Paradisio Pt. 03: Revelation

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The ocean waves lapped lazily in the evening breeze, endlessly forming shallow ridges of sand only to wash them away again, mere moments after their creation. Adam sat in the sand, a white shirt loosely draped over his shoulder. His pair of short khaki trousers were fast becoming rather uncomfortable due to the amount of sand accumulated within. Adam had been sitting there for a long time, probably several hours, judging by the fact that the sun was slowly beginning to set, the horizon beyond the jungle trees adopting a vivid red hue as the air began to cool. Across the seemingly endless ocean the sky was already beginning to dip towards shades of purple and blue, with the first sparkling stars just barely visible.

After leaving the villa, barely clothed and still barefooted, Adam had wandered for a short while. His lack of shoes had discouraged entering the thick jungle, so he hadn’t dared wander much, only as far as to be barely out of sight of that villa, and of the girl he had left behind there. Was she standing there, in the living room, Adam wondered. Would she just wait, like a servant or a slave, until Adam returned and used her? Or was she using him? Adam wasn’t quite sure, his thoughts simply would not stay on track, and instead would wander between his realities back home, the twisted paradise on earth that this island seemed to be and the confused feelings of uncertainty and doubt. Fragmented recollections of his own past melted together with wildly varying ideas of his future, all of which seemed bleak in one way or another. Anything and everything seemed bleak compared to the idea of staying here forever.

How easy his life could be now, had he simply been kidnapped, tortured and then ransomed back home, and how ridiculous and wrong it all seemed to Adam, when he realized that he had never actually planned, not with any degree of seriousness at least, on this resort being anything like the tropical paradise it was. Adam lowered his head into his hands and rubbed his face. He could still smell the heady cocktail of fruits mixed up with the scents of sweat and other things he did not wish to dwell on at the time.

A loud bang and a flash of light startled Adam, prompting him to scamper to his feet and turn to face the source of the sound. The noise was followed by sounds of distant cheering, shouting and finally it’s echoes were drowned out by some sort of music, the beat of which was barely distinguishable through the thick jungle that separated Adam from the source. Not quite sure what he expected to find, Adam stood up, brushed sand off of his clothes, and began to walk towards the source of the celebration and fireworks.

Adam picked his footsteps carefully as the setting sun provided little illumination even this close to the edge of the jungle. He had not felt comfortable with the idea of just walking on the beach, though he wasn’t entirely sure why, so he had opted to enter the jungle despite his lack of footwear. Fortunately it seemed that, at least close to the beaches, the resort staff enacted some sort of clearing of the undergrowth of the island, as Adam had little trouble finding small paths and clear, safe-looking spots to place his feet on.

As he had advanced, the sounds of music and celebrating voices grew louder with every footstep. Soon he had climbed up to a small ridge, covered with tall reeds and grasses that enveloped the trunks of the slender palm trees. As the sounds now seemed to be coming from just beyond, Adam instinctively crouched down and parted the leaves of the tall long-leaved fronds in front of him. Beyond, he saw a villa much like his own, except quite a bit more lively. There were dozens of people down below, some lounging atop the terrace or in the jacuzzi, stark silhouettes of men and women against the blazing fire pits and flashing neon lights below, while the majority were bunched in and around the large pool. A sound system, evidently inside the villa, was blasting some fast, upbeat, electronic music with a high-pitched female voice delivering autotune-filtered vocals in some east-asian dialect Adam did not recognize. However, the music was almost drowned out by the whooping, cheering and moaning that emanated from the partygoers as they reveled and enjoyed themselves. Several servants, dressed in the white suits of resort staff members, carried around silver trays piled full of instruments Adam could not identify at this distance, but the way they were implemented left little for Adam’s imagination. Each member of the eager and male-dominated crowd below were being offered a drink, a snort or an injection by the servants, and each responded to these stimulants in ways varying from excited dancing to animalistic howling.

Adam observed a large asian-looking man injecting himself with something, shivering and shaking for a moment, flexing himself and smiling an insane smile, before finally responding to the substance by leaping into the pool as niğde escort if his hair were on fire. Once in the water he almost violently tore off his swimming trunks and grabbed at one of the young scantily clad girls in the pool. He tore off her bikini and proceeded to pleasure himself with her all the while hooting and laughing. The girl seemed to be ecstatic, howling with pleasure as her body was violated with little warning, waving her arms and legs so that the water in the pool splashed the giggling crowd around them. Adam believed her to be drugged up too judging by her wild behavior. Random acts of sexuality were taking place all around the villa, leaving behind men and women, spent and panting, only for them to stand up a moment later, ready for more.

Soon Adam saw a large black man near the jacuzzi being injected in the groin with some sort of syringe, soon after which he let loose a howl like that of a wolf, stomped up to the jacuzzi, in which several blonde women were laughing and joking, and proceeded to ejaculate onto them without any physical stimulation whatsoever. The women seemed to respond to being showered with semen by enjoying instant, almost violent orgasms, as the stimulants, that likely coursed in their veins, worked their sense-altering magic. They all seemed mindless and carefree. In the eyes of any common man they would have seemed insane. Through his hesitation and worry, Adam felt an unexpected tinge of jealousy.

Atop it all, barely visible amidst the myriad flickering CCTV monitors that surrounded him, sat a thin asian man sucking furiously on a lit cigarette, a haze of smoke curling around his head. He wore a pair of black-rimmed glasses, had covered his ears with a pair of heavy headphones, and had only partially unbuttoned his suit jacket. He did not directly observe the proceedings of the party, instead he merely observed them through the monitors, his left hand nimbly adjusting the video feeds, while his right hand was occupied with the act of furious masturbation as the used tissues piled up at his feet. Adam felt sickened by this man, somehow, yet considering what he had been doing earlier that very day, he didn’t feel like he was that much better off.

As he ignored the lonesome man in his cubicle of monitors, and instead observed the drugged-up sex-beasts that preyed on one another’s pleasures around the villa, Adam found himself increasingly stimulated, despite his discomfort with the idea of mind-altering drugs. His previously loose pants felt uncomfortably tight as his body responded to the provided stimuli in the only natural way: by rushing blood to his groin and flooding his mind with ideas of participating in the orgy below. Adam stood up, his hand slowly rubbing the shaft of his member through the fabric of his pants without him even fully realizing it, and took a step through the haze of his mind, towards the villa.

“Mr Adam, please halt.”

Adam swallowed hard and stumbled, as the stern voice from his side caught him completely by surprise. Adam took several steps back, allowing the foliage to block his view of the villa once more, and turned to face the source of the voice; a very familiar-looking resort assistant in a spotless white suit. The assistant stepped a little closer to Adam, while maintaining a respectful distance. Adam was painfully aware of how he must seem to this man, how his loose pants miserably failed to cover up his manhood’s excited state and how his faster heartbeat and breathing must have been dead giveaways of his unwelcome mental state. He must have been a pitiful sight. The white-suited assistant, however, seemed not to mind.

“Worry not, Mr Adam, I was merely requested to check up on you when you had been away from your villa for an extended period of time. Alas, regretfully, I must request you not join Mr Hishimoto’s event at this time, as he has requested complete control over the persons participating in the event. However, should you wish, I can replicate the rules of the event, with any variations you request, at your own villa.”

Adam stared at the man, blinking his eyes, slowly comprehending his words as his brain spooled down and allowed him to quell his animal instincts.

“I understand…” Adam spoke, his voice slightly shaken. “I won’t disturb the other guests, uh, sorry about that.” Adam was about to turn away, but stopped himself. “And, uh, thanks for the offer, but not this time, or at least not yet. I’ll need to think for a bit, you know, about things.”

As he finished stammering his disjointed sentence, Adam slowly turned around, almost expecting a further remark from the man, and headed back the way he came. He was barely aware of the assistant giving him a small bow before turning around as well, returning to the jungle.

On his way back Adam watched the pale sphere of the moon slowly appearing in the horizon as night fell over the island. A bird squawked ordu escort over the sea and some small creature rustled the bushes near the edge of the jungle as he passed. Adam was still not entirely sure what to do with himself, with the potentially limitless excess he had at his disposal. He felt uncomfortable that all this was being funded by his own wrongdoing, against his own wife of all people! And yet, somehow, he felt it would be wrong to waste this opportunity. The money was spent, and hell, much of it would be going to actually helping people! He had made sure there was truth to it, that the rebuilding effort was underway, that the facts added up. There should be no guilt! The services were his to use now, no restrictions, no limits. He could eat anything he willed, drink anything he willed and, most incredible of all, do anything he willed with the young, black, beauty who went by the name of Taisha. Adam huffed, his mind working to arrange the facts, to will the truth to his will.

Adam turned his gaze away from the moon, the stars and the sea, and could now see his villa propped up atop a small hill at the edge of the beach. He could see the slender silhouette of his companion in the large windows, and could almost imagine her longing expression as she waited for him. She was up there, waiting for him, and only him. She existed only to serve him now, and who was Adam to ignore such a wonderful gift, such a perfect creature that might as well have been born into this world only to fulfill his dreams. A sly smile creeped up onto Adam’s face as he began to climb up the hill towards the villa.

About fifteen minutes after returning, Adam was sitting atop his bed, fingering through the myriad menus of the touchscreen console. He made selections regarding food and drink to be prepared, for Taisha to be dressed to serve him and a selection of toys for him to try out after dinner. Things he had seen or read about online, thought about, and pushed aside in his mind, either because he was certain his wife would think them insulting or over-the-top, or because they would be straight up illegal and immoral, were now being delivered to him. No restrictions existed here, and the idea made Adam giddy with excitement.

“No going back.” he muttered to himself as he stood up and deposited the device in its charging receptacle. It was time to have dinner and enjoy himself.

Adam sat down at the dining table dressed up in a new set of clothes he had requested: a comfortable pale-blue shirt and a sand-free pair of short trousers. The time from delivery to the latino chef finishing his work and leaving the villa had been barely twenty minutes, and now Adam was being served a wide-ranging selection of finest cuts of meat, accompanied by exquisite sauces, herbs, fruits and sides, and, of course, a glass of fine wine. The carmine liquid had a taste Adam could only describe as refined, and it seemed to compliment the food perfectly. Each piece of meat was cooked to juicy perfection and only moments later Adam felt pleasantly stuffed and full of energy. The moon was slowly climbing up into the sky and Adam could see the heavy wall-mounted clock approaching nine in the evening, local time. Despite the plentiful star- and moonlight that filtered in from outside, Adam had requested a number of candles to be placed around the villa, casting the structure in a mixture of orange light and flickering shadows.

Taisha blew out a long matchstick she had been using to light the candles, and deposited the burnt-out remains of the wooden stick into a sand-filled ashtray on the coffee table as the thin curls of smoke seemed to crawl along her skin. She turned around, energetic and eager to please, the short skirt woven of lush green leaves, freshly crafted to imitate some tribal costume, waving from side to side as she moved, revealing just enough to pique one’s imagination, but never enough. Adam leaned back in his chair, content with his dinner, lazily stretching the muscles of his legs and arms, and yawned. Taisha approached the dinner table and gestured at Adam’s plate inquisitively. She wanted to know if Adam wished for more food, he realized. He was starting to get used to not speaking or being spoken to, and had begun to understand Taisha’s gestured communique rather well. Adam, however, was too distracted for food, as he gazed longingly at her decorated body.

He had requested her to be dressed traditionally, in something ‘native and wild’, something that complemented her fierce nature and wild jungle-girl -appearance. She had returned to serve him food dressed in only that strange skirt crafted out of fine twine and thin, green, elongated leaves that almost reached her knee, and from amongst which her thighs suggestively peeked as she walked, only to disappear amidst the leaves a split second later. The rest of her body had been covered not with clothes, but with intricately bound osmaniye escort patterns of string, thin as fishing line, decorated with painted wooden beads, tiny seashells and other decorations and charms. The strings criss-crossed across her chest and back, with loose sections hanging down across her belly and draping over her arms, shoulders and the sides of her breasts. A few strings had been tied around her head so that the pieces that hung loose appeared from amidst her jet-black hair like tiny snakes that rattled and glittered around her face as she moved. In addition, her face and body were also painted with equally detailed patterns of red and white dots and curved lines that hugged the form of her body, tracing every muscle and shape she had, so that she seemed like a life-size carved idol, crafted out of some dark jungle wood, yet moving with the fluidity and grace of a prowling tigress. As she moved around him, the paint on her skin seemed to emit a faint scent of exotic flowers and herbs that made Adam’s head spin.

Adam shook his head, denying Taisha’s offer for more food, then gestured upstairs. He stood up and walked out of the dining room, heading up and into the bedroom. He realized he was getting tired, probably due to jet-lag and all that, maybe stress, but not too tired, not yet. He couldn’t let a night like this go to waste. Adam walked through the darkened master bedroom and through the sliding glass door, out onto the moonlit terrace. He leaned lazily on the side of the bubbling jacuzzi, dipping his hand in the hot water, making a mental note to try the device out later. The night air was still, the ocean so calm it almost perfectly reflected the stars in the sky. Adam could hear the faint sound of leaves rustling in the jungle and the distant cry of some nocturnal bird as it traversed the jungle in search of food or shelter. As he stood there, breathing in the glorious night air, the faintest flicker of orange light emanated from behind him. Adam smiled to himself as he turned around.

Inside, past the sliding glass door and the tall windows he could see Taisha. She was dancing and swaying from side to side, leaning this way and that, exposing herself and every now and then stealing a longing glance in Adam’s direction as she moved around the room like a gracious butterfly leaping from flower to flower, except instead of imbibing nutrients she was leaving behind tiny flickering flames that painted the entire room in a fiery orange hue that contrasted the pale blue night outside. Adam snapped open the pair of buttons that held back his shirt and let the garment fall onto the polished wooden floor of the terrace, as he stepped back inside.

Taisha stopped as Adam entered, standing there amidst the dozens of flickering flames, a lit matchstick still in her upheld hand. Adam approached her and took the match, noting how long it was, estimating how long it had left to burn. With the small flame now in his hand, he began to slowly move around Taisha, taking more time than ever before to examine her body up close and in detail. He moved the lit match close to her skin, less than an inch away, and moved it around, tracing the painted shapes on her body. Her body tensed as she could sense the heat of the flame. Her dark skin shimmered and reflected the light as if it were polished wood. Her hair had been straightened out, and the longest strands now hung down to her shoulders, though most of it had been cut significantly shorter than that. Her emerald eyes, like precious gems laid upon spheres of pure white marble, peered at Adam from behind a thin veil of dark hair and glistening charms. Adam used his free hand to caress her cheek, moving the tips of his fingers slowly down to her neck, while holding the lit match, now close to burning out, up above Taisha’s chest. He moved the flame higher, up to Taisha’s nose, the flame flickering restlessly as she breathed into it. Adam’s eyes locked with hers. In his mind he was making a claim to her, owning her, dominating her. His subconscious mind recoiled at his own thoughts; something had changed in him, but the notion was shoved aside in an instant.

With a sharp exhale Adam put out the flame, blinding himself and Taisha for a second as the bright light their eyes had gotten used to disappeared into a shifting curl of smoke.

Adam’s hands moved quickly, making a grab for Taisha’s shoulders. He pushed her back, so that she fell on her back on the soft king-sized bed, the paint on her skin smearing on the covers. Adam climbed over her, positioning her so that she lay in the middle of the bed, then turned around to address the small box on the bedstand. With a bestial smile he withdrew a pair of handcuffs made of unforgiving cold steel, and moved back to Taisha. He grabbed her wrists, locking her to the bed’s metal frame with the cuffs. Taisha did not resist, though she had a distressed expression on her face, possibly due to Adam catching her by surprise in his proactiveness, or possibly just to play her role and to goad him on. Adam noticed her helpless expression and realized that it pleased him. He felt he had taken control from her, felt like he had power over her, and he liked that feeling more than he could admit to himself.

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