Paula’s Discovery Pt. 01

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Her hips suddenly stopped the bucking spasms as her orgasm began to subside. As I felt her thighs on either side of my head and looked up over her belly to the still-hard nipples of her B-cup breasts, I was in heaven. She knew this cowgirl position, over my attentive lips and tongue was one of my favorite views but she was rarely comfortable with this position due to her shyness of the drenching my chin and the bed received as she came.

This was supposed to be a weekend to set aside inhibitions though. My wife of 20 years was still the source of my excitement; just as she had been since I first saw her……from the rear as I like to remind her. A few pounds heavier perhaps but the tight roundness of her butt, thighs and long legs is still the envy of women many years her junior.

Paula always dismissed my compliments. I know she thinks I am sincere but like many women she is a little too critical of her physical appearance. Although appreciative she assumes my perspective as her husband is a little biased.

Maybe that’s a good thing because if she knew how often other men admired her firm curves, she might have left me long ago!

As her breathing slowed, she swung her leg over me and snuggled up to my side and cooed, “That was fabulous honey.”

“What has you so excited this evening?” she asked.

“You know how I love to eat you and grab that firm ass of yours at the same time,” I responded.

“How can you say that about my old saggy butt?” she countered.

“You know how I can’t resist your tight ass,” I said as usual.

“Besides it’s not just me.” “Didn’t you find it odd that for being pretty good athletes those college guys on the beach today sure threw a lot of incomplete passes out of bounds toward you.”

“That suit covers up too much but it does showcase your epic ass and legs,” I said.

“I noticed no such thing, it’s just your imagination you horny old man,” she said as she pushed me away.

“Ok then, old-lady, explain the bulges in their trunks as they spent way too much time recovering their football,” I said.

“Besides, you were lying on your tummy and couldn’t see.”

She surprised me by asking, “Well how does it make you feel to think that your wife is exciting a bunch of horny young boys?”

“I’ll show you,” I said as I sat up, swinging my rock-hard cock within inches of her face.

In a flash I was behind her, pulling up her hips and slapping that delectable ass. Dispensing with the usual gentleness, I spread her legs, grabbed her hips and in one motion slid my hard cock in her still-wet pussy. I went hard and deep as she struggled to regain her breath. Using my hands and hips in concert I began to rhythmically pound her enjoying the delightful view of her butt and the sensation of my full balls swinging against her.

She answered by rocking her hips against me and tossing her head back. As her short blonde hair swung in rhythm to our movements, I imagined the sight of those hard young cocks reacting to her and in a second I could feel my balls stir and I flooded her with the biggest load of cum I had in months.

After an enjoyable dinner at a small beach-side restaurant we enjoyed the short walk back to the hotel. As Paula clutched my hand she grabbed my arm and said, “You were amazing this afternoon.”

“What got you so excited?” she asked.

“Seeing your great body on the beach today, just like I said before,” I teased.

“Were those guys really checking me out?” she asked.

“I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me that was causing those tight shorts.” I quipped.

“Does that turn you on…..I mean the thought of other men looking at me?” she asked.

“Yeah it does,” I admitted. “You excite me, so why wouldn’t other men find you attractive?”

“It makes some great fantasies,” I added.

She paused and drifted off but clutched my arm and pulled it against her firm tits.

I must have dosed off for a few minutes, when I noticed that the lights and TV were now off and Paula was standing next to the bed in her short robe. I smiled up at the vision of her, backlit against the moonlight slipping in through the shutters to the hotel room patio.

She met my eyes and said, “What did you mean by fantasies?”

This was an unusual question from my usually shy, reserved wife. Perhaps the warm sea air or the cocktails at dinner?

I looked at her and asked “What do you mean?”

“When we were walking back from dinner you said “it makes great fantasies”,” she reminded me.

“I don’t remember” I said sleepily.

“Here, let me remind you,” she said.

She squared her shoulders and locked her eyes on mine. She deftly untied the sash and in one easy motion slid it off her shoulders. The moonlight perfectly lit her curves and she placed her knee on the bed. She crawled across the bed toward me, her breasts hanging deliciously and swinging with her movements. She moved determinedly and reached for the waist band of my gym shorts that serve as sleepwear and slid her hand under the elastic waist band, encircling my stirring bursa escort cock. She caressed my cock and then cupped my balls and using her free hand slid my shorts down over my hips.

I raised my hips to assist with her uncharacteristic aggression and looked down as my cock responded to her caresses. She blew her warm breath on me and I exhaled in excitement as her tongue extended to lick the underside of my waiting cock head. I was drifting toward a place of no return now as my hips rose in response and in the darkness I only felt her warm lips swallow me whole. My mind, deprived of sight moved me to a place simultaneously as receiver and witness and the mental image of my normally shy wife devouring a cock that responds so completely to her pushed me over the edge.

Who was this woman?

My body was lost to the sensations and I felt her hand cupping my full balls and her warm wet lips sliding up my shaft and pausing perfectly at the head. In seconds I could feel the familiar sensations and I erupted again but for the first time, she stayed with me and devoured every drop.

Perhaps her plan was to use her oral efforts as truth serum. As she snuggled against me, I answered her every question. She seemed fascinated with my fantasies of her exciting other men. She asked me what I thought and how I might feel knowing she was exciting someone else.

For the first time I put my thoughts in words and explained that it was maybe a common thought among men. It is exciting to think that my woman is exciting and desirable to other men. I also admitted that I was excited that she would even want to know my thoughts.

There may be a bit of voyeur in all of us. The mental images we entertain in sensual pleasures might easily merge with visual reality. Knowing the physical sensations intimately, having an opportunity to sample it visually is a huge turn-on.

“It’s very exciting,” she said, “but I could never do anything like that.”

While enjoying a leisurely breakfast at the resort’s excellent beach-side restaurant, I reminded Paula of my conference call at 10; the one encumbrance to what was otherwise a welcome break from our normal work routines.

“It shouldn’t be more than an hour,” I said. “Why don’t you do some shopping or maybe get a massage?” “We can get in some beach time afterwards before the sun is too intense.”

Paula smiled and said that she had seen a cute beach wrap at a nearby shop.

As I logged on my laptop and looked over the material for the call, Paula was spending more time than usual at her closet. I smiled and tried not to be obvious and be caught watching her.

A few minutes before the call began Paula came out of the bathroom and with a quick peck to the cheek said a cheery goodbye and walked to the door.

With her apparent haste, I decided maybe I wasn’t supposed to comment on the tight shorts she had chosen to go with the heeled sandals and light cotton top. I just smiled and enjoyed the view of her epic ass and long sculpted legs as she walked across the room and slid out the door.

The critically important conference call was the usual I can’t believe I’m spending time with this nonsense routine. As I signed off and began to close my computer, an energized Paula entered the room with two small shopping bags, her dark glasses hanging from the low front of her top.

“How was the call honey?”

“The usual boring nonsense, how was shopping?” I asked.

“It was great, I saw some really cute things,” she exclaimed.

“With that outfit, I bet a lot of guys saw some really cute things too,” I said as I smiled.

I expected the usual playful rebuke but instead got only a sly smile.

“I got a new swimsuit.” “Are you still up for some time at the beach?” she asked.

“I’ve been up ever since I saw that cute ass of yours go out the door an hour ago.”

Paula only smiled, grabbed her shopping bags and headed to the bathroom.

I finished putting away my computer and simultaneously any thought of my job and walked out to enjoy the view from our upper-floor, ocean-side balcony. The cool breeze was welcome but the day promised to be a scorcher.

I sensed some movement behind me in the room and saw Paula appear in a new bright flower print beach wrap. My only surprise was the choice of footwear, instead of the usual flip-flops she was wearing the heeled sandals from her shopping trip. I decided not to question the choice for fear of having her change her mind and deprive me of the view of her sculpted legs…..and of course deprive any other healthy males of the same treat.

She grabbed her beach bag, slid the dark glasses over her eyes and said, “Are you ready?”

I slid up behind her, pulled her back against my hips, kissed her neck and said, “What do you think?” as I pressed my hardening cock against her shapely butt.

She pushed me away playfully and headed for the door.

As we walked through the lobby I saw several men tactfully check out her long legs. I enjoyed the appreciative looks but couldn’t escort bursa see if she noticed behind the large dark glasses.

We left the lobby on the beach side and walked through the warm sand in the same direction as yesterday.

“Honey, the clothing-optional area is the other direction, wouldn’t you rather go there?” I asked.

She smirked at me over the tops of her sunglasses and I have to admit I was a little disappointed to see that her apparent change in attitude was limited.

I smiled and said, “Hey, just throwing out some options.”

We found a relatively quiet spot ahead of the morning crowd. We were still close enough to the hotel facilities that drinks were easily accessible. I spread out the towels and as I turned I could see a flash of purple, Paula’s favorite color, under the tie of the new wrap. Apparently she was wearing the new swimsuit.

As I flopped onto the towel and reached for the sunscreen bottle, I said “Is that the new suit?”

Paula seemed pleased that I had noticed and said, “Yes, I thought we might both enjoy it.”

With that she untied the wrap and slid it off her shoulders exposing a bright purple halter-style one-piece suit that was cut almost to the waist in front and very high, over her hips. She looked stunning but I had been hoping for a two-piece.

Apparently reading my mind she said, “I figured you’d prefer a two-piece.”

Before I could argue though, she smiled and said, “…but I thought you might like this.” She turned around and I was glad she couldn’t see the surprise on my face as I realized that the back of the suit exposed most of her exquisite cheeks.

She turned quickly to enjoy my surprise and said, “I’ll need a lot of sunscreen, so get busy.”

She knelt on the towel, opening her bag and arranging her book and water bottle and then laid down. I enjoyed the view every time she knelt forward and the suit pulled up between her cheeks. She settled and I began spreading sunscreen. I was expecting her usual protest when I took extra time and care spreading the lotion over her thighs and butt but today she responded by spreading her legs slightly. An unexpected feature of the suit was also a generous amount of “side-boob” and my agile fingers made sure she was adequately protected there also.

I was hard as a rock and had to adjust the lining of my trucks several times.

Paula appeared to drift off to the warmth of the sun and I relaxed to my book. As the beach began to fill up I expected her to want to move or cover up but she seemed content and other than an occasional repositioning to expose her front to the sun, she remained in her place.

Half an hour later, the same group of young men returned to their spot with their football and a chest full of beer.

“Your admirers have retuned, my dear” I said.

I expected her to immediately cover up or want to move but instead she rolled onto her side and peered over the tops of her glasses at the shirtless young men, then at me. She sat up and took some interest in the game.

“I think I’ll go get a beer, would you like for me to get you something?” I said.

“A margarita sounds good,” she said to my surprise, and I stood to walk to the hotel beach bar.

The bar was not too busy but I took a seat at one of the high stools, ordered a beer and turned to watch the action on the beach. The game was in full swing and predictably enough, an errant pass put the ball in the sand near our towels. I watched as Paula stood up, turned her back to the group and bent over to pick up the ball. The young men were treated to a perfect view. As several of the young men ran toward her, I saw her smile and hand the ball back to them. They appeared to be apologizing for disturbing her and I wondered if she realized what was really going on.

I assumed that she knew exactly and was enjoying every minute of it. I downed my beer, ordered a second and the margarita and returned to our spot.

“The bar was busy,” I said. “Did I miss anything?”

“No, I was just watching the game.”

I smirked and handed her the cool drink and she surprised me by taking an immediate gulp of the stiff beverage.

Paula sipped at the drink and looked toward the hotel facilities.

“I think I’d like to get a beach chair so I can read,” she said.

I immediately hopped up to get one for her but she grabbed me and said, “I need to stretch my legs.”

I smiled and sat back on the towel. Paula stood, straightened her floppy hat and walked across the beach. I was treated to a long view of the movement of her perfect butt framed by the fabric of the suit but also noticed as the game took an immediate “timeout” as the players watched and grabbed beers.

Paula returned with the low chair and I unfolded it for her and she began reading her book.

I was enjoying her change in behavior but decided not to mention it for fear of having her return to her inhibited normal self.

After reading a few pages, she said, “Honey, do you think anyone would mind if I took down escort bursa my top to get a better tan.”

Unable to hide my ear to ear grin, I said, “I certainly wouldn’t mind and I am pretty sure your admirers here wouldn’t mind either.”

With that she deftly reached behind her neck, unfastened the clasp and placed the sides down across her waist. I was stunned but captivated at the view of her beautiful breasts. Over the years her breasts had sagged just a bit but developed a slight upturn. Her large areoles and beautiful nipples were an erotic sight.

This was certainly an amazing day and I wondered what was still to come.

She went back to her book and the game continued. I was not sure if anyone there had noticed her change in attire but was excitedly thinking about what might occur. Eventually the ball came our direction and Paula, to my surprise, made no effort to cover her exposed chest. The intended receiver got a full view and I am sure spread the news to his team mates.

At the next break, two of the players walked our way carrying some beers. As they approached Paula looked up but again made no effort to cover herself. One of the guys said, “We’re sorry we disturbed you with our game, we thought you might like some beers.” I stood immediately and reached out to shake hands and accept the cold cans. As the three of us turned to Paula she peered over the top of her dark glasses, smiled and thanked the young men.

Her nipples belied her cool exterior though and hardened erotically.

The admirers turned away and I sat and opened one of the beers and handed it to her. Only then did she break into a huge grin and exclaim “I can’t believe I did that!”

I laughed and kissed her and said, “You certainly surprised me too but I enjoyed every minute of it.”

“How did it make you feel, knowing they were seeing your naked tits,” I asked.

“It really turned me on, I’m so wet right now,” she exclaimed.

“I saw the bulges in the front of their shorts and it was exciting to know that was because of me,” she added.

“I enjoyed the whole show” I laughed.

Paula looked up at me and said deliberately, “I need a cock right now.”

“Will mine do or did you have something else in mind?” I asked, smiling.

Paula did not respond but refastened her top, and began to put her things back in her bag. I got the message and hurriedly picked up the towels and headed with her to the hotel.

In the room, my dear wife was nowhere to be seen but the erotic creature from the beach threw her beach bag on the floor and as I closed the door looked at me and ordered, “Strip.”

I quickly kicked off my old sneakers, pulled the T shirt over my head and then turning toward her, untied and slid my trunks down my legs. My hardening cock flopped over the waist band and reached out in front of me.

“Sit on the edge of the bed,” Paula demanded. “I want to see you completely exposed.”

Doing as instructed, I watched as she stood, just beyond my reach and slowly untied the sash of her new wrap. Her gaze was locked to my cock and it began to respond to the unusual feeling of her focused eyes. She slowly slid the right shoulder off and then the left holding the wrap up for a delicious moment and then letting it fall to the floor in a puddle of floral-print fabric.

With her eyes still fixed on my now-autonomous cock, Paula turned away from me but now I realized she could still view me in the large wall mirror. I was treated to a view of her exquisite ass and legs as she continued to fix her gaze on my growing cock. I could not help but enjoy the curve of her full ass cheeks in the purple suit and I became aware now of my cock straining upward as if to reach for her by itself.

I could see her notice and smile and she then leaned forward toward the mirror, knowing this would only enhance the vision of her curves.

My cock was possessed.

She reached up behind her neck and unfastened the clasp of the suit and let it fall forward away from her chest. She slowly inserted her fingers into the waistband of the lower part of the suit, slid it over her hips and let if fall around her ankles.

She turned around slowly and stepped clear of the suit and wrap and as I looked up I noticed that she had cupped both breasts in her hands and supported them, while stroking her nipples with her fingertips. She spread her legs slightly to steady herself but the result was a defiant confident stance.

I could feel her arousal rise but I was now just a servant of my cock. It was like a steel pole and twitched whenever she moved unexpectedly in her self-arousal. Her gaze still had not moved and it was as if she was directing her actions to a desired response by my cock.

Now one hand dropped lower and began to explore between her legs. I felt as if I could cum just watching her and wondered if that was even possible.

It became obvious that this was her game; to excite me with the visual effects of her body and movements.

She began to rock slightly on her feet, one hand stimulating her nipples while the other began to explore her lips. She smiled as she was enjoying the power her body had over me. Although she was enjoying the sensations her fingers provided her own body, I knew her goal was to take control of my body.

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