Our Neighbor Loaned Her Husband Ch. 02

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Big Tits

What a chain of events. My wife and I started out as a conservative Christian couple trying to live a pure life. We were learning that some of the mainstream congregations welcomed all colors and races, but sometimes it was to fulfill societal expectations of inclusiveness. When an interracial couple moved in next door, we went out of our way to invite them over and welcome them to the neighborhood.

Move forward a couple of months and now my wife has been thoroughly fucked by a well-endowed black man with his wife’s consent. As a matter of fact, it was the wife, Jennifer who came on to Brittany about Eric wanting to fuck her. The first time it happened was at their place. Jennifer helped me cum while Brittany was in their bedroom getting her first black cock. The second time, Jennifer and I watched as her husband fucked my wife repeatedly only stopping long enough for me to eat his cum from her pussy. Jennifer again got me off in her hand and then fed me my own cum back to me.

The real clincher to my cuckolding was that the first night they fucked, I was wearing the bottoms of Brittany’s bikini. The next time the girls had purchased me a set of bikini panties with CUCKOLD emblazoned across the front and back. They got six pair to start with and now I was wearing panties every day and night. Months before, I would have died if you told me about my eventual acquiescence to the women, much less allowing my wife to be fucked by a handsome black man with an enormous cock. Jennifer had told Brittany that she would share her husband occasionally and if she developed an addiction to black cock, they would have to approach some of Eric’s close friends. It was essential that it all be kept private because Eric was a Vice-President of a major university and I was a successful businessman. We could not have any rumors that affected our livelihoods. Brittany is a nurse and between long shifts, had plenty of time off.

A few days after our second session at our house, Brittany came to me and wanted to talk about what had been happening. She assured me that she loved me still and appreciated my indulgence with her new favorite activity. We began referring to it as ‘Neighborhood Outreach’, channeling our religious backgrounds. I think we had gone way beyond the Good Book in welcoming our neighbors.

We visited our friends and they came to our house and pool. Usually, there was no sex involved, but the undercurrent was still there. Jennifer especially talked openly about my wife and her husband getting it on. She even went so far as to ask about setting up another rendezvous. I think Brittany was reluctant to engage in much sex outside our bedroom, not wanting to make me feel inferior. Our sex life inside the bedroom was indeed improving. On special nights, she made sure I was cleanly shaved or waxed. I would wear a sexy pair of my CUCKOLD panties and do her with the black dildo. I began to feel that the only reason she let me fuck her was to get me to shoot my cum into her hot pussy. Then I would eat her out while she crooned about Eric’s black cock. Jennifer was starting to get concerned that neither Brittany nor I had approached her recently about getting her stud husband to fuck my wife again.

One night in bed, Brittany did bring up the subject again.

“Honey,” she said, “I am getting that special kind of horny again.”

Knowing what that meant, I said, “Not surprised. I guess the dildo is getting a little too routine?”

“Actually, it is not that. Jennifer came over yesterday afternoon while I was resting on my days off.”


“I don’t know if I should tell you this, but I don’t want to keep secrets.”

“Now I am intrigued,” I said. “What did she say?”

“It is not so much as what she did.”

“Go on.”

“I am embarrassed, Al.”

“Really, Honey? After all that has happened. I wouldn’t think anything could embarrass any of us now.”

“Okay, well, don’t judge me, Okay? She started talking about my, uh, our new sex life and of course, mentioned how exhilarating it feels to be fucked by a big black cock. She said that it was one of the taboo acts that we were brought up with. She understood the reluctance and felt it herself at first. She went on to describe how accommodating you are to let Eric fuck me. She said that when we learn to let go of our inhibitions, we become free to experience a wider range of sexual fulfillment. Do you agree with that?”

“I guess so. I would never have dreamed that we would do any of this. Jennifer is so persuasive when she talks about sex. I mean, not only did she make it seem normal for her husband to fuck you, she had me wearing your bikini bottoms and now I wear CUCKOLD panties every day. So, I see what you are talking about. Fact is not only did I submit to it; I actually love it. It makes me feel that your pleasure is so important that I would do anything to make you feel special.”

“Wow,” she said, “That is so sweet. Anyway, back to kilis escort Jennifer. She came over. I was in a loose t-shirt and sexy panties, watching a movie. She said she would come back if I was interested in the movie. I assured her that it was not the case. I poured each of us a glass of wine and we talked for a few minutes. She asked how I felt about her hosting a little party over at her house later this week. Uh, she said that Eric was, uh going to be out of town for a few days. She laughed and said that he was probably going to conquer some hot white girls while he was away and she wanted to have a couple of their friends over to meet me.”

“You mean, meet us?” I asked.

“Not exactly and that is not what I wanted to tell you about first. I refilled our wine glasses. When I sat down, she complimented me on my sexy pink panties with all the frilly lace. When she did, my faced flushed in embarrassment, or maybe arousal. I don’t know. When I handed her back her glass, she took it with one hand and set it down. She held my open hand in hers, then took my wineglass as well. After she set both glasses on the table in front of us, she kissed me on the lips. I didn’t know how to respond. I mean, she has kissed me on the lips before in front of you or Eric, but this was just between the two of us. I froze but did not recoil or show any reluctance.”

Brittany continued, “Since I did not pull back, she proceeded to kiss me a little deeper. Then she stuck the tip of her tongue into my mouth. I did not resist, but I did not respond at first. Honey, I was so conflicted. I am not gay. But I did not resist. And then, uh, then, I responded a little submissively, I guess. She probed my mouth with her whole tongue. I sucked her tongue. It felt so naughty. I thought about what she said about our inhibitions. She felt so good in my mouth. She lay me back on the couch and pulled my shirt up. My nipples were hard as pebbles. My whole body was on fire. From my breasts through my pussy. I did not want it, but I was overcome with lust. She rubbed my breasts and suckled my nipples. My pussy was on fire. She held my breasts together and sunk her face into my cleavage. She licked between my breasts and then mouthed me all over. My breasts were wet with her saliva. I held her head as she sucked my whole areolas into her mouth one at a time. I had a little orgasm from just her sucking me that way.”

“Al,” she said, “I didn’t know what to do. She moved up to my ear and stuck her tongue into it. Then she said,

‘Honey, I want to give you a party while Eric is gone. I have two of his friends coming over. Eric set it up. One is a native African basketball player. We aren’t allowed to say his name. The other is an old roommate of Eric’s. Eric knows all about him including his cock size. These guys have cocks as big as Eric’s. I have not fucked them myself. Eric says I can, but I don’t want to. I will serve as the Madam while they fuck your little white pussy into Heaven.”

“Honey,” Brittany continued, “I was a mess. I don’t want to be a slut, but she had me so turned on. Then she took off her clothes and pulled my t-shirt the rest of the way off. She straddled me and rubbed her wet pussy up and down my body. She leaned forward and offered me her breasts. Oh, god, Al, her breasts are magnificent. Her pink areolas are so soft and inviting. I licked all over her breasts and then sucked her nipples hard into my mouth. She rubbed them over my wet breasts and kissed me so passionately. I was light-headed. Her pussy was leaking on my body. She removed my panties and licked the dew off my pussy folds. Then she touched my clit and I came in a screaming roar. She licked me to another orgasm and then settled on me kissing my pussy every so often?”

And the way she talked:

“God, Brittany, you taste so good. I want to eat cum from your pussy at my party. I am sorry. I don’t want Al there. I want him at home knowing what you are getting. Two black cocks and a Madam to clean you up. I will suck the cum from your pussy and feed it back to you. Now I want you to service my hot pussy, Okay?”

“Honey, she got up on my face like I do you and pushed her dripping pussy to my mouth. I licked and sucked her until she tensed and squirted her girl cum into my mouth. I let go and grabbed her beautiful breasts and thrust my tongue as far into her pussy as I could. She literally fucked my mouth like she had a cock or something. I pulled my tongue back and took her big clitoris into my lips. I pursed down my lips and then gently held her clit in my teeth. When I flicked my tongue across her girl dick, she came violently. She lurched forward. I didn’t know what had happened. She seemed to pass out for a few seconds. Then she started moving a little and talking almost inaudibly,

“Oh, fuck, Ohhh, O, yes. God that was wonderful. Have you eaten pussy before, Brittany? I can barely move.”

“Al,” she continued, “She moved back kırıkkale escort upright and placed her dripping pussy on my breasts. She moved back and forth. I was so hot. All her juices had me wet from my face to my pussy. And my own pussy was leaking onto the couch.”

“I feel so guilty, Al. I am not a lesbian. But that was the most erotic thing that I have ever experienced. I mean, it was almost better than getting fucked by her husband. I don’t know how to process it. And she wants to suck me off when their black friends fuck me.”

“Honey,” she said, “Has this gone too far? I mean, I want to go to her party, but I don’t want you to be left out. I will apologize to her and decline the invitation if you want?”

I had already cum in my CUCKOLD panties by that time. Brittany apparently did not notice the wet spot in my shorts. I could agree with her that it was indeed an erotic narrative. But I didn’t know how to categorize it. Was it lesbian sex? Brittany did not think so. The elements were there, but it seemed more like an unbelievable invitation to a sex party, starring my wife. If I had any revulsion ideas, they were betrayed by the mess in my panties. Was I losing my wife to black cock and a gorgeous bi-sexual woman? Or were we just pushing the boundaries so far, so fast that I could not process the changes?

Even though Brittany had suggested that she could turn the invitation down, we both knew that she wouldn’t. This was a little beyond my imagination. Not only was my wife going to get fucked by two big black men, she was being seduced by a gorgeous woman. Was there any way we could put a stop to this? My little dick had given me away just in case I decided to stop. Just listening to my wife tell about how Jennifer had seduced her made me cum in my panties. I could not deny Brittany her desire to have more big black cock. I was a little hurt that I was not included. Not even to watch. How cruel. They had let me watch the second time Eric and Brittany had fucked. And that is what it was. No way it was making love. It was erotic, but the intimate part was still between Brittany and me. Jennifer at first seemed pleased that her husband wanted to fuck my wife. And then she wanted to fuck my wife also.

Brittany was off the day of the ‘party’. I got home from work to find that she had cooked a nice dinner for me. She indicated that she was not eating herself, having eaten a light lunch earlier. That seemed a little odd to me at the time, but I did not mention it. Around seven o’clock, Brittany came out of our bedroom dressed in a way that I could never have predicted. She wore a short black dress with a loose-fitting top to it. There were buttons, but apparently, they were just adornment. The dress was open to her belly button and her cleavage was all showing. The dress top crossed over her areolas and nipples, but just barely. Any movement and her full breasts were in view. She raised the hem above her pussy and gave me a glance to assure me that she wore no panties. Her pussy was bald and glistening. In addition, she wore a pair of stilettos so high that I wondered if she could walk next door in them.

Her makeup screamed ‘Slut’. Quite a change from my little church going wife. A quick kiss and she walked out our front door. She was walking next door in broad daylight in full view of any neighbors who might be looking.

The next time I saw her was after noon the next day. She came home carrying her high heels. Her makeup was all gone except for a fresh coat of bright red lipstick. She had cum on her face and in her hair. The eyes were droopy indicating that she had not slept.

“You better get this quick, Al,” she said, “I am exhausted.”

She grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. After pulling off her dress, she collapsed on the bed.

“Fuck me or eat me. I am a mess.”

She was a mess. Dried cum everywhere. Hickeys on her breasts and legs. Cum still dripping from her reddened pussy. She reeked of sex and alcohol. Maybe a little speed thrown in to keep her up all night. I pulled off my pants and kneeled on the bed. I was wearing my pink CUCKOLD panties. I kissed her ravaged pussy. She let a little sigh.

“Ummm, yes, eat my nasty married pussy, Al.”

My cock was hard. Later I would masturbate, but then I just ministered to her pussy. I sucked remnants of cum from her and gently licked her slit. Ordinarily I would not have been able to stomach the scent, but we were past that point now. She was fully sated and I was an enabler, making me at least a small part of her satisfaction.

My beautiful wife must have slept for fourteen hours or more. When she woke up, she showered. We ate brunch with plenty of coffee. That afternoon, she took another nap. I had slept in the guest room the night before. Since she had not cleaned up after her marathon sex session, I didn’t want to keep waking up to the dull barnyard smell of raw sex. She changed kırklareli escort the bedding and added fragrance to our bedroom. That evening, she showered again and came out while I was watching TV. She was wearing a long negligee, almost transparent with a hot pink thong and a little demi bra also hot pink. She was made up beautifully.

“Hey sailor,” she said, “Want to make it with a hot bitch?”

Did I? She led me to the bedroom. Luckily, I had shaved and removed all my body hair again. I was in my gold CUCKOLD panties. We kissed and made out like two teenagers. She taunted me about whether my little cock could do her any good.

“Want to hear about my party?” she asked.

She related everything she could remember:

When she arrived at Jennifer’s the night of the party, Jennifer was dressed in a semi-dominatrix outfit. She had a black mask on, high heeled boots, black leather thong and leather bustier showing most of her luscious breasts. She fixed Brittany a drink and they talked until the men arrived. The African basketball player was coal black with a huge thick cock. The other guy, Deshaun, was lighter with tattoos and an equally large cock. Jennifer served them some drinks, then led them to a large room that she had laid mattresses and bedding out on the floor. Since the party was going to be mostly horizontal with Brittany as the guest of honor, Jennifer wanted to let everyone have plenty of room. Jacob, the African was impressed with both women and removed Brittany’s dress leaving her naked except for her stilettos. He kissed her neck, breasts and face, then lay her down on the bedding. He probed her slick pussy with his long pink tongue. Brittany said she had an orgasm after a few minutes of oral. She was already ready to be fucked before the oral, but she was impressed with Jacob’s oral skills. When he placed his ebony cock to her pussy, she was ready and he wasted little time sinking all the way to her uterus in one slow motion.

He slowly moved himself back and forth. Brittany had another small orgasm and her uterus opened wider allowing him to penetrate her fully. He moved his huge body with the grace of an athlete, pounding her pussy relentlessly for what seemed like forever. She was cumming on his full penetration. He kept a constant pace prolonging both their pleasure until the ultimate fulfillment. He tensed and blasted her uterus with a massive load of his black African seed. He remained inside my wife until his huge cock started softening.

As promised, Jennifer feasted on the Black Baby Batter. What she didn’t swallow, she snowballed back to Brittany. She licked some spill from Brittany’s chin and kissed her deeply. With her womb still slick with African cum, Brittany turned her attention to Deshaun. His huge cock slid easily into her stretched pussy. Brittany said it felt like silk as Deshaun pounded her pussy every bit as hard as Jacob had. His staying power was remarkable. Then Deshaun filled her pussy with his amazing cum. Jennifer cleaned up the mess and kissed the cum back to Brittany. Both men wanted to fuck Jennifer, but she had already told them that she was Eric’s only. After a rest and some more drinks, the guys were recovering and slowly started to become hard again. Each fucked my wife again. Brittany continued to have orgasms as the fullness of the big black cocks grazed her sensitive clit. How I wished that my cock was large enough to make her cum vaginally. I could only bring her off with my mouth.

Once both men had fucked her twice and cum in her pussy, the rested and drank. Jennifer danced for them and generally entertained them until they were ready to fuck Brittany. Then it got a little kinkier. Jennifer had instructed Brittany not to eat anything but fluids the day before. That is why Brittany did not eat before she went over to Jennifer’s. She had taken several enemas as Jennifer had instructed. Now she was ready for double action. Jacob then lay on the floor and had Brittany mount his huge ebony cock. When he had himself fully into her pussy, Deshaun lubed his cock and stuck it in her ass. When both men were fully penetrated, Brittany said she had never even thought about how pleasurable this could be. The double fucked her until both men came again.

The party was way into the wee hours when they napped for a few hours. At dawn, the sex participants were somewhat renewed. The coup de grace was when Deshaun lay beneath my wife and penetrated her pussy from the back end. Jennifer helped her spread her legs. While Deshaun held himself deep in her womb, Jacob kneeled and slid his cock on top of Deshaun’s and stretched her pussy so wide. It was difficult, but eventually Brittany had two huge cocks in her pussy at the same time. Jennifer was ecstatic seeing this and Brittany said she brought herself off with her fingers, cumming before any of the rest of them. Hearing this, I knew that my little cock would never do anything for my wife again. I could not even imagine her taking one cock the size of Eric’s. I had seen that to my own amazement. How in the hell had both men penetrated my wife at the same time? The way Brittany told it, she seemed to relish this as her greatest accomplishment.

She smiled at me and asked, “Still want some of this pussy, Sailor?”

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