Outdoor Training

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A buddy of mine has, for the last few years, taught city slickers about camping, canoeing, the works. Somehow he makes a lot of money at it. Unfortunately he had to go into the hospital for a few days and was not going to be able to make a scheduled group from the east coast. He managed to talk me into taking his group for him, just a simple overnight canoe trip. “Easy peasy for someone like me.” He said. Over the years I have done a lot of things for fun, many of them outdoors. I love to fish, hunt, camp and generally enjoy myself in the great outdoors. I’ve had the immense pleasure of teaching girl scout leaders about high adventure camping, which the last time, turned out to be an incredible experience. A year later I had managed to keep that particular exploit under wraps from my wife, the ladies all assuring her that I was a perfect gentleman the entire trip.

Yeah, it was probably true, easy to do, until you factor in a bunch of people who have no clue at all about which end of a paddle goes in the water or which part of a tree to pee behind. As the weekend drew closer I had the feeling that I was going to regret agreeing to do this.

Saturday morning dawned bright and clear, thank god, and I headed toward the river, enjoying the drive down the twisting turning highway leading to the river. It was hard to believe that the road, running along the long ridge top, ever got to the river so far below. From where I was it was easily five hundred feet down into the valley to the river.

My Camaro carved around the tight corners like it was on rails, the tires not even making a squeak as I accelerated out of the apex of each turn, setting up for the next one as it came into view. I was having a great time, until half way around one nice tight corner overlooking the river.

I grabbed all the brakes the car had, the ABS groaning to prevent the extra wide, low profile tires from turning into molten balls and causing my beautiful car to shoot over the cliff, giving me a whole new look at the river below. My Camaro did what it was designed to, and the tires held the road, allowing me to carve a little bit tighter curve than was ever intended, missing the car sitting half in and half out of the road in the middle of the curve.

I sat for what seemed like an eternity, getting my heart back into my chest where it belonged, and my shaking hands stilled, before I opened the door and climbed out to see what kind of totally moronic idiot would stop in the middle of a blind curve.

I walked back toward the Toyota and noticed the license plate. “East coast idiot!” I swore under my breath when I saw the Massachusetts license plate. The door to the Toyota opened and slender woman stepped out. She was slightly shorter than I was, with short curly hair and a nicely shaped body. She wore a pair of very small pink shorts and a gray Harvard t-shirt that seemed to be quiet well filled out.

“Are you ok?” she asked, clearly concerned.

“I am. Why in the hell are you stopped in the middle of a fricking curve?” I asked, not worried about how much irritation showed in my voice.

“My tire blew out and I just stopped to try to fix it.” She said, looking up and down the road to make sure another car wasn’t coming.

“Yeah. Well… let me go park around the corner and I’ll help you fix the damn thing.” I said as I turned to walk back to my car. I climbed in and fired it back up, pulling a huge smoking burnout doughnut to turn around, pumping some of my irritation out in the gas pedal. It only took a few seconds to scream past her and throw it into a tight slide, skidding it onto the shoulder facing the way I had originally started. I flicked on the flashers and climbed out again.

“Well, that make you feel better?” she asked, standing behind her car with her arms crossed in front of her, pushing her tits up even larger.

“Yeah, it did, until I regret the thousand miles of rubber I just pasted to the pavement. Now, how about we get that tire changed so we can both get the hell out of here.”

“Ok hot shot.” She said, turning around to open the trunk. I couldn’t help but admire her cute ass in the tiny shorts as she bent over to dig the jack out. The pink shorts pulled tight across her round curves and across her pussy, giving me an unintentional profile of her meaty lips through the thin material. I took the tools she handed out after several minutes of digging, my irritation long since evaporated and replaced by an inconvenient bulge in my exercise shorts. I walked around the car and set the jack under the front and started lifting the small car, hoping she didn’t notice me readjusting myself as I worked.

I looked up and saw her staring at me, much as I stared at her while she was digging in the trunk. She quickly looked away, realizing she had been caught while I picked up the wrench to pull the lug nuts off. It only took a few more minutes to get the tire changed and the car back on the ground. I loaded the blown tire into the trunk with the görükle escort jack and handed the keys back to the lady.

“Thank you. I appreciate the help.” She said nicely.

“You’re welcome. Next time, try not to stop in the middle of a curve, ok?”

“Sure thing speed racer.” She answered as I turned to walk back to my car. I looked back once and saw her still standing next to the car, watching me walk away.

“Women.” I said under my breath as I opened my car door. I fired up the engine and was blasting past her, before she even had her engine started, realizing that I was now late for meeting my group. Great way to start a weekend.

I pulled into the canoe rental place my buddy worked out of after another fifteen miles of tight curves worked me down to the river level.

“Well, I see you made it!” Joan, the owner, said as I walked into the small office area. “Most of your group is here, just waiting for one more to show.”

“So what do I have?” I asked her, picking up the clip board.

“You’re gonna love this one. How Tom managed to talk you into this bunch is beyond me. You have five middle age women from the east coast. None of them seem to know a thing about the outdoors from what I can tell. You’ll see what I mean when you meet em”

“Great. Tom said you had the trip plan already. What’s he got in mind?”

“You’re supposed head down to the big gravel bar by Pulltite. We’ll drop your gear there around four. Before that, you got lunch stuff in your canoe.”

“Ok.” I said with a sigh. “Gonna be a long weekend.”

“I bet.” Joan said with a laugh. “Let’s go meet your group.”

“Might as well.” I said, following her out of the back door of the office.

“Ladies… This is Mike, your guide for the next two days. It’s his job to teach you what you need to know. Listen to him, obey him, and I can assure you he will keep you safe and make sure you have a good time.” Joan said to the group of four women. She turned and handed me the clipboard. “Have fun!” she said with a grin, leaving me to face the group of smiling women.

“Sorry I’m late!” I heard a woman call from behind me as I faced the group. To my surprise the lady from the highway came running up and joined the other four.

“Tina, this is our guide, Mike. We were given strict instructions to obey him and he would guarantee we would have a good time!” One of them said, the tone of her voice clearly implying more than her words.

“Oh, really? Well, I hope he’s in a better mood than he was half an hour ago.” She said, turning to look at me with a cockeyed smile on her face, her arms crossed and pushing her tits up again.

“You know him?” A forty something woman wearing a tiny yellow bikini asked.

“Oh just a bit. He helped me change my tire up the road a ways.” She said, still watching me for a reaction.

“Well, just the same, now that you’re here we can get started. Let’s start by getting names and what experience you have in the outdoors. As you already know I’m Mike, and you are?”

“Tina.” The lady in pink said. “Never been canoeing or camping, if that’s what you’re asking. But I’ve done a bit of rock wall climbing, day hiking and biking.”

“Sounds good. Next?”

“I’m Jenny.” a lady in a skimpy bikini said. “I’ve never canoed before either, but I’ll ride anything I can get my hands on!” I guessed she was mid thirties or so, and filled the small red outfit out pretty well. I got the distinct impression that she was mentally undressing me as I stood in front of them.

“Oh Jenny!” The lady behind her said, “You are so damn bad!” She was wearing a long t-shirt, reaching half way down her thighs, hiding pretty much everything except her well shaped legs, muscular arms, pretty long blond hair and green eyes. “My name is Amanda, and I’ve been canoeing once, well sort of. My boyfriend took me on a lake once, until we dumped over, that is.”

“I’m Sue. I’ve never been canoeing either.” A thirty something looking woman said. She was very slim with small perky breasts that showed easily through the top of one of the tiniest bikinis I had actually ever seen anyone wear. I was pretty sure that she also was either completely or mostly shaved, based on the almost non-existent bottom to the green suit.

The last lady stepped to the front and introduced herself as Teresa. She was a bit larger than the rest, what I called a plus size, the floppy shirt hiding pretty much any more detail. She was by far the quietest of the group, seeming almost shy.

“Ok ladies. As you may know, Tom couldn’t make this trip and asked me to take it for him. We’re going down river for two days, along the way we’ll stop and see some of the really beautiful parts of nature, do some swimming, and then camp tonight on a relatively secluded gravel bar. I’m afraid that there won’t be any bathroom facilities, so if you would like to use anything remotely civilized, you better do that before we leave. Hopefully you all got the equipment bursa görükle escort list and have it packed in a drybag. I’ll take those in my canoe, along with our food, just in case someone dumps. We’ll break into three canoes. Someone can ride with me. You can all decide who that will be, and then split who’s left into pairs. Once we get to the river I’ll give you some instructions and then we’ll head down river! So grab your gear and let’s go have some fun!”

I turned and headed toward the bus that would take us up to the put-in point, grabbing my pack off the back steps of the cabin as I walked by.

“So, how about I ride with you?” Jenny asked as she came up next to me.

“That’s fine with me. Or you can swap around if you want. I’m pretty easy.” I answered as I climbed the steps.

“Ohhhh good.” She said quietly. “I like easy.”

“Not that way.” I said, a bit surprised at her forwardness.

“Too bad. You’re a good looker too. When Tom sent us your picture and bio, well we knew we hit the jackpot!”

“Damn.” I said, looking down at her. “Are you all this forward?”

“No, only when we’re horny, and for us, that’s most of the time.”

I shook my head as I dropped into the first seat, Jenny sitting down next to me, her hip pressed against mine.

The bus ride was only fifteen or so minutes long, and by the time we got to the end my dick was rock hard, jenny’s hand spending most of the ride up the leg of my suit squeezing me. It was almost a relief to remove her hand and stand up to lead them off the bus. I looked around and was pleased to see we were the only group putting in at this point this late. That would make my job a lot easier as we tried to get downstream. I called them into a group to give them some initial instruction.

“Ok Ladies, that blue canoe is mine.” I said pointing to the canoe the driver was loading a large cooler into. “You are free to choose any other canoe you want. I guess Jenny volunteered to ride with me. Go ahead and drop your gear into my canoe. I need to change into my suit and be back in a moment.”

“You don’t need to go anywhere, you can change right here.” Jenny said, holding my arm to keep me from running away.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Well, we’re all going to be getting real close the next two days, no point in being a stranger.”

I shook my head. “Ok fine. Go get your stuff in the canoe and wait over there.” I told her.

“Oh goodie!” she said like a teen just told she could have the car that night.

I set down my bag and pulled off my shirt, stuffing it into one of the compartments. Next I pulled out a towel and my swim suit. It only took me a second to wrap the towel around my waist. I learned a long time ago how to get rid of a wet swim suit in public. Had the technique taught to me by a young lady who stripped in the middle of a parking lot this way before getting into the car. I quickly pulled my shorts off and then got ready to pull my trunks on. I looked over at the canoe and damn near fell over. The little gal, Sue, was bent over digging in the canoe, looking completely naked. It took me several seconds to realize that her suit consisted of pieces of material in front, but nothing in the back except a few strings.

I pulled up my suit, trying to divide my attention between what I was doing and looking at that naked ass. In the process, I didn’t pay as much attention to what I was doing, and as I pulled my suit up my legs, the towel slipped from around my waist, the knot I tied coming loose. I struggled for a second to get my quickly growing dick in my trunks, giving any of the ladies a quick glimpse of my cock in all its glory. Not at all what I intended.

“WOOO HOOO!” Jenny cried loudly as she clapped. “Way to go!”

I turned red as I picked up my towel and shorts and put them into my dry bag, rolling it closed and clipping the buckle. Jenny was still grinning from ear to ear at her catch when I walked over to start giving instructions.

“Ok ladies, Everyone pick up a paddle and come with me.” I said as I walked knee deep in the cold water. The girls all squealed as the cold water hit their skin, causing me to grin at the harness quickly growing in their tops. Nothing like a little cool water to make the old nipples hard. Maybe this was going to be a fun trip anyway.

I spent the next ten minutes teaching them how to paddle, demonstrating the J stroke, straight stroke and draw stroke. I wasn’t sure why exactly, but I felt like Tina knew a lot more than she was letting on. And it was quite clear that Sue’s entire energies were focused on trying to rub her practically naked body against mine. Not that I minded all that much, but I did have to slow her down when her hand reached behind her and grabbed my hard cock through my suit. Tina seemed to think it was funny, and had a little grin on her face almost the whole time. Dealing with a groper can often be difficult, but I could usually scare them away by bursa eskort being more forward, since they tended to feed on the reaction.

I reached around Sue with both hands to show her how to move the paddle for the J stroke and pressed my hard dick into the crack of her ass. “If you keep this up I’m going to have to find someplace quiet to strip you naked and fuck you senseless.”

“OH god please do. I’ve been waiting for this trip for almost a year.” She said seductively. “You look lots better than Tom and your dick is even bigger.”

I almost jumped back from her at that comment, wondering just exactly what they had heard and what Tom had done to who?

Tina stood aside, watching my face with that little grin, before stepping over. “Can you help me? I don’t quite seem to be getting it.”

“Sure! Just like this!” I said as I put my arms around her and helped her move the paddle. She pressed her shorts covered ass into my hard dick and squirmed, driving me absolutely nuts.

“Like that?” she asked, looking over her shoulder, her face inches from mine.

“Um yeah.” I replied, taking a breath. “Just like that.”

“Good, I’d hate to get you all upset like on the highway.” She said with that grin still there. “Not with such a nice big fat dick. I wonder how long it’s going to be before Sue has it in her hot little mouth or wet pussy. You know she bought that suit just for this trip.” She whispered.

“Oh.” I gulped. I may be slow, but it was pretty clear that these ladies were expecting some “fun” on this trip that went well beyond canoeing.

“Ok ladies. Time to hit the water!” I said, stepping back from Tina, so turned on I was ready to slide a hand up her shirt and squeeze one of her firm looking tits. “I’ll hold back at first to make sure everyone gets going, but when it comes to the first rapids down there, I’ll go first. Each of you follow the same path I take, ok?”

Jenny stepped into the canoe as I held it from the shore inadvertently showing me her full round ass, barely covered by the red triangle of material. I adjusted my rock hard dick as I sat down in the canoe and then waited while the ladies climbed into the other two canoes.

It was only a matter of time. Despite being told to stay low and sit down quickly and smoothly, Sue allowed Tina to get settled in the bow of the canoe, and then pushed it out deeper into the river, only then trying to step into the canoe from the knee deep water. An experienced canoeist can get back into a canoe, even if they can’t touch bottom. Someone new to canoeing should never attempt to get into a canoe from water deeper than maybe ankle deep. Sue, apparently eager to get going, pushed the canoe out until she was knee deep, and then tried to climb up into the canoe.

The whole inevitable process happened in slow motion. Sue lifted one foot up and over the side of the canoe, and then tried to lever herself up and in. The more she pulled to pull herself up, the farther the canoe tipped. Tina, in the bow, realizing the canoe was rolling to the side, tried to compensate, putting one hand on the gunwale and pushed off, leaning in the opposite direction to try to balance the slowly rolling craft. Before I could shout a warning, Sue hopped upwards, quickly leaning across the canoe to try to get in and stop the roll at the same time. As I watched, the canoe, and its occupants went from rolling hard port, to swinging back across to a starboard roll, and continued on taking both Tina and Sue head first into the cold water.

I was moving before their canoe even settled its roll, jumping out and bounding in huge jumping steps through the water. I reached Sue first, and wrapped an arm around her, pulling her sputtering out of the water. She was surprisingly light, and hardly slowed me down as I took the last few steps to reach Tina, who was starting to sit up, choking and gagging on the lung full of water she swallowed.

I slipped an arm around her from behind and hauled her up to a standing position, setting Sue down in the water next to her. I stood there for what seemed like an hour while the two women choked up the water they swallowed and regained their balance.

In my efforts to rescue the two women, I had complexly dislodged Sue’s top, and was only now realizing that I was holding onto her with my hand firmly cupping one of her small firm tits. The other thing I realized was that Tina’s tiny pink shorts had become mostly translucent and slipped nearly off of her when they got wet, and it was quite obvious from my view of her cute bare backside, that she had no underwear on. Between these two discoveries, my hard dick grew even harder, poking Sue in the ass through my wet trunks.

“Well, we know what turns him on!” Sue said between coughs. “Give him a hand full of tit and a flash of bare ass and he’s all over you!”

“He’s already seen your ass.” Tina answered between gasps.

“Yeah, I wasn’t talking about mine.” Sue said with a laugh while I somewhat reluctantly removed my hand from her tit and took half a step back. Pulling away from the two women meant that my leg, which had been holding Tina’s shorts up, no longer provided that function, and they slid all the way down her legs until they floated in the water around her knees.

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