Outta Control Pt. 09

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Chapter 1

Back to the present

“Did you guys ever fuck afterwards?”

“Yeah, 3 times a year since then. We meet for like a week,” Edi said.

Val gasped.

Mel looked from Edi to Trish and back. Edi was laying back relaxed, but Trish seemed a bit embarrassed.

“And you are not even ashamed to tell me this?”

“I know it was fucked up. But I love her.”

“What the hell do you mean you love her, you asshole! You’re my husband, and she is my fucking sister!” Mel flared.

“Exactly. She is your sister. She is not some chick I just met on the street.”

“And that’s supposed to make it better! That makes it even worse, you asshole. How can you betray me with my sister! And you Trish! How can you!”

“I love him!” Trish said pitifully. “Its not something I chose. I loved him the first time I saw him!”

“You have always been jealous of me Trish! Yu have begrudged me everything I ever had. You see that I am happily married, I have two kids and a nice husband, so you just had to wreck it, didntcha?”

“You are right Mel, about everything. Except that I didn’t do this to wreck your marriage. You don’t know how many nights I cant sleep. I feel so guilty, and so dirty. But I cant help it. He is my soul mate. He is the only man I ever felt this way about!”

“You have got your own fucking husband, you bitch!”

“He has known that I was seeing someone else. I just didn’t tell him who. But we are getting divorced!”

“Trish, you know what? I hate you and I loathe you! You are scum! And you too Edi, you disgust me!”

“Well, I know its fucked up, but you fucked my best friend, so don’t over do this moral act!”

“I didn’t fuck him, it was just a blow job. You cant even begin to compare the two.”

“Yeah right, with our kids less than 20 meters away, and all our friends. If I am an asshole, you are an asshole too.”

“How did that come about?” Val asked suddenly.

“Alright, I’ll tell you. Edi”

Chapter 2

One year earlier…

The pool party was in full swing at Edi and Mel’s house. About twenty adults were drinking, grilling, swimming and partying. The crowd was mixed, there were people of all races. The children were playing on swings and a huge, colorful, inflatable castle. 3 hip hop clowns were providing entertainment, dancing and playing with the excited kids.

At one end of the pool, six adults were smoking weed, drinking and chatting. One of them was Edi. He was dressed in a pair of long boxers and shirtless. Mel came from the house, looking hot. The bootylicious southern belle’s hair was wet and plastered to her head. She was dressed in a tight lil green bikini. Her thick, proud breasts were cupped in a tight lil top, threatening to spill out. A pair of deep, v-shaped hipster hot pants were hugging her curvy hips, cupping her thick ass cheeks beautifully. Mel walked up to Edi and his friends, her hips swaying sexily.

“What’s up guys, you burning?” she teased and took the joint from Edi. All eyes turned to look at her.

“Damn Mel, you looking hot mama!” Henry said. He was a short, light skinned, mixed in his mid thirties. He had a handsome, round face, wide shoulders, a thick, barrel chest and massive arms. He was gathering weight around the middle, but one could see that he had once been one serious wrestler back in college.

“Would you like to do a wife swap?” Edi teased, sliding his hand around Mel’s hip and cupping her cheeks. “Coz I’ll take Selena anytime,” he said, nodding to a pretty, slender light brown Latina, who was also amongst the group.

Selena was hot. She was dressed in a tiny, python skin, 2 piece thong bikini. She had just had a dip in the pool, and the material was plastered to her skin. The bra was cupping her gorgeous c-cup tits and the gusset was stretched tightly around a thick mound between her juicy, silky brown thighs.

“Yeah, lets get into some wife swapping. You swap me your wife and take photos whilst I put in work for the both of us. Don’t even trip son, I’ll take care o bizz!” Henry said in dirty voice, sliding his arm proudly around Selena as they all laughed.

“Listen Edi, we need some more drinks.”

“Fuck Mel, didn’t I say we should get more and you were like, “No, that’s enough.” Edi scowled.

“I didn’t know people were gonna be drinking so much beer,” Mel pouted.

“Its because ol’ Tevin brought the Parachute Squad along,” Henry said.

“The Parachute Squad?”

“Yeah, that bunch o lazy motherfuckers over there,” Andy, one of the guys pointed to a group of five young guys, who were gathered around the grill, eating meat and drinking beer like it was their party. “Its like they got parachutes, yunno. They always land at a party out of the blue. Then they fucking drink all the beer, eat up all the food and hit on people’s wives. Man I should go and tell them parasites to get lost.”

“No! Leave them,” Mel giggled. “I mean, they are fun…”

“Yeah right, you had them gathered all around you and you kütahya escort were telling them your dirty stories, right?” Edi snickered and gave her ass a pinch and a slap.

“At least they make a lady compliments. You gonna go get them drinks, Edi? Aint you too stoned to drive? I don’t want you crashing.”

“No. I only had a joint and two glasses of that weak ass punch.”

“Well, whilst you get the beer, here’s a lil shopping list…” Mel pulled a note out of the back of her pants.

“Yeah fuck! Go get the beer, and suddenly it’s a gang of shit!” he snickered and the guys laughed as he looked at it. “Damn Mel, this is all shit I said we should get and you were like no…”

“Pssst. I love you baby!” Mel said and silenced him with a kiss, then she rubbed her ass against him. “Now hurry up, and mama will make it worth your while.” All the guys hooted as she walked away with a swing to her gorgeous ass.

“So, who is coming along with me?”

“I will, Edi, as long as you don’t drive too fast” Selena said, with a sweet Southern American accent. Henry frowned.

“Cool,” Edi said, taking her hand. “Henry, you watch over my wife whilst I roll wit Sel…” Edi chuckled as he led Selena off.

“Hey Selena, at least put some shit over that monkey ass,” Henry shouted after her and she gave him the finger, grinning. Selena picked up a cloth and she wrapped it around her waist, then she and Edi disappeared around the corner. A minute later, his truck drove out of the gate.

Meanwhile, the so called Parachute squad, five young black and Latino guys were giggling mischievously to themselves as Timz, one of them, poured some clear liquid into a bowl of punch.

“That shit’ll get the pussies wet and the dicks hard, I put that on my homies!” he laughed dirtily.

“Fuck Timz, you been lacing the punch all afternoon and I aint seen nothing even resembling an orgy yet!” one of his mates complained.

“Use your eyes, fool. Don’t you see how all the bitches are rubbing their legs like crickets. I swear, before the night is over, everybody will be fucking everybody else up in this bitch!”

“Yeah, right, with the kids around and shit!”

“Wait till the kids go to bed, you’ll see,” Timz promised his mates. “I been doing this shit for years, fool.”

Meanwhile, the guys at the pool were onto the next blunt when Mel came over.

“Hen, call you give us a hand please, I need to get some more coal out of the tool shed?” Mel asked sweetly, and took two puffs from a joint.

Then she led Henry around the house, over to the shed. In her high heeled sandals, Mel was almost a head taller than him, though he was almost twice her width. He walked behind her, his stoned eyes glued to her swinging ass cheeks. He was ogling her with lustful eyes and smiling silly.

They entered the shed. It was dark. Mel hit the switch and the light blinded them for a second. The room was filled with pool cleaning and garden tools and a bunch of chemicals.

“The bags of coal are over there,” Mel pointed to a high shelf.

“Damn Mel! Are you stupid or what?” Henry chuckled. “The shit is a mile high and you get the shortest guy at the whole party to get it.”

“Fuck…” Mel giggled drunkenly. “Guess you are gonna have to climb on one of them chairs over there,” she pointed to a set of plastic chairs.

“Yeah right! And fall down and dislocate my shoulder. Girl, I am almost 200 pounds. Lemme go get one of them Parachute boys.”

“Shit! Listen, you are a strong man. Use them muscles Hen. Lift me up and I’ll yank them bags down.”

The two of them walked to the shelf. Henry interlaced his fingers and bent his knees. Mel slid off her sandals and put a dainty foot onto his hands. She held on to Henry’s shoulders and he slowly hoisted her. Her thick breasts brushed past his face and Henry couldn’t suppress a gasp. He raised her higher and was looking straight into the fat pussy cupped in her hipster bottoms as she reached for the bags. She grabbed two and pulled them down, dropping them on the floor. One of them burst open, spilling rocks of coal.

“Oh shit! Edi’ll be pissed. He loves his shed. Alright, that’s it…”

As Henry let her down, Mel tottered. She threw her arms around him and he held her firmly, pulling her close as he slowly lowered her. Her tits rubbed against his head and one of her bra cups slid off, revealing the creamy orb and a thick, engorged nipple.

“Damn Mel! Sorry to get you all excited…” Henry chuckled, his voice thick as his eyes were glued to her tits.

Mel giggled drunkenly and slowly pulled her bra back into place.

“No. It wasn’t you, they’re always like that. But I see I got you all excited. What would Sel say to that?” she nodded at his pants. Henry had a big, pronounced tent in his loose shorts.

“Fuck!” he blushed and smiled stupidly. “I guess its seeing all these hot women running around half naked all day.”

“Shit! And I thought it was me…” Mel chuckled malatya escort and patted his arm playfully.

“Listen, why don’t you go back and I will bring the bags in a few…”

“What you wanna do?”

“Think I can go out like this in front of the kids and all the people!”

“What!” Mel giggled incredulously. “You wanna beat you meat?”

“Yeah! What you think genius. Unless you wanna help a brother out, that is…” He smiled naughtily at her, and his eyes held hers.

Mel fidgeted on her feet, and smiled back drunkenly. She knew that she should get out of there immediately. But she had been feeling unbelievably horny for the last couple of hours. Her pussy was dripping wet, her clit was itchy and her nipples were aching. She suddenly regretted having sent Edi away. She would have dragged him into the bedroom for a quickie, or more.

“I cant. I mean Edi and Sel would murder my ass. Besides…” her voice trailed off, as her hips shuddered and her eyes smoldered with lust. Henry’s dark face lit up with lust.

“Well Mel, either get the fuck out right now and lemme start a self help project, or do something about it,” Henry said, stroking the bulge in his pants.

He knew he shouldn’t be going out like this, in front of his best friend’s wife, but he was hornier that he could ever remember. He was overcome by an incensing, wild, carnal lust, and the man needed to cumm in a hurry. The drug from the Parachute Squad was making them both succumb to their carnal lusts very easily. And Mel was still standing there…

“Maybe you could give me a hand job. I mean, its bad, but it aint really, really cheating,” his stoned, drunk, drugged eyes leered at her.

“Well,” Mel thought about, wiping the hair back and licking her lips. Her mind screamed at her to get out of there, rush into the house and frig her itchy clit, but her legs stayed rooted to the spot. “I suppose it aint.” She sighed finally.

“No it aint,” Henry rasped and dropped his pants. A long, thick cock, darker than the rest of his body, was dangling between his thighs.

He put his powerful hand on her shoulder, and pulled Mel close. She dropped to her haunches and found herself face to face with his thick, turgid, rearing cock.

“Gees! What the fuck am I doing…” Mel said drunkenly, her vision filled by Henry’s cock. As if on remote control, she slid her palms around him and raised his throbbing, cut dick. Henry groaned. Automatically, she double fisted his long, throbbing cock, squeezing and wanking it to full hardness. In the six years she had been together with Edi, this was the first time she had ever palmed another man’s dick. Part of her mind screeched, but she could not stop.

Henry gasped. He was pissed at Mel. He thought she had had this planned all along, that she had lured him into the tool shed to suck him whilst her man, his best friend was gone for a sec. He knew he shouldn’t be doing this, but his hormones were running wild with him. As Mel’s hands worked magic on his turgid cock, all other thoughts were obliterated from his mind. He only wanted one thing now, to cumm all over his man’s beautiful wife’s face. His dick was immediately rock hard and pointed at her pretty, glossy, pink lips

“Gosh!” Mel gasped, his excitement being transmitted to her through his cock. She slid her palm around his thick dickhead and screwed it around, twisting it like a door knob.

“Fuck Mel, that’s good baby….” Henry grunted like an animal. Suddenly, his hand snaked out and he grabbed a handful of wet red hair. He pulled her face to his cock. Mel resisted but did not pull away.

“Come on Mel. Please! Please baby. Just suck me… Please..”

She looked into his eyes, shaking her head…

“No Henry. I cant,” she gasped, feeling the juices flow into her pussy. “I shouldn’t.”

He stepped closer, grabbing her head in both of his powerful hands. She was hypnotized as Henry rubbed her face all over his dick. She shivered at the touch of his hot, pulsating, spongy dick and sharp thrills rippling through her body. Then he pushed it at her mouth, rubbing it back and forth across her lips. Mel gasped through her nose, trying to keep her mouth closed. The musky scent of his dick filled her nostrils making her mouth drool.

“Mel, stop acting up. This is what you wanted isn’t it?” he gasped, frustrated and horny.

She was shocked by the realization that he thought she had planned to seduce him. She opened her mouth and tried to say something, then Henry pushed his big, bulbous head in. His powerful arms held her down and he shoved his cock in all the way, filling her mouth with hard, throbbing cock.

Mel was unprepared for the wild arousal that whooshed over her. She knew she should not be doing this. If someone was to walk in through that door that would cause such a scandal. Hearts would be broken, and maybe two happy families.

However, her mouth started working on his cock automatically. She soon found herself manisa escort sucking him greedily, noisily, wanking his cock feverishly, pulling more and more of his length into her mouth. She ran her tongue around him, slurping and smacking her lips wetly, groaning wildly with animal desire. Her head bobbed feverishly up and down, her lips riding his big cock.

Henry went wild. He worked her head back and forth as he stuffed his dick into her mouth, feeling itz swell harder and grow burning hot.

“Ah-h-h-h-h-h!” Henry gasped as he tried to stuff it down her throat. Mel swallowed him down.

As she fucked him with her throat, her itching pussy screamed out at her. She spat his cock out and shot to her feet, towering a good two inches over him, her eyes blazing lustfully into his.

“Ohhhh!” Henry groaned, disappointed, as his excited cock reared in her palm. .

Mel pushed him back and trapped his wide body against the wall. Her hungry lips closed over his and she sucked on brown his lips voraciously. They were like feverish, wild animals, overpowered by carnal lust. Her tits pressed into his chest and her hips grinded feverishly against his cock. Henry mauled her thick ass cheeks, sinking his powerful fingers into them. Mel moaned into his mouth.

Suddenly, he hooked his fingers into her hipster panties and pulled them down. Mel kicked them off and spread her thighs, holding on to his powerful shoulders. He positioned his hard cock at her dripping opening. Being taller, she fucked her throbbing cunt down on his, engulfing his length. Henry leaned against the wall and chewed on her thick nipples as Mel fucked her cunt on his cock vigorously, seeking to relieve the tortuous itch in her clit. She rose and descended on his dick, her movements fast and purposeful. She came almost immediately. A shattering explosion ripped through her cunt, overpowering her and making her knees weak.

Henry turned her around and positioned her against the wall. He pressed his body into hers and pulled up a thigh as he fucked her hard, slamming his cock into her dripping cunt. He pulled it out and hammered it back into her slit repeatedly.

They were like dogs in heat, fucking frenziedly and fighting hard to stifle their groans and grunts. Mel was cumming all over his dick continuously, her hips jerking and shuddering mightily. She bit on her tongue as she raised her legs and wrapped them around the former wrestlers hips. Henry drove his cock deep into her moist depths and fucked her hard. His long, thick cock filled her up and kept cumming.

As he stiffened and started gasping, his face turning into a ferocious mask and his cock becoming hard as a rock, her alarm bells rung shrilly. She jumped down and pushed him against the wall, then she sank down before him and engulfed his swollen member into her mouth.

Mel cupped his balls, squeezing and rolling them, as her other hand wanked his dick ferociously whilst she sucked hard on his dick head. Within a minute, his balls were contracting and jumping in her palm and his cock swelled up enormously, threatening to burst her lips.

Then suddenly, Henry was wheezing loudly through his teeth, his face twisted in a snarl. His cock leapt and his balls exploded. Mel pulled back but he grabbed her head and held her mouth on his cock as he spurted one jet of thick cumm after another into her mouth. She drank down the torrents of thick salty cream that he poured into her mouth greedily. Henry kept cumming and Mel kept drinking.

Finally, he released her head and his spent cock slipped out of her mouth. He leaned weakly against the wall, gasping, as Mel wiped her messy chin.

“Fuck!” he groaned, pulling his pants up hastily and tucking his deflated cock away. He cast Mel a baleful look, as she knelt there, wiping her mouth.

“You could at least say thank you!” Mel growled, suddenly feeling very pissed off at herself and at Henry.

“Fuck Mel! This was really fucked up of you. To lure me here for this shit! Edi is my best fucking friend, and you pull this shit with me!” he growled angrily.

“Fuck you Henry!” Mel flared, leaping to her feet. “It was you who caught a fucking stiff!” She hastily grabbed her hipster shorts and pulled them up.

“Yeah right, that’s why you chose me, the shortest guy to come do help get that shit from way up there, huh! This is typical of bitches. You jealous of my friendship with Edi. Is that it?”

“Oh fuck!!!” Mel moaned, stomping her foot in frustration. “How the fuck am I gonna tell this to Edi!”

“Are you stupid! That nigger ‘ll run wild! You wanna turn this shit into a tragedy, with dead bodies lying around and shit?”

“I cant keep this from him!” Mel moaned, shaking nervously. She looked like she was about to burst into tears. “I don’t know what came over me!!!”

“Fuck Mel. Keep your mouth shut! I love my wife and my kids. Don’t you fucking ruin my shit just coz you got horny! Running around half naked and shit!”

“Me half naked! Your bitch is running around in a thong bikini, asshole!” she blazed at him, then she stomped her foot again. “Fuck Hen, could you please stop thinking about yourself for a change. Edi is your best friend! And Sel is my friend. Oh Lord,” Mel’s eyes filled up with tears. She was obviously in a serious emotional turmoil.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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