Part of The Procedure? Ch. 08

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Non Nude

This is a bit longer than normal, it has to be since things seem to be headed in half a dozen different directions at the same time.

Otherwise when I read it back to myself, some of it doesn’t make sense. So I have to go back and fill in some holes, which makes things ramble. But then, I ramble all over the place anyway, I talk that way, think that way, and write that way.

I am just an old man, with things happening around me that quite simply do NOT happen to old men!

But then, I have this wife. She is a Doctor, 60 years old, seriously foxy body, pretty and no one believes her true age.

Blessed, that should make me? Perhaps from the point of view of some. Do I love her? Oh my God, yes! But after almost a decade with her now, my faith has been shaken.


Things were just fine. I told myself that, and I guess I even thought I believed it.

I was lost. For close to a decade, I was nothing. Nothing at all. Eat, sleep, go fishing, watch TV. The love of my life before, gone, leaving me with only memories.

Then I met Debra. The most different female I ever met in my entire life, and she wanted.. me?

What causes that? I will say that this old man does not to this day have a clue. Things are just.. what they are. For quite a few years, we loved each other, had fun. Yes, sexy and sometimes over the top naughty fun. Still just us, doing those things together, no secrets.

Total trust.

Now? There are changes, big changes. Changes in my Debra, and changes in me.

That is all a little bit unnerving to me. I do know one thing though.

Trust can hide the truth.)


The shock to my system was total and complete. While back at school, my wife, my Debra had a very brief affair with a professor half her age?

That simply could never happen, not in our relationship, not in my mind. Oddly, the fact that she actually did that was not as bad as her taking several long months to tell me about it. That took me from a total trust position to wondering what else, how much else I didn’t know.

Debra is a very sexual woman, I know that of course. She always demonstrated a tendency to be an exhibitionist, as I discovered very early on in our marriage.

She also just loves sex, and goes out of her way to get everything out of me that I can give, which I concede I really do not mind.

I like sex also, and like all men I have fantasies.

Like if a woman gives me a naughty little peek, making it sort of “accidental?”

That sets me off without fail! Debra knows all about that, too, and uses it. No panties on our honeymoon in Reno, she flashed me over and over with no mercy. No bra either, half a dozen machines away I could look over and see her whole boob, she made sure of that.

Cameras everywhere?

I also discovered when sitting in a men’s club audience that I got a real sexual kick out of watching my very own wife get up on a stage and strip.

I will say here that her display exceeded every expectation I had.

When she did that, a couple of the gals from our gym were putting on shows for some old coots at area men’s clubs, they make quite a bit of money doing that.

Weird that I call them “old coots” when some of them were younger than I am, but that is the way I feel about it.

Somehow we ended up at that club, somehow Debra ended up on the stage? I knew she planned to put on a show, we talked about it. I expected her to maybe do the bra and panties bit, flash a nipple if she felt really brave.

There she was, bending over, spreading her legs, showing every part of her body to about 40 white haired old guys and loving it? She even got down on her knees facing the crowd, reached down with her fingers and spread herself!

That was just plain nasty!

It sent a flush through me I don’t think I ever felt before, it was so completely and totally outrageous. Debs was right there, right in front of me, looking right at me when she did that.

For my benefit, was that what she was thinking?

Or for her own benefit? Perhaps it was for both of our benefit, have you ever screwed your wife in the front seat of your truck, in the parking lot at midnight during a pouring down rain?

Think about that for just a second. Two gorgeous bodybuilder types up there dancing nude with her, young and amazing looking, but my own wife brought the house down?

I sat out there, with an erection so hard it was hurting?

So, I found out something about myself?

That only happened the one time. Debs wanted to, said she had always wanted to do something crazy like that. Then once having done it, she no longer had that urge.

There were lots of other moments that should have been telling me that I had myself a handful here.

Like when we began getting massages. At first it was to help me, I did have some Prostate issues and the woman coming over was a nurse at the clinic Debra worked for.

Medical has different rules about things like that.

Those quickly became sessions with happy endings? My Debs escort gaziantep bayan tanıtımları did not mind, in fact encouraged that?

I went along with it, so guilty as charged.

In Reno on vacation, we both got massages, at the same time, together, from a couple. Just massages at first, then I watched as Jack, the one working on Debra was first massaging her bare breasts and she appeared to be enjoying it? Debra did glance at me to check my reaction and when I just smiled, she relaxed and allowed it.

What could I say? Jack’s wife Terry had my dick in her hand at that exact moment.

By that time, touching was to me almost normal, and not any big deal. I found watching that interesting rather than exciting. Those sessions got rather intimate for both of us, I went along with that, also.

We did giggle about it later while making love, so there seemed to be no real concerns about things going that far. Just touch, just fun, no harm at all.

Yes, changes in me.

Still, only touch, that is all that was.

My rationalization. Someone touching my wife Dotty a dozen years earlier would have put me into a rage, I know that.

But now? After all of the things I had seen and done? I went along with it, accepted.


By the time our friend Rwanda entered the picture, the best description of me was that I was going with the flow.

Rwanda was a nurse up at a clinic in Portland, pretty, tiny, black. She “assisted” in relieving me before the colonoscopy? I guess the Doctor did not want that issue to crop up was the reason.

A crowbar with a camera on it up my ass does not excite me much, but then I didn’t complain about Rwanda’s help, either.


Then, Debra finally admitted what she had done while back at college finishing up her degree.

I did my best to put the fact of Debra having a brief affair with some professor half her age out of my mind. It wasn’t the sex part, not really.

It was the nearly six months it took for her to finally admit it to me.

That trust thing I mentioned, that became the issue for me.

But Debra, perhaps feeling her own guilt, seemed to want me to end up having full sex with Rwanda?

That finally happened, and Debra actually seemed.. pleased? In her mind, maybe it made us even? But then Debra was also fiddling around with Rwanda, another huge surprise to me.

I am not threatened in the least about my wife enjoying another female. But after several years of marriage, discovering that added even more concerns about trust.

I was wondering, just how damned much about my wife did I not know?

For perhaps six or seven weeks we became sort of a threesome. Rwanda was even sleeping in our bed with Debs and I? We were trying to be a tiny bit cautious when out in public but tongues were wagging, of course they were.

We do live in a small community, nearly everyone knows everyone.


The next big change came when Rwanda met this Todd guy down at the Country Fair they hold here in Oregon each year.

They began dating, and one day not very far into them going out she told us she was going to move in with him. Of course, a young woman wanting a life for herself?

The idea of Todd having sex with Rwanda (MY Rwanda by then) caused a twinge of jealousy in me, but I managed to control that.


Rwanda was half my age, what did I expect?

So, I gave her a hug and a kiss, and she was no longer living with us. I did feel that twinge, having rather uninhibited sex with my wife and Rwanda both was different, now it was just Debra.

I think in my own mind I liked that better, just me and my wife, back like things used to be. Sure, she was unfaithful at least once that I knew about. I can’t say I actually forgave her, accepting it and moving on is closer to the truth.

None of us told Rwanda’s new boyfriend Todd about the two of us having some really rather serious sex sessions with her, it was all before him anyway but I still doubted he would be understanding.

Kind of what I thought, anyway. I did my best to act my part of being the Grandpa friend, not realizing that Todd knew all about what Debs, Rwanda and I had been doing.

Rwanda is quite a bit like Debra in that regard, she is very open about sexuality and so she didn’t even bother to try and hide it from Todd.

Debs and I went right back to being us, together, which was fine with me. I really did like being with Rwanda but the truth is, I also liked my Debs even more.

Todd and Rwanda popped by regular as clockwork, we all chatted, the girls thought nothing of taking their tops off when sunning out in our back yard.

I did notice that Todd flirted quite a bit with both of them, not any big deal because I tended to do that myself. He also spent a lot of time checking out Debra’s tits, I spotted that, too.

But, I guess I had gotten used to all of that?

So, it was all fine.

Until the phone rang.


Rachel. escort gaziantep bayan telefonları

The rather wonderful sort of normal looking, happy little thing that lived next door to us for several years? The Rachel that wore cute shorts, halter tops, the one that liked teasing the old coot next door by not wearing a bra?

The one I taught about orgasm by performing oral sex with. (Debra again being the cause of that). To teach her that yes, her body could TOO climax? I actually resisted the idea at first, Rachel was a naïve kid to me and someone I liked.

But I did finally give in. I also did not let that go all the way even though it was perfectly clear Rachel would have let me. I was a faithful husband at the time, well. Sort of.

Then determined, Rachel went to teach her husband Nathan a few things, which as that all turned out, he learned quite well. Well enough to use with one of his waitresses, behind Rachel’s back.

Rachel, now broken up with her husband, no real surprise there in my opinion. Back living in our community, and she wanted to come over for a visit.

It was my comment that perhaps Debra and I could team up and try to seduce her. It was actually just a wisecrack on my part. Debra giggled when I said that, which should give you an idea of just how far things had gone between us.

My idea? Hell, I could have had her back then when she was right next door, but didn’t. Rachel was clearly up for it and wanted to go all the way, I was the one that controlled myself.

I was being faithful to my wife. But now?

Our life was full of changes.

So that thought was right there, in the background when Rachel knocked on our door.

Debra and I now had both had sex with someone else, and it was like we were becoming.. predators?


There were big squeals, hugs, kisses all around. Rachel was dressed in a pants suit with a vest, I never saw her dressed like that. She was working as some kind of sales rep for a line of cosmetics, I will say she sure did appear different.

Ladylike might be the word? More… mature than back when they lived next door. She was well made up, her hair in a neat fairly short modern style, she looked great.

We sat around and caught up on everything. Nathan I guess was well on his way to becoming a fairly famous chef in the Portland area, but Rachel had caught him messing around with one of the servers, and she had enough.

I thought about that. Nathan, kind of a dough boy type, dumber than an empty tin can in my opinion? That Nathan? The guy I took fishing once that managed to end up standing there with a fish hook in his finger, sand shrimp still attached, a stupid look on his face?

Some young gal liked him enough to cheat with him on his wife?

Go figure.

It was a nice visit, but that is all it was.

“Hey, come by Sunday afternoon, we can sunbathe out in the back yard and chat.” Debs told Rachel as we were doing the hugs and kisses all around stuff as the visit ended.

“Great, I would like that. About 2 O’clock?” She asked.

So, I guess it was all set up for the great seduction of Rachel? It sounded like that to me anyway.


Debra and Rachel were sitting out back in the Sun when I came out. I had busied myself making some snacks and things, giving the girls time to relax and settle in.

When Rwanda was living with us, nearly always both of them were topless while sunbathing so I halfway expected that.

But they were both in bikinis, Rachel had on a Lavender one that in today’s world would be called kind of fuddy duddy.

Debra was in the middle of telling Rachel about the fact that we now had no one locally to come by and give us those rubdowns we both like so much.

July was running the medical clinic up North, Nikola met some banker guy and moved to the valley and it had been ages since we went down to Reno. Nikola and July were the two gals we used locally, but both had moved on.

No one left around, besides, during that period we had Rwanda with us which did tend to distract things, plus she also happened to be fairly well skilled at doing massages.

“Have you tried looking at the ads in the Yellow Pages?” Rachel asked, innocent as hell like always.

I barely managed to stifle a laugh, this certainly was the Rachel I remembered.

“Those aren’t the kind of therapists Danny and I like, honey.” Debra reached over and patted her arm with a grin.

“I guess I don’t…? Oh!” Her face reddened as it hit her.

“You mean you guys… both of you?” Her eyes widened, she turned to look at me.

“It’s fun, honey. Comforting for us older folks.” I told her.

“You guys sure don’t act very old.” Rachel was giggling now.

“You should give it a try.” Debra encouraged. I knew exactly what she was up to, of course.

“I never even thought about getting a massage.” Rachel said, taking a sip of the wine I had brought out.

“Maybe Danny and I could escort gaziantep bayan videoları give you one if you like?” Debs told her.

Rachel looked over at me, then a huge smile crossed her face. I sat there doing my best to act as normal as possible, I knew very well where Debra was steering the subject.

But like often happens, the conversation drifted off into her breaking up with Nathan. She told us how in the divorce there wasn’t really much left to split and since she by then made more money than he did, Nathan even tried for separate maintenance.

He didn’t get any, though.

So she ended up with her car and what was left of their house sale. It did surprise me that so little was left, they got one heck of a good price for that. Kids and the latest toys was what had happened there.

Still, it was a nice visit, around 5 in the afternoon the breeze coming in off the nearby Ocean began to feel cool so we moved inside.

I had a nice dinner in the oven, so we all sat and enjoyed that, then settled in the living room.

Rachel used our spare room to change out of her bathing suit, when she came out I looked up and blinked.

She had on a pair of seriously cut off shorts and a white halter top, and she looked just like she had dozens of times when she came out back and hopped the low fence to see me.

I guess that showed on my face, Rachel smiled and sat down on the couch across from me.

“Is that where you guys get your massages?” She asked. We kept our table set up in the spare bedroom, so she had seen that of course.

“Yes, Danny and I give each other rubdowns, and sometimes we have someone over.” Debra told her.

“Gee, that sounds so neat. No need to have to drive anywhere.” Rachel said.

“Hey, would you like us to give you a nice rubdown, honey? It’s been quite awhile since we did anyone, it might be fun.” Debra told her.

Just then there was a knock at the front door, before Rachel had time to respond.

I got up to answer, there stood Todd and Rwanda.

“Hey, guys. We thought we would drop by and see you.” Rwanda gave me a big hug.

Then she spotted Rachel.

“Oh, you have company?”

“This is Rachel, she used to live next door. Rachel, this is Rwanda, she works with Debra at the clinic, and her boyfriend Todd.” I introduced everyone.

Crap. Talk about shitty timing.

I invited them in, got some glasses and poured some wine. The plan to have some fun with Rachel went right out the window.

It was just the five of us, sitting around talking, but as the evening progressed I did notice that Todd kept checking out Rachel. Her top was the same kind she wore many times when she and Nathan lived next door, white and thin.

Her darker nipples made shadows, obvious ones. Plus Rachel seemed to get more and more attentive to Todd every time he said something, to the point of becoming a bit flirtatious.

Which had Rwanda frowning slightly, I noticed that. She also snuggled up closer to Todd, her hand reached out and took his arm which to me was a protective gesture?

At one point Rwanda mentioned to Debra that she was thinking of trying to get a list of select clients for massage, a way to add some income.

“I guess both Danny and Debra like massages, they even have their own table set up in the other bedroom.” Rachel said, innocently.

Of course, she knew nothing at all about the relationship the three of us had just weeks before.

“Yes, I know honey. We all have worked on each other lots of times!” Rwanda told her with a smile.

“Really? Gee, that sure sounds like it might be fun.” Rachel said.

Todd looked over at me, then at Rachel and grinned. That was when I knew that he knew, because the smile became a smirk.

“Yeah, I guess they really were having fun!” He could not help but laugh at that.

Debra then caught my eye, one eyebrow went up. I got that, too.

The sort of party wound down not long after that, Todd and Rwanda left, she did give me a hug and a huge kiss right on the lips, I glanced over and saw Todd hugging Debra at the same time.

Then Rachel was leaving and she hugged both of us also. I glanced out the front window, and spotted the three of them in what seemed to be quite a long conversation by their vehicles.

I just went back to my chair, Debs came over and snuggled up in my lap.

“Kids!” She laughed. later we went to bed, just another night at home alone, the two of us.


Sunday I woke up around 10 in the morning, I have been doing that more and more lately I used to be a six in the morning kind of guy but as time goes by, I find that 9 to 10 hours of sleep is what I seem to need. Sometimes more.

I went into the living room, then the kitchen, nobody? I called out for Debra.

“We are out here, honey!” I heard her in the back yard.

Wandering out, there sat Todd, Rwanda and Rachel with Debra. They had a big bowl of those Corn Curl things which was a surprise since Debra normally will not allow them in the house?

I kind of love the things myself, maybe a couple of times a month I stop at the little corner store close by and grab a small bag, taking it out with me while fishing off the jetty.

The other surprise?

Both Rwanda and Rachel had their tops off? Debra sat there with hers still on.

Todd was sitting there leaned back, one hand holding a fistful of those Corn Curls, stuffing them in his mouth one after the other.

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