Passions Unleashed Ch. 12

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Big Tits

David ran into the house, angry, crying at what his mom was doing with his friends. Those bastards! Fucking her cunt at the same time! And his wimp dad, just sitting their whacking off to it. David in anger, got out of his clothes but couldn’t get the visions of the double pussy penetration out of his mind. His breathing increased as he saw his whore mom in such a state of ecstasy, calling out to his friends to give it all to her. Watching the movie in his mind, David uncontrollably started playing with his rock hard cock and the closer they all got to cumming, so did he. When he heard his mom crying out in orgasm yet again, David shot his load all over the floor. “Fucking bitch,” David groaned. He loved it, too. But hated them all.

By the time Susan and Ted got home, David was already fast asleep having polished off one of their bottles of scotch. The next day, after getting over his hang-over, David was silent, not talking to anyone. Ted and Susan noticed but didn’t say anything. She figured he was still sore from breaking their date. She was sore, period. That evening, Susan went to David’s room to give him his nightly blowjob.

“Go away,” David said.

“Why?” Susan asked. “Look, sweetie, I’m really sorry about last night.”

“No your not!” David replied. “I saw everything, you fucking whore!” Susan was silent and quickly turned white with fear. “My own fucking friends, you bitch! Just get out! I don’t wanna fucking touch you! Get OUT!”

Susan, shaking and starting to cry, backed out and went down the hall to her room. Ted was already there. “What the hell happened?” he asked. Crying, Susan said, “He knows. He saw everything.” Ted was shocked. How? What? It didn’t matter. Except that now everything was beyond fucked-up.

From that moment, things changed dramatically. Susan e-mailed Greg: “David found out. Can’t do this anymore. Don’t contact me.” David immediately broke up with his friends who avoided him, as well. David spent less and less time at home, and wouldn’t even go near Ted’s place of business. He got himself a girlfriend just to have someone and somewhere to go. Susan tried to talk to him but he wouldn’t gaziantep minyon escort respond. She felt guilty, Ted felt guilty, and both turned on each other as well. Why did HE have to start it all with his sick fantasies? Why did SHE insist on doing the kid’s friends? Thankfully, the school year ended and David graduated. He spent the summer preparing to go off to college, and unfortunately for all concerned, it was the best remedy. David would be away from home for the better part of the next four years. Guilt and anger would linger, but also a chance to heal somewhat. Out of sight out of mind.

For Susan, once David had gone, reality set in. His friend’s were gone, too. No one was around and Susan, who hadn’t been laid in months once again took out her black vibrator, plunging it into her horny, aching cunt. The only thing more powerful than her guilt was her needs. After thrusting the fake cock in and out of her wet pussy for seemingly the millionth time, Susan pulled it out and thought, “Fuck it! I don’t care anymore. I’m gonna do what I want. What I NEED! Fuck everyone!”

That night she called her friend Donna. “Donna, tell me, what are you doing this weekend?”

“I’ve got my boys coming over. Why?”

“You want company?”

“Susie, are you fucking serious?”

“Yes. God Donna, I’ve always wanted to do this! I envy you so much!”

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” Then Susan informed Donna about her black vibrator and that the timing was finally right. Donna promised her an evening she’d never forget. “This is just the beginning Susie-girl. Come Saturday night, you’re a changed woman.”

Susan informed Ted. She was going to Donna’s. She was gonna try a black cock. He wasn’t invited. From now on he could just read his sex-stories and whack off. Late Saturday night, Susan came home, telling Ted how great Tyrone and E.J. were; how big their cocks were and that they were all going to do it again the next weekend. In their own house! In their own bed!

“This is the way it’s gonna be from now on, Ted,” Susan informed him. The following Saturday, nizip escort Ted watched, and jacked-off to the sight of his little blond wife and her buxom brunette friend getting fucked by two nineteen year-old black studs with nearly ten inches apiece. At one point, Tyrone was fucking Susan on the bed while she tried stuffing her mouth with E.J.s fat black prick. Just then Donna came over to Ted who was sitting naked on a chair, watching and masturbating. Donna crouched down to take his little dick in her mouth. “Look at her, Ted,” Donna said between licks. “She loves it.” Susan was in ecstasy, getting the kind of fuck she’d always wanted. “Psst Ted,” Donna whispered over the sound of Susan’s cries. “She’s not going back. She’s gonna whore, now. Like me!” Then Ted shot off into Donna’s mouth. To top it off, when Tyrone and E.J left, after depositing a gallon of cum into both Donna and Susan, Donna snapped, “Come here Ted! Go eat your wife!”

“Yeah, come here, Teddy!” Susan said. “This is what you’re good for.” Lying back in bed, Susan spread her legs where her obscenely wide-open cunt was red, sore and leaking cum. “Do it, Ted!” she snapped. “Eat me!” Once Ted started licking, Donna said “That’s a good bitch.” Ted kept eating the black-man cum out of his wife’s cunt until she lifted herself to expose her massively opened, leaking asshole. “There, too!” Susan snapped, as Ted rimmed her as well. “I think we’re training him real good, Donna, Susan said. Now, Teddy, eat Donna, too.” He did.

By the time David was back home the following summer, his parents were deep into the scene. One Saturday night, David had gone out and by the time he returned his folks still weren’t home. He went to bed and soon thereafter, Ted and Susan got home. Looking out his window, he saw his folks heading for the door, with his mom in a little halter top, real tiny shorts, and heels. “What the fuck,” David thought. She and Donna had been at a party with five young black studs. When they were in their bedroom, David overheard his mom talking strangely. Curiously, David went to investigate. Standing by the closed door, nurdağı escort he listened.

“Oooh yeah, Teddy. You service me so good. You like eating black cum, dontcha! Huh? Dontcha?”

“Um, hmm,” he moaned lapping his wife. “How would you like it if I had a black baby? Would you like that Teddy? Hmm? I want a black baby Ted! Don’t you want me to have one, too?”

“Um, hmm.” came the reply. “They’re fucking sick,” David thought, and went to his room.

David eventually graduated college and married his college sweetheart. His relationship with his parents would always remain strained. His mom never did get pregnant, that was just a game they shared, but she spent years thereafter prowling with Donna, doing young black men regularly. Ted never got near her cunt again except to eat it. David tried to settle down and live a “normal” life. Ten years and two kids later, all was great.

Then David came home from work early one day and heard noises coming from his bedroom. Unmistakable noises. Nervously he poked his head around to find his wife of twelve years, on the bed, on her hands and knees, and behind her was the neighbor’s son, the starting quarterback on the high school football team, fucking his wife! David was shocked, and his knees grew weak.

Not again! David stood unmoving watching the handsome, weel-built teen star fuck his own wife and in his own bed! And she was loving it! Crying out for it harder and faster! When the kid finally came, he pulled his cock out of her cunt. It was massive! And still hard! Then the stud began working his slick teen schlong into his wife’s ass.

“Ooooh yeeaahh!” she cried. “I love your big, fat cock up my ass! Fuck me!” The young man fucked the older woman’s asshole as David just watched from around the corner. Memories roared back to life for David. It was all too much. “Oooohh, I love it when you fuck my ass!” his wife cried. As the young man filled her bowels with cum, he pulled his massive member out. David’s wife collapsed on the bed as the stud rested beside her. David quickly backed away and left.

Driving away David was still in shock. They’ve fucked before! His wife was fucking the boy next door! David couldn’t get the vision out of his head! The huge cock fucking her cunt, fucking her ass! Then David painfully noticed his cock was rock hard! And he liked it, too! He knew he wanted to see them do it again! And again! And again!


Hope you all enjoyed it! Best of luck!

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