Our Great Family Adventure

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Letter I – How it all Began – Doer, his Dad and I

Dear Friends,

Though we have never met you, my husband Doer and I, Rona, will be writing a series of letters to you in which we will share with you some of our most intimate experiences.

Doer has tried for several years to get me to open our marriage to a second man or if not that to another woman. Recently he gave me a story that involved male-female-male sex. I have to admit, it did excite me and we had a very powerful sex session. Afterwards we talked about who might be someone we would consider sharing our bed.

Since we had been trying to have a baby for several years, we had unprotected sex and that makes having sex with another man a little iffy even with condoms. We are both 24. My examinations show there is no biological reason why I cannot get pregnant. Doer is very virile but his sperm count is very low and he has not responded to any treatments.

As we talked I confided in Doer, “Your Dad is the only man I have had fantasies about making love to. If I can not have a child by you, your Dad is the only man I would consider having father our child.”

To my surprise Doer seemed aroused by the thought and confessed, “While I was living at home my parents were not at all modest about their bodies and were not very secretive about their love making. Their sounds of making love caused me to get so aroused I must have cum gallons masturbating while listening and sometimes watching them. Occasionally, their bedroom door would be left ajar and I could see Dad’s cock moving in and out of Mom’s pussy. I pictured myself making love to Mom with Dad kissing her and assisting me in pleasuring her.”

This seems to be the source of Doer’s strong desire to add others to our relationship. As we continued to talk we decided to see if we could find some way of solving our problem of having a baby and fulfilling Doer’s dream that had now become mine.

Doer and I felt that it would be best for neither of his parents to know about our plans for Jim, Doer’s father, to be the father of “our” child. We would want Jim and Laura, Doer’s mother, to view our child, as their grandchild with no mixed emotions. We did not feel this was unfair to either of them since most grandparents are virtually as involved in their grandchildren as they are with their own children. Though having a baby was high on our list of desires, the more we talked about it, the more sensually excited we became.

When Doer and I first began having sex, I used a diaphragm, which I still have. Should a question arise about me getting pregnant, I would say I am using that for protection. Then when and if I got pregnant, I would just say I stopped using it because we decided we would welcome a baby at any time.

I knew Jim seemed to think of me in very sexual ways because of the way he looked at me and took every opportunity to put his arms around me and cuddle more than might be expected. Laura’s kisses with Doer seem more than motherly and she sits close to him and takes any chance to sit on his lap. Since Jim and Laura live rather far away we did not know when we would be able set our plan in motion.

Last Friday, as we were talking to his parents, Jim said he had some year end vacation but Laura had to fulfill her Social Coordinator responsibilities at the hotel where she works. She will be totally immersed in that for the whole week. Jim asked if it would be all right if he came out for a visit on Monday and Laura would come on Sunday. The two of them would stay until the next Friday. We could hardly contain our excitement about this happening at this time since it was the week I would be ovulating. This would give us the perfect time to find the right way of introducing Jim into our bed.

Jim was due to arrive about 3 PM. Doer and I were as excited as teenagers anticipating their first “all the way” sex session. I stayed home to fix snacks while Doer went to the airport to pick up his father. We had a loosely knit plan to get Jim to join us in our bed. .

Doer later told me that on the way home Jim complained that he had to be out of town a lot during the last two weeks and Laura had been so busy at the hotel where she works, they had had no time together.

Jim told Doer, “I can hardly wait to just kick back and relax and get rid of some of the tensions that have built up and can hardly wait for Laura to get here so we can catch up on our sex life. In the meantime, I guess my old hand will have to do the work.”

Doer confided, “That last comment surprised me and removed any doubt that our plan would work.”

I had carefully planned what to wear. My first thought was not to wear a bra but then decided on one that is almost totally see through and panties that are the same with a silky top that was open to show my cleavage, of which I am quite proud. A pair of shorts, that were snug and accentuated my very round hips and pussy lips, also seemed to be appropriate. I wanted Jim to see me looking as sexy as possible.

When tuzla escort Jim and Doer arrived, Jim came in ahead while Doer was getting his luggage. There was no question he liked what he saw. He grabbed me in a tight hug with butt squeezing that could not have been accidental. With this opening, I gave him a full open mouth kiss with a little tongue to add to his and my sensations. I am sure I could feel something very interesting pressing against my pubic area. About that time Doer came in and we began to make small talk.

Smiling Jim surprised us saying, “Rona seeing you like that reminds me of how much I have missed having quality time with Laura for so long, if you know what I mean?”

We had a couple of glasses of wine and snacks. Then, as Doer and I had prearranged, I excused myself and went to the bedroom and called Doer on the other phone to give him an excuse to say that he had to run to the office and sign some papers.

When I came back into the room, Doer said, “I have to go to the office. I shouldn’t be gone too long, but you never know once I get there. Why don’t you and Dad hop in the hot tub so he can start getting rid of some of his tensions?”

As Doer went out the door, I gleefully replied, “That sounds like a great idea. What do you say Jim?”

His eager but hesitant response was, “I’d love to but I didn’t bring a bathing suit and I am afraid I couldn’t fit into to one of Doer’s.”

“What the heck, Doer and I never wear suits when we use the tub because it is off the master bathroom in enclosed area where it is completely private.”

“If it would make you more comfortable we could just keep on our underwear. ”

“What would Doer think if came home and found us like that?”

“He would just strip down and join us without a second thought. Come on and I’ll tell you why I am so sure about his reactions.”

Jim began to unbutton his shirt and I undid the two buttons holding my top together but waited until he removed his shirt before I did mine. When he saw my very full breast in my totally revealing bra his jaw very visibly dropped and said “Oh my God.” With a little delay he took off his shoes and socks and then began to loosen his belt but as he did so he turned so his back was to me. I undid my shorts and pushed them out of the way. He leaned down to pick up his trousers and in so doing showed me his very masculine butt in very shear bikini underwear.

Grabbing his arm I said, “Come on.”

We grabbed our clothes and headed toward the bedroom with Jim holding his clothes in front of his crotch. I was sure I knew why he was doing that. When he finally laid them down my suspension was confirmed. What looked like a magnificent cock was bulging forward pushing the bikini waist-band down and the leg-bands out. His eyes were fixed on me going from my breasts to my crotch with his cock visibly pulsing against the material covering it. Taking things one step further, I said, “It looks like you like what you see.”

Jim sighed, “That’s the understatement of the year. You can’t imagine how often I have fantasized about seeing you like this.”

I led him to the spa and turned and again gave him another open-mouthed kiss while pressing against the rigid mound between us. As we sat down in the water I took his hand and placed it on one of my breasts while letting my hand move down to work its way under his bikini undies. As I took his cock in my hand it felt much different from Doer’s – not larger, but sensually different. Jim began to remove my top as I began to lower his bikini. When it was removed I again took his cock in my hand and then discovered why it felt so different. Just below the crown it began a gentle curve up toward his stomach. Soon my panties were gone and a finger was exploring my clit and worked its way down to enter my pussy that was wetter on the inside than from the water outside.

All of a sudden Jim stopped what he was doing and said, “I’m not so sure Doer would be so understanding if he found us doing this.”

This was my opportunity to lay everything on the line except my desire to get pregnant by him. I told him, “You are the only other man I have gotten aroused thinking about joining us in our bed. When you called to ask if you could come alone, we saw this as the perfect time to live out our dreams. Since you always seem to be unable to keep your hands and eyes off of me, and we often saw that interesting bulge in your pants, we thought you might also be living out your dreams.”

Jim answered by folding me into his arms and giving me the deepest most active kiss I have ever had while his hand returned to my pussy to administer an unbelievable massage. I was keeping an eye on the clock because Doer and I had agreed he would be gone an hour. He would then quietly enter and come to the bedroom where I planned to have Jim by that time. We had fifteen minutes before Doer was to arrive. Getting up, I lead Jim out of the spa, and handed him a towel and took one myself. We dried each other pendik escort paying close attention to the most erotic areas. I was dying to feel his cock in my mouth and pussy but I wanted Doer to be there for the first penetration of my cunt by his Dad.

As we got to the bed I had Jim sit down and got on my knees and began to lick and gently suckle on the head of that fascinating curved cock. I rose and gently pushed him to lay down with his head toward the foot of the bed. Turning, I placed my cunt over his face with my mouth ready to engulf him. I had wanted this position so I could watch for Doer. My thighs would block Jim’s view.

We were just getting deeply involved when I saw Doer at the door, naked, and with a hard on that looked almost painful. I gave him the A-okay sign and motioned for him to go to the foot of the bed. I felt Doer’s cock rubbing up and down my slit. Jim must have had his eyes closed lost in reverie since he did not seem aware of the new arrival. Doer gently pushed his cock into my sopping pussy and then pulled it out and let it work its way down to where his Dad’s tongue and lips were busy on my clit.

As Doer’s cock made contact with his Dad’s lips, he said, “I hope you don’t mind if I join the fun.”

Jim responded with a rather surprising answer, saying, “Not at all if what is yours is mine and we share it all.”

With that Doer began to rub more at my clit and had to be rubbing Jim’s lips. I felt Jim’s lips leave my clit and it felt as though he was licking Doer’s cock. Doer raised his cock higher and entered me again and after a few strokes I told him to stop and let Jim fuck me. With that I rolled over on my back and spread my legs to let Jim get in position.

Then feeling really gusty, I said, “Doer I want you to guide your Dad’s beautiful cock into me.”

Doer lay with his head at my pussy. He began to flick my clit with his tongue. I had put my head on a pillow so I had a good view of what was happening. He had the cock that gave him life in his hand and started bringing it toward my pussy lips. He moved his head back a little and began to massage my clit with the cock. This was heaven, but then Doer lowered his head to join Jim’s cock on my clit with his tongue. That really sent me into orbit. The totally unexpected then happened; Doer took the head of Jim’s cock in his mouth. Next, Doer placed his lips near my cunt lips and began to guide the cock in while his tongue glided along its length. (This had to be the way he rehearsed it in his masturbation fantasies.) OH! That curved cock felt like nothing I had ever felt before.

Jim began to get his rhythm while Doer was fingering my clit. As Jim would pull his cock out, Doer would again lick all that he could get to. I pulled Doer’s cock to my lips. In my unbridled lust, I took it all in one stroke, yes, all seven inches.

I began to hear Jim’s breathing getting harder and Doer’s cock flexing and my pussy was contracting so tightly I was afraid I might hurt Jim. Then as Jim began to cum he leaned back to push his cock in as far as it would go. This gave Doer the chance to attack our connected organs with his lips and tongue setting off his own orgasm just as mine reached its peak. Doer’s load had never been larger as it filled my mouth and began to seep out around his cock. Then to my amazement I felt Jim’s lips on mine with his tongue cleaning up Doer’s cum that had dribbled out. I released Doer’s cock and gave Jim a big wide-open mouth kiss, which gave him a good amount of cum that I had just received from his son. Taking Doer’s cock, he sucked the end of it and licked it clean. As Jim pulled his cock out of my pussy Doer’s mouth was there to clean it of the combined juices. As Jim moved to the side, Doer did a terrific job of cleaning my pussy lips being careful not to disturb the potential baby makers inside.

As we lay in bed trying to regain our strength we began to talk.

Jim marveled, “In my wildest dreams, I never thought this would happen. During our marriage I have never had sex with anyone but Laura. I have always wondered what it would be like to have my cock in your pussy. I knew it would be the tightest pussy in the world. I am anything but homosexual but I have tried to imagine what it would feel like to have a cock in my mouth and taste another man’s cum.”

We agreed that during these next few days nothing would be taboo and we would live out our dreams. I will write more later when I have more time. Love Rona

Letter II – Rona, Dad and Me from My Prospective

Dear friends,

Dad told me enough on the way home from the airport for me to that know he and Mom had not had sex for over two weeks. This told me that he was probably horny as hell and probably had a bountiful supply of cum filled with sperm. So, when I left him and Rona alone I had no doubt she would have him in bed when I returned.

When I walked into the bedroom and saw Rona on top of Dad with his cock in her mouth and his head buried between her legs feasting on her aydınlı escort pussy, I immediately stripped and nearly shot my load on the spot. When Rona signaled for me to move to the foot of the bed I saw Dad had his eyes shut. I carefully moved into position where I could rub my throbbing cock up and down her slit. I then inserted it to feel her soupy warmth and then felt I should make my presence known to Dad. I didn’t know how he would react but I had the urge to move my cock down to where his lips and tongue were exciting Rona’s clit. I rubbed my cock across his lips and her clit and ask if I could join the party.

Dad exclaimed, “Hell yes if you will share everything with me.”

Dad surprised me by moving his head to get most all of my cock in his mouth. When he removed his mouth I reinserted my cock into Rona.

Rona moaned, “Let your Dad fuck me.”

We changed positions while Rona urged, “I want you to guide your Dad’s beautiful penis into my hungry pussy.”

I couldn’t pass up the chance to tongue her clit and as I brought Dad’s cock closer. I used it to increase the action on her protruding clit.

Rona queried, “Do you notice anything different about your Dad’s cock?”

I had not. Then I noticed the upward curve at the end.

Rona groaned, “I can hardly wait to see how it feels in my pussy.”

I proceeded to take this curved cock into my mouth. I had never had a cock in my mouth before, but this sure felt erotic. Holding Rona’s pussy lips open, I inserted Dad’s cock with my tongue shifting between her clit and his penis. As I lay watching and participating, I remembered all the times I had heard, and the few times saw, Mom and Dad making love. I had so wanted to be able to join them and do with them what I was now doing.

Needless to say my excitement was almost beyond control as Rona took my entire cock in her mouth. This must have excited Dad because he began to stroke faster and his breathing was raspy. I could see Rona’s stomach muscles undulating as I continued to stroke and when room would permit tongue her clit. My load could not be contained any longer and filled Rona’s mouth to overflowing.

Dad just screamed “Oh God!” and leaned back giving me room to lap at the overflow of his and Rona’s cum which no doubt was the sweetest and most sensual taste I had ever experienced. Dad then began to lean forward nudging my head out of the way and began licking my juice from Rona’s face. She then let my cock slip from her mouth at which time Dad took all of my cock into his mouth seemingly with no effort cleaned it thoroughly. As he pulled his cock free from Rona’s pussy I began to clean his and Rona’s cum mixture from it. Dad moved to the side letting me get between Rona’s legs. I gently cleaned her outer lips not disturbing the huge amount of sperm laden cum trapped inside.

As we moved to lie side by side with Rona in the middle, we gradually began to talk with Rona holding a now rather flaccid cock in each hand.

“I don’t want to hurt your feelings but your Dad’s curved cock was the most erotic thing I have ever felt rubbing against my G-spot,” Rona told me rather sheepishly.

Dad spoke up, “Laura is a very good fuck but Rona your tight pussy and strong cunt muscles gripping my cock reminds me of how tight Laura’s pussy was when we first started having sex but I do believe yours is even better.”

What was I to say? I decided to go ahead bring up my fantasy that had not yet been filled. I told Dad, “You know, you and Mom were not modest around the house when I was at home. Quiet often you didn’t shut your bedroom door all the way when you were making love. This gave me the chance to get quick looks at what you were doing. I would go back to my room and masturbate thinking of lying there beside you and Mom while kissing Mom’s breast and having my fingers spread over her cunt with your cock gliding between them. When you had cum, you would move aside and let me lick Mom’s pussy and then fuck her while you did what I had done with her breast and pussy. I still dream about it and even masturbate at times mulling it over in my mind, but I supposed it could never happen.”

Dad broke in, “Don’t be too sure about that. As you said your Mom never tried to hide her body from you. When I would say something about our bedroom door being open as we made love, she would say that’s all right as though she wanted you to see us and especially her. You can’t be oblivious to the full mouth kisses that she gives you or the way she seems to love to sit on your lap and be very close to you. More than a few times when we share our fantasies she mentions making love to you. If you follow a very similar scenario when she arrives that you did when I arrived, with you and your Mom left alone, I can almost promise that she and you will be in bed at least as fast as Rona and I were.”

I pried, “What would she think if you and Rona joined us?”

“She will be so wild with passion she will welcome us as we did you.”

With this our pricks were now rock hard and Rona moved down and pulled Dad and me together so she could lick and put the tips of our cocks in her mouth. This will have to be continued later when Rona or I have more time. Love, A very excited Doer

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