Paradise Lost

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“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked. I bit my lower lip and nodded. There was no going back now – and I was desperate to feel him inside me.


The summer when I lost my virginity, my parents and I lived in a big house in the country. Rolling green fields surrounded it, daffodils scattered profligately through them. We had moved there just before Christmas last year: my father made the transition from critically acclaimed novelist to commercially successful writer with an immense bank account. He was about to head off on a book tour, promoting his new novel, Deeper Darkness. He’d spend the summer touring the country while my mum and I echoed about our new house – perhaps finishing the decorating. What a treat that would be.

The morning he left, I kissed him goodbye at the door and Mum drove him to the airport. I wandered through to the kitchen, looking for some breakfast – it was eleven o’clock, but I stayed up and woke late during the holidays. The decorator called a greeting to me: “Hey kid. We’re painting the dining room today, so we’ll be tracking in and out through the hall most of the morning.” He was a big, well-built man, rough stubble on his craggy face, tatty white T-shirt almost split by his broad chest. And the way his jeans hugged his ass! Wow.

I thanked him, blushing, and grabbed a banana from the kitchen heading back to my room. I listened to some music and watched some television before heading out to meet my friends at the pub.

A week later, during lunch, my Mum told me my cousin would be joining us for the summer. “Milton? Great! I haven’t seen him for over a year.”

He was at Sheffield University. His parents- his father was my Mum’s brother- had moved to the south of France. Milton was paying his own way through university, as much as he could anyway, and needed to work over the summer. He had got a job with a hotel that would put him up, but it didn’t start for another month, so he’d stay here in the interim. He and I and grown up together, although he was a year older than I, until his parents moved away when he was ten and I nine.

Milton arrived the next day. He had changed a lot since the last time I had seen him, lost the last of his puppy fat, changed his hairstyle, grown more confident. My mum had picked him up at the bus station and as she got out of the car, he strode up to me, bag over his shoulder, smiling a dazzling white smile. He swept me up in a great hug and said, “Hey Coz, great to see you again.” I hugged him back and we all went inside the house.

At dinner that night, Mum sprung a surprise on us: “Milton, now you’re here, I thought I might join Daniel on his tour, for a while at least.”

I protested, “Mum, I’m eighteen for Christ’s sake! If you wanted to go see Dad you could of left me alone.”

“Sorry Sarah, I just feel more comfortable with Milton here, when the decorators are around.” She raised a hand, stilling the protest on my lips, “I know, I know, it’s silly, but we can’t alter the way we feel.” She smiled at Milton. “I hope you don’t mind me leaving you so soon, but I can catch a train direct to Glasgow tomorrow morning in time to surprise Daniel in Waterstone’s. He’s doing a late night reading there.”

Milton told her it was no problem. We spent the rest of the meal talking about his first year at university and about me going in the autumn. Later we all watched television together. Mum and Milton headed off early, Milton tired after his journey, Mum wanting to be up early for her trip. I watched a crappy horror film and got to bed around two am. I set my alarm clock for six so I could be up to see Mum off.

The alarm shrieked through a dream where, for no discernible reason, some of my girlfriends and myself tried to solve a jigsaw puzzle in the nude. Head fuzzy and wearing only a T-shirt and a pair of white cotton panties I went downstairs.

Milton and my mum were finishing a pot of coffee and some toast when I walked into the kitchen. The said morning, Mum smiling at my messy demeanour, Milton avoiding looking at me. Shortly, we walked out to the car. I stood on the doormat, the concrete slabs being to cold for my feet. Mum got in the car and Milton put her suitcase in the boot. He gawked at me for a moment, before he got in, buckling his seat belt as Mum drove off waving. I waved back then looked at the ground, waggling my toes. I began to blush – my nipples were rock hard and huge, jutting out of the T-shirt distinctly. I went back to bed, but couldn’t sleep.

I lay thinking about the rugged decorator, wondering what his callused hands kartal escort would feel like on my breasts, imagining what his cock would look like. The duvet was wrapped around me, caressing every millimetre of skin not covered by my clothes. I slipped a finger inside my cotton panties and found myself completely soaking. I rubbed myself until I came, moments later. Satisfied, I drifted into an uneasy sleep, until Milton returning with the car awoke me. I got up, showered and dressed, smiling shyly as I said hello to the decorator who was redoing the artexing in the dining room.

Milton and I had dinner together then sat down to watch a movie called Y Tu Mama Tambien. It was a Mexican road movie, with some rather hot sex scenes. I could feel a damp heat inside my panties that I looked forward to satisfying when the movie ended. Then during one scene where a handsome, far younger man fucked the lead actress in her car, I saw Milton fidgeting and looked over. An immense bulge, which he was trying to conceal, distorted the front of his trousers. He saw me looking and moved his hands away in a blur. He pointedly stared at the movie and I looked away, but I kept glancing back. Gradually his erection subsided, and we watched to the end of the film in quiet. He got up, muttered “G’night” and walked quickly off. I took the DVD out of the player and put it in its case, then headed off to my room to masturbate.

On route, I passed the main bathroom. I could hear Milton inside, moaning and grunting, and a fast slapping sound. The slapping got faster and faster and Milton began to groan louder. As he gasped climactically, I crept away to my room. My cunt was dripping, and I came almost the instant I brushed a finger against my clit.

The next morning, Milton met me on the stairs and asked to have a word with me.

“Look Sarah, I know you saw me, uh, aroused last night. I just want to say, um, I wasn’t, you know, perving at you. It’s just the movie was pretty arousing and, well, I haven’t seen my girlfriend in a couple of months. So I’m sorry. Alright?”

He was blushing, really embarrassed, and his frankness had embarrassed me. I told him it was fine and he left the room. As he did, I found myself watching his firm ass rolling in his tight jeans, watched how the muscles in his torso rode under his shirt.

I walked back towards my room. The decorator stopped me to tell me he’d be finishing early today – he had a christening to attend. I said it was fine and he smiled roguishly at me. I headed up the stairs, but still heard him say to his fat, balding assistant: “God, have you seen the tits on her? I bet her cunt’s tighter than an Aberdonian.” Suddenly I was glad Mum had not gone until Milton was here.

The trouble is, I’m a virgin. Hard to believe at eighteen years old. Most of my friends had done it for the first time at sixteen or younger, but I had wanted to wait for “that special someone”. When I had grown out of those mawkishly romantic years, everyone had seemed so experienced. My friends would talk about how well endowed their boyfriends were, about what techniques they used, how many blowjobs they had given, those sort of things. I usually stayed quiet, sometimes making up a few things. But I was worried – how could I sleep with some guy when the next day he’d go around telling people how rubbish I was in bed? So I stayed a virgin. I was planning to lose it when I went to university. But now…

At lunch, Milton told me he was going to sunbathe beside our pool, and went up to his room to change into shorts. My mother’s bedroom looked out onto the pool and I watched him laying on the sun-lounger. He wasn’t muscled like the builder, had less rough, slab muscle and more smooth tone. I changed into my two-piece bikini, went out and lay next to him. “Mind if I join you?”

He coughed. “Not at all.” He rolled onto his front and turned his head to face me. We talked for a while until I built up the courage to ask: “I want to get a nice even tan – do you mind if I take my top off?”

He blushed and stammered, finally managing to get out, “Uh… sure, I’ll just look the other way.”

“Oh don’t worry about that.” I reached behind me and undid the string holding my bikini top on. Milton looked away but kept looking back against his will. I pulled the top off, letting my heavy breasts tumble out. I lay back and ran my left hand down my left breast, feeling the mild hardness of my nipple – I was already slightly aroused. I rested my hand on the fabric covering my little pussy and we were quiet for a while.

Milton lay on his front still, kartal otele gelen escort sometimes looking away from me, more often than not staring at my breasts. His gaze aroused me further until my nipples were fully hard, large and erect on my chest. When I saw him surreptitiously adjusting his cock again, I knew I had him.

“Better turn over or you’re going to burn,” I said.

“Uh, no. No, I’m fine, I don’t burn.”

I was prepared for this. “Better put some sun-block on, then.” I picked up the bottle beside me and he reached out to take it. I pretended not to see and straddled him on the sun-lounger, sitting on his firm ass. I smeared the sun lotion on his lower back, rubbing in slow, large circles. I moved up his body, leaning over him and gently smearing more and more lotion on him, until my heavy breasts were swinging against him, scratching his skin with my nipples. He groaned involuntarily. I was lying on top of my cousin now, my naked breasts squashed between our bodies, and I gently flicked his ear with my tongue. He jumped, and I took advantage of his shock to leap of his back and spin him over. I sat back down and felt his steel-hard cock pressing against the cleft of my buttocks. I was completely aroused now. I wondered if he could feel the juice of my pussy through the bikini bottoms.

“Listen Milton. I find you really attractive, and judging by your cock, you find me attractive. You’re missing your girlfriend, and I want to lose my virginity to someone who won’t be able to boast about it.”

He tried to say something but couldn’t. I got off him and slipped my bikini bottoms down. His gaze was fixed on the pussy I had shaved that morning. My pale labia were covered only with a dusting of straw blonde hair. Milton looked up at me and I could see the desire boiling in his eyes. “Let’s go into the house,” he said.

I picked up my bikini and we walked to my room – thankfully the decorator had left by then. There, Milton tore off his shorts finally revealing the long, thick cock that I had previously only seen swaddled in cloth. I moaned.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked. I bit my lower lip and nodded. There was no going back now – and I was desperate to feel him inside me.

“But guide me – tell me what to do…”

Milton smiled, “This first time, let’s just enjoy ourselves – I can give you lessons later.”

“What makes you think there’ll be a later?”

He smiled: “You seduced me, remember? You seem quite keen.”

Then he kissed me, just lips at first, but gradually his tongue insinuated itself into my mouth. This I had done before, and I kissed him back eagerly. His mouth tasted cool, of mint. Then his hands went to my breasts. They rubbed the heavy swell of the underneath at first. It felt incredible, but my pleasure grew even greater when his fingers closed on my nipples. I gasped sharply, even with his tongue in my mouth. He broke our kiss and smiled at me – “This really is your first time, isn’t it?” I nodded. “I thought maybe you were just saying it to get me horny. Well wait ’til you feel this…” His hands circled behind me and cupped my buttocks, which was nice, but it was nothing to the feel of his mouth and tongue on my left breast. Then his right hand left the ass cheek it had been kneading and began to caress the outer lips of my pussy. “You’re so wet,” he said.

His attentions to my cunt were driving me crazy – his hand felt even better than mine did down there. But I felt he deserved something, so I reached down and found his cock with my hand. It felt fantastic – hard and yet soft, warm and huge – I could only imagine how it would feel inside of me. It was his turn to moan now. “Stroke me,” he said. I did, too roughly at first and he corrected me, but gradually I found the right rhythm. He stopped me and his tongue left my breasts. My moans changed from excitement to disappointment, but quickly back to excitement when I felt his tongue brush my clit. Kneeling in front of me, he pushed me backwards until my knees hit my bed and buckled, spilling me back onto it and presenting my pussy to him.

He tongued me for a while more, my groaning increasing, until I came. Then he moved over me, kissing his way up my body until his lips found mine again and I could taste my sweet and potent liquid arousal. My cousin – my cousin! – looked down between our bodies and guided his cock between the lips of my cunt. He just looked at me and I nodded. As he plunged into me, breaking through my hymen, he bit my nipple, the sharp pain there distracting kartal eve gelen escort me from the brittle snap between my legs. When his cock was as far in as it could go he paused, letting me enjoy the incredibly satisfying feeling of a cock in my pussy. It was huge inside me, daunting and arousing at the same time. It felt right and I could feel myself beginning to come again. “My god, you’re so tight,” he sighed.

“You feel incredible,” I replied, kissing him swiftly. He began to thrust then, slowly at first and I came almost instantly. He knew somehow, perhaps felt the muscular contractions of my pussy lips, and smiled at me. He sped up his thrusts, and I began to slam my hips against his, until we both came in a groaning, thrashing cacophony of moans. He collapsed on top of me and lay there, both of us breathing deeply. I felt him softening inside me, and I could feel a warm trickle, which I realised must be his come, seeping out of me. We slept for a while.

I woke up first, Milton’s hand on my breast and his cock nuzzling my ass. I rolled him off his side and onto his back and moved between his legs. I thought about the stories my girlfriends had told me and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked on him and rubbed my tongue over his foreskin – he woke up and moaned, “Oh Sarah.”

I let his cock slip out of me, lubricated with my spit and smiled. Then I swallowed it again. It grew quickly inside me, as Milton’s moans did in my ears. When he was fully hard, an idea came to me and I jumped off him and went to my desk. He grunted peevishly and said, “Hey,” then, “What’s that for?” when he saw the ruler in my hand.

“Well,” I said, “When I tell my friends I had great sex with a hot college friend of my cousin’s, they’ll want to know all about him.” I pressed the cold wood against his cock and looked at the scale. “Nine inches.” I threw the ruler away and sucked my cousin dry.

After, he told me I was a natural and went to start licking my pussy again. I stopped him reluctantly. “I’ve arranged to meet my friends in the pub. But I want you here, just like this, when I return.”

When I got back from the pub he was waiting, naked in my bed, his cock rock-hard and straining towards me. I caressed it fondly and began stripping saying, “My girlfriends are all insanely jealous of my new toy…” We spent the night fucking.

I woke up late in the morning, Milton not beside me, a man and a woman grunting in my parents’ room. I was nude, so I put on a dressing gown and crept through to the room to investigate. I slipped the door open to see my mother riding some man. “Milton,” I thought, disgusted and betrayed at the thought of my well-hung cousin fucking me and then my mother within twenty-four hours. What the hell did he think we were: common sluts for his pleasure. I slammed the light switch and shouted, “What the fuck is going on?”

My mom cursed and rolled of the man she was riding, revealing the decorator. “Mum?” She screamed at me to get out of the room and I did. Before I did, I sneaked a peak at the decorator’s cock, which I had been coveting before I had enjoyed my well-hung cousin. The decorator had a tiny little prick, a few inches long and thin. “She should have tried Milton,” I thought.

Walking down the stairs I could hear the decorator pleading with my mother to finish him off and her refusing. She found me in the kitchen and told me how her train had been late, so she’d gone straight to Dad’s hotel and talked the clerk into giving her a key to the room. She had lain in bed waiting for him – she didn’t say it, but I thought she had probably been naked beneath the sheets – and he had brought some twenty-year old with perky tits back to the room. I hugged her, not sure what to feel and told her to go to the living room and I’d make some tea.

Milton came in shortly with a bag from the village shop. He walked up to me and reached through the dressing gown, his hand unerringly finding my nipple and tweaking it: “How about breakfast in bed, darling cousin?”

I shushed him quickly, though my mother didn’t say anything later, so I assume she hadn’t heard. I explained that she was back and that she had stormed out of Dad’s hotel when she found him cheating on her. “She must have got in by train this morning and taken a taxi home,” I whispered. “She fucked the decorator as revenge.” I cupped his cock through his jeans, feeling it respond. “He’s not as big as you, though.”

He smiled. “I guess this means the end of our little romance.”

I pulled him towards me and kissed him, fast and brutal, giving his cock a sharp pinch.

“No, my cousin,” I said. “It means we have to be more careful…”

– The End –

Kinky Rachel welcomes any feedback (positive or negative) to the address in my profile, but any hate mail please send to George Bush care of the White House (not for much longer I hope).

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