Parking, or How to Spend…

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Parking, or How to Spend a Friday Night in a Small Town

One of life’s more frustrating paradoxes deal with the issue of personal space. The more you need it, the less likely you are to have it. Take me for example. Here I am home for the summer from college staying with my parents, living in the same room as when I was in High School. Not exactly the environment to have an intimate tryst, especially when you have enhanced sexual preferences. Okay, I mean when you are gay and your parents would rather not know and certainly would not support your choice of lifestyles. Well, that’s not exactly true, either. My mom understands and is comfortable with it; my father does not.

Anyway, staying at home means no guests at the house. What happens when your partner doesn’t have a place, either? Geez, this was a lot easier when we were younger and had not “come out” publicly. In those days, you could have a “sleepover” without raising anyone’s eyes. Try that when you are a known college lesbian.

Katy was getting just as frustrated as I was. We’d had two wonderful experiences out on the boat over Independence Day and we both looked forward to having some more but the absence of a place to be alone was certainly inhibiting the whole process. We would go out for dinner and a movie, but where could we go afterwards? Motel rooms were not exactly in our budget.

Katy got into my car and I pulled away from the curb. Like me, she was dressed in light weight khaki summer shorts, a royal blue halter top, and sandals on her feet. Her dark hair was pulled back into a single ponytail at the back of her head to keep it off her neck in the heat of a Carolina summer night. We drove over to a local nightclub, parked the car, and went inside.

It was a typical Friday night at Goochi’s. The manager didn’t charge us a cover-charge to get in (he never charges young pretty women) and we walked past the bouncers and into the main bar area. Nodding at several folks we knew, we went over to a table near the dance floor. After ordering a drink from a passing waitress, Katy and I began to talk about the previous few days. She was overwhelmed with a desire to analyze everything, and what had passed between us on that boat was no exception. I leaned over, took her face between my hands, and pressed my lips against hers. I kissed her long and softly, then pulled back long enough to say “Stop analyzing it; don’t try to understand it. Just accept it.” After taking a sip from our wine coolers, we moved out on the dance floor.

Those who know me, know how much I love to dance escort bayan and how much dancing can turn me on. Tonight was certainly no exception. I always assume that every eye is watching me as I dance. That focused level of attention gets my juices flowing and hips churning. Watching Katy’s magnificent breasts move inside her halter top sure didn’t hurt either! We would dance right up against one another, brushing our breasts together, and then back away. During one of the really slow songs, we did a slow sensual grind in time to the music. Oh it was so hot on that floor. We were both asked to dance by other women and sometimes, if the girl appealed, we would accept but we always returned to each other after just one dance.

How I wanted to get my hands on her body! Unfortunately, Goochi’s is not as open minded as the bars in Myrtle Beach. Small town mentalities only stretch so far. We might have gotten a bit involved but we would have been arrested shortly afterwards. Both a city officer and a county deputy sheriff walked around inside the bar – once of the reasons the place was so safe. We would still find a moment to kiss now and then, but we were both reaching a point where we needed much more than that. Finally, we decided to leave the club and find someplace we could be alone.

We drove out of town and then over the county line to a small man-made lake. When the sun was shining, this small lake was the haven for fisherman and sun worshippers but a night the parking lot was deserted. I drove the car as far back into the shadows as was possible, lowered the convertible roof and the windows, and then shut the car off. No sooner than I let go of the ignition key than Katy was pulling me to her. Our arms went about one another and we kissed, open mouthed, tongues entwined like writhing snakes. She has such a long tongue, capable of reaching high into the back of my mouth, caressing the roof of it. Her hands untied my halter, baring my breasts to her touch. As she began to caress and stroke them, I almost melted at her touch. I soon had her halter undone and her breasts in my own hands. I loved to caress her flesh and then seize and pull her long nipples. I pushed her back and took her right nipple in mouth, sucking it hard against the roof of my mouth while my teeth scraped her areola. My hands fondled her other breast, pulling her nipple with small twists. She held my head tightly against her chest as if trying to push even more of her breast into my mouth. As I kissed and nibbled her breasts, I slipped my hand down to her thighs, sliding bursa vip escort up under the leg of her shorts to the edge of her damp panties.

The blasted steering wheel kept getting in our way so we moved into the back seat. I pulled her around so she was half lying across my lap, facing me as I sat with my back against the seat. As my lips met hers and our nipples crushed together, I unfastened her shorts and slipped my hand inside.

There is this moment that for me defines a kind of bliss. That moment is when your lover’s back arches in pleasure and her pelvis thrusts forward against you hand in response to your intimate contact with her pussy. I watched as she sucked her bottom lip in, her perfect teeth making dents in the vermilion of her lip, as my finger stroked her slit. Her involuntary pelvic motions told me that she was very close to the edge and I wanted to watch her face as she came, so I concentrated my finger tip on the extreme tip of her rigid clit, rubbing it from side to side. Her eyes squeezed shut and her whole body bent backwards, forcing even greater contact with my finger. As she started to crash over the edge, I quickly slid a finger deep inside her canal, feeling the spasms rock her body. As they started to let up, I moved my hand back upwards and returned to stroking her clit. Er legs were spread widely now as if begging me to explore even more territory.

I pulled her shorts and panties off her long tanned legs and then resumed my caresses. She again spread her legs wide, one up on the back of the seat, the other against the front seat. My fingers roamed the full length of her slit, caressing her clit and then down across her anus and back again. Her head began to rock from side to side as her pulse began to pound again. She soon began to thrust her hips upward in time to my upward movements. I shifted one hand to her erect nipples, pulling and twisting them as I pushed two fingers inside her extremely tight passage. My little finger resting against the puckered ring of her anus. I eased that finger inside with a slow steady pressure while my thumb rubbed her clit. The combination soon had her screaming aloud in her pleasure, whispering words of encouragement and direction. “Harder!” “Deeper!” “Faster!” Her scream of completion echoed across the still waters of Lake Ashcroft.

I held her in my arms, kissing her sweet lips, as she came down from such a lovely high. Her kisses became even more ardent as she took control. Her hands soon began caressing my breasts, sending shivers bursa elit escort of pleasure through me and making my nipples stand to get her attention. I pushed her head down so her mouth would take one of my very sensitive buds inside. Sharp tingles raced through me, colliding in my groin at my g-spot. She unsnapped my shorts and pulled them and my thong off my body. She moved me upwards and then turned me to face the rear of the car, bending me over the back seat and across the trunk, my ass in the air. I felt her hands spreading my buttocks and then her tongue pressing against my anus, the narrow tip of her tongue slipping inside me, while her fingers from her right hand filled my pussy and her left hand found my clit. I surrendered to the sensations, letting them overwhelm me. I pushed back with my hips, letting more of her hand fill me and her tongue push even deeper up my ass. I could feel her fingers inside pressing against that g-spot as she rubbed my clit. My hands captured my own breasts, my fingers pulling and twisting my nipples, as she rapidly thrust deep inside me. My head shot up and my back arched as I crested, my juices gushing out in time with my internal spasms, She lowered her head and drank from me, licking up all the cum she could, letting her fingers scoop more from deep within me.

As I unwound, I turned and sat astride one of her legs, her other leg around my waist. This position pushed our pussies together. As we kissed we began to slowly grind our pelvises together using a slow corkscrew motion. Our hands teased one another’s breasts and nipples, the fires within building higher with each passing moment. Her large erect clit slipped between my nether lips like a miniature cock, resting against my own nub. The contact was intense, waves of electricity shooting from that contact with each shift of our hips. The grinding was becoming faster and arrhythmic as our needs overrode our coordination. Short sharp jabs with our hips slammed our clits together, our mingled juices soaking the back seat. Her hands clutched tightly at my buns, pulling me even closer with each thrust. I leaned forward and closed my teeth on her shoulder, the sudden sharp pain pushing her into another intense orgasm. Her whole body began to tremble violently as she came, pushing me over the edge into my own climax.

We held each other, gently kissing and caressing each other as we calmed down, the perspiration from our physical exertions drying upon our bodies. The moonlight through the trees dappled our naked flesh, highlighting one feature, shadowing another. We kissed and talked until the moon began to set in the early morning hours. Reluctantly, we dressed and drove back to town.

Author’s Note: I love feedback, especially from those who include a return email address. I will respond to anyone who takes the time to write.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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