Parental Control Revisited

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Part One: Bad News.

“Why, mom?” I demanded in a somewhat rude and angry voice. “Why do I have to go? I have all my stuff here, and I want to stay home and enjoy it. I just bought two new games for my game machine, and I still haven’t tried them.”

“Because you are needed at your aunt’s house, Paul, that’s why. Uncle Bill can’t be there, and they need a man in the household. Your father must remain home and take care of things here by himself. You will go there and help out.”

“Aawww… mom!” I whined. I knew my mother was right; I had an obligation to attend to my share of our family’s responsibilities. I had one more argument to use, concerning my sister. “Mom,” I complained, “Kathleen kept my awake most of last night with her demands. I had to eat her pussy for a long time and then fucked her twice before she let me go to sleep, and in the morning she wanted more. I had to do her again! I’m all worn out, mom!”

My mother smiled at me, shaking her head in mock sympathy. “Poor baby, that’s just the way it is in this family. You have an enviable position. Lots of boys your age would like to have problems like these. Now, you know the problem, Paul. Your uncle went on a business trip to China to see about the factory there, and he discovered it was a disaster. Now, instead of just a week, he must stay there and straighten everything out. Your uncle won’t be back for more than a month. You need to live wiht Aunt Mary at Uncle Bill’s house until he returns.”

“Yes, mom.” I liked my room. My parents were very indulgent and I had every item in it a boy would want, although at age eighteen, I would not be a boy much longer. Now I had to live in someone else’s house for a month, or even longer. I had enjoyed myself there on past visits. My two cousins were real cute babes, and we were free to do as we pleased, now I wanted to stay home.

I was still acting sullen as my mother drove me over to my aunt’s house. My mom attempted to cheer me up with some idle chatter, but I acted immature and silly and just sat there silently, forcing my face to look grim. I had packed up not only clothes, but also my video games and player, books, and other junk. I had decided not to even call my mom while I was away as a petty revenge to get back at her for making me do this. We pulled into my aunt’s driveway.

“Now, Paul, I want you to straighten up and stop acting like a baby,” my mother cautioned. Aunt Mary is a fine lady and your two cousins are very nice too. I think that you will have a wonderful time here.”

“Yeah, right,” I mumbled sarcastically.

As my mother stepped from the car, the front door opened and my aunt came out to greet us. She was a real looker, slightly younger than my mother. It was hard to believe that she had two daughters, one my age and the other a year older.

“Eileen, you brought him today,” my aunt said to mom, acting surprised. They probably had planned this for days.

“Why wait; Bill has already been gone almost a week. I am certain that you needed Paulie here as soon as possible.” I slowly climbed out of the car, acting like a jerk, as usual. Aunt Mary smiled at me. Mom turned to me and made a face that her sister could not see. I was being warned again to shape up. To be more of a jerk, I assumed an obviously phony smile.

“I am putting you in the guest room, Paul, so you have some space of your own,” Aunt Mary said. “Why don’t you carry your things up there now and settle in while your mom and I talk. You know where it is.”

I started to carry my junk inside and mom spotted my leer; she glared at me. I ignored her and made a couple of trips, carrying everything upstairs. I knew they were talking about me by the way they kept glancing at me. I sat in my room waiting for the sound of my mom’s car starting up and leaving. When she gone, my aunt came up to my room.

“I know this is an imposition on you, Paul,” she admitted, “but your two cousins and I need to have man around, and your uncle will be away a long time.”

I tried to ignore her, but there was some enticing perfume about her. I lifted my eyes to see her smiling at me. She must have partially unbuttoned her blouse on the way upstairs, and I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra. In fact, her perception of my eyes on her body had caused her nipples to swell against the fabric, forming little nubbins for me to see.

“Susan and Tracie are at the pool,” she informed me and moved closer to the bed where I was lounging and working on my bad attitude. It was beginning already. I could feel my cock start to swell, anticipating its work would commence soon, very soon. My aunt wanted me first before her daughters arrived home.

My aunt stood next to the bed and reached down to run her fingers through my thick hair. Without knowing why, I turned my head up and kissed her wrist. I saw her shudder ever so slightly. Her face was flushed.

“It’s been so long, Paulie… too long.” She knelt down gaziantep ofise gelen escort next to the bed and rested her head against my chest. I put my arms around her and let my fingers knead her tense back and neck muscles. She sighed and began to relax. After a while she lifted her head. “Do you want to come into my room, honey?”

“Sure, Aunt Mary,” I replied; I knew why I was here. I followed her into her room. Walking behind her, I got a good view of her curvy hips swaying from side to side above her long, sexy legs. I could see her working at her buttons as she walked. By the time she was in her room, my aunt had pulled her blouse off and was letting her skirt drop to the floor. She turned to me, dressed only in flimsy panties that barely concealed the dark, thick fur of her vee. I could see how her puffy pussy lips were pushing hard against the thin fabric. Her heavy breasts and rosy areolas were giving me an ache.

Something was not only aching but also pushing hard against my shorts, and I quickly undid my jeans and pulled my briefs down to free my hard cock. Aunt Mary came over to help pull off my shirt. She must have been really horny, because she was trembling as she assisted me. She knelt down and helped me step out of my briefs. The proximity of my hard prick was just too much to resist, so she grasped it and gave it a big, wet kiss.

“I want you in me right now,” she demanded. She whipped the bed covers back and threw herself onto the sheet. “Come on, honey, fuck your aunty!” She slid her hands lasciviously across her body, cupping her breasts, fingering her nipples, and sliding a finger up and down her moist snatch.

I climbed into bed and between her open legs. She reached out for my cock with one hand and pulled it to her pussy as I moved closer. As soon as I was within range, she wrapped her long legs around me and pulled me toward her. She pressed the head of my hot dick between her labia and to her wet vaginal opening.

“Shove that big dick inside me, Paul honey; shove it deep into my pussy!” She moved her own pelvis against me, making the head slip into her slick love tunnel. “Yeah… oh, yeah; you feel so good, Paulie,” she sighed.

I pushed into her, slipping deeper and deeper into her hot cunt. She began to oscillate her hips against me, and I, in sympathetic harmony, began to grind against her pussy. She was hot; she began moving faster against me. She needed to come, really needed to come, with my cock inside her. I leaned down and began to suck on her erect nipples, taking each one, in turn, into my mouth, softly licking it and teasing it with my teeth. My aunt began to go crazy. She was thrusting her hips up against mine.

I knew she would come soon, and I kept thrusting deep into her hot box, now joining her frenzied pace. We really going at it, making the bed shake and thump as we struggled to meld our flesh together. Her fingers began to dig into my back.

“Oh… OH! OH! OH! OOOOOOHHHH!” she cried out as she shuddered underneath me. I continued to pump my cock into her wet pussy. I could feel the semen begin to boil out of me and moaned softly. I deposited a load of my hot sperm deep in her.

When my cock softened, I pulled out and cuddled her in my arms. I could feel her hot breath as she rested her head against my chest. I had not even been in the house and hour.

Part Two: More Bad News.

“Mommy,” my younger cousin Tracie cried out, “you didn’t tell us that Paul was coming to stay today!” She glanced at her mother as though betrayed.

I was sitting in the kitchen enjoying a glass of cold milk and a piece of my aunt’s specialty, dutch apple cake. Tracie had walked into the house while her older sister was unloading their swimming gear from the car. Immediately, Tracie began to hover about me until she finally pulled a chair right next to me and sat down, gazing intently at me. My aunt had warned me that they were all somewhat horny due to my Uncle Bill’s absence. She had demonstrated that immediately upon my arrival, and had promised that I would only need to take care of the girls that night. Apparently my uncle had been so busy preparing for his business trip that he had neglected some of his domestic responsibilities for almost a week.

Susan came into the kitchen next and did a repeat act of her younger sister, hovering about me and finally settling into a chair next to me opposite to her sister.

Finally, Aunt Mary spoke: “Come on, girls; let your cousin enjoy his snack. You two can entertain him after supper. Let him get his nourishment so he has the energy that he needs. Also, I want to tell you, that his room is out of bounds for everyone, even me, unless he invites you in.” The two sisters acknowledged that they understood. “Now, I have a little surprise for you. So you can be comfortable tonight, I am going to let you have the use of my room. You will gaziantep öğrenci escort have a lot of room on the big bed in there and I won’t bother you.”

Aunt Mary dropped the bomb. “And, you will all be pleased to learn, I am going to fly to China on Tuesday to join Bill. You three will be in charge here, and I want you to take this responsibility seriously.” I am sure my mom had known all about this too, but kept it from me.

Both Tracie and Susan were pleased with this good news, but I had my doubts, believing that I would have no rest at all, not only for the coming night, but also for the entire month. I finished my second helping of cake and went out to the garage to check out the lawn mower. Of course, both sisters followed me. When they realized that I was set on mowing the lawn, they became discouraged and went back into the house. My uncle had not mowed for a while and it took several passes to clear away the long grass. After I took care of a few more outside chores, I was tired and sweaty.

I decided to freshen up after my afternoon exertions and headed for the shower. Tracie wanted to help me get washed, but I politely declined her offer, and promised that later during the week we could have some fun under the spray. I had time to relax in my room, setting up my game player; then Aunt Mary called me for supper. She had made by favorite meal: steak, corn, and sliced tomato. For desert she had prepared a lemon chiffon pudding. I was starved and packed it in, al the while noting my cousins’ eyes were always on me.

We spent the evening in the family room watching a movie on TV. I deliberately sat in a chair so that the two flirtatious girls would not be able to crowd me. I needed a break before bedtime. Inevitably the movie came to an end and I had trouble suppressing my yawns. It had been a busy day. My two cousins were smiling and winking at me. I went with my aunt, so she could show me how to secure the house for the night. I saw Tracie and Susan head for the bedroom. When I finished, I went to my room to collect the loose cotton shorts I usually wore to bed and headed for the bathroom. Just as I reached the door, Susan popped out dressed in a nightgown so short that it barely covered an intimate area. She grinned at me and fled, giggling, into the bedroom.

I washed up and brushed my teeth and braced myself for my ordeal. Then I went to my aunt’s bedroom and opened the door. I stood there and gazed at my two cute cousins. They were lying on the bed, eyes focused on the door, awaiting my arrival. Tracie was wearing a two-piece outfit, resembling a loose sports bra and bikini type panties. Both girls bore a close resemblance their sexy mother, but without the obvious signs of her maturity. Their hips, although sexily flared, were slimmer, and their youthful skin was smoother and tighter. Both young ladies wore their hair long, but Susan had plaited hers into one thick raven braid, while Tracie had combed hers into a pony tail tied with a red ribbon.

I heard a sound behind me, then a voice. “Have fun kiddies,” my aunt said as she walked past the door. She gave me a little push. “Go get ’em, tiger,” she whispered. I turned my head and saw the big smile on her face. I stepped into the room and the two sisters moved apart, leaving me a space between them.

“Hey,” I offered, “Do you want me to bring my game player in here? We can have some fun with the new games I bought.”

“Get into bed, Paulie, now,” Susan ordered.

“We have enough to play with right here,” Tracie announced, “to play the whole night long.”

Part Three: Accepting my Fate.

I began to gain new respect for Uncle Bill. Keeping three women happy is a big chore. Of course, the ladies all have fun with each other too, and they all have their little toys, just like my mom and sister Kathy. Yet, they all need to feel a fleshy pole throbbing inside their hot cunts, filling them up with thick, creamy semen now and then, to relax completely. The women of my family, according to mom, need special attention, and until they find suitable husbands, it is the sworn responsibility of the men of the family to insure that the ladies’ needs are met. That night I learned to be a man of the family, to service the women in the manner that they required.

I bravely made my way to the bed. I climbed in over the footboard and lay down between my two sexy cousins. Each one grabbed an arm and began to cuddle against my muscular body. Their faces were close to my own, and I could feel their warm breath on my cheeks. Soon little soft hands were all over me, and my prick was shoving my shorts upward into a conical tent.

Tracie and Susie rose and knelt on the bed next to me. Susie pulled off her nighty and tossed it onto the floor. Her firm boobs ended in big nipples, nipples that were firmly aroused. She cupped her tits and offered them to me. Before I could rise, oğuzeli escort Tracie pulled off her top. Her tits were bigger that her older sister’s delicious pair and were tipped by similar big, erect nipples. She allowed Susan to bring her nubile breasts to my mouth and rubbed her own along my naked chest. Tracie used this opportunity to begin working my shorts down my legs. Her own bottoms were soon off as well.

My hands found there way to the sister’s little tight quims. I was not altogether surprised to find them wet. My cousins’ hot pussies had probably been dripping with anticipation since they saw me that afternoon. I slid my fingers into them and began to tickle their slippery vaginas. Susan pulled her nipple out of my mouth, but one from Tracie soon replaced it. Susan needed my cock inside her and lifted one shapely leg over my pelvis. I couldn’t see it happening due to the soft breasts pressing against my face, but Susan fed my prick into her and sank down on top of me. She had my cock buried completely inside her slippery love hole.

I heard Tracie say, “Don’t let him come yet. I want that in me too.” Her sister answered with an “Uh-huh.” I kept on sucking and fingering Tracie while her sister lifted herself up and down slowly on my manhood. I must have satisfied some fundamental need because Susan slowed and lifted herself away. “Go ahead, Tracie honey,” she said and brought her own oozing snatch to my mouth. As I began to kiss and suck Susan’s cunt, I felt Tracie mount my prick. Thankfully, my sister had drained my balls last night and Aunt Mary had taken the edge off my own need that very afternoon, so I was able to hold myself back easily.

We switched places several times. I ate out both girls and they sucked on me briefly so as not to make me come, just to keep me hard. Finally, I was taking Tracie from behind, holding her soft, slim hips in my hands as I slowly pistoned my cock into her. She was eating Susan’s wet cunt.

“Go ahead, Paulie, fill her up with your cum,” Susan moaned. She was close to her own climax now. As I watched her changes spread over her features, I began to hump her sister harder. “Paulie, fuck her, honey; fuck my sister,” Susan moaned and then a spasm twisted her pretty face. “Oh god, I coming,” she groaned.

I shoved my hot pole deep into Tracie’s cunt yanking her ass against my hard stomach. More and more violently I jammed my meat into her until I could hear her begin to gasp and moan. I knew that I had to make her come soon because I was about to explode myself. I was getting some help. Susan, recovering from her own agony, reached down and fingered Tracie’s jiggling tits.

“Yes… yes… oh, yes… Tracie groaned. “OH YESSSSSS!!” I heard it and felt it with her little pussy locking down on my dick. That was all that I needed to push me over the edge; my cock began spewing its thick cream into her pussy. I pushed deep into her with each spasm, groaning and planting my seed in the depths of her belly.

Afterwards, we all sort of collapsed into each other, forming a tangled mass of hot, sweaty limbs and bodies. I realized that my respite would not last too long, so I allowed myself to doze off, gaining some relief for a few moments of light sleep. Soon I would be called upon again, and this time my seed would need to go deep into Susan’s pussy. They had probably conspired as to the manner in which to share my body in their incestuous couplings, and I was merely an instrument of their needs. I would gain no real sleep until I had serviced both.

Soon I was brought back to consciousness by a mouth around my semi-erect cock and fingers touching my balls. My mouth was pressed against soft lips from a sweet face hanging over my head. As I parted my lips, I felt Susan’s tongue enter my mouth. My hands went to her breasts and touched and explored the two soft mounds and their hard tips. Tracie’s mouth left my cock and Susan shifted her legs apart to make room for her sister’s probing tongue. Tracie continued to move her body around and soon displaced her sister’s head with her own dripping pussy.

I began to suck and kiss Tracie’s labia, knowing that she was doing the same to her sweet sister, priming her for my swollen cock. I licked her clitoral mound and slid two fingers into her. She used her vagina to grip my fingers as I slid them in and out. Susie’s face was still near my own, and I could hear her breathing deepen as Tracie turned her on. With a free hand I was able to touch and then pinch Tracie’s hard nipples. Both Susan and I worked to make Tracie climax so that we could fuck, knowing that our sexy companion had not been deprived.

Tracie was still high from her last orgasm. “Ohhhh… my… god… ohhhh… ohhhh… OHHH!” she cried. And I could feel her body shuddering under my arm. Soon she calmed herself and rolled apart from Susan and me.

When my arm was free I pushed Susan off me and turned around, pushing her legs farther apart. I rammed my cock into her brutally driving into her slippery vagina. Again I rammed her and found myself in her up to my balls. Susan groaned, loving my rough treatment. We had all played our little games before for fun; now it was serious. I knew what Susie liked.

“You want my cum, slut; don’t you?” I drove into her.

“Yes,” she gasped, “I want you to come in me now. It’s my turn.”

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