfectly shaped ass.

“I love your ass, I just love it.” I said. “and you have such a beautiful long back.”

She said to Brian, see how he is patient and just works with me. Obviously, that was one of the issues they had. Brian was mesmerized watching his wife rock on me, but he said yes, that he sees. She continued this way until she had an orgasm. “Do you see how he lets me orgasm first?”

Brian said yes, he sees.

She got off me and then got on all fours. I had trouble getting into her pussy due to her legs being so much longer so I stood on the bed and was able to get into her at a slightly different angle. I had to bend my knees more than was really comfortable, but this is what Jackie wanted. I couldn’t reach her pussy from here, but I decided it was my turn to instruct. I told Brian and that I couldn’t reach her clit from here, but he’s taller so if he was on his knees, he could and that Jackie would really enjoy it. She was obviously enjoying this because she gave her agreement, but it was part groan, part grunt and part yes I would mixed in there.

From this angle I got to see her ass and her long slender back with slightly broad shoulders. It was truly amazing being with a taller thin, but athletic woman. My thighs were getting tired though. She asked if I was ok and I said as long as she was enjoying it, I would keep it up. She asked for it faster, so I picked up the pace. It was really feeling good and her breathing became faster as well.

Oh, this feels so good,” she said. “let’s change one more time though.” She was panting pretty heavily at this point. So was I.

She was able to get out, “Let’s flip over.” She flipped into a missionary position and I stared into her eyes. She was possessed at this point. I rocked in and out of her. She kept whispering to me to push harder. I slammed into her.

“oh, yes,” she said. “even faster and harder. Harder.”

I picked up the pace. I whispered to her that I wasn’t going to last much longer if she wanted something else, she’d better let me know now.

She whispered back, “I’ve got mine and I’ll get more. Just ram me with that cock and when you cum make sure I know that you wanted me and you got what you needed.”

So, I changed my mind to just get myself as much pleasure as I could from this amazing woman. I pounded into her. I made sure I hit an angle where I would come quickly.

“Oh, oh, oh, yes, fast and hard. Your cock feels so good.” She said.

“I’m going to cum Jackie. I’m going to cum in your pussy. Now” And I did. I shot inside her. She was so happy and began to laugh and thank me.

Brian thanked me too. I had forgotten he was there. He began to approach his wife. I think he wanted his turn. She waved him off and told him not yet. Remember this is to teach you that this is about me sometimes. Brian understood. He wasn’t angry either. He was getting it. It’s amazing how many men don’t.

Jackie was ready to go again, amazing, but I knew it would be a few minutes for me. Jackie remained on the bed on her back.

She then said. “Brian I know you are ready, but Don’s not, so let’s make out and let him watch for a little bit.” Jackie jumped up and kissed her husband passionately. Brian was more than happy to respond after watching me with his wife. He was more turned on that either he, Jackie or I had hoped.

He was pretty average in the penis size department and perhaps even to eager. Not sure if this was his usual approach, but it was clear that he want his first still. Jackie had to slow him down.

“Wow, Tiger, I know we got you all worked up, but slow down.”

“Sorry,” Brian said. “I was a little afraid at first that I might actually not like watching you with Don, but it was even hotter than I thought it would be. It was great to be able to just watch you be pleasured.”

“Thanks, Hon. Now, I need you to pleasure me.”

Brian tried to relax a little and think about what his wife might need next. He decided to focus just on her face and neck for a while with is mouth and slowly caress his wife’s lovely waist with his hands. He nibbled on her neck and then moved back up for a long intense French kiss, trying to explore every bit of her tongue with his. Jackie let out a little moan as their lips parted.

Brian kissed down his wife’s chest to her breasts and alternated between each one, focusing first on the underside of each breast, then the inside. Jackie sighed, her body was now moving in waves underneath him. He proceeded with his tongue circling one nipple, then the other. Then sucking one in, then the other. Jackie’s body continued its rhythmic motion, she signed when Brian hit the right spot and he used that to guide him. He put her left nipple between his teeth. Her nipples were erect now and just waiting for more attention. He moved to the right nipple and rolled it between his teeth. See sawing his teeth over the nipple, almost a bite, but letting off just enough to hit that gray area between pleasure and pain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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